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Thursday, January 16, 2020

The 50 Best Music Videos of 2019

1. I Can’t Get Enough - benny blanco, Selena Gomez, J Balvin, Tainy

2. Summer Girl - HAIM

3. I Get No Joy - Jade Bird

4. bad guy - Billie Eilish

5. Cops Shot the Kid - Nas, Kanye West

6. Lose You To Love Me - Selena Gomez

7. Lonely Generation - Echosmith

8. 7 rings - Ariana Grande

9. antisocial - Ed Sherran featuring Trais Scott

10. Prophet - King Princess

11. Afterlife - Hailee Steinfeld

12. Land of The Free - The Killers

13. Go - The Black Keys

14. 555 - Jimmy Eat World

15. GIRL - Maren Morris

16. Screwed - Janelle Monáe featuring Zoë Kravitz

17. Good as Hell - Lizzo

18. Harmony Hall - Vampire Weekend

19. Sing Along - Sturgill Simpson

20. Swan Song (From the Motion Picture Alita: Battle Angel") - Dua Lipa

21. White Mercedes - Charli XCX

22. Now I'm In It - HAIM

23. Lover - Taylor Swift

24. My Motto - Jade Bird

25. Used to Be - Anna of the North

26. This Is On You - Maisie Peters

27. Sisyphus - Andrew Bird

28. Party For One - Carly Rae Jepsen

29. ME! - Taylor Swift featuring Brendon Urie of Panic! At The Disco

30. Raise a Man - Alicia Keys

31. Hey Rosie - The National

32. Fire - Sara Bareilles

33. The Hunger - Bat for Lashes

34. Take On Me - Weezer

35. Stay Young - Maisie Peters

36. Sugar Coat - Little Big Town

37. Sunflower - Vampire Weekend featuring Steve Lacy

38. This Land - Gary Clark Jr.

39. Don’t Call Me Angel (Charlie’s Angels) - Ariana Grande, Miley Cyrus, Lana Del Rey

40. Truth Hurts - Lizzo

41. Look at Her Now - Selena Gomez

42. Western World - LION BABE featuring Raekwon

43. You Mean the Wold to Me - Freya Ridings

44. MONOPOLY - Ariana Grande with Victoria Monét

45. Lost in the Woods - Weezer Version - Weezer

46. Spirit - Beyonce

47. I Remember - Betty Who

48. break up with your girlfriend, i'm bored - Ariana Grande

49. Doin' Time - Lana Del Rey

50. You Need to Calm Down - Taylor Swift

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

I Want My Music Television: March 27, 2019

I Can’t Get Enough - benny blanco, Tainy, Selena Gomez and J Balvin

I was not all that interested in the new Selena Gomez song when I saw there was two other people credited on the track because she does not have the best track record when it comes to collaborations after she left The Scene. But when I actually listened to it the song was surprisingly good… until the rapper came in sounding like he was trying way too hard to be Latin Drake. Hopefully a version get released without him.

Rule the World - 2 Chainz featuring Ariana Grande

Okay, 2 Chainz and Ariana Grande has to be the weirdest pairing since… well I guess Taylor Swift / Future / Ed Sheeran was not that long ago. But really all this song does is make me miss Amerie. Now that was a great song.

Now That I Found You - Carly Rae Jepsen

Cat people scare me. Case in point: Carly Rae Jepsen.

Dancing On My Own (From Teen Spirit Soundtrack) - Elle Fanning

Elle Fanning just has that aura of likeably about her and just seems like a fun hang (unlike the other Fanning who just seems dour and a really bad hang). Though this song just sounds like bland karaoke. But since it is for a movie about someone shooting to fame on a singing competitions, I guess it is apropos because that is intiy nine percent of singing competitions.

Monday, February 25, 2019

I Want My Music Television: February 25, 2019

break up with your girlfriend, i'm bored - Ariana Grande

I found Sweetner to be Ariana Grande’s weakest album (despite God Is a Woman being her best song) and I was not expecting much from her follow up Thank U, Next after the title track, 7 Rings, and this dropped the same time as the album. But despite the week singles, I actually found it her strongest album totally. The music video had an obvious twist because that dude was acting like a total douche.

Take On Me - Weezer

Africa was fun, but Weezer’s full-fledged cover album was pretty crindgeworthy (especially No Scrubs). It was at its best with the other cheesy eighties songs like this. Still the song and video are pretty unnecessary.

Armor - Sara Bareilles

I have been complaining for two years that all the anti-Trump songs kind of totally suck. Well it took a while but Sara Bareilles finally wrote a good one. Now if we can only get someone to write a great one.

Preach - John Legend

I guess you can add Preach by John Legend to that good but not great protest song, but For What It’s Worth it is not. Although it may get a bit awkward with Legend as the newest coach on The Voice, a show by Mark Burnett who refuses to turn over the Trump tapes that reportedly has plenty of racist comments by the president.

Monday, January 21, 2019

I Want My Music Television: January 21, 2019

7 rings - Ariana Grande

Weird that the first huge pop song of 2019 references The Sound of Music and Breakfast at Tiffany’s (I assume Ariana Grande means the Audrey Hepburn movie and not the nineties one hit wonder sadly). But it is weird at the height #MeToo movement that the biggest pop star of the time is making an exploitative nineties hip-hop music video.

Cop Shot the Kid – Nas featuring Kanye West

Nice of Nas to bring in Slick Rick for a cameo, but I forget how weak the Kanye verse was on this song since I have not bothered to listen to any of the G.O.O.D. month of albums since they were released.

Screwed - Janelle Monáe featuring Zoë Kravitz

Always nice when people are recognized but it is weird when someone gets a featured credit on a song but after the song is over you are note entirely sure what they contributed. Did Zoe Kravitz sing back up on this Janelle Monáe song? Does she play guitar like her father?

Land Of The Free - The Killers

Who would have guessed The Killers would make a protest song? Unfortunately is is not very good. Brandon Flowers singing about how nice it is to drive when white is pretty cringe worthy. Really, all the anti-Trump songs kind of sucks. Makes me wonder when was the last great and popular protest song was? Do we have to go all the way back to American Idiot?

Monday, October 01, 2018

I Want My Music Television: 10/1/2018

Africa - Weezer

What strange long trip this year has been to Weezer’s biggest hit in over a decade. From a kid requesting they cover Toto on Twiiter because she heard the song on Stranger Things and culminates with “Weird Al” Yankovic. Though if you are going to parody Undone, where are the dogs? Even Africa mentions wild dogs crying out in the night.

Mary Don't You Weep (Piano & a Microphone 1983 Version) - Prince

Leave to Prince to have one of the best albums of the year even after he died with a simple piano live to tape album. And he does not get enough credit for his social activism despite Sign O’ the Times being very profound, but the video just follow his legacy in that matter.

Colors - Beck

Here is a video Beck released six months ago on Apple Music but it has only become available on YouTube now. But anything with Alison Brie and directed by Edgar Wright is certainly worth the wait. Thankfully there have not been many exclusive since.

Head Above Water - Avril Lavigne

Everyone has to grow up sometime (except for maybe Angus Young) but it is weird seeing Avril Lavigne in what could have been a treatment for a Celine Dion music video. Unfortunately the song is about as boring as a Celine Dion ballad.

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

I Want My Music Television: 9/12/2018

High Horse - Kacey Musgraves

During the height of disco even established rock acts from KISS to The Rolling Stones tried to jump on the bandwagon mostly to embarrassing result. Yet thirty years later, somehow Kacey Musgraves came up with a pretty awesome country-disco track.

God is a woman - Ariana Grande

Who would have guessed Ariana Grande is into abstract art? But what the fork was up with the screaming gophers? And the Pulp Fiction/1984 mash-up?

Feels Like Summer - Childish Gambino

Releasing a video for “Feels Like Summer” days before Labor Day seems weird, but Childish Gambino perfectly sums up that end of summer malaise. And crying Kanye may be the most summer 2018 thing there can be.

Shame - Elle King

And now it is time to check in a one hit wonder to see if they have a second hit in them. Elle King had one of the few pop-rock hits in recent history, but this song does not sound like it will catch on at radio too.

Monday, July 02, 2018

I Want My Music Television: 7/2/1018

The Space Program - A Tribe Called Quest

One thing I have wonder is why pretty much every song ever is on every streaming site but pretty much every television show and movie are exclusive to those streaming site? Unfortunately music sites are have dabbled with exclusivity for a couple years so which is kind of stupid. Seriously, The Carters, I am not signing up for Tidal just to listen to your album when 99.9% of all other music I can find on Spotify. Then earlier this year Apple Music relaunched their video section with some exclusive music videos most notably an Alison Brie starring Beck video and an eight minute video from A Tribe Called Quest. Which begs the question do people who even subscribe to Apple Music watch music videos there instead of YouTube? Month later the Tribe video has finally hit YouTube and thankfully Apple has not commished many videos since.

If You Know You Know - Pusha T

So the month of G.O.O.D. music is over and this Pusha T song is easily the best song of the five albums, maybe the only actual good song.

Ape(shirt) - The Carters

As for the other little early promoted album that came out recently, I still have not listened to the joint The Carter album because I have no desire to sign up for Tidal, and if this is the best song like many have said, I am not missing much. Beyonce the rapper is kind of horrible.

Gold Rush - Death Cab for Cutie

I was a little disappointed that Richard Ashcroft did not show up in the latest Death Cab for Cutie music video.

Monday, June 18, 2018

I Want My Music television: 6/18/2018

Fall In Line - Christina Aguilera feat. Demi Lovato

Were those children in the beginning supposed to be young Christina Aguilera and Demi Lovato because the former has to have a decade on the latter. It is kind of weird to have this female empowerment song and video that ends with: directed by a dude. As for the song itself, meh.

Lost My Mind - Lily Allen

When Lily Allen released her last album, songs went into two categories, her usually bratty songs that she did on her first two album while the other half were more adult sounding. At the time I said I wished Lily would dump the bratty persona and just do grown up songs. Her new album is mostly adult sounding, unfortunately it is mostly boring.

Rocket Man - Little Big Town

Elton John was made for MTV. Too bad most of his best songs predated the music video format. Weird that \Little Big Town went with a Phantom Zone look for their version of Rocket Man.

Give Yourself A Try - The 1975

Is the lead singer of The 1975 transitioning into Haley Williams?

Monday, June 11, 2018

I Want My Music Television: 6/11/2018

Back To You - Selena Gomez

I used to wish Selena Gomez would spend more time acting than singing. Then she made Bad Liar, one of the greatest songs in recent memory and know I get excited whenever she releases something new. Unfortunately the two songs she has released since are vaguely EDM pop songs, including this one. But hey, at least the music video is fun.

Babe - Sugarland featuring Taylor Swift

Oh hey, boring Superman. And redhead Taylor Swift. Wasn’t redhead Taylor Swift the antagonist of the You Belong with Me video? I guess this is more Mad Men. Although Betty Draper left Don because she was cheating and do not believe she ever caught him.

New Light (Premium Content) - John Mayer

No I.D. produced Jay-Z’s entire last album and what better way to follow that up by producing what is probably John Mayer’s cheesiest song ever. It is either that or the duet with Katy Perry, but the this video maybe put it ahead.

Girls Like You - Maroon 5 featuring Cardi B

I have been jibbing Maroon 5 for a decade and a half that they only make music videos so Adam Lavine can make out a new hot chick. So it is weird that they are now making some women empowerment music video with women of every stripe and Adam does not make out with any of them.

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

I Want My Music Television: 5/16/2018

Hunger - Florence + The Machine

Well that was freaky sticking your finger inside like that. But I wonder if Florence + The Machine was inspired by Losing My Religion which had a similar scene. But that was a fallen angel, this seemed like some random dude.

Caterpillar - Royce da 5'9" featuring Eminem & King Green

Eminem just stood there next to Royce da 5’9’’ so long I wondered if he was just a statue. He ended up spitting a better verse than anything on his last album, of which I already forgot the name of.

Good Kisser – Lake Street Dive

Wow, the new Lake Street Dive song is super cheesy, and the video just makes it sillier, but it is cheesy in the You Make My Dreams kind of way, which is a high compliment.

2002 - Anne-Marie

I find it pretty weird that Anne-Marie would pay homage to Baby One More Time, Bye Bye Bye, in the same music video as she does 99 Problems. That last one just does not fit with the cheesy teen pop videos.

Tuesday, May 08, 2018

I Want My Music Television 5/8/2018

Cry Pretty - Carrie Underwood

Carrie Underwood recently had an accident where she injured her face and itt sounded like she now may now look the guy from The Mask. Nope, in her first music video, she still looks like Carrie Underwood. And she still sounds like her mostly inoffensive, boring self too. Although I guess the power ballad guitar at the end was a nice touch. I miss the good cheesy power ballad.

This Is America - Childish Gambino

Childish Gambino started out as a backpack rapper in a time of ringtone rappers. Then hi last alnbum he went full funk for now apparently reason. Apparently next he is going fully African music inspired sound yet with a very political bent to the visuals which I do not believe he release a video for the last album. .

Accelerate - Christina Aguilera feat. Ty Dolla $ign & 2 Chainz

So is Christina Aguilera trying to be Bangerz-era Miley Cyrus now because even Miley has moved on from that gross phase? And that choppy rapper cadence is even more annoying when a which chick does it.

Ashes (from the Deadpool 2 Motion Picture Soundtrack) - Céline Dion

Deadpool is super-meta and I get it, having Mrs. Titanic Céline Dion topline your soundtrack is a get, but c’mon, but if you are going to go super-meta, even in your soundtrack, you should have gotten king of the soundtracks Kenny Loggins to contribute a song. Okay, sure, this video is funnier than anything they could have done with Kenny Loggins.

Monday, April 30, 2018

I Want My Music Television: 4/30/2018

Happier - Ed Sheeran

I was beginning to think Ed Sheeran was turning into Adam Levine, hooking up with a new hot chick in every music video. But here he is back to having a stand in. But didn’t he already do puppets in the Sing video.

Friends –NONONO

From time to time I like to check in on One Hit Wonders to see if they are worthy of a second hit. Then does beg the question is NONONO even a One Hit Wonder. Their song Pumpkin Blood did chart of four different genre chart but not very high on any of them. The song was also used in a shampoo commercial I think as well as a Freeform ad campaign so the song did sort of permeate America. I do not think their new song will do much better despite being a little catchy, but still kind of dark at the same time.

Don't Go Breaking My Heart - Q-Tip feat. Demi Lovato

I cannot imagine things I need less than hearing Q-Tip dueting with Demi Lovato on Don’t Go Breaking My Heart.

Heart to Break – Kim Petras

Well this was cheesy eighties fun from Kim Petras. But I do have to wonder if the light up floor is a Billy Jean homage because it is so eighties or if someone this young has never actually seen the Billy Jean video.

Thursday, April 26, 2018

I Want My Music Television: 4/26/2018

No Tears Left To Cry - Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande is back with moderately entertaining music, but Lionel Richie did a much better job dancing on the ceiling.

Us - James Bay

The first two songs James Bay released from his sophomore album were full, what the fork is happening type songs. The third one is much better.

Bad Bad News - Leon Bridges

I like Leon Bridges and all and this new song is very fun, but I am getting a little tired of people dancing weirdly genre of music videos.

Kings & Queens - Mat Kearney

Here is another unnecessarily choreographed music video, this time from Mat Kearney. At least Bridges’s song had a danceable groove.

Thursday, April 12, 2018

I Want My Music Television: 4/12/2018

A Good Night - John Legend featuring BloodPop®

The whole swipe right theme is so obvious; it is surprising no one did it as a video before John Legend. And I do like the disco vibe of the song.

Framed - Eminem

Hasn’t Eminem already done the creepy insane asylum music video already?

Pynk - Janelle Monáe featuring Grimes

Well Janelle Monáe is not at all subtle with visuals here.

Rich - Maren Morris

Well that was funny and a much better Maren Morris song than the horrible super bland EDM-light Middle song.

Monday, March 26, 2018

I Want My Music Television: 3/26/2018

Delicate - Taylor Swift

Now Taylor Swift is making videos complaining about fame and singing songs with a vo-corder. I still miss the oldTaylor.

Make Me Feel - Janelle Monáe

Django Jane - Janelle Monáe

My first impression of Make Me Feel was that it sounded like something Prince would have written for Sheena Easton in the eighties. I am not sure I could come up with a higher compliment. And Janelle Monáe is certainly giving off an eighties feel in the video. I think Prince even wore that see threw mask at some point in his career. I like that song much better than the other song he released at the same time, Django Jane.

Over My Head - Echosmith

Echosmith’s debut album was cheesy fun but since then they seem to be chaseing a new mortre “serious” sound, but someone should really tell them there is nothing wrong with a little cheese. This video is fun; it is time to go back to making fun music too.

Thursday, February 22, 2018

I Want My Music Television: 2/20/2018

River - Eminem featuring Ed Sheeran

Beyonce was wise to sit out the Walk on Water video (though it would have been wiser to skip the song entirely), poor Ed Sheeran got roped into this Eminem video. At least he did not appear as the other man.

Volcanic Love - The Aces

The Aces landed three songs on my list of the 100 Best Songs of 2017 list off their strong EP. Now they are ramping up to release their first full length album and, well, the first song release is just alright. Not as good as those first songs. Extended a one syllable work into multiple syllables has always annoyed me. But hay, the videos for those songs did not feature weird fruit art.

Wait - Maroon 5

What happened to Maroon 5? Their first album was decent if not top heavy with a lot of filler. Their music got progressively mediocre with every album. Then Adam Levine gets cast on The Voice and they have not released a good song since, and disturbingly became even more popular while becoming mainstays on my Worst Songs of the Year lists. But hey at least they cast Alexandra Daddario in their video so there is that. I just have to utilize the mute button.

Wild Love - James Bay

When James Bay came out, I for a second thought it was John Mayer, he looked and sounded just like him. For his second album, dude got a hipster haircut that does not fit him and is sounding more like James Blake, which again, does not fit him. What is wrong with cheesy pop-rock songs?

Thursday, January 25, 2018

I Want My Music Television: 1/25/2018

Lottery - Jade Bird

When I released my Winter 2018 Music Preview, one thing was clear: ain’t nothing is coming out until maybe the summer. At least nothing by anyone people have actually heard of. Winter is usually the time when you have to dig deep looking for new artist. And here is one to look out for: Jade Bird. Lottery is one of those instantly catchy songs you cannot get out of your head even after one listen. The song is a mix of pop and folk while also harkening back to the alt rock nineties Liith Fair days.

Trigger Bang – Lily Allen featuring Giggs

Heaven's Gate - Burna Boy featuring Lily Allen

It seemed to take forever for the last Lily Allen, it seems like she did not take the same amount of time for a new one. Not only did she release a new single, she also popped up on one by some dude named Burna Boy. I do like her song better, it continues the growth from the last album which was plit in two, a new grown up Lily and old snotty Lily. I hope the next one is all grown up Lily.

Walk On Water - Eminem feayturing Beyoncé

The Marshall Mathers Album 2 was my favorite Eminem album since… maybe ever. But oh my goodness, Revival, what was he trying to revive, the bad Relapse album. Sad thing is this song is about how a perfectionist Eminem is yet this and the whole album is actually worse than Relapse. I think it was wise Beyoncé sat out the music video, maybe should have skipped the song completely.

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

I Want My Music Television: 1/16/2018

End Game - Taylor Swift featuring Ed Sheeran and Future

I have said it before, but let me say it again: I miss the old Taylor Swift. Seriously, why is she making a nineties rap video? Now that I think of it, is Reputation Swift’s attempt at a hip-hop album? She needs to go back to making folk pop.

Reasons - Jillian Jacqueline

Taylor may not be doing the country pop thing anymore, but newcomer Jillian Jacqueline is filling that void very nicely with a stellar EP she released last year, the best to combine country and old school pop music since Swift's heyday at the start of this decade. Bonus points for the Wes Anderson inspired music video.

Fireworks - First Aid Kit

Oh my, eighties hair on the ladies of First Aid Kit. Though the Farrah Fawcett wave is kind of a cheat. If you are doing eighties hair, you have to go full bad perm. Although this begs the question, did they have bad Jersey mall hair in the eighties in Sweden?

Finesse (Remix) - Bruno Mars featuring Cardi B

Okay let’s move up one decade with the new Bruno Mars video. Unfortunately he brought Cardi B with him. Goodness those vertical color stripe shirts are horrible. I had about five. But it did get me to go down an In Living Color YouTube rabbit hole.

Monday, November 27, 2017

I Want My Music Television: 11/27/2017

Wolves - Selena Gomez and Marshmello

Wolves - Selena Gomez was having a pretty good year musically; Bad Liar is best song yet, Fetish was weird but still mostly enjoyably (though I could have done with Gucci Mane), she also scored one of the few EDM-pop songs that does not suck with It Ain’t Me (maybe the second best ever after Wake Me Up), but her new EDM-pop song is just as bland and unremarkable as all the other bland emotionless EDM-pop songs that liter the radio. And for forks sake, anyone who is making a video with their phone, turn it the fork sideways. I hate these forking videos everywhere with the vertical forking view. Oh, I guess that is not the official video, the second one is. Model looking Selena in a pool locker room. Alrighty.

Lemon - N.E.R.D. and Rihanna

Recently word was spreading around the internets that new N.E.R.D. was imminent. I got a excited for a day, but when Lemon actually dropped, I realized, oh yeah, N.E.R.D. is a weird vanity project that can be a hard listen at times.

Perfect - Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran used to never appear in his video and in his last two he has cast Saoirse Ronan and Zoey Deutch as love interest. The guy is turning into Adam Levine. Hopefully Ed’s music doesn’t start sucking massively too.

Obsession – OK Go

And now it is time for what seems to be a yearly cool video (and mediocre) song from OK Go. Pretty fascinating, it took me a couple seconds to realize that it was probably mostly stop motion filming. Still cool.

Wednesday, November 01, 2017

I Want My Music Television: 11/1/2017

...Ready For It? - Taylor Swift

No, I am not ready for this crap. I still miss the old Taylor Swift.

Come Together - Gary Clark Jr.

I am all for Come Together - Gary Clark Jr. getting more shine, but isn’t a cover of Come Together for the Justice League team up a little too on the nose for the soundtrack? Well at least they did not get Victoria Justice to be a part of it.

One Foot - Walk the Moon

Recently I published a list of The 100 Greatest Two Hit Wonders of All Time and I was weary of putting newer artists on the list for fear I might be premature. Based on this, Walk the Moon has is not going o prove me wrong.

I Feel Everything - Cara Delevingne

Cara Delevingne was a great model, but she was the second worst part of Suicide Squad and when your antagonist is not good, the movie just fall apart (some bad editing choices also hurt). But apparently not only was she still able to find work, her new movie also lets her be on the soundtrack. I kind of like the vibe of the song but she is mostly bland as a singer.