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Sunday, October 14, 2018

57 Channels and Only This Is On: 10/14/2018

Shameless: Oh Frank, of all your stupid ideas, electroshock therapy to your own junk has to be the worst. But getting conned by Peg Bundy in pursuit of drugs does totally seem on brand.

The Walking Dead: I feel like I missed something. A dangerous mission to DC for a plow and a wagon? And what exactly were you expecting pulling those things over a glass ceiling? And is It really that hard to make your own plow?

The Last Ship: Oh yeah, Tom Chandler still has children, that was the first sighting of the season. And right during the episode Chandler said he was back full time. And what a weird juxtaposition of a siege with a fight with the daughter.
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You: So Peaches is just the female Joe? I can work with that. So when does Peaches get a POV episode? Is it a flashback to when Peaches met Beck? Although we are already seem to be done with Beck monologing. But of course Peaches is not dead, she just got interesting. And how exactly does Joe get out of this? He stupidly threw the weapon nor far from where he attacked her? Shouldn’t there be enough DNA on it?
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Manifest: So now the people on the show can solve crimes by following the voices in other people’s head? And kind of lame that the big cliffhanger of the person who went on television being murdered ended up being the maid.
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The Challenge: Final Reckoning: You know what Marie, if you did not want the Lavender ladies to turn on you, maybe you should not have voted with Banana’s last week creating that tie.
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Blindspot: So Jane and Tasha are bad guys now? Alrighty. Not that I think that Tasha will do anything to hurt her old team. I guess something had to change to make the show more interesting.
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Sunday, October 07, 2018

57 Channels and Only This Is On: 10/7/2018

Shameless: About half way through the episode I thought to myself, for the hundredth episode, this week was fairly tame for such a milestone. Then Frank went and started a race riot. That is more like it.

The Last Ship: I always found the lesbian relationship completely weird, out of place, and just randomly popped out of nowhere at the start of this season. It really just screamed something shady was going on. And apparently I was right. Too bad Alicia did not figure it out before me because she is yet another character to die this season. Is anyone going to get out of this final season alive?
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You: Ooo, a change in format. But maybe I was too harsh on Joe monologing because Beck is not that more compelling at it. I actually assumed the Captain was her father the moment he offered money (I guess I forgot she mentioned he was dead). Though does Peach actually think he is dead with her dead dog an analogy for her father or does she just think the father is just dead to Beck? Really weird to tell everyone, even your best friend, your dad is dead when he is not. But did Joe really leave Beck alone in his apartment with her panties, shirt, and phone when returning the book or did h take that stuff with him. Joe is kind of sloppy for a meticulous stalker.
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Manifest: So this show is just going to be miracle of the week format? Meh. I am much more interested in the shadow figure who may be going around and killing passengers from the plane. My prediction: it is someone who was on the plane.
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The Challenge: Final Reckoning: Do these people seriously forget they are playing for a million dollars? I am not risking a chance at a million dollars to play chicken with my partner. And Zach is clearly in the wrong because Amanda’s alliance is clearly stronger and easier to be one on one. And how did they lose that elimination? C’mon, at one point how do you not realize that Zach needs to climb across and shake that last flag off? I was thinking that after the third try failed.
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Survivor: David vs. Goliath: The promo monkey really was trolling us last week. It seemed like both tribes were targeting a woman of color, which would have been another in a long list of women of color being voted out first. Unfortunately, the show reverted back to an older trope of voting out the most attractive females early. Meh.
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The Good Place: Oh my goodness, the American Café was just offensively brilliant. Maybe even better was the explanation of how the Jacksonville Jaguars and Blake Bortles got suddenly good.
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Sunday, September 23, 2018

57 Channels and Only This Is On: 9/23/2018

Shameless: Every season I say the show could not do anything more shameless than what they have done in past seasons, but Carl volunteering to euthanize dogs in cars may be an all-time low. Frank’s reverse racism would be up there if it were not so funny. Though Mo White is a little on the nose.

Fear the Walking Dead: How has a bunch of people who have manage to make it this long in the zombie apocalypse be as so stupid to pull a paraplegic along the road? Seriously, did none of them get up to ninth grade science? Not only are you pulling his weight, but the friction is only adding to the force. You would have exerted much less energy just to carry him. But when you are down a wheelchair, the hospital was the right call. Granted it would have been smart to get in, grab, the chair, and keep moving.
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The Last Ship: My big takeaway from the episode is the New Colombians have a very weird salute.
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You: So Joe’s last girlfriend weirdly went to Rome with some other dude after they broke up? There has to be more to that story. And what exactly is going to have to Benji, in real life and the digital world? Is Joe just going to dump the body somewhere and have people believe he got the wrong drink or if he just going to continue to make daily douchebag hashtags in perpetuity?
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The Challenge: Final Reckoning: Oh snap, TJ pulled out the our female testers were able to do this faster than anyone insult. I was kind of wondering if they tested that challenge from a couple weeks ago where they were dunking people underwater to solve a hard puzzle. Just how well did those testers do on that one?
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Thursday, September 06, 2018

Previewing The Last Ship: The Final Season

The Last Ship: Season 5

It is the end of era as The Last Ship is about to ride off into the sunset after one last mission. It has been three years since the Red Rust threatened the world’s food supply and we are long past the Red Flu. In fact the next virus will be cyber. Or at least that is what a student that Captain Chandler is training, the first class of midshipmen since the global pandemic. In fact the last ship has turned into a great fleet and the Nathan James is just a floating museum.

But of course peace does not last long and the season starts off in winter in Columbia. One Colombian has united South America into one country that wants to be on top of the new world order and they are quickly moving north and do not plan to stop at Mexico. Oh and this leader’s most trusted advisor is someone with Tarot cards so he has some issues. And Sasha just happens to be leading a four member covert ops team down south when the first shots are fired.

For those that have made it this long will be rewarded with its most action packed season yet with even a Saving Private Ryan style invasion (or at least a version on a television budget). And with America in a full scale war, do not expect some of your favorite sailors make it to the end. But we do get one last fitting tribute before the last credits roll. The Last Ship will be going out in style.

The Last Ship airs Sundays at 9:00 on TNT.