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Sunday, December 02, 2007

57 Channels and Only This Is On vol. X

Quote of the Week: 2-0, you know to be honest you try to sleep with a lot of the girls I’ve previously slept with, so I just left town for a little bit just to give you a break. (Tim Riggins - Friday Night Lights)

Song of the Week: Ring of Fire - Johnny Cash (My Name Is Earl)

Big News of the Week: The Democratic Party are Morons: Remember earlier this week when the Republicans gathered to take questions from random Americans (see: Jesus Was too Smart to Ever Run for Public Office)? Well the very next day all the Democrat nominees said they won’t be showing up to the scheduled debate in two weeks on CBS. The reason: none are willing to ask questions from scabs because the CBS News writers are on strike. Hey Jackasses (get it? because it is their symbol. Oh never mind.), are you serious? I know Hilary Clinton wants to get out of any situation where she can’t plant he own questions or plant one of her staffer to ask the other candidates a question, but this is insane. Did you not notice the debate the day before that was able to get around using scabs to ask questions? If any candidate misses a debate for a reason this stupid I will never vote for them. So if Jackasses stick by their stance (or the writer’s strike isn’t resolved by then) it looks like I will be voting Republican next year. Unless Rudy Giuliani wins the nomination then I guess I will have to go with Nader.

Then to solidify themselves as the dumbest party (which says a lot considering the other one is home to George Bush), decided yesterday to strip Michigan of all its delegates at next year’s convention. Way to piss off a whole state that would have been in play next year. Make that two because they also threw out Florida delegates, another swing state, earlier this year. And why, because both states scheduled their primaries before Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada and South Carolina. Way to go idiots; pander to the states with three or less elector college votes than those with over twenty. And it is reasons like this you couldn’t beat the incompetent Bush. We might as well just have the presidential inauguration at the Republican convention this year because the Democrats won’t whiff the White House with these type of bonehead moves.

Gratuitous Token Hot Chick Picture of the Week:

Yvonne Strahovski all sweaty

Collation Links of the Week:

BuzzSugar: This week, we mulled the Cashmere Mafia vs. Lipstick Jungle debate, got all excited over new promos for The Wire, and wondered if 30 Rock's product placement is brilliant or annoying.

Daemon's TV: This week, Sandie took a first look at some pictures of the new season five of One Tree Hill and got to interview Moonlight star, Alex O'Loughlin. And this week, Araya found 30 Rock funny again.

Glowy Box: Liz bemoaned the hideous results of the latest challenge on Project Runway, enjoyed the predictable over-the-top-ness of Desperate Housewives, and (for the zillionth time) questioned the judging panel’s sanity on America’s Next Top Model.

Mikey Likes TV: After a long, healthy respite from the Internet, Mikey mused on the much-needed shot of Battlestar Galactica and his continued frustration with Dancing with the Stars.

Tapeworthy: As a Canadian, Vance is totally fascinated by your Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade and the fact that you'll put ANYBODY on TV (see: Menudo). He has some reasons for ending the writers strike, if anything, to save all of humanity. And while there is still TV left, he's loving Mondays where there's something for all (in Chuck, How I Met Your Mother, Samantha Who? and Notes From The Underbelly).

Televisionary: This week, Jace was ecstatic over this week's awesome Bryce Larkin-themed episode of NBC's Chuck (picked up for a back nine, no less!), pondered about the sudden disappearance of Chuck's gorgeous 1950s-inspired ensembles on Pushing Daisies, and had to recover from laughter-induced pain after watching this week's stellar installment of 30 Rock.

TiFaux: Jealous yet? Kyle and Maggie took a trip to see Tina Fey and company perform a yet-to-be-aired episode of 30 Rock. Dan discussed the sexy, sexy lives of the characters on Cane, a show you probably aren't watching. He also wondered who you'd rather have as your Project Runway gay uncle: Tim Gunn or "Uncle" Nick Verreos.

TV Filter: Raoul interviewed Lorena and Jason from The Amazing Race, then talked with Lisa from ANTM. Kate was freaked out by Chuck's What About Brian? moment but loved the Flowers in the Attic episode of Gossip Girl.

TheTVAddict: It was interview madness on as we posted interviews with The Unit star Abby Brammell and The Game star Hosea Chanchez. We also managed to anger the Supernatural Army and post some great behind-the-scenes photos with Summer Glau on the set of the Terminator.

Chuck: The ending has to be up that as one of the lamest cliffhangers ever in the history of the word. Like the Token Hot Chick is really going to leave her assignment and go with Bryce. Had this been a season finale cliffhanger it may have worked better and we could guess if she would be back the next year, but to do it in the middle of the season is pretty stupid. And it didn’t help the suspense that she showed up in the preview for next week. Oh, and if I haven’t mentioned it before, they really need to kill off Morgan and promote Captain Awesome to a regular? Check out the latest episodes over at You can also download Chuck on iTunes.

How I Met Your Mother: One of the greatest Barneyisms with him hanging out at a gym. I know this first hand have worked at a gym in my youth. Although his method was all wrong because fat chicks rarely ever go to a gym and the rare ones don’t make it back a second time. But there is no higher concentration of token hot chick in any given area than the local gym. I remember having to do hourly body counts and spend fifty-five minutes hovering over the aerobics area (that was until we moved into a new building that made lurking much harder so I have to move to the nautilus area which unfortunately has a higher concentration of dudes.) Check out the latest episodes over at Innertube. You can also download How I Met Your Mother on iTunes.

Heroes: Once again this episode sucked massively so let me move onto the promo which promised that two Heroes will fall. If I had my way it would be some combination of Absorbing Guy, Hearing Thoughts Dude, and Split Personality Chick. And I think my wishes just may come true. First, someone has to die in the showdown at Prime Tech paper and as much as I want it to happen, Absorbing Guy, I doubt it will be him (not that he won’t die, he will just come back to life anyways (and if that counts as one of the deaths, I’m throwing something at my television (I’m wondering just how many parenthesis within parenthesis I go get)), same with Adam Monroe) and as dumb as the people over at Heroes are, I doubt they’d kill off Hiro, so that leaves Hearing Thoughts Dude. The only other Hero that I think is even in danger is Split Personality Chick. She already has an incurable virus and they have already assimilated her son with his cousins. Check out the latest episode over at

Journeyman: This was easily the weakest episode of the series so far. It bugs me that Dan went into the past busted into the dude’s house, bleeding, says he is the one that shot him and yet none of that changed the molester’s history. I would say that would be a life changing event some how. And if the boy was 10 in 1980 that would make him 37 today, and he definitely didn’t look that young in present day and definitely wasn’t in his mid-twenties the previous episode in the first flashback. Check out the latest episode over at You can also download Journeyman on iTunes.

Pushing Daisies: Maybe the best episode yet. Love Olive and Chuck working together and the Bitter Sweets is just as entertaining as the Pie Ho with its Willy Wonka feel to it. Then there is the surprise ending that Ned actually told Chuck that he killed her father. Should make the next couple episodes interesting especially with the now creepy Molly Shannon still lurking around. Check out the latest episodes over at

Bionic Woman: First off, they really need to give back the Friday Night Lights cameramen. The jumpy camera works for that show because it is gritty, but the Bionic Woman should be slick and shiny. Other than that and Becca’s choice of music, a thoroughly enjoyable episode. I loved how they gave Walking Herc more screen time because he is easily the most entertaining part of the show. Yeah you have to wonder how he possibly still lives at home considering Berkhead is so loaded that can make it rain Pacman Jones style with millions of dollars when Jamie rescued the CIA dude a couple episodes back. And the show even had the best lines of the week that weren’t on Friday Night Lights when the lesbian chick said she slept with the gay-basher which I laughed more at this week than anything on television this week aside from the debate. And you gotta love anyone who has to memorize the Theme to The A-Team. Check out the latest episodes over at

Survivor: After all the hype they kept them after Tribal Council for an reward challenge? I would like to say that was a let down but honestly I didn’t have high expectations that it was going to be something. But at least we got a shake up. I can’t believe James didn’t play the immunity idol. You can only use it at three more tribal and you are the biggest physical threat. You deserve to leave if you didn’t figure out those odds. Check out the latest episode over at Innertube.

Survivor on iTunes

Friday Night Lights: I think they have pretty much hit the tipping point for out there storylines between Riggins and the meth lab, Julie living out her own personal The Police song, Smash running from a angry boyfriend in his boxers and there is the ever present Landry killed a rapist. But the most absurd was Saracen dumping Kim Smith so he could nail the help. That’s not happening in real life. It is time to dial it down guys. Check out the latest episodes over at

My Night at the Grammy’s: Just another example of why America as a whole cannot be trusted to vote on anything. Seriously, in the fifty years of the Grammy’s, with all the surprised performances, once in a lifetime duets, the best performence over that span was Green Day performing a song that didn’t stray too far from the album version? Then Shania Twain and Celine Dion both make the top five?

Next Week’s Pick: MTV/MySpace Presidential Dialogue with John McCain, Monday at 7:00 on MTV: In a story I broke earlier this week, John McCain easily won the YouTube Debate even though he seemed openly opposed to that setting for a debate. So it should be interesting how he does on yet another new media outlet of MySpace. I guess as long as Hilary Clinton doesn’t sneak any of her henchmen in to ask questions it should be fine. Of course I believe the last time a Republican appeared on MTV was the disastrous train interview George H. W. Bush had with Tabitha Sorin back in 1992. The forum will be hosted by MTV News correspondents Gideon Yago and John Norris, with online questions, polling results and commentary delivered again by moderator and political reporter Chris Cillizza.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

57 Channels and Only This Is On vol. VIII

Quote of the Week: Honey, I love that you went to a swingers party and it was Nixon that turned you on. (Katie, Journeyman)

Song of the Week: That’s What Friends Are For - Dionne Warwick (as sung by Greg, Everybody Hates Chris)

Big News of the Week: The Writers Strike Continues: Yawn. As a wise man once said, “Wake me up when September ends.” Let’s move on to more interesting things.

Gratuitous Token Hot Chick Picture of the Week:

Yvonne Strahovski half naked and under cover

Links of the Week:

BuzzSugar: This week, we debated the greatest TV icons (no Sesame Street or Saget?), felt a little underwhelmed by the new Lost mobisodes, and wondered if late-night shows should have guest hosts to save jobs during the writers' strike.

Daemon's TV: Sandie welcomed everyone to the Chuck train after watching Gossip Girl. Araya realizes what it’s like to feel things after watching Friday Night Lights. And after watching Heroes Araya wished he had a power.

Give Me My Remote: It broke our hearts to recap what could have been the last episode of The Office this season (a moment of silence). At least we still have Pushing Daisies to make us happy, at least for a few more eps. And before hitting the scene this weekend, check out our Cocktail Party Primer and be in the loop on the latest TV soundbytes.

Glowy Box: When she wasn’t on strike to support the WGA, Liz shuddered over a pencil in the eye on Grey’s Anatomy and enjoyed Tyra’s attempt to overshadow the Project Runway premiere on America’s Next Top Model.

Mikey Likes TV: IFC's bizarre role-playing documentary, Darkon, premiered this week, and Mikey wishes more reality TV would explore characters who are that uniquely crazy. He also lamented the premature (and seriously depressing) season finale of The Office.

RTVW: On the strike side of things, we wondered how fans would feel about episodes penned by scabs and offered up ideas on how fans can support the writers. After watching Prison Break, Rae questioned why some of the shows she enjoys fail to leave her anxious to see the next installment.

Tapeworthy: Vance was guest blogging on another site and refreshed his current TV Top 10 List to introduce himself. After the TV bloggers strike, it was nice to see Pushing Daisies again to brighten up the day and to prove why the writers deserve better compensation in the first place. Finally, there were a lot of That Guy this week, on Bones, on House, from Gossip Girl to Heroes (which, has completely lost/confused Vance at this point) and the CBS comedies (the good ones with long names HIMYM and TBBT).

Televisionary: This week, Jace was pre-occupied with the WGA strike but his spirit was buoyed by the fantastic news that FX's Damages was picked up for two more seasons, the return of Bravo's sartorial showdown Project Runway, and a kick-ass episode of Chuck that featured Rachel Bilson.

TiFaux: This week, TiFaux had more than a little Project Runway on the brain. After giving a preview of all the contestants, Dan gave a rundown on the first episode including thoughts on the contestants’ fascination with the celebrity of being on Project Runway. In other news, we plotted various male characters (from Lost, Grey’s Anatomy, Dirty Sexy Money, etc) on a chart based on their annoyingness and machismo.

TV Filter: Kate tried to figure out who Gossip Girl is and Raoul interviewed Ambreal from America's Next Top Model.

The TV Addict: Fell in love with Wednesday's Pushing Daisies, took bets on when the WGA Strike would end and posted some incredibly sexy pics of new Terminator on the scene Summer Glau.

Chuck: It bugs me to no end that they would ship off the extremely more entertaining Henry Tang to Hawaii yet let Morgan stick around. There is something to say that the minor characters are more entertaining than some of the main ones (Token Hot Chick and Jayne not included). Case in point, the best part of the episode (aside from the picture above of course) was when we learned that the Curly-looking Nerd Herder’s mom was in prison. And what was with the inclusion of the Brittany Spears song? Seriously, if you really, really wanted to use Toxic (get it? Because the episode was about toxins) why not use the semi-ironic version by Local H instead? And the preview hyped the biggest secret yet next week. Is there anyplace where I can buy Bryce Is Still Alive stock? This of course would solve my biggest complaint of the Pilot that Jayne would kill an un-armed CIA agent. Check out the latest episodes over at You can also download Chuck on iTunes.

How I Met Your Mother: This episode would have worked much better the first season when we didn’t know the characters very well. Aside from Barney and his catchphrases, the other character haven’t really done what they were accused of doing, but had they done it ealier when we didn’t know them very well, it would have been much less annoying that they would pull all these traits out of nowhere. Check out the latest episodes over at Innertube. You can also download How I Met Your Mother on iTunes.

Everybody Hates Chris: This week’s random black dude guest star who hasn’t been seen in at least a decade: Tommy Davidson. But I loved that Greg put on a Superman costume first to go to sleep as Clark Kent. Classic.

Everybody Hates Chris on iTunes

The Big Bang Theory: I loved how Sheldon made a huge speech about the princess stuff, goes on a date with her, and she ends up being an afterthought by the end of the episode. Then the Token Hot Chick making his virgin drink, “a little slutty” was just classic. Check out the latest episodes over at Innertube. You can also download or The Big Bang Theory on iTunes.

Heroes: After they flashed back I get a feeling that the writers didn’t know what was actually going on back then when they wrote the season premiere. Seriously, how does DL get shot with a gun aimed at his chest? If you are going to kill him off at least shoot him in the back so he can’t see the bullet coming. And are supposed to believe that with how methodical The Company is that they wouldn’t make sure their guests wouldn’t be able to talk to each other? And how was Nathan able to grow that bushy beard in two weeks? And of all the flashbacks, how is it we don’t get to see how Sylar goes from being stabbed to the middle of the jungle with the shape shifting chick? But when it comes down to it, seeing Kristen Bell make out with the dude with no acting ability was the most disturbing thing on television this year that hasn’t involved Chris Hansen confronting naked dudes in a kitchen. Check out the latest episode over at

Journeyman: Well that was a waste of Bo Duke. Of well. But I guess if you ask, you actually receive. Last week I said it was time for a big reveal, and Olivia is from the 1940’s and is traveling to the future is a big one, and definitely something I never saw coming. But this begs the question is current day Olivia still alive? I guess she would be in her eighties or nineties so it is plausible she still is. Now we just need to learn how the Dr. dude figured into this all. Check out the latest episode over at You can also download Journeyman on iTunes.

Pushing Daisies: Maybe my favorite episode of the season so far. I would still like to see them do without the Ned’s childhood prologue ever week though. And seeing Jenny Wade as one of the wives made me wonder whatever happened to Project Greenlight, the second best reality show ever? With the strike looking like it will never end, how about getting thins back in production. Since the scripts would be coming from amateurs, you don’t have to worry about the WGA. Plus you get great television and possibly a watchable movie out of it. Check out the latest episodes over at

Bionic Woman: Well I guess two decent episodes in a row is all we are going to get out of Bionic Woman. What really bugged me this week is how they switched the cinematography between your token slick sci-fi camera work with shaky, Friday Night Lights, zoom for close up expressions. Have they always done this and I have never notice before or was this the first time? Check out the latest episodes over at

My Name Is Earl: Gotta love the movie trailer into. But this episode belonged to Joy trying to induce labor and Crabman who delivered the baby even after he got the induced labor drug. And surprise, even Michael Rappaport wasn’t as annoying as usual with him being mesmerized with Joy’s birth. Still, I hope he is in the Hole for the rest of Earl’s prison stay because I really could do without seeing him ever again. Check out the latest episodes over at You can also download My Name Is Earl on iTunes.

Survivor: It was really annoying that last week during the promo they teased that something was going to happen after Tribal Council only for this episode to end with that tease. Some promo monkey needs to be fired for that. Especially since it will be two weeks until we finally see what is going to happen because next week’s Thanksgiving episode is a clip show. Check out the latest episode over at Innertube.

Survivor on iTunes

Smallville: With all that is wrong with Heroes this season, I forgot to mention how it broke one of the three worst television clichés: amnesia. I bring this up because, for no real reason, Kara just happens to be transported to Michigan without any memory. Yawn.

Friday Night Lights: This show is the best at casting characters, from the lead roles to the extra to the guest stars, but what is with the English teacher and his hair? Don’t dudes like that get beaten down in Texas. What is worse is that Tammi, as a mother and a guidance councilor, didn’t call the dude out for being alone behind closed doors, breaking the number one cardinal rule for teachers, with her daughter. Hopefully the dude gets a newspaper job in Wisconsin next episode and is never seen again. At the very least can we get Chris Hansen down to Texas?

Thankfully the rest of the episode was vintage Friday Night Lights. From Tyra and Lyla teaming up to Coach being passive aggressive with Buddy again to Smash’s mom finally getting some quality screen time. And at least the lame teacher did led to a great scene when Coach complained his “No comment” was because he was behind the bathroom door. Check out the latest episodes over at

Rush’d: I’m a little backlogged on the online show for ABC Family’s Greek that is chronicling five fans as they compete for a walk on role on the show. But I thought I’d mention that voting starts tomorrow and goes until Friday. You can vote three times a day for your favorite. As I mentioned before, I’ll be rooting for fellow Ohioan Laura Wise, also known as White Cup. Below is a picture of her from the set with Frannie, who just happens to be my favorite character on Greek. And of course head over to Virtual Rush to vote for White Cup (or one of the other contestants if you choose so) and/or check out the latest episodes of Rush’d.

Laura Wise aka White Cup with Tiffany Dupont aka Frannie

Next Week’s Pick: Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, Thursday at 9:00 AM on NBC: Now in it’s 81’s year, it is a Thanksgiving tradition for me to watch the festivities while getting things ready for the meal part of the day. Okay, this year’s guest list is less than stellar: Ashley Tisdale, Bindi and Terri Irwin, Corbin Bleu, Dolly Parton, Good Charlotte, Grandma from the Big Apple Circus, Jonas Brothers, Jordin Sparks, Kay Hanley, Lifehouse, Menudo, Michael Feinstein, Miss U.S.A. 2007 - Rachel Smith, Ne-Yo, Nikki Blonsky, Sarah Brightman, and Wynonna Judd. Seriously, Menudo? And should I even know who Tisdale, the Irwin’s, Blue, Grandma, the Jonas’ Sparks, Hanley, Blonsky, or Brighman are? But as long as there is a five story Garfield I’ll be happy.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

57 Channels and Only This Is On vol. VII

Quote of the Week: Are you asking me on a date Williams? (Tim Riggins, Friday Night Lights)

Song of the Week: Lucky Man - The Verve (Journeyman)

Big News of the Week: NBC’s Green Week: Boy, was that annoying especially the solid green logo instead of the regular transparent one. And it looked like the shows themselves didn’t care for being forced to have an environmental show either with Chuck openly mocking it twice this week. The best though, and by best I mean worse, was when Sylar said something like, my character tries to destroy the world but I want to save it. This is what happens when the writers go on strike, folks. But on the bright side, NBC wants you to dave some green too so you can currently buy all the episodes from Green Week at $0.99 on Amazon Unbox.

Gratuitous Token Hot Chick Picture of the Week:

Yvonne Strahovski in black

Links of the Week:

BuzzSugar: We wondered about the worst television shows ever, wondered if the writers' strike would make us watch more Web-only programming, and got creeped out in a good way by Dexter's Dark Defender webisodes.

Daemon's TV: Sandie offers a first look at pictures from Battlestar Galactica "Razor". Eric talks about "twisted couples" on CBS' Numb3rs and wonders if Tony and Ziva are about to hook-up on NCIS.

Glowy Box: Liz explained why she supports the WGA, and discovered that The Daily Show is still filming despite the strike. She also debated the difference between being a model video ho and a hoochie video ho on this week’s America’s Next Top Model.

Mikey Likes TV: Trying to ignore the traumatic effects of the writers' strike, Mikey reviewed the two most recent issues of the Buffy comic series and welcomed a speedy end to NBC's green week.

RTVW: We imagined the perfect Dollhouse by playing casting directors for Joss Whedon. Just Jody finally fell for Avatar: The Last Airbender and P-C did a hard-hitting head-to-head comparison of Chuck and Reaper.

Tapeworthy: Vance wants to give a big Marc-styled "bravo" to the fantastic writers at Ugly Betty for turning Victoria Beckham intentionally funny, giving Christina a plotline and giving Vanessa Williams a career again. He however dislikes another Vanessa for intruding on his pretty friends Dan and Serena on Gossip Girl. And as supportive to the WGA as Vance wants to be, he was still super excited about the new season of The Amazing Race!

Televisionary: Jace kept the masses up-to-date on the WGA strike happenings, took an exclusive first look at the script for NBC's Knight Rider pilot, thought this week's backstory-laden installment of Chuck was a significant improvement.

TiFaux - Last week, Dan took his fetish for all things Canadian to a new level by talking about the brand new, maple-smelling Project Runway Canada. Kyle reached an oasis in the desert of Battlestar Galactica by seeing (and reviewing) Battlestar Galactica: Razor. Meanwhile, Maggie mulled all things Heroes-related, including the fact that Kensei/Adam Monroe is immortal, evil and totally awesome.

The TV Addict: Not surprisingly, this week, The TV Addict is all strike talk 24/7. First, we suggest more creative sign ideas for the striking writers. Then take a break from strike news to post exclusive interviews with Bones star T.J. Thyne and House stars Omar Epps and Jennifer Morrison.

TV Filter: Raoul interviewed Sarah from America’s Next Top Model. Kate did a play-by-play of Kenneth Parcell’s last party ever.

TV With MeeVee: We're pretty heavy on WGA strike talk, including this fabulous post with Mr. Ed! We love the new Playboy show that's like "The Office" for porn! And then there was the immortal Ro-Ro A No-Go For MSNBC-O.

Chuck: After this episode I have come to the realization that I don’t care about the Bryce backstory. Every time they went back I fell asleep. And I know it seems like every week I complain about the music selection on the show, but they did a really great job selecting songs this week. I know whenever I think back to 2003 I instantly think of Don’t Look Back in Anger. Okay, enough sarcasm. What’s worse even, when they replayed it in 1999, it was still a good four years off. Just off the top of my head how about Hurt (Johhny Cash), The Other Side (David Gray) or if you really wanted an Oasis song, why not the more era accurate Stop Crying Your Heart Out? Check out the latest episodes over at You can also download Chuck on iTunes.

How I Met Your Mother: Here’s to hoping that the show doesn’t ever bring back the “That’s what he should have said” thing. Check out the latest episodes over at Innertube. You can also download How I Met Your Mother on iTunes.

Heroes: Well it took them about five too many episodes but Hiro is back in the present and we learn the least surprising plot twist that the white samurai was the dude under the hoodie. At least that is what I think they were telling us. That is the big problem with this season, they set up the big whodidit and there was no big reveal, I’m not entirely sure if it was him, Matt’s dad or if we haven’t really learned who it was. But anyways. Now that the least surprising plot twist has been revealed, who long until they have the next two least surprising plot twists in that Bob is Elle’s father and it is Elle kissing some dude over Noah’s dead body. Check out the latest episode over at

Journeyman: Dan is a recycler, how Green Week of him. I think of all the forced storylines, this was the most forced. It was interesting to follow Olivia to present day, but I am still wondering were she goes when she in’t with Dan. Is she holed in hiding somewhere in present day? Is she in a future holding tank like the bodies from Quantum Leap when Sam has taken over their bodies. The show is seriously due for a huge reveal soon. Check out the latest episode over at You can also download Journeyman on iTunes.

Bionic Woman: Wow, two straight strong episodes in a row. I’m not ready to say the show has turned around yet because there are still plenty of things I could fix when I am hired as a scab. First off, get rid of the CIA dude. I was kind of hoping Jamie wouldn’t go back for him. But it was nice to see Jamie’s sister actually was included in more than a half a scene this week. It is frustrating that they made a lot out of her being not allowed to use a computer yet hasn’t been brought up since. At first I thought she would eventually hack into her sister but now I just wonder if they just dropped that all together. Check out the latest episode over at

My Name Is Earl: Great poster of the week: “Friends Don’t Let Friends Shiv.” And of all the NBC shows that shamelessly promote Greenness, this show definitely did it the best when Coach forced the Scared Straight to add environmental friendly themes into their act. My favorite was when the big dude said he was sorry for littering when he dumped a body on the side of the road. Plus it was yet another shot at NBC for forcing them to add Green themes themselves. Check out the latest episodes over at You can also download My Name Is Earl on iTunes.

Survivor: Two straight highly entertaining tribal councils. Seriously, these have got to be the dumbest contestants ever. I used to think Todd was the only competent player, but he just went off the rails this week. It now is Amanda’s game to lose. The only way the tribal council could have been better if Erik had made Jean-Robert believe what he found was indeed the immunity idol and he played it leading Jeff Probst again to throw it in the fire. Check out the latest episode over at Innertube.

Survivor on iTunes

Smallville: I have to say I much preferred bad-Lana better when she was possessed by a fourteenth century witch. Vengeful, bad-Lana is just not doing it for me. Well not as much.

Friday Night Lights: First off, I would like to thank the show for plucking Kim Smith out of obscurity (fun fact: Kim graduated from Permian High School, the school that Friday Night Lights the book and movie are based on). I don’t expect Saracen will be going back to Julie anytime soon. Speaking of hook-ups, is there anyplace we can bet on when Riggins nails Julie’s aunt? It really bugged me that they instinctively though of the ex-con as a TE. If he has all that athletic ability but can’t catch a football, why not make him a DB? He would be able to blanket any receiver and wouldn’t be required to catch any balls, just knock them down. Can’t the defense get any love on this show?

But this episode had some head scratching moments, like what is Jason going to do now? Quad Rugby looks to be done and he is not going back to the team. But the worst was Landry’s dad burning the car. If the car shows up on the list of potential cars and it happened to go missing, doesn’t it just make him more of a suspect? I wonder if Daddy is eventually going to take the rap for the crime. Oh, and it was nice to see Smash’s mom do something more than just reaction shots. Check out the latest episodes over at

Promo of the Week: Here is an exclusive clip of episode three of Nip/Tuck:

Next Week’s Pick: Pushing Daisies, Wednesday at 8:00 on ABC: Don’t ask me why last week ABC replaced the smartest show on television with an award show whose audience’s IQ added together still isn’t as high as the combined IQ of the guys from The Big Bang Theory, but Pushing Daises is back on this week. And if I am not mistaken, this episode starts an arc featuring SNL vet Molly Shannon (although if she doesn’t actually show up, it may be the week after she starts).

Sunday, October 28, 2007

57 Channels and Only This Is On vol. V

Quote of the Week: What is the rate of exchange on the life of a bird because if equal to or greater than mine I gotta get back to my car. (Emerson, Pushing Daisies)

Song of the Week: Living in America - James Brown (Everybody Hates Chris)

Big News of the Week: Subscribe to My Comments: I could complain on how bad the Blogger comment system is but you get what you pay for so it is hard to complain about something that is free. But this week Blogger introduced a cool new function where you can subscribe to the comments where any further comments will be e-mailed to you (keep in mind it is e-mailed to whatever address your Google account is for). I was never sure what the protocol was for replying to comments, usually I reply in the comment section and by e-mail if I have it, but from now on I will assume that if you have left a comment you have subscribed to that comment if you wanted a response. Then you can always come back and respond to my response or other people’s comments and so on and so on. So feel free to try that out sometime soon, even on this post if you see fit.

Gratuitous Token Hot Chick Picture of the Week:

Yvonne Strahovski in blue

Chuck: Another episode ruined by too much Morgan. They really need to leave the comedy to Captain Awesome and Jayne because Morgan just ends up being more annoying than funny. Even all the other Buy More employees are more entertaining than him. Check out the latest episodes over at You can also download Chuck on iTunes.

How I Met Your Mother: Every once in a while something takes you out of a show early to the point that you can’t enjoy the rest of it, and the show totally ripping of the classic Just a Friend really irked me that I could never get into the show this week. C’mon, if you are going to call a girl Blah Blah, you at the very least mention she had 9/10 pants and a very big bra. Check out the latest episodes over at Innertube. You can also download How I Met Your Mother on iTunes.

The Big Bang Theory: Loved the bit of the whole week was Sheldon after finding the scarf on the doorknob from getting the Token hot Chick to figure out what the symbolism was, including how he was like twelve when he was in college, all the way to him squirming on the couch until morning. Check out the latest episodes over at Innertube. You can also download or The Big Bang Theory on iTunes.

Heroes: Leave it up to Heroes to set the bar so low they could step over it only to still find a way to limbo over it. Sure I want Veronica Mars to still be on the air, but there really was no reason to write Elle to be Ronnie but evil complete with an inner dialogue. Of course without a narration Elle had to do hers out loud. But the biggest crime was how little screen time Bell got. About ninety percent of it was already show in the promo from last week. And I could care less who Elle’s dad is unless of course it turns out to be Enrico Colantoni. But then again I’m not sure I could stand to hear another Mars alum recite horrible dialogue. With that aside, don’t forget to check out Oddsmaker: Who Is Under the Hoodie to bet on who is killing The Company members. I guess I can scratch off my far fetched Jessica and Kristen Bell ideas.
Check out the latest episode over at

Journeyman: By far this was the strongest story of the week with the Vietnam vet hijacking a plane to help get a family that nursed him back to health out of Cambodia. Although back in the present, I didn’t care for the continuation of the gun in the gala last week. And unfortunately it looks like that may continue again with the guy still being in the hospital. If I were a betting man I would put money on the dude in the hospital being part of Dan’s journey sometime soon. Check out the latest episode over at You can also download Journeyman on iTunes.

Pushing Daisies: I was a little disappointed at first when Olive passed up the chance to out Chuck this week but after thinking about it, it was the better decision not to yet because Olive hanging out with the aunts is becoming yet another great part of the show proving all the people that thought Olive was the weak part of the show wrong. But the best part of the show is it is the only procedural where I cannot guess the outcome with good percentage because all the cases are so out there and I can just sit back and enjoy the show without over thinking every clue because I know there is no way I am gong to guess correctly. Check out the latest episodes over at

Bionic Woman: I didn’t give up the show completely but was more reading with the TV on, that is until Jamie started to speak with a British accent, which instantly turned her into uber-hot. I like how the tech dude that reminds me of a nerdier version of Herc from Friday Night Lights, who is the best part of the show, ok the only good part of the show, called her out for using the accent when she didn’t need to. I’m guessing this was an attempt of the show to be tongue in cheek (and failing) considering the actress is actually British. This begs the question with all the fake Americans on television these days where are the real British characters? I don’t think there has been one since a pre-fame Sienna Miller on Keen Eddie. Way to go with that one Fox. Check out the latest episodes over at

My Name Is Earl: There was nothing funnier on television this week than the “Enjoy Yourself: You Earned It” poster with the picture of Coach on it on the door of the conjugal visit room. The least funny on television this week was anything else involving Michael Rappaport. Can he just get shived already? Check out the latest episodes over at You can also download My Name Is Earl on iTunes.

Survivor: Wow, this has to be the most inept group of Survivors ever. Between the inability of Denise to beat James and Frosti finding out about the immunity idol I thought Todd’s head was going to explode because he seems like the only one there with a half a brain cell. And it was a little shady after saying last week he would never throw a challenge that he was quick to do so this week. Check out the latest episode over at Innertube.

Survivor on iTunes

Smallville: There is something to say about The Big Bang Theory when all I could think about when Lana was thrown off the building was Sheldon’s diatribe a couple weeks ago about the scientific inaccuracy of Superman catching Lois Lane.

Friday Night Lights: I really couldn’t get into the episode this week because my sister paid me Friday and brought her Devil Dogg (no seriously, it was born on 6/6/06) and since she just finished season one and hasn’t started season two yet I had to spend too much time explaining what has happened over the past couple episodes so I really need to rewatch this episode to fully enjoy it. One thing that I did catch and really appreciated was when the Tennessee coach came over to the Taylor’s to confront Coach Taylor foe being butch league. Ever since it was hinted that Taylor was coming back to Dillon I knew it would end up being shady to how he got back to being coach of the Panthers and I am glad that the writers had the piece of mind to point that out. Although the old coach saying they may meet again gives me a weird feeling they may meet in the playoffs ala Voodoo last year and that may be a little cheesy. But as much problems I had with this episode, next week’s promo looks real good (see below). Check out the latest episodes over at

Promo of the Week:

Next Week’s Pick: Nip/Tuck, Tuesday at 10:00 on FX: I am going to go into more detail on this show tomorrow when I preview the first two episodes of the new season.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

57 Channels and Only This Is On vol. IV

Quote of the Week: I was with her a year ago. You figure for her that was like two hundred showers ago. You ask yourself: Is two hundred enough? (Barney, How I Met Your Mother)

Song of the Week: Where I Stood - Missy Higgins (Smallville)

Big News of the Week: Kristen Bell Week: After four episodes of being bored out my mind enough to switch over to I Love New York to see if Midget Mac was still around, this week we finally get our first look at Kristen Bell on Heroes. Unfortunately it looks like from the promo that Kristen will be acting opposite of the worst actor of our time, the Absorbing Guy. But she was able to come away from Pulse unscaved so hopefully he doesn’t rub off on her. And if that weren’t enough of Ms. Bell, Tuesday also sees the release of the third season of Veronica Mars on DVD (see right) which features the FBI pitch that was unfortunately not picked up by The CW and looking at the ratings of the shows it picked up instead, that decision is looking even worse than before.

On a non-Kristen Bell note, I have made it known my dislike for those TV writers who write under the guise of the “gossip” label because they hide behind “sources” that tend to be wrong when citing these “sources.” But I was trolling a Friday Night Lights site recently to see a gossiper that will go nameless who recently wrote, “According to an informant, the Peacock recently sent out a reader survey and one of the questions was, ‘Would you be more likely to watch Friday Night Lights if it followed Heroes on Monday?’” Informant? I totally reported this two weeks ago (See 57 Channels vol. II). So not only these people have shady “sources” they have no problem stealing news without credit. You should leave that to the bloggers. On a brighter not, I have a new segment that is inspired by showing pictures to give the ladies out there for a Halloween costume which is pretty self explanatory.

Gratuitous Token Hot Chick Picture of the Week:

Yvonne Strahovski in a bath robe

Chuck: Can anyone explain to me why a DEA agent would have a eastern European accent? Seriously, couldn’t just saved this actress for the inevitable KGB episode? I know nothing can be perfect, but there seems to be something that really bugs me every week with this show. But my biggest problem this week was way too much Morgan. They really need to kill him off and promote Captain Awesome to series regular. Check out the latest episodes over at You can also download Chuck on iTunes.

Everybody Hates Chris: Holy Dwayne Wayne sighting! I wonder if Eurkle is sitting at home watching the parade of forgotten black actors and wondering when he is going to get a call.

Everybody Hates Chris on iTunes

The Big Bang Theory: After the sub par outing last week with little Sheldon, the show gets back on track with a Sheldon-centric episode. I’m not sold on the Token Hot Chick as a character but the more along time with Sheldon, like how they went shopping this week, and that could turn her around. The only problem I had is that they tried a little too hard to make his mom into your token hillbilly with a kid nothing like her. That is not to say I wouldn’t mind seeing more of Laurie Metcalf on the shoe. Check out the latest episodes over at Innertube. You can also download or The Big Bang Theory on iTunes.

Heroes: So last season they hyped this big bad even badder than Syler and it turned out to be Hearing Guy’s Dad? Seriously? We are supposed to believe and old balding fat dude is this completely evil. Yeah if this were a political show I could believe that, but as a superhero show I want something a little creepier than someone who looks like my high school science teacher. Speaking of Syler, we leave him last week in the middle of the jungle only to end up road side at the beginning of the next episode. Why even bother putting him in the middle of nowhere in the first place.

We get a new hero this week with Does Things from TV Girl. I would have liked her more if they didn’t sell her early with the tomato scene and had her first heroic scene being the wresting move. But anyways. This is usually where whine about how boring the episode was and I ask when Kristen Bell is showing up, but we all know when now. Check out the latest episode over at

Journeyman: Did Dan really start off the episode with an, "Oh boy"? And that may be my biggest problem with the show is that it takes itself too seriously except for a line or two per episode. They really need to work in an absurd storyline soon where Dan follows a carnie or maybe an animal. Just a whole episode of comic relief. But we did get a big twist this week where the science guy was able to call Dan in the past. I think it is easy to assume that the science guy’s association with Dan’s dad will have a major impact on the show. Although I’m not sure how Olivia would fit into all of this. Check out the latest episode over at You can also download Journeyman on iTunes.

Pushing Daisies: I am not really fond of the show going back and revisiting the first case like this. IT may have been better if they did back to back episode or a two hour premiere, but it seems like a step back. And devoting the first segment of every show to retell Ned’s power has gotten old real quick. They really don’t need to dumb down the show that much, the “previously on” has done a decent enough job explaining to newcomers. But is a little hard to be too disappointing when the show also featured a hillbilly Chinese dude fighting Ned, the wannabe Jedi. Check out the latest episodes over at

Bionic Woman: Yeah, I think I am done with the show. And this past episode added confusion to the unlikable characters and boring writing. Like what happened to the doctor and why was the one dude so eager to kill him? How could they not have restraints strong enough for the Bionic Woman? They know how strong she is. I may catch it every once and a while to see if it ever reaches its potential, but it is officially off my must see TV list. Check out the latest episodes over at

My Name Is Earl: To all the kids out there, this past episode is the very reason you should stay off drugs. That’s pretty much all I have to say about this episode. Check out the latest episodes over at You can also download My Name Is Earl on iTunes.

Survivor: Can someone explain to me how the contestants got their bathing suits? Did I miss something? They made a big deal about living with no possessions the first week only to give them running shoes that episode and now they all have bathing suits. Cheap. And that wasn’t even the worst part about the episode with the two girls throwing the challenge. Now I am not one to argue their strategic element of doing so, but you can’t do it so blatantly then giggle about it. Now there is no way either of those two win. Check out the latest episode over at Innertube.

Survivor on iTunes

Friday Night Lights: This is the tale of two episodes. The scenes with Riggins and Lyla, Landry and Tyra, Matt trying to get the nurse to do his laundry, and Coach Taylor’s passive aggressive chat with Buddy on the phone were classic Friday Night Lights. But there were some eye rolling moments with Julie in the car, Matt tackling Smash after the game, and of course bringing up the murder again. Although from the promo, it looks like next week will be the make or break storyline for the murder so I will hold off final judgment of that until at least then. Check out the latest episodes over at

I would also like to mention that the kind people over at FX were nice enough to hook me up with the first two episodes of Nip/Tuck and I’ve watch the first one so far and there is a show inside the show staring Bradley Cooper and Paula Marshall, Hearts and Scalpels, that is extremely hilarious, although the explicate surgery scene reminded me why I didn’t start watching the show in the first place (not too mention the gratuitous male nudity I could have done without). I’ll have a more in-depth post on the show closer to the season premiere October 30.

Promo of the Week: Interesting that NBC would prominently feature Kristen Bell in the Heroes promo this week. Apparently they know something that The CW could never figure out. Well I guess that is an obvious statement for many other reasons that just the use of Bell.

Next Week’s Pick: Saving a Species, Friday at 9:00 on the Animal Planet: Why watch this Gorillas on the Brink documentary? Two words: Natalie Portman. Oh, and the whole bring a light to the endangered species of mountain gorillas is a worthy cause. The episode follows Portman along with Jack Hanna as they visit Rwanda’s Volcanoes National Park.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

57 Channels and Only This Is On vol. III

Quote of the Week: Don’t tell me to become a man alright because if that is your definition of a man that’s extremely sad. (Landry, Friday Night Lights)

Song of the Week: Hopefully Devoted to You - Olivia Newton John (as sung by Olive, Pushing Daisies)

Big News of the Week: Kyle Chandler and Connie Britton on The 9: A couple months ago I highlighted my favorite video blog The 9 (see Now Get Back to Work) and who popped yesterday but none other that Coach and Mrs. Taylor. Chandler dropped what could possibly be a huge spoiler (especially if you put together what he said with next week’s promo) for the season so be warned. Also why you are there, take note at the bottom right of the page where you can submit your favorite things you find on the internet *cough* the 9th Green *cough*.

And since I have gotten a couple questions about it, the song that plays during the promos this season is Believe by The Bravery. It was also brought to my attention that you can buy a Crucifictorious in the NBC Store. So if you were ever wanting to know what to give a random dude whose stuff you read on the internet for Christmas, there you go (assuming a new iPod is too much to ask for). Unfortunately, even though you can buy a Tim Riggins one, Landry’s 85 jersey isn’t available for purchase.

Chuck: We get our first listen to the show’s theme song and it Short Skirt/Long Jacket. Seriously? That is the best they could come up with. Yeah I like the song and the accompanying videos were brilliant, but as a theme song to a spy show?

But anyways. At least the Token Hot Chick is still working at Weiner King and Jayne’s lurking thought the episode was frakking hilarious, though not as hilarious as Captain Awesome teaching Chuck the tango and for no apparent reason doing so in just his boxers. The spy part of the episode was a little shaky though, it was stressed that there were no known pictures of the arms dealer yet no one questioned how Chuck was able to ID him in the bathroom? That just bugged me. And I was extremely disappointed that Chuck was back to the industry standard ringtone. Check out the latest episodes over at You can also download Chuck on iTunes.

How I Met Your Mother: Way too many gapping holes in the episode. Seriously, it never donned on Robin that instead of shaving her legs in the restaurant bathroom with butter that she should hade just went home with him and used his shaving cream? Then, even though she had been in his bedroom once before and watched him go into his bedroom, Winnie Cooper and her sorority sister went into the other bedroom to full around? Then to top things off we don’t even find out if Ted sealed the deal. Pretty lame. Check out the latest episodes over at Innertube. You can also download How I Met Your Mother on iTunes.

Everybody Hates Chris: I’m not sure if anyone else caught it, but the funniest part of the episode was when Julius was filling up the sugar bowl with restaurant sugar packets. I don’t know why but I was falling on the floor when I saw that.

Everybody Hates Chris on iTunes

The Big Bang Theory: It was clear watching this episode that this show is going to depend exclusively Sheldon for entertainment. The scenes with Leonard hitting on the Token Hot Chick and his co-worker were excruciatingly boring. And isn’t a little too soon for the Token Hot Chick to figure out Leonard has the hots for her? Shouldn’t they save that awkwardness for at least the second season? Check out the latest episodes over at Innertube. You can also download or The Big Bang Theory on iTunes.

Heroes: Sylar’s back. Yawn. This may be the worst decision the show has ever made which says a lot. And what is with the Company having him guarded by only by the shape shifting chick (who definitely upgraded bodies)? Elsewhere, the Wonder Twins with the X-Files eyes: still lame. Invincible chick and Flaying Boy II: extremely cheesy CGI. My Two Dads: still boring. When is Kristen Bell going to show up again? Check out the latest episode over at

Journeyman: It is not a good sign that they are already going to the sensationalized history event already. If I am not mistaken, Quantum Leap waited a couple seasons before they pulled that. And it was a little weird that Dan was so surprised to go back to the same day saying he has never done that before. Um, this is only the third journey nothing should be too surprising yet (well aside from everything about it). And I guess we have to wait to see the blow up between Dan and his wife about him not telling her about Olivia at a later date. Check out the latest episode over at You can also download Journeyman on iTunes.

Pushing Daisies: Holy Professor Landry Sighting! Yeah, so that tipped me off a little early to who was behind the whole. The second episode was an improvement over the first (which says a lot if you read my review of it), but I can do without the narrator’s obsessive compulsiveness when it comes to telling us the exact time of things. I could have also done without the retelling of the main theme of the show, the “previously on” did a good enough job at that, hopefully they don’t try pounding that into us every episode. As a straight dude, it is in my DNA to have musicals, but if there is one that I hate the least it is definitely Grease. And the way it was done, I could completely believe that Olive would break out into song at that moment so I can really give the show a pass on that.

The show did clear up one of the biggest questions I had with the first episode when I wondered why Ned couldn’t just pet his dog with a glove on and since he was able to kiss Chuck in the body bag (anyone else had visions of Naked Gun during that scene?) he could conceivable pet the dog with gloves. Although my other biggest question, can someone that Ned revive die naturally or does Ned have to touch them for them ever die again, wasn’t. Because seriously, that dog has to be pushing triple digits in dog years by now. That aside, my favorite part of the episode had to be all of Emerson’s knitting. C’mon, dual wool gun holsters: brilliant. Check out the latest episodes over at

Bionic Woman: Anyone else find it funny that right after the "Is she a lesbian" question they went straight to Isiah Washington? But anyways. After two episode, we finally get to see an actually human side of Jamie. Granted it only lasted five second while dancing with her sister. And the writers are really trying their best to ruin the original Bionic Woman. They introduce her as what looked to be the big bad of the series. The next episode she was more ambiguous. Then in the third episode she had humongous swings from trying to be sympathetic to sarcastic and back to complete evil. So I not sure if I, as a viewer, am supposed to hate her, feel bad for her, or laugh at her. I originally gave the show a month of episodes to win me over and next week is the make or break episode. I get a feeling it is going to be break. Check out the latest episodes over at

My Name Is Earl: For the love of good acting, what is Michael Rapaport doing on this show? Even without Rapaport, this would have been a sub par episode. Aside from Our Cops Is On, the show suffers a little when they do flashbacks and what really hurt this time is that we already knew some of the things that were going to happen. With that said, Darnell’s witness protection program bit were still funny. Check out the latest episodes over at You can also download My Name Is Earl on iTunes.

Survivor: To show you just how addicted to fantasy sports I am, I even play fantasy Survivor. I bring this up because I picked up Dave this week because I figured if he got naked last challenge he would be the new Richard Hatch only for min not only stay fully clothed the whole episode but he got voted off this week. This isn’t as frustrating as earlier this season when I picked up Ashley for basically the same reason to promptly get voted off because she was blurred almost the whole episode yet not naked point. To me if a person is unclothed enough to be blurred that should count as being naked. Check out the latest episode over at Innertube.

Survivor on iTunes

Smallville: Well it looked like last week wasn’t just jitters for Supergirl, that is pretty much her whole acting range. She may just challenge the absorbing dude on Heroes for worst actor on television award. But hey, at least she looks good in a bikini.

Friday Night Lights: I’m still not entirely sure how I feel about this episode. I have made it known that I am not a fan of the idea of Coach Taylor living in Austin and the Landry killing a dude plotlines, but I can’t say I am really that disappointed so far. But those two plot point would pale in comparison is Mrs. Taylor ends up cheating with the science teacher. I am really hoping that is not where that is going. And seriously how sad would it be to lose your eligibility over a Justin Timberlake concert? Check out the latest episodes over at

Promo of the Week: My contest to win a copy of Nip/Tuck on DVD may be over (check your e-mail if you entered because I notified the winner this morning) but I still have a couple more promos to share hyping the start of season 5 on October 30th. Here is one of them:

Next Week’s Pick: The Big Bang Theory, Monday at 8:30 on CBS: In the series first three episodes two featured former Rosanne costars, last week it was Sarah Gilbert as one of Leonard’s coworker and this week Laurie Metcalf stops by as Sheldon’s mom (which hopefully mean more Sheldon this week). Any one want to place bets to witch Becky will show up first on the show?