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Sunday, February 23, 2020

57 Channels and Only This Is On: February 23, 2020

Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist: I wonder if they will eventually “cure” Zoey’s dad. It would be weird to hire Peter Gallagher only to have him sit there motionless every episode aside from a two minute musical number every week. But it turns out the pretty impressive 40 million YouTube viewers NBC has been hyping for the Pilot episode was less impressive when you learn those viewers only averaged about 8 minutes each and only a couple million watched the full episode. Still hard to tell if the show was a success. Live rating were not good but NBC calls it the highest Live +35 rating ever (granted that stat is maybe five years old). Did that count all 40 million YouTube viewers? Just how much do you have to watch be considered a viewer. Hopefully people are watching via somewhere NBC cares about (I am watching next day via Hulu) because I really need this show to go at least six seasons and a movie. If you have not watch the second episode, it is on YouTube now and as I write this Saturday, it has 11 million views, but who knows how many finished.
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Dare Me: Since the first episode, I thought the Queen B would end up being the person who died. But now I wonder if she is the killer. I mean if the coach killed the dude, would she really call one of her students? I guess dude could have killed himself being distraught over the coach ghosting him, but that would be kind of boring. I kind of hope the Queen B killed the dude and set the coach up for the fall.
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The Outsider: So is everyone finally on board to the evil entity thing now? Because it is time to start figuring out how to stop it.

Homeland: Well that was pretty bold of Saul to meet with a Taliban leader with only four bodyguards. Boy did that backfire bad. But were the Pakistani’s tracking him or the Taliban? I guess it was the latter if Saul did not really inform anyone. But why was none of the bodyguards guarding the back door, or at least his backside. Seems pretty sloppy for the military even of a car just got bombed. Then I thought that new officer was being groomed as the new Carrie, but she screwed up pretty big. I mean, not forking a Taliban sympathizer big, but that was a pretty big mistake.

Supergirl: Wow, the show just blatantly ripped off the horrible nineties movie The Lawnmower Man.
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Good Girls: So the FBI dude just let gangbanger dude just freely roam a hotel room unattended? Of course he was going set you up. I really hoped gangbanger was dead because the show really needed a soft reboot. Worse is he really should kill Beth for shooting him, but we know he will not because she is the lead.
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Survivor: Winners at War: Is everyone just going to let Rob run this game? They know his wife is on Extinction where she would undoubtedly feeding him Fire Tokens and other advantages, this would have been the perfect week to vote him out and use Danni’s irrational Parvati hatred to split the vote just in case. I know people are anti-big moves for fear they will put a target on their back but that would have been the easy movie. Although Rob knows very well sometimes a split vote can go wrong.
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Stumptown: They are just giving everyone daddy issues now. The cop has to go up against his father in court and Grey sees his father for the first time in decades and Dex tried to do the same but ran into her mentally decaying aunt instead.
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Sunday, February 16, 2020

57 Channels and Only This Is On: February 16, 2020

Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist: Finally watched the premiere because I did not want to wait six weeks to watch the second episode. It was really good. It is nice to have Jane Levy back doing something fun after spending most of her post-Suburgatory years being a scream queen.

Dare Me: There are fewer things I need to see in my life than a bag full of used tampons. Then I saw a promo for next week claiming someone might die. “Might?” Gee, that is really going to get me to turn in to see if someone might die. I have thought that the mean girl was going to die at the end but after she sort of got date raped, I am a bit unsure.
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The Outsider: What a great scene with the private investigator giving her boogieman theory. But the thing is, it is the only theory that makes sense. How else do explain one person being in the same place at the same time? But that was not even the best scene, which belongs to the neck guy getting beat up by his dead mother. Just pure Stephan King right there. Now the PI is in big trouble diving to the middle of with the neck guy. Granted the last guy committed suicide by cop so he might just do the same to himself before he does anything to her.

Manifest: Really, this disappearing thing dates back hundreds of years and for some reason it involves magical tarot cards. This show just gets sillier and sillier.
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Sunday, February 09, 2020

57 Channels and Only This Is On: February 9, 2020

The Outsider: So the weird Fear Demon is now haunting the cop’s wife, kind of like apparently it did with the kid early on. But it seemed to vaguely suggest she was just seeing thing. Is this a Freddy Kruger situation? And can it just haunt anyone the person who body it snatches come in contact with? But then why haunt a child and a woman to threaten the cop instead of just haunting him? I guess it is kind of scarier this way.

Stumptown: Yeah Dex, all those Twister knockoffs should have been a very huge warning sign. But I am beginning to wonder just how long that cassette that is stuck in her car is? Should start replay songs at some point. A cassette tape is at most forty-five minutes, unless that crappy broke tape deck and auto flip.
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Vikings: Oh wow, the Russians won and Ivar (it looks like) killed Bjorn. That was totally unexpected. Though I do not believe this is the end of the Vikings Empire like the promo for the second half of the season suggested. They did already announce a sequel. But I wonder how that is ending up on Netflix. The show was successful enough that it ran for fairly long on History and then Hulu has the streaming rights so it is weird that Netflix would swoop in for a continuation about those two.

Briarpatch: Well that was mostly boring.

Sunday, February 02, 2020

57 Channels and Only This Is On: February 2, 2020

Dare Me: Just when you thought it was not going to get more gross than someone biting their own lip last week, someone gets their teeth kicked out this week. Except I guess it was implied this week that Beth did not bite her own lip, but that she was sexually assaulted. But was the pool of mouth blood on the mat the same pool of blood from the season premiere? I kind of assumed that someone died. But without actually looking back at that first scene, it did look similar.

Shameless: So the Frank storyline did not amount to anything but to add a car to Ian’s wedding? And was that car always a convertible? But the big news is that Debbie is about to be arrested (and Carl may be right behind her). Although what exactly is the law in Illinois? Most states have a grace period so kids a couple months older but just slightly above the adult line do not get in trouble for this kind of thing. I believe my state has a five year rule which Debbie would be easily inside. But that is it, just one more season left… until the inevitable reboot in ten years.

The Outsider: So that random prison storyline last week was the nurse at Jason Bateman’s father’s hospital? If that was expressed last week, I missed it. Then he opens this week again as we see how he got the “virus.” But the whole pain demon thing that feeds on destroying whole families make it just seems worse than just child murder. So how did the lady in jail survive?

Supergirl: Just when you thought it could not get worse than multiple Brainiac 5’s last week, this week we got multiple Toymen Jr.’s. Ugg. Now if only we could get multiple Saturn Girls.
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Manifest: So if that college student ends up forking the daughter who a year ago to him was just ten, would that not be kind of creepy?

Vikings: I thought the Resurrection episode title was going to be a huge spoiler that Floki would finally return after being trapped in a mountain for the last eight episode, instead we got an even more shocking return of Athelstan. Or, I guess someone who claimed to kill him. I had to look it up since it has been so long, but it was Floki who actually killed Athelstan. Umm, whatever that means. Another thing that I am not entirely sure what it means, Ivar brother does not think the queen looks like his dead wife. But he is crazy so maybe that may not mean anything.

The Good Place: So the suicide door turned out not to be a suicide door… but kind of still feels like a suicide door? Sure Eleanor turned into stardust that got Michael Realman’s neighbor to get him his lost mail, but it still seemed to endorse suicide to me. And Michael Realman kind of got a short shrift getting sent to earth in his current form of an old dude. How about giving him a baby skin suit and let live a full life? But I guess even with the suicide door it ended up being a solid finale but I feel like a great finale was sitting right there. Instead of a suicide door, make it a reincarnation door and have the final scene being the soul squad unbeknownst to themselves just happening to bump in to each other.
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Sunday, January 26, 2020

57 Channels and Only This Is On: January 26, 2020

Ray Donovan: So OG Bridget was pregnant and knocked up by Succession Daddy when she jumped off the roof? Somehow that death got even darker. But no one asked the question I would have asked, did she actually jump or was Succession Daddy getting rid of two problems at once? But after two or three seasons, is the show going back to California? Bridget says she wants to go home. Ray did follow her there. Terry was just there to train a boxer which faded away. Mickey and Bunchy just came to this coast to avoid the law. The whole Donovan tribe could migrate back west. Hey, maybe Connor is just hanging out in the house alone this whole time. I would not mind the move back because the setting was much better there.

Dare Me: Oh wow, finally an entertaining scene with the two half-sisters in therapy with their daddy. More of that please. Less lip biting, too, please. Really more proof, she dies by the end of the season, probably by her own hand.

Shameless: Wait, is the chick would go through great lengths to set up Frank because he got her boyfriend and just casually mentions she is taking a vacation? I thought for sure that was another ploy by her to get back at Frank. Maybe that will come next episode. But if going on two dates at once, a big sitcom clichéd plot, is the best the show can come up with now, maybe it is a good thing they announce next season will be it last (until it is inevitably rebooted in five years). Okay, Mickey as bridezilla was pretty funny.

The Outsider: If you are a super prestige show that does not want its characters to devolve into a caricature, maybe should not introduce your character on the spectrum with a Sheldon Cooper bit. But she did shout out my doppelgänger theory even though it seems to be already debunked as it seems like we are dealing with a shape shifter. Then what was going on in prison? Dude implanted a shiv, but had to craft a shiv to get the other shiv inside him. Then used it to kill himself. Did I miss an episode?

Supergirl: So Crisis gave us a soft reboot which you think would have fixed one of the bigger flaws of this season in Lena’s irrational hated of Supergirl but instead Lex somehow gave her all of her memories. Meh. Even worse, Crisis gave us multiple Braniac 5’s. Ugg. But why were they talking about there only being one Earth now? We saw at the end of Crisis that Doom Patrol et al were still on different Earths? Are they just being self-centered that now that Supergirl is on the same Earth as The Flash and Black Lightning that there are no other Earths out there? Where do they think all those people went? Just were not brought back after they rebooted the timeline? And what happened to Miss Tessmacher? Lena essentially killed her last season turning her into a robot? Is she still a robot? Is she dead? Is she back as a secretary at CatCo? Since Lex never was “evil” in this timeline, does she not become evil? Is she with Leviathan? It was weird that she ran into Leviathan is the season finale, but that really was not brought up this season.
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Manifest: Really, all that to get cave boy out of prison after he pleads guilty? Just seemed like they need to fill and extra episode. And I missed the connection between yoga mom and the university guy? Are they plotting something together?

Vikings: Well the episode title, Valhalla Ca Wait turned out to be a huge spoiler. Though I did think the skies would open up and put out the flames, instead it was his brother who would save him. Then with three episodes left (at least until the end of the half season, I kind of hate when they block off episodes like this, just call each ten episodes a season if the next ten will not air for months) we finally go back to Iceland. I wonder if we will finally get any definitive proof of Loki, dead or alive.

The Good Place: I did not like all the Best Show of the Decades that came out late last year, I thought it was silly to rank The Good Place with five episodes remaining which no one is not going to be considered when ranking the Best Shows of the 20’s. What is the show had a Game of Thrones type ending that knocks it down five to ten spots? Really, if the door they came up with this week, which sounded very pro-suicide to me, turns out to be suicide, this show might sink more than ten spot on my list which I hope to have out before the end of the year… I hope.
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Sunday, January 19, 2020

57 Channels and Only This Is On: January 19, 2020

Ray Donovan: Ray has gotten out of some sticky situation, but being caught on tape admitting to killing multiple police officers, then assaulting one of the officers taping you seemed like a very hard predicament to escape. But apparently even murder can be forgiven if you can help take down the dirty mayor. Alrighty. Seems like some jail time would still be warranted.

Dare Me: Still mostly bored, but I am now predicting the Queen B chick hurting herself turns out to be the forshaddowing from the beginning of each episode.

Shameless: Debbie living the dream of hooking up with a mother and her daughter. Great like from her friend about Debbie is going down. But will Lip really be going down… to Wisconsin? A free house is a free house. Although the renting it seems like a decent option. Or maybe sell it and buy something closer to Chicago. I do not see Lip living out in the country.

The Outsider: I think I may have cracked the case while making a joke on social media. While Jason Bateman was getting arrested, I commented that of course he was a child murderer; he has an evil doppelganger goatee. Which made me think, oh, maybe the twist is that actually is an evil doppelganger out there.

Crisis on Infinite Earths: So the Green Arrow died and became The Spectre and then died as The Sprectre? Huh? And what happened to his hot daughter? Shouldn’t she get his chair? But really, had it not been for all those cameos (oh wow, movie Flash), this crossover would have been a complete and utter mess that made little to no sense. Okay, the comics it was based on made little to no sense so I guess it was faithful. But if Gleek is in for the next crossover sign me up.
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Almost Family: Is the show implying that Britanny Snow’s mother is a homosexual? I guess if she looks anything like Brittany Snow, she could very well turn and gay dude straight.
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Vikings: Sure Lagatha went out kind of weakly last week being done in by a crazy person after surviving an epic fight but at least she got a hero’s send off this week. I guess that leaves Bjorn as the only original character still alive. Maybe Floki. We never got a definitive answer either way other than we last saw him stuck in a cave and he has gone missing. I guess a very old Rollo is out there somewhere in France.

The Good Place: So after showing up at the end of the Crisis, Gleek’s name shows up on the blackboard of potential humans that could work in the new system that could get into the Good Place. Obviously that had to be Jason’s suggestion. But add Vicky running the new Good Place evaluation system to potential spin-off I really want to see. Granted, I do not believe Team Cockroach will stay in the Good Place and will eventually run the new system with Michael by the finale.
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Sunday, January 12, 2020

57 Channels and Only This is On: January 11, 2020

Ray Donovan: Oh snap, Smitty was wearing a wire. Although it is not like the first time Ray got caught by law enforcement. I believe the FBI owned him for a couple seasons so I am sure he will somehow weasel his way out of this even though he is on tape admitting to shooting a cop. Maybe he will finally give up his father. But I do not see Smitty making it to the end of the season, but will it be Ray or Bridget who does it? But I was surprised that that one dude implied that Succession daddy had something to do with Ray’s sister’s death and Ray did not go straight to the source. Did the guy stage the suicide? Did he do something that made Bridget so guilty to commit suicide? I guess they are saving that for the finale because obviously Ray will not be going to jail or at the very least will not be staying there long.

Dare Me: So in the dead of night, shooting into two headlights from maybe twenty yards away though a windshield, that chick’s camera phone could clearly show the faces of two people in the cab of a truck? My camera phone is not good with some bomb lighting. Granted I do not have a sugar daddy who will buy me a new one whenever I lose one. I know ads like to hype how well their cameras are but I have yet to actually see one that good.

Shameless: Frank went to college for ten years? Where did he get the money? Was he just making that part up and the lady did not smash the Oxy because she just did not know? And just how did Frank end up in a car with a college football player and crack?

Manifest: Oh, wow, I kind of actually remember the black dude at the end. I believe he was a federal agent that got blew up. Of course, that begs the question, how the fork is he still alive?

Stumptown: So Dex is this army-trained soldier that we have seen take down multiple dudes at a time, but she has trouble with an old Asian dude? Unless that was Mr. Miyagi, it should not been that hard.
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Vikings: Stabbing someone with your barely still there shield and then finishing them off with their own sword had to be one of the greatest ways to kill someone. But to put up that kind of fight only be killed by a crazy person trying to kill a serpent was a sad way to go. But then again, she did kill his mother if I remember correctly. Then what is the Russian dude up to? It is still hard to believe that Ivar’s dead wife looks like his betrothed and he would mount her in front of him, but how could he know and how could he make her look like the dead wife?

The Good Place: So when Timothy Olyphant popped up, I commented on social media that this will already be the best cameo of the year, unless of course Scone Cold Steve Austin shows up in the finale. Then someone pointed out that Blake Bortales would beat them both. I am an idiot.
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Saturday, January 04, 2020

57 Channels and Only This is On: January 4, 2020

Ray Donovan: There were a lot of references to Ray killing his father, both pro and con. I have long thought the show would be much better if they move beyond Micky and his never-ending feud then team up with Ray. I did find it interesting that we saw young Ray and baby Daryl but the other three Donovan children were completely missing. But I appreciate that we did not get a full flashback episode like other shows like to do because it was hard to tell who some of Micky’s buddies were.

Dare Me: I was looking forward to this because how can you mess up hot chick mean girl cheerleader. Well you make it boring apparently, and the casting was not great. I just do not buy the new coach as hard as nails as she is bring portrayed and the former captain just is not attractive enough to be a Queen B. Hopefully it gets better.

Shameless: For an episode I thought Frank managed to attract yet another rich crazy woman, she turned out to be an evil genius who was preying on his weakness. I was wondering who that dude they lingered on in the picture was. I just assumed that it was someone from the early seasons that I forgot. Turned out to be a guy from even further back in Frank’s past.

Almost Family: You really have to be delusional to be mad you get demoted when you are forking the opposing council. Someone needs to be debarred by the end of this. But Julia being extremely awkward continues to be the best part of the show, this time around her boyfriend’s kid. How dumb do you have to be to buy someone the exact same t-shirt that they wear? But I guess the biggest question is who is Julia’s real father? The only dude on the show that is the right age is Roxy’s father, but we know he shoots blanks, so I guess it is someone we have not met.
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Vikings: Wait, how did Russian dude get Ivar’s dead wife? Does he know? Was this planned? Is it just a coincidence and she is just a distant cousin doppelganger? Is Ivar just seeing things?
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Saturday, December 28, 2019

57 Channels and Only This Is On: December 28, 2019

Shameless: Carl did a good deed? Wow, that has to be a first for him. For a guy who wanted to be in the army, dude only had been doing things for himself his whole life.

Ray Donovan: More brother on brother violence. But haven’t we already seen Ray and Darryl fight with Darryl complaining that Ray does not treat him like a brother before? But things came full circle with the old family friend as Succession daddy pulled a heist back in the seventies with Mickey, apparently became very rich and surely Mickey will want his cut after killing everyone else involved. But who gets to Mickey first, Ray or lady cop?

Mr. Robot: Okay, I am mildly confused at what I saw. Did anything we saw actually happen? Darla did give that speech about how many people were dead, but is Darlene real? I was under the impression that Elliot in the dream world was the “real” Elliot but he did not have a sister. And what happened to American Psycho dude. He went off to the woods to die but then there was a bright light and we never see him in the “real world” again. Le sigh. Add this show to the ever growing list of shows that would have been much better remembered had they just ended after one season
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His Dark Materials: So both of Lyra’s parents are evil? But why didn’t Lyra yell at her father to stop. And if Daemons can morph into different animals when their humans are still young, why didn’t that Daemon morph into something smaller and leave the cage? Lyra’s ferret looked like it could slip into the cage. Now I know this is the network that ended a season with Ned Stark being beheaded, but goodness, what a depressing way to end a season.

Sunday, December 15, 2019

57 Channels and Only This Is On: December 15, 2019

Ray Donovan: So we are normalizing herpes now? Okay. But I hope that Bunchy throwing something away at the hospital was a sign he is not going to go with the white supremacist. Dude does have a black brother and all. So Mickey went to some tropical place only to return to New York to set up some time share scam? Please just put, and keep this guy in prison or kill him off.

Supergirl/Crisis on Infinite Earths: Of wow, they got Lucifer Morningstar and Arli$$. That was pretty shocking. Although I am not sure we needed a full minute on the Birds of Prey Earth. The Lucifer was somewhat shocking. I did read on I believe Men’s Health of all places that he would be included but I was not really going to believe television gossip I see on Men’s Health.

Makes me wonder who else will show up. Wonder Woman’s Linda Carter and Lois and Clark’s Teri Hatcher have both already appeared in previous seasons of Supergirl, and goodness knows the crossover needs a Wonder Woman presence because it is laughable in all the Earths there is not one. Granted, we did see Titans which had Wonder Girl who referenced Diana so there is definitely at least one Wonder Woman. Kind of an oversite of Harbinger who supposedly rounded up the greatest Superheroes of the multiverse. And are there no Batmen under fifty? We saw a broken down (and kind of gay) Batman of another Earth who apparel looks like Earth 1’s Batman. Then there is Michael Keaton and Sir Jorah Mormont. The Supermen are no spring chickens, but all three we saw are under fifty. There was a rumor the Gotham Batman may show up but he is on the other end of the age spectrum of being two young but that was a website I trust even less than Men’s Heath for my TV news.

So we got two seconds on the Titans’ Earth. I wonder if we will get a Doom Patrol sighting. I am mostly curious to see if they place that show on the Titans Earth or confirm what we were watching was on a slightly different Earth. There was some casting change and they gave Negative Man a completely different attitude from the Titans episode. The also completely ignored Beast Boy who has been living with them for a while and the only Titans reference was a magazine article.

Okay, fun fan service aside, that third episode was confusing. I have no idea what that whole treadmill thing was about and the Green Arrow in purgatory was a bit confusing too? So Olivier is giving up live to become the new Spectre. And the old one just came out of nowhere. And just how did they come up with those paragons? With Lex Luther, that makes four of the seven from Supergirl. I missed why Martian Manhunter was one because that dude just disappeared. Then one is an Asian scientist with no powers because… um, diversity? The only other person of color was a green dude from Mars (um, if all the other Earths are now gone, are all the Mars gone too?). I hope the last two episodes make sence because the crossover is almost as confusing as the actual comic it was based on.
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Watchmen: Here is the problem with beings that are too powerful, I am left wondering why Dr. Manhattan did not zap him and Angela out of there instead of staying and fighting when he knew how that was going to end with him being zapped with the teleporter? He just zapped his kids a couple minutes earlier. But at least we got conformation of Ozymandias was put in his place by Dr. Manhattan but not a prison like most people thought but actually but as reward. Granted, I suspect that Dr. Manhattan knew that it would not be viewed as paradise very long.

Shameless: In ten seasons, it is kind of surprising they have not done the character was mad that they were the only one not molested by the town pervert before. Or maybe they did and I already forgot about it. Really after ten seasons, it is surprising the writers have not run out of messed up storylines yet.

Mr. Robot: Where has Bobby Canivalle been all this time? I have spent most of the season assuming he was dead. Kind of the same for the rapper, I definitely forgot he switched sides. Unless that was a big surprise. But what a silly rom-com ending except the two lovebirds missed each other. This show is really overthinking everything this season.
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His Dark Materials: So are they not going to get the Daemons that were in the cages in hopes of maybe someday reuniting them with their humans?

Castle Rock: Well there goes my prediction that Joy ended up being the Annie Wilkes from the Misery book. I was also waiting to see who the author was, I thought they might make it Stephen King himself, but alas no shots of his face. But it was painfully obvious Joy was dead, she was just too happy after being “revived.” Weird we got one random shot of the creepy kid from season one but he did not figure into anything. Then there was a random missing flyer of Henry Deaver in Canada. Was that supposed to be an Easter egg or are we to believe someone actually put that up in a Canadian gas station? No post credits scene so I guess we will have to wait until season three to see if they dip back into the original story.
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Survivor: Island of Idols: Well after forking things up all season, they finally removed Dan right before the finale. And did it because an off camera incident with someone who was not a contestant. Of course this led to rampant speculation on the internet until some website claims they had multiple sources that Dan grabbed a producer’s leg betting into a boat after a challenge. So grabbing Noura’s arm to claim how innocent the action was is okay, but goodness, cannot touch anyone in production. Oh well, at least we know for sure he is not winning.
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The Challenge: War of the Worlds 2: Kind of a borefest like most finales on the show, and honestly, I spent most of the episode searching for what Dan did. But hey, at least Paulie and Cara Maria lost after decimating their team.
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Almost Family: Well that was certainly a shocking ending. Of all the children he has fathered, the one Leon did not was the one he raised. Which begs the question, does he know? Clearly they did not need any sort of treatment but obviously he was definitely not shooting blanks. Weird that they set up this big weird family but now we know Juila is not blood related to her “sisters.”
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Stumptown: So Grey’s girlfriend turned out to be evil. Meh, and I kind of liked her. But what a weird plan to get rid of Dex. To assume that Grey would exile her but forgive did not seem like the best plan to me.
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The Blacklist: I thought last week would have made for a pretty good “fall finale” but then they really end with Lizzie’s mother being gunned down in the street… except not. Kind of extreme. And I did not get why Lizzie was so quick to side with her mother. She had been lying to her this whole time, had a dude tied up in her apartment, killed a dude in the vicinity of her kid, but lizzie still rescued her to safety.
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Sunday, December 08, 2019

57 Channels and Only This Is On: December 8, 2019

Ray Donovan: Oh no Daryl, I fear that the cop asking if she could hold on to the VIP pass was a test and he failed. If you were such a fan you should not part with the merch that easily. Then if Micky not dying was not annoying enough now they are pretending that he is going to the Maldives as is he is not going to return later this season.

Supergirl: So Martian Manhunter’s brother is going back to Mars and Assistant Director Skinner is defeated? Hopefully they do not revive either storyline after Crisis and also recon Lena into not irrationally hating Supergirl, or at the very least give a ready to hate.
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Watchmen: Last week I read an article that ran down a bunch of popular Reddit theories, most so convincing they almost felt like spoilers. The last one they posted was so stupid that I kind of rolled my eyes at how non plausible it was: Cal is really Dr. Manhattan. Then Lady Truie mentioned Dr. Manhattan was in Tulsa, and I thought, oh now. Then she mentioned how Angela did not react to that new and I thought, well fork, this is why I do not read fan theories. Earlier, Lady Truie mentioned her father will be joining her soon, and her father was also one of the popular fan theories that is also going to be right.

Shameless: Oh hey, Xanthippe Lannister Voorhees. But it was weird to see her play poor. I wonder if she will be back (I had to look her up to see if she was on the show before Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and that is how she knew Debbie, she was not… man this show has been on for a while). I was sad to see Mikey go so she could get free health care, but then I realize, oh, he could just run into Ian.

Mr. Robot: So we get multiple shots of Angela in the “Previously On,” White Rose says she is alive, yet she does not show up at all. Meh. I have always thought White Rose’s end game was some sort of time machine but I guess we will not find that out. Or will we? I wonder if White Rose put on the make up and dress so (s)he will get arrested in what (s)he thinks is its true form or if it was to evade the police some how.
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His Dark Materials: So that kid is like the male, real world version of Lyra? I wonder if we already met his father. I wonder if they gave us any good looks at family photos, but I do not care enough to rewatch.

Castle Rock: So where exactly is the creepy dude from the first season? When he was gone from his cage earlier this season I thought the old body snatchers took him. So did Henry take him somewhere? They did snatch his mother’s body I presume looking for answers so maybe he will show up in the finale.
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Survivor: Island of Idols: It seems like every season there is someone who is clearly on the bottom on their alliance and we the viewers scream at the television to flip and they rarely do unless they do one of those pecking order challenges. Dean was clearly that person this season, going as far as trying to form an anti-goat alliance not realizing he has not done anything to win yet this season. But after the loved one’s visit, it became abundantly clear that he was fifth in a four person alliance. And it worked out perfectly because Noura and Karishma were the only people he had a chance at beating this season. Then he inexplicably tells Tommy he is the target, sending home Karishma. Just when you thought this season could not get any worse…
You can download Survivor: Island of the Idols on iTunes.

The Challenge: War of the Worlds 2: So the Brits get a ten minute penalty for interference, but the Americans seemed to be doing a lot of interfering too and I thought TJ say they no one could carry the stuff individually. Granted they still have not gotten to TJ yet, so that may be coming.
You can download The Challenge: War of the Worlds 2 on iTunes.

Stumptown: Well, cannot say I blame Dex for that.
You can download Stumptown on iTunes.

The Blacklist: o Red shows up when Katerina was supposed to show up and misses her… too cute. But at least they ended this charade when Lizzie figured it out. Too bad they gave the conclusion to that confirtation in the “Next Time On…”
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Sunday, December 01, 2019

57 Channels and Only This Is On: December 1, 2019

Ray Donovan: So Micky was burned beyond recognition? Well at least they did not drag it out very long to reveal he was not really dead considering it was extremely obvious he was not. Now they just need to explain how he survived such a huge fireball. But hey, if Micky is “dead” Ray should easily be able to get his prints to take the fall for that murder.

Watchmen: Hooded Justice was black? Did not see that coming. Although I did see after the episode someone pointed out that Lou Gossett Jr. had the same color scheme early in the season so it is not that they did not telegraph it. I kind of wish that Angela was the POV the whole time, that would have been more interesting. I also wish we had gotten more of his life than just that short few months… Unless Angela is still under the Nostalgia and that ending was how Lady Truie met Hooded Justice. That would explain how she got out of police custody.

The Walking Dead: So Michonne is just going to leave her small children to help that dude back home? Huh? Almost a big question as how Daryl and everyone is going to get out of their predicament.

Shameless: So a week after shiving a dude in the sick ward, Ian is up for parole? Then to hurt his parole chances, he tries to shiv someone else? Although the best part of the episode was when I realized Debbie did not forget to load the debit cards but instead they were all garnished by the government for unpaid debt.

Mr. Robot: RIP Janice, but you really kind of annoying. Otherwise, felt like huge filler episode.
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His Dark Materials: Wow, it just seems like Lin-Manual Miranda is on a completely different show. I mean, both his show and the main show are bad, but just a different kind of bad.

Castle Rock: Strangulation by stethoscope… had we not seen someone this season shove an ice cream scooper down someone’s throat, that would have been a pretty imaginative self-defense scene. Interesting the episode description said, “Annie sees things for what they are.” Considering she saw her long dead mother and a waterfall that came out of a mirror. But maybe it says that because she is the only one who is not under the cult’s spell as even Joy is not walking in step. But annie is legit crazy, I wonder what is so special about the doctor? Is it just that you have to see the statue to be enthralled by it? But a surprisingly short episode, about thirty-five minutes, even less than a network drama without commercials.
You can watch Castle Rock on Hulu.

Survivor: Island of Idols: Idols have been out of control for a while now and two of the last seasons featured someone who went on a three or longer Idol run until Idols were no longer available to play, but at this point I really hope Karishma somehow finds an Idol every week and somehow finds herself in the final (but I fear she will be more like Rick than Ben in the fire making challenge) and manages to win the whole things. Only her or Janet are the only ones from this season that would land them in the bottom five winners of all time list.
You can download Survivor: Island of the Idols on iTunes.

The Challenge: War of the Worlds 2: Poor Nany, Smashley gets lost and she still cannot solve a simple Sudoku puzzle. But I wonder if she would have turncoat because the Brits with only one actual Brit clearly look like the better team at this point. Of course it would serve Cara Maria and paulie right to get beat by people who they tried to get rid of.
You can download The Challenge: War of the Worlds 2 on iTunes.

Almost Family: What a nice treat of back to back episode. The Thanksgiving episode may be the best so far.
You can download Almost Family on iTunes.

Titans: When they said one Titan would fall, New Robin seemed obvious considering he famously “died” in the funny books. Except they already threw him out of a window to certain death only to be saved by Superboy in the next episode. Hawk seemed like the next most likely so he could be sacrifice himself and redeemed for his bad behavior. Why I put any thought into might happen because who actually died was completely outside the realm of reason. First of all it, it took forever for that pillar to fall, Lyla Garrity could not get two people out of harm’s way in ten seconds? Then, instead of using her super-speed to hold up the pillar, how about Super Girl using her super-speed to move people out of harm’s way instead of holding the pillar? And can a little electricity really kill an Amazon? Aren’t they Gods? Ugg, what makes things worse is she was the second best part of the show. But is she really dead-dead? Raven pretty easily healed Starfire and says her powers are evolving. And of course this is DC so I am sure there is a Lazarus Pit somewhere. Hopefully she shows up next season somehow.

Sunday, November 24, 2019

57 Channels and Only This Is On: November 24, 2019

Ray Donovan: The back and forth of Ray hating and helping his father got played out a couple season ago and I have long thought the show would be much better without Mickey, but I am shocked that they may do the show without him. I say “may” because even though the explosion was so big it could be seen miles away, I will not believe Mickey is dead until I see his corpse. And even then I may not believe because the bodies may be too charred. We also know that back door was broke, he could have slipped out when he saw the tanker coming at him.

Supergirl: What the fork is going on with Lena? Ehy is she so mad at someone who keeps saving her life? This plot just makes no sense. Okay I get being mad at first but after she saves your life, maybe it is time to forgive her?
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Watchmen: Some well circulated fan theories turned out to be well founded this week. First is that Ozymandias is being jailed on the moon by Dr. Manhattan. Okay, we do not know exactly who put Ozymandias hidden on the moon, but who else has that ability? The other which seemed far-fetched at the time was that the senator was 7th Kalvery. I mean he almost got kidnapped by one of them. Although he claimed to join to keep the peace in Tulsa with Don Johnson controlling the police. So did he orchestrate his kidnapping or did does the 7th Kalvery do not know that is him under the mask. Clearly none of the masks are fooling anyone.

The Walking Dead: Here is the problem with the last couple seasons of the show: I do not care about any of these new people For the last couple episode, the doctor guy kept on having dreams which left me wondering, is this guy important now? He just seemed like a background character; got a little more screen time and now he is dead. And I am not entirely sure who killed him. That guy looked vaguely familiar but am not sure why.

Shameless: Debbie was able to guilt someone out of sexual pleasures? And then uses that lesson to ease up on the male parts of the family? Alrighty.

Mr. Robot: Well this show got really depressing fast. Although if his father was doing that to him, why did Elliot use his likeness as another personality? Seems like a weird choise. And where did the therapist go at the end where she was able to get a knife and killing drug dealer guy. Did I fall asleep? But I thought for sure that the therapist was going to make her big reveal a third personality. They seemed to drop that big reveal from earlier this season.
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His Dark Materials: Wait, do those Deamon things just go up in smoke if their owner dies? And dude just throws himself down an elevator shaft, seems extreme.

Castle Rock: I kind of had to assume that the dude who was hooking up with the main witch was who the dude Annie killed ended up being, but they really had to make that abundantly clear with the first scene in present day. If it not for the subtitles, I would not have mind if that was the whole episode. But we finally got Tim Robbins to Shawshank (though I thought they said early in the season it was shut down, but since his brother-in-law said he was back, maybe it was reopened).

We get our first real tangible link to season one and… um, so what happened to the creepy dude from last season? He just disappeared? Did he somehow go back to the other dimension? But he was the leader of the cult this whole time? Is he going to be resurrected like the other cult members? Is that why he is still around, because he just keeps on being resurrected? And then since he is a higher being he gets to keep his same form? And what about Henry Dever? We do not even get a mention of him. I kind of have to re-watch the first season.

But we did get an answer to why the cult did not just nab Annie already; it apparently has to be on the anniversary. But one more big answer I want to know is just what do these body snatchers know about their former bodies? Ace seemingly knew to visit his father, but was it just to get to where the creepy cell was? But as many questions that were answered, they just set up a bunch more. Hopefully they can finish this season stronger than the last.
You can watch Castle Rock on Hulu.

Survivor: Island of Idols: If handy Dan did not go home, I guess Misty and Aaron were decent
You can download Survivor: Island of the Idols on iTunes.

The Challenge: War of the Worlds 2: Stupid promo monkeys giving me false hope that Cara Maria and Paulie could go home in one fell swoop. Though it was apropos that Joss got eliminated when he stupidly kept Kaleigh over Georgia a couple weeks ago and was party to throwing the challenge last week that eliminated that chick whose name I have already forgotten.. I do wonder if having so few people will actually benefit the “Brits” (with one whole Brit left), kind of a less cooks in the kitchen situation. So we have one more female elimination before the finale. I take it that it will end up being Tori vs, Nany no matter what? Meh, this season is so boring.
You can download The Challenge: War of the Worlds 2 on iTunes.

Almost Family: Okay, Brittany Snow’s new ring tone was just hilarious.
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Stumptown: So has Friendsgiving just been three people up to this point? Do Dax and the other dude not have any other friends? Where was food truck guy?
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The Good Place: It is episodes like this that makes me made that we are not getting ten seasons of this show because they really could have had a bunch of seasons that were just reboots. I would have really enjoyed an entire season with Chidi’s soulmate being the goth chick. Though I have to wonder why Vicki and her acting chops did not demand that role.
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The Blacklist: I think the new chick is basically the viewer at this point. Just a great addition to the cast pointing out the stupidity of it all at every turn. Though she was not there in the bathroom to point out the stupisity of that scene. So just how did Lizzy’s mom get that body out of a public restroom without being noticed and did she not have cleaners to eliminate any trace of the body afterward?
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Sunday, November 17, 2019

57 Channels and Only This Is On: November 17, 2019

Supergirl: No Dreamer, no Alex’s girlfriend, very little Brainiac 5… and we may have had the best episode since Saturn Girl went back to the future. Sure, Andréa’s mask was a little too generic, I thought that was Dreamer for a split second.
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Watchmen: So crazy rick Asian build her clock in Oklahoma away from the coasts where there is more likely nuclear attacks occur and earthquakes… but isn’t Tulsa right smack dab in the middle of Tornado Alley? Of course we already know what she says is not necessary the whole reason behind what she does as seen by her introduction. But she shoots to the top of the list of who imprison Ozymandias in what they certainly implied was on the moon this week.

The Walking Dead: So what is Negan’s game? He is telling the Whispers he wants to be with them but I feel he is just saying that. I do not really seeing him put Rick’s kid in danger no matter how much barbed wire he wraps around his bat.

Shameless: Oh my, are they really going to kill off Lip’s baby mama? Granted he will not be the only single parent in the household.

Mr. Robot: I feel like I missed something. So we first see the FBI agent pointing her gun at Darla. Last week I thought they ended with her seeing the two in the car, when did she get to the apartment? Or was I not paying attention last week because I was bored that there was no dialogue?
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His Dark Materials: Wait, this whole story is taking in an alternative universe from our own and there is a portal to get here? Okay, after being bored the first week, that was kind of interesting.

Castle Rock: So the cult of the centuries old invasion of the body snatchers people do not bother to secure their snatchee’s? And they do not have to kill the people first? The first dude was definitely dead. Although now I am wondering how he was resurrected. Was just falling into the crypt enough to resurrect whatever snatched his body but everyone else has to go through that casket process? And just why are they waiting to kidnap Annie to be the vessel for their leader? And is because she killed that dude with an ice cream scooper the reason she is the best candidate?

But the bigger new in Castle Rock was the arrival of Annie’s step-mom, who promptly gets shot. But hey, we do know she can survive trauma to the gut because that was about where Annie stabbed her. Or maybe she will body snatched and survive that way. But who was Jot saying mom too? She does not want to call Annie her sister which makes me think she would not be ready to call the new lady mom. And what was the plan after she sedated her real mother? Just go back on the run with Annie? With the cops involved (and four episodes left) they clearly are not going anywhere soon now.
You can watch Castle Rock on Hulu.

Survivor: Island of Idols: I had a lot to say on Twitter while this was happening and I really do not want to relive these two hour so just head there to get my thoughts if you do not already follow me.
You can download Survivor: Island of the Idols on iTunes.

The Challenge: War of the Worlds 2: I really wanted T.J., famously hates quitters to lay into the Brits for just blatantly throwing a challenge. Really, they should institute a rule that if you are caught throwing a challenge you are automatically thrown into elimination, even switch the gender week if you have to. The show has just let these people ruin this season by pulling this crap. Sure it looks like they are finally doing something about it next week (though if they eliminate the two black players due to a swimming challenge that will be a bad look), hopefully it is not too late to save this season. Although this season is starting to look much better now airing after Survivor.
You can download The Challenge: War of the Worlds 2 on iTunes.

Almost Family: Brittney Snow being ashamed by doing just completely moronic this really is the best part of this show.
You can download Almost Family on iTunes.

The Good Place: Wait, the Blogger got 44% better over the year? How? I know we only saw about two and a half hours of the experiment but he ended by spreading gossip and fleeing when someone fell into a hole. Maybe since he started at so a low floor it was hard to get worse. But how does that explain Brett who got progressively worse until the final second when he started to apologize to get him to negative one percent. Although if the goal of this experiment was to get better, The Bad Place should have gotten great people who had very little room for improvement. Although now that the judge is going for a full reboot, should be interesting what comes next. I am going to go out on a limb and predict Team Cockroach finds a way to save humanity.
You can download The Good Place on iTunes.

Titans: Um, just how did Batman managed to get the female Titans to the same place at the same time? And why not try to get New Robin, Hawk, or Beast Boy there? Was it just so they could make the mansplaining joke? And why not just break out him out yourself or just have Bruce Wayne buy Old Robin’s release? Or was Bruce really there, he was still acting weird like in Old Robin’s fever dreams. Scarecrow toxin?

Then New Robin just randomly quoting maybe the fifth best West Side Story song was weird. Maybe more weird than him forking Deathstroke’s daughter. And with Rose telling her father she is out, did they just confirm we are in the middle of Judas Contact?

The Blacklist: Playing babies in anti-abortion crusaders… that is just a bit extreme. Of course the evangelical kept it and the politician did not. Although if the rapist was the biological father, where did the eggs come from? The crazy doctor? And just how can the baby survive in a man?
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Sunday, November 10, 2019

57 Channels and Only This Is On: November 10, 2019

Supergirl: This whole season makes little sense with the Lena storyline, but the sentient tattoos made the season even more nonsensical. And I do not even want to talk about the Doc Oct rip-off in the Robocop helmet.
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Watchmen: Silk Specter made this episode a little less boring than the previous ones.

The Walking Dead: So Negan has his leather jacket back and a new bat. And then got captured by the Whispers. Maybe for the first time since being captured, the writers are going to finally give him something to do.

The Affair: Starting off the series finale with a flash dance. A flash dance with Helen’s neighbor that her boyfriend knocked up and then flew her across the country for her daughter’s wedding. Then there was just a random dude that I did not realize who it was until Noah mentioned his name and I finally realized, oh, that is the oldest son we have not seen since maybe the first season.

Then we finally got what I have been waiting for all season, Joanie meets a Soloway. I thought she may have bumped into one of the Soloway children, but no, she met an old Noah (in old man make-up that was very obvious him) who now owning the Lobster Roll. But what I never say coming was that the creepy reporter Joanie forked was Vic’s kid who gave a Spaceball’s explanation of how he was vaguely related to Joanie. Kind of made the whole series worth it for that scene alone.

But what a weird ending. This season seemed to be about Noah’s chickens coming home to roost set upon the backdrop of #MeToo. We the viewers knew some of those stories were made up and over-exaggerated, but Noah was still a pretty huge pervert who deserved some shame. But then they ended on a redemptive note, Noah outlive both his wives (I thought he was talking to Alison at the end; oh, and Helen’s mom lived to 100?), none of his children get even a mention in the future, and then he get the final shot doing the flash dance he choreographed as the final scene. But I kind of wish the whole season was this weird. The show set itself up as a super-serious piece of “art” but we never really got an explanation of two way some of the acts were wildly different telling of the same event. I guess Occam’s Razer is that was just how that person remembers things.

Mr. Robot: It only took me twelve minutes to realize, oh wait, no one is talking. Then two minutes later the guard whistled at Darla and I just rolled my eyes at the lengths they were going to pull off the now dialogue. Kind of a lame gimmick to pull off with so little time left. At least the one shot episode last season served a purpose and was by far the best non-season one episode. There were just too many times where there really should have been some dialogue. And I was a bit confused at where they broke into. Did this company just have a Soul Cycle open on Christmas Day?
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His Dark Materials: This is the second attempt at adapting the books, the first bombed so bad it took down an entire movie studio. But after watching the first episode, maybe the book just is not something that should be adapted; the whole daemon thing just does not look good on screen and just comes across as weird when you see it in living color. And so far it is kind of confusing. I kind of need a Game of Thrones type map title sequence to give me an idea of where this is. Plus, and I really supposed to be scared of the chick from The Africa?

Castle Rock: Well, how Annie turned out the way she did makes much more sense now. Oh geez. Although her obsession with the song Let the River Run has a much darker context now. But from the moment that Rita started to show, I thought, oh no, is Annie going to kill her and steal her baby? Though I never thought that Joy could be her half-sister. Granted when we saw Annie’s wanted poster, it was only for murder, it did not say anything about kidnapping. But what I do not understand is where did Joy get the book. Did Annie just keep a copy this whole time; transfer it from computer to computer all this time?
You can watch Castle Rock on Hulu.

Survivor: Island of Idols: There have been plenty of dumb advantages but whatever they offered Janice may have been the worst. You get the triple wammie of not being trusted for playing it, not being able to vote, and then not even being able to view tribal Council. The Kellee was one of the most interesting plays in the history of the show. Then she managed to pull it off flawlessly and even had one unintended consequence of Jamal burning his Idol which then should put a target on his back which she clearly wants. As long as Dean does not blab about it, this may go down as one of the best moves in the history of the show. But she was one of four people targeted in the promo so maybe it will end up backfiring.
You can download Survivor: Island of the Idols on iTunes.

The Challenge: War of the Worlds 2: So now the British team has four actual British players and four non-Brits? It is a shame more people did not defect earlier. Really, Georgia, Bear, and Theo should have defected a long time ago when they realized they were never going to gain the numbers. But it will be funny if Cara/Paulie keep on sending in Americans who beat a Brit and then the “British” team then beats the Americans.
You can download The Challenge: War of the Worlds 2 on iTunes.

The Good Place: Oh wow, they finished the new experiment half way through the season. So what next (the title of the next episode seems like it could be a spoiler… or just something Jason says… or maybe both)? You got Simone and the blogger MIA, did they freeze or did they go so far that they are not affected? Could they have found their way to The Bad Place (or been kidnapped by Sean) and have to be rescued? That would be too close to last episode though. Ugg, they usually they give us a teaser of what to come instead of a huge cliffhanger like this.
You can download The Good Place on iTunes.

Titans: So did Raven know the gargoyle was going to go off and kill that dude or was it an unintended consequence? And just when is Old Robin going to get out of prison and how? Kind of seems like he know how but moneybags Bruce could always donate a win to get his release. Him just abandoning everyone just seems weird and these last too episodes just seems like a waste of time while they stall for the finale.

The Blacklist: So the baddie of the week was… a computer? Alrighty. But no fall out from Aram stealing the nametag from Red’s buddy. I thought for sure his new lady friend was nefarious, maybe she just is a thrill seeker and that was a complete coiuncidence.
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Sunday, November 03, 2019

57 Channels and Only This Is On: November 3, 2019

Watchmen: So we actually got a quick answer to kind of a silly question from the premiere, how do two black people have three white children. Everything else was mostly confusing and still kind of boring.

The Affair: Ooo, our very first duel perspective… whatever that means. I am still not entirely what different things happening during different acts means. When it went back to Noah, I was convinced Helen was dead. But are we officially done with Joanie now? She has been absent for a couple episodes now and there is just one left.

Mr. Robot: Wait, Tyrell does not want to be killed by The Dark Army so he just walked away to bleed out to death in the wood? But I guess whatever that glowing thing will save him. But that storyline was still better than the FBI storyline where she pleasured herself to sleep on Christmas Eve where she dreamed about being killed by the Dark Army.
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Castle Rock: I do not think Pops is done as done as the doctor thinks. I think that he can be reborn like his nephew. It was all but confirmed this week that is not the same nephew since his dog, who has better sense than Ace, wanted to attack him. But what exactly is he and what exactly does he know of Ace’s life? And what are these invasion of the body snatchers type people’s obsession with eggs? He did mention this started four hundred years ago and we learned that some thought it was witches while others think Satanist. But neither are known for body snatching.
You can watch Castle Rock on Hulu.

Survivor: Island of Idols: They did a good job making me wonder which way Aaron was going… right up until the point where he did not reciprocate dude’s fist bump. I do not even care if that was kind of a huge spoiler because it was just so forking hilarious. Not quite, “Natalie, can I have your jacket?” but it was up there.
You can download Survivor: Island of the Idols on iTunes.

The Challenge: War of the Worlds 2: I understand having an alliance with the other team to keep yourself from going in, but you have to draw the line somewhere, and that was a colossal dumb move by Joss. I get Kayleigh, she is the weakest and she needs to stick around by any means necessary, but for Joss to put in Georgia instead of Smashley just handed the Americans the win right there. Had he picked Smashley, best case scenario, the Americans loose two strong players and you gain one, worst case scenario, the U.S. loses one and you stand pat. Instead you risk the truly worst case scenario which would have been Georgia going home and Tori staying with the U.S. Picking Smashley may have been the only way the Brits could have win, yet Joss stupidly stayed loyal to people who will not be sharing their winning with him.
You can download The Challenge: War of the Worlds 2 on iTunes.

The Good Place:Mmmm, Michael let Bad Janet go. Kind of makes me think if the whole show has been a test for Michael to see if demons can be reformed.
You can download The Good Place on iTunes.

Titans: So if Starfire is now mad that her sister is queen, why did she leave and refused to return when summoned? Makes about as much sense as Batman not having voice mail. But why even wait until Superboy woke up? Why didn’t Old Robin call him when he arrived to let Superman know?

The Blacklist: So Aram just happened to crash the same wedding and just so happened to get the nametag as Red’s buddy? There has to be something else to his lady friend. She was a part of that death club so she is not above shady things.
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Sunday, October 27, 2019

57 Channels and Only This Is On: October 27, 2019

Watchmen: So I take it, the old black dude at the end next to Don Johnson at the end was the young black kid escaping Tulsa at the beginning of the episode. But I found most of the premiere (aside from the awesome Oklahoma performance) pretty boring and confusing… so basically just like every other show ad film Damon Lindelof has been a part of.

The Walking Dead: So the gay dude has an Evil Dead arm now? Cool. But I forgot how many surrogate kids Carol had and they all died. Although I think she killed two of them because they were kind of psychopaths. Ugg, this show has been on way too long. I barely remember most of it at this point.

The Affair: I found it interesting that last week we got Whitney’s wedding prep through Noah’s eye but it was even more surprising that when Noah’s scandal broke, it was though Helen and Whitney’s eyes. Whitney’s act was partiularlly heartbreaking once I realized the douche she used to date was kind of her father and with her new guy she kind of turned into her mother. She has looked so beaten down this season I am beginning worry she will not make it to the end.

Mr. Robot: The annoying dude who was the only bad part of the first season is back? Oh joy. And White Rose listening to Culture Club was a bit gratuitous.
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Wu-Tang: An American Saga: So the show just ends with Ghostface and RZA after they shot and robbed a crazy dude? For this whole time I was thinking this was a limited series, but I went back to the press release and it does call it just a series so I guess there can be more. So was RZA really robbed of his tapes and shot the dude to get them back? I do not remember that being in the Showtime doc. Nor do I remember Ghostface knocking up his sister. I kind of want to check his Wikipedia to see if Shuri is listed as one of his baby mama though we do not really know yet if she keeps the baby. If the show does get a second season, I hope they start calling themselves by the Wu names, I am still not entirely sure which ones are GZA, Inspechtah Deck, Cappadonna are or is they even included U-God yet.
You can watch Wu-Tang: An American Saga on Hulu.

Castle Rock: So is Annie crazy and she never killed the dude or is she crazy because she is seeing the dead guy? Or is there possibly a third option, she did kill him and he is back somehow? That is where I am leaning. But the one thing that bothers me with that theory, what happened to the big hole at the construction site? Did no one notice it? Did whatever revived the nephew fill it up?
You can watch Castle Rock on Hulu.

Survivor: Island of Idols: I got excited when they said there would be no Island of Idols this week, but unfortunately they seem to increase the amount of useless commentary from Sandra and Rob at Tribal Council this week.
You can download Survivor: Island of the Idols on iTunes.

The Challenge: War of the Worlds 2: Is Jordon really that stupid? Dude survived being murdered by Turbo earlier this season but them continued to goad him this week. At some point, Turbo is going to get through those security guards and murder Jordan and I will feel as sorry for him as I would someone who poked a bear one too many times.
You can download The Challenge: War of the Worlds 2 on iTunes.

The Good Place: Poor Jason, gets his heart ripped out by learning Blake Bortles gets traded. Later learns he was replaced by a Super Bowl winning quarterback only to find out he broke his clavicle. I do wonder if they will be able to work in Gardner Minchew II at all this season (the broken clavicle thing seemed to be added late). Although maybe because of Jeremy Blermiey, Jason may gets to get a Jaguar’s Super Bowl win in his afterlifetime.
You can download The Good Place on iTunes.

Titans: So where was Rose when all of this was going? Was she off at college? Did she learn about her father and bolted without bothering to tell her father? Is she even the daughter of Deathstroke’s wife? Does Deathstroke have side pieces? Did Jericho and the wife just not know about her which is why she was not even brought up?

Sunday, October 20, 2019

57 Channels and Only This Is On: October 20, 2019

Supergirl: So it was Lena who kidnapped Eve last week. Okay, that makes no sense. So what was the whole Leviathan thing that Eve was running from last season? And what the fork is going on with Lena? She just does not make any sense this season at all.
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The Affair: Noah is the protagonist of this show, but the way that reporter laid it out; Noah is a pretty horrible person. But the thing is, we do know he did not have sex with the publicist. Or did he as we have seen, how Noah’s scenes have shown up, they do not always line up what other people say it was. Could we get a flashback act from the publicist to get her side of the story? Or maybe the teacher’s assistant? I do vaguely remember thinking she definitely wanted to have sex with Noah. Or maybe that is what Noah though and her version could be completely different.

Mr. Robot: Wait, there is a third personality? People have long theorized that the American Psycho dude was also Elliot, and there were times I bought into it, but it just seems very unlikely at this point. But I did theorize that Darlene would start seeing Angela like Elliot saw Mr. Robot but she admits that she really does not see Angela. So maybe Angela is Elliot’s third personality. Seems plausible since she just died tragically. I kind of hope it is not someone we het that is still alive and the writers have to explain how Elliot was that person all along.
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Wu-Tang: An American Saga: So dude is released from prison, commits aggravated assault on the guy who drove him home, shots his gun off when he arrives home, and starts killing people. I really hope that was some poetic license and not based on actual events because I really do not want to know people like that exists. But I am pretty certain this part was probably poetic license, but I liked how Ghostface’s little brother coins the iconic title, “Wu-Tang Clan ain’t nuthin’ ta fork wit.”
You can watch Wu-Tang: An American Saga on Hulu.

Survivor: Island of Idols: I have been harsh on the stupid Island of Idols twist this season, and it continues to be stupid, but at least Noura spending all that time practicing being the call only for her tribe to make here sit out meaning she loses her vote at the next Tribal Council. Or did she lose her vote at HER next Tribal Council? That was pretty unclear. Because if it was the former, it is kind of no harm no foul because her team won. Maybe this is why only someone from the losing tribe should be sent to the Island of Idols.
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The Challenge: War of the Worlds 2: If the rest of the season boils down to Team Cara Maria vs. Team Georgia, consider me Team Georgia all the way.
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Almost Family: Finally the guy Julia forked that might be her brother in the first episode is back. Thought I still find it weird that instead of finding out if they were related by looking at the DNA results, they just admitted it in that video. Also weird is that Brittany Snow is not the first Pitch Perfect actress to fork her half-brother on screen as Anna Kendrick already did that in A Simple Favor.
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Stumptown:So Donal Logue was evil… but not really. Alrighty. I still wish he was around for Dex’s 1500 hours. But I am sure he will pop up again eventually.
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The Good Place: Many people predicted that Vicky switched out Michael during the handover (I never bought it) but it turned out it was Janet that got kidnapped all along. So do they not really need Janet to keep the neighborhood together this whole time? That was just Bad Janet’s excuse to explain any hints that she was not Good Janet? I guess we should have all guess this when Janet rudely told Jason that the Jaguars traded Blake Bortles right after breaking up with him.
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Titans: Man, imaginary Batman was kind of annoying. If that is what Nightwing really thinks of him, no wonder he went to the other coast.

The Blacklist: When did Aram turn into James Bond? After he shot all the bad guys with their own gun and kissed the damsel in distress, I thought that was going to turn out to be a dream sequence and then Ressler and Lizzie would wake him up as they rush in to save the day.
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Sunday, October 13, 2019

57 Channels and Only This Is On: October 13, 2019

Supergirl: Somehow it seems like Brainiac 5 got more annoying in between seasons. But anyway. I seems like the show is going to just rip off the most recent season of Young Justice with people being brainwashed with VR. And did Lena already get brainwashed? It seems weird how upset she was that Kara did not tell her about Supergirl, Kara finally tells her, pulls the story about at the last minute, but then still seems mad? Huh? And did Lena send the new owner another story or just nothing at all? If Lena always keeps her promises, and then reneges to the new owner, she is just doing what Kara did to her.
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The Walking Dead: So were are just under a decade into the apocalypse and a Russian satellite is just now falling to earth? Not bad craftsmanship. Other than that, kind of a boring premiere.

The Affair: Gee, Whitney is getting married and yet, we get to see the set-up from Noah’s point of view even though the only thing he did without her was get poison ivy and visit an empty house. Though as we see future Joanie, I have been wondering what her relationship to the Soloway’s is and here we at least see Noah try to see her. And as we have seen very different versions of the same events, we actually her two people talk about one of them, Whitney says her mother save her sister while Noah thought it was Alison. But that was the very first episode and I vaguely remember it happened let alone what Noah and Alison’s versions played it out. Then we got a definitive answer of what happened to Alison, her boyfriend did kill her. Admits it to but then claims she is crazy… should have taken him up on the whole killing him offer.

Mr. Robot: Last season during the one shot episode, I felt this building dread that Angela was not going to make it out of the building. Once she did, I thought it would be smooth sailing for her especially after turning out to be the powerful dude’s daughter… and then she gets her brains blown out first thing in the last season. But what a weird scene, for a while I thought that was still part of the “Previously On” because I vaguely remember old dude telling Angela she was his daughter in a place like that but then the scene just kept going making me realize a minute later, oh, this is new.

But is Angela really dead? Eliot is not the best narrator. We have seen him shot in the head before during the season where he had been in prison without telling us for almost half the season. Darlene did see her, sure in a coked up haze. Or maybe she is dead-dead but she pops up in Darlene’s head much like Eliot sees Mr. Robot. Then there is a way she comes back in the way White Rose promised Angela that she could see her mother ago with the machine she was building. Either way (or even the fourth way where she is dead-dead and we never see her again), I am kind of dreading the finial season the way I dreaded the final season of Game of Thrones)
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Wu-Tang: An American Saga: Thankfully they put the real music video in the end credits to save me a trip to YouTube afterward. Goodness that was bad, I cannot imagine a Denise Williams sample would have made it much better. Having that song flop may have been the best thing that could have happened to RZA. Also, kudos, to the description maker of the episode that simply read, “Industry Rule #4080…” To the kiddies unaware, that is a line from A Tribe Called Quest which finishes, “record people are shady.”
You can watch Wu-Tang: An American Saga on Hulu.

Survivor: Island of Idols: I am not sure what was dumber, the girl alliance who got rid of Vince who was a solid number for them or Vince not using his Idol even though it was only good for two weeks. Probably Vince because he just followed countless others who think playing their Idol is a sign of weakness. But everyone thinks you have an Idol because you went to the mysterious Island of Idols, you can only play it twice (and who knows if you are going back the next week), you play it just in case people are trying to flush it.

But the women were pretty dumb to. In modern Survivor, voting to keep your Tribe physically strong is dumb. One, puzzles are the great equalizer now. Two, you are three weeks in, there is a swap coming soon, maybe next week. You have to think to yourself, who would I rather be swapped with, Vince, or one of the other three dudes you are wary of?
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The Challenge: War of the Worlds 2: Good riddance Bear, please never come back.
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Almost Family: Thankfully that found a much better shade of red for Brittany Snow this week. And I laughed pretty hard when Roxy said she would look after her father. That should end badly.
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Stumptown: I did not care too much for the first couple episodes because I was unsure what the show wanted to be. But if the show ends up being Dax following around Donal Logue, I would enjoy that show. Unfortunately it does not look like it will be that.
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The Good Place: So who was the hooded figure at the end? My first thought was death. But selfishly I hope it is The Real Eleanor.
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Titans: So all that to have Superboy save Jason Todd even though everyone even vaguely familiar with the comics knows he is going to die eventually? Meh, but I did like Krpto (even though he basically killed a dude) and the drunken lady doctor. If only Cadmus Labs on Supergirl had anyone as entertaining as her.

The Blacklist: So Lizzy’s mother is moving next door. But doesn’t Red visit regularly? Seems like she should be caught soon.
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Sunday, September 29, 2019

57 Channels and Only This Is On: September 29, 2019

The Affair: Oh hey, even Sierra gets her own segment. Kind of weird to devote half an episode in the final season to someone who just popped up last season but was barely there even then. Considering the Helen-Noah exchange, I am a bit surprised that we did not get both sides of that scene. But I guess maybe we will see Noah’s side of it next week. Also a little weird that we got our first Joanie free episode, she is only getting about five minutes per episode to begin with and now she is getting nothing. I wonder when they will give her a full thirty minute segment or this is basically how they will be using her all season.

Fear the Walking Dead: I never understand why everyone on zombie shows find a place overrun by zombies so daunting. Create a bottleneck and kill them as they come out.
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Survivor: Island of Idols: I was not expecting much because there are very few things I ever want on my television less than Rob but I have to say, somehow this premiere did not even meet my already low expectations. I may even go as far as calling it the worst season premiere in the history of the show. The season stated off on a bad foot because there was no Probst, no big mad dash for supplies, not even a challenge, just dudes walking onto a beach. So nothing really excited happened for about a half an hour.

Then after the challenge we got the Island of Idols, and boy was that excruciatingly bad, in an eighties train video on how to camp bad. Seriously, those two are just going to give everyone who visits a survival lesson each week. That is just boring. And why are they pulling names out of a bag? Have the winning team pick in the old day. Games of chance are boring.

As bad as the episode was, at least we got a happy ending with the most annoying dude going home first. Although, I cannot say there is anyone worth rooting for of those that are left. I guess I kind of am rooting for Elisabeth because I remember her watching her at the Olympics. But as a prediction, I will say… um, Vince I guess.
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The Challenge: War of the Worlds 2: Usually competition shows go to an ad break leaving you thinking that the challenge is still in doubt so very weird to have TJ tell Johnny he missed something and then cut to break. So as a person who watches way too much television, it made me think that then Theo would screw up leading to a Johnny comeback. But no, after the break, Theo rolled to an easy victory after the Johnny mistake. But at least TJ told Johnny of the mistake compared to telling Laurel she won last week only to be, “oops” on review. But hey, good riddance Johnny, I really hope we never see you again.
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The Good Place: I almost got the twist right. After spending the summer thinking of whom the two remaining people the demons picked, I settled on there being a real Real Eleanor whose Vicky skin-suit was based on. And then Vicky would kidnap her and torture the humans. Instead the demon who is always taking off his shirt was masquerading as a random old lady. Then the other new human was just a generic WASP who misses the good ol’ days. Actually kind of disappointing that the four new humans are the generic WASP, some random blogger, Chidi’s ex-girlfriend, and then Chidi himself. No Donkey Doug. No Dress Bench. No Blake Bortles. No Stone Cold Steve Austin. Oh well.
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Titans: Ew gross, Wonder Girl forked a fish. But it was nice to have an episode without the actual teen Titans around. But the question now is just who hired Deathstroke to kill off the Titans? Is Lex Luther too obvious of an answer? Though a Superman sidekick is not in the Titans so why exactly would he care?