Thursday, December 18, 2008

Previewing Kung Fu Temple

Kung Fu Temple 1The last time I talked about a special on the National Geographic Channel I mentioned that the narration sounded like something you would here from a video a science teacher popped in when he was too lazy to come up with a lesson plan which I have since realized was pretty silly because National Geographic is really the go to for lazy science teachers. So that point was a little mute. But anyways.

The most recent special from the channel debuting tonight really isn’t something for the science teachers, but maybe more suited for lazy social studies teachers with Secrets of the Kung Fu Temple. And as a fan of the Wu-Tang Clan and all their Shaolin references, this is right up my alley. Granted it is a little off setting having the curtain pulled back to see the Shaolin Monks using computers and cell phone and interjecting hip hop dancing into their traveling show. You can check out a preview video over at and below are some more photos from the show:

Kung Fu Temple 2

Kung Fu Temple 3

Kung Fu Temple 4

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