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Friday, November 20, 2009

Around the Tubes vol. XXX

I have gotten a plethora of cool press releases have been flooding my inbox recently that you may find interesting. This post will include blurbs on Chuck, Christmas in Rockefeller Center, WWII in HD, The Lost JFK Tapes: The Assassination, When Crocs Ate Dinosaurs, Caprica, and Delta Blues.

Chuck returns January 10

- I was never a fan of the idea of Chuck returning before the Olympics and it looks like NBC will be fumbling its return more than I thought. Hopefully I am the one that is wrong and it because NBC’s most watched scripted show (which actually shouldn’t be that hard). So Chuck is slated to premiere its third season Sunday January 10 at 9:00 before settling in on Mondays at 8:00. Hopefully NBC reminds viewer’s ad nausea during the NFL playoffs as so they are Pavloved into remembering it. And let me start with this preview clip introduced by Zach Levi (and features the Token Hot Chick dancing):

Chuck Returns

- In other Zach Levi news, he, along with Jane Krakowski will be hosting this year’s Christmas in Rockefeller Center special that will also feature performances from Michael Bublé, Aretha Franklin, Alicia Keys, Barry Manilow, The Roots and Shakira with apperences from Brian Williams and Mercy’s Taylor Shilling and James Tupper.

- For those that have been enjoying WWII in HD or want to catch up, it is currently available on iTunes and Xbox or you could head over to for more information.

- With the anniversary of the JFK assassination coming up this weekend, The National Geographic is premiering The Lost JFK Tapes: The Assassination this Monday at 9:00. The program features no narration, no after the fact interviews, no conspiracies, just real time news footage and photographs, some never before seen, starting from when John Kennedy touched ground in Dallas and ending with Lyndon Johnson’s first speech in front of Congress as president.

- In other National Geographic Channel news, their Expedition Week ends tomorrow at 9:00 with the awesomely titled When Crocs Ate Dinosaurs. Here is a preview if the title along can’t get you to tune in:

Preview: When Crocs Ate Dinosaurs

- It is not every day when someone sends me a picture of a hot naked chick (but feel free to do so if inclined) so I thought I’d share the new Caprica key art. Imaging Greater indeed.

Some naked chick promoting Caprica

- Another new show coming to Syfy soon, as in December 8 at 9:30, is Outer Space Astronauts. Below is a sneak peek:

Outer Space Astronauts:Sneak Peek

- Delta Blues, TNT’s latest pilot, has got a leading man, Jason Lee who will be playing a Memphis cop by day and Elvis Impersonator at night that still lives with his mom. No word yet if he will have a massive mustache and of list of wrongs he wants to make right and a shrewd ex-wife who lives in a trailer park with her new black husband. Here’s hoping he does.

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

The 100 Greatest Television Shows of the 00's

1. Veronica Mars (UPN/CW)

2. Friday Night Lights (NBC/DirecTV)

3. Wonderfalls (FOX)

4. Ed (NBC)

5. Rome (HBO)

6. Arrested Development (FOX)

7. Pardon the Interruption (ESPN)

8. Buffy the Vampire Slayer (WB/UPN)

9. Chappelle's Show (Comedy Central)

10. Survivor (CBS)

11. Rescue Me (FX)

12. Chuck (NBC)

13. Deadwood (HBO)

14. The Big Bang Theory (CBS)

15. Pushing Daisies (ABC)

16. Angel (WB)

17. Dead Like Me (Showtime)

18. Freaks and Geeks (NBC)

19. Sports Night (ABC)

20. My Name Is Earl (NBC)

21. The Knights of Prosperity (ABC)

22. Contest Searchlight (Comedy Central)

23. Lost (ABC)

24. Leverage (TNT)

25. Eli Stone (ABC)

26. American Dreams (NBC)

27. Kings (NBC)

28. The Job (ABC)

29. Boston Public (FOX)

30. Everwood (WB)

31. Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip (NBC)

32. Firefly (FOX)

33. Dexter (Showtime)

34. Keen Eddie (FOX)

35. The Middleman (ABC Family)

36. Tool Academy (VH1)

37. Greek (ABC Family)

38. Undeclared (FOX)

39. Made (MTV)

40. How I Met Your Mother (CBS)

41. Joan of Arcadia (CBS)

42. Project Greenlight (HBO/Bravo)

43. Big Love (HBO)

44. Everybody Hates Chris (UPN/CW)

45. Rich Girls (MTV)

46. Real World/Road Rules Challenge (MTV)

47. Bands Reunited (VH1)

48. A Minute with Stan Hooper (FOX)

49. The Daily Show with Jon Stewart (Comedy Central)

50. Beauty and the Geek (WB/CW)

51. Ego Trip's (White) Rapper Show (VH1)

52. Ice-T's Rap School (VH1)

53. South Park (Comedy Central)

54. Dateline NBC (NBC)

55. The Lone Gunmen (FOX)

56. Late Show with David Letterman (CBS)

57. The Osbournes (MTV)

58. Charm School (VH1)

59. Busted (MTV)

60. X-Play (Tech-TV/G4)

61. The Norm Show (ABC)

62. Alias (ABC)

63. Star Wars: Clone Wars (Cartoon Network)

64. Bands on the Run (VH1)

65. CMT Crossroads (CMT)

66. Sorority Life (MTV)

67. Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

68. Storytellers (VH1)

69. Meet the Press (NBC)

70. Attack of the Show (G4)

71. Cupid (ABC)

72. I Love Money (VH1)

73. Jim Rome Is Burning (ESPN)

74. Late World with Zach (VH1)

75. HardBall with Chris Matthews (MSNBC)

76. Saturday Night Live (NBC)

77. The Surreal Life (WB/VH1)

78. The Drew Carey Show (ABC)

79. Monday Night Raw (USA/Spike/USA)

80. Locked Up Abroad (National Geographic)

81. The Philanthropist (NBC)

82. The Office (NBC)

83. Sportscenter (ESPN)

84. Gary Unmarried (CBS)

85. Beat the Geeks (Comedy Central)

86. Castle (ABC)

87. Undressed (MTV)

88. Smallville (WB/CW)

89. Queer Eye for the Straight Guy (Bravo)

90. Weeds (Showtime)

91. The Inside (FOX)

92. Secret Diary of a Call Girl (Showtime)

93. Listen Up! (CBS)

94. Trust Me (TNT)

95. Journeyman (NBC)

96. Love Monkey (CBS/VH1)

97. Austin City Limits (PBS)

98. Dogtown (National Geographic)

99. Pasadena (FOX)

100. My Boys (TBS)

(Scooter’s Note: Only shows that completed at least one full season between September 1999 and August 2009 were eligible for this list. For a complete breakdown on the list, check out Breaking Down the 100 Greatest Television Shows of the 00's)