Sunday, April 21, 2019

57 Channels and Only This Is On: April 21, 2019

Killing Eve: Hopefully now that the assassin ha a new handler she starts going on missions because these first two episodes have been a bit of a bore without her targeting someone. Granted the last time she got a new handler, she killed him. But I did love her code to call her bosses was a Clueless reference.
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Billions: Whenever I see a woman throw up on screen, for some reason I have been conditioned to think she is pregnant. That crossed my mind for a second with Taylor. Then it was beyond obvious to me when it happened that that Axe’s boat was not boke but wanted more time with the investor though we never did get the scene of him revealing that Machiavellian scheme saying the coast guard was in on it. Again, I have been conditioned to think these things. I apparently was wrong on both accounts.

Good Girls: They are really going to tease out Ruby turning on Beth, aren’t they? I bet the FBI dies before that happens. Hopefully they do not wait until the finale.
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The Act: When you need an evil grandmother, of course you bring in Mags Bennett. Kind of wish the whole episode was flashbacks because Gypsy and creepy guy added nothing this week. Especially since next week is entitled Bonnie and Clyde so presumably that episode will be them on the run already. We really could have used more time with Dee Dee and her mother. But we did get the origin story of the wheelchair and where Dee Dee became overly protective. I still would have liked seeing where the genesis of the feeding tube came in because that had to be a big con by Dee Dee if it seems like Gypsy never really needed it.
You can stream The Act on Hulu.

Survivor: Edge of Extinction: Oh Wardog, you were playing this great game subtly decimating the Kama tribe, and then in two fell swoops you just eliminated your two biggest shields. I get David, he was coming for you but Kelley makes absolutely no sense. You do not take the biggest target out of the game if you are the second biggest target. Victoria has been playing a very shrewd game so I can totally see her swing back with Gavin to team up with the spited Lauren and Julie. The big question I guess is where does Aurora land? In the past she says she goes with the numbers, but she just seemed to make a pact with Ron, so her and her Extra Vote could put the new Power Trio in an actual power position. Granted how apropos it would be if Wardog goes out because Lauren plays her Idol.
You can download Survivor: Edge of Extinction on iTunes.

Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists: Oh snap, black chick got frisky… and then gets run over for her trouble. Could the guy who’s head she bashed in come to fast enough to mow her down? Honestly, I do not particularly care considering we still do not know who murdered the douchy guy from the first episode. And I vaguely remember Hanna getting run over and that reveal turning out to be lame.
You can download Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists on iTunes.

The Challenge: War of World: Ugg, they were doing so well this season, eliminating one team per episode and as we inch to the end we get an annoying cliffhanger. And Georgia can only pick three people, it is not worth waiting to find out. Seriously, this is the very reason so many people wait until the end to binge shows not.
You can download The Challenge: War of Worlds on iTunes.

Marvel’s Cloak and Dagger: We finally get to see inside Cloak’s dimension and… well it looks a lot like what he sees when he touches someone and sees their fear. And the way to get out was for Dagger to break the rules?
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Gotham: Well that came together as a fitting finale… except there is still one more to go. I guess we will get a full Batman episode which seems like it will just be Batman Begins. Well, they already did Dark Knight Rises for the last couple episodes anyway.
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Doom Patrol: I was really excited for the idea of Beard Hunter, then he had and go and eat sink hair. Eww. I could have done without that.

Blindspot: A little disappointing that Weller’s mother just turned out to be a junkie that was taken advantage of by Sandstorm. Oh well, on the other hand it would have been way too predictable.
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The Blacklist: Yep, I called it was an inside job when they “killed” the kid when the father did not pay.
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Saturday, April 20, 2019

Around the Tubes: April 20, 2019

I have gotten a plethora of cool press releases have been flooding my inbox recently that you may find interesting. This post will include blurbs on The Loudest Voice, Manifest, Best Ever Trivia Show, Jade Bird, Aly & AJ, Disgraceland, Halo, and Shrill

- Showtime has announced that it will premiere its highly-anticipated seven-part limited series The Loudest Voice, starring Academy Award® and Golden Globe® winner Russell Crowe as Fox News founder Roger Ailes, on Sunday, June 30 at 10 p.m. ET/PT. Production is currently underway in New York City.

- This is your calling. You are on the verge of discovering something new! From Oscar-winning filmmaker Robert Zemeckis (Forrest Gump, Cast Away) and executive producers Jeff Rake (The Mysteries of Laura), Jack Rapke (Flight, Cast Away), Jackie Levine (Allied, The Walk) and Len Goldstein (Hart of Dixie, Roadies), Warner Bros. Home Entertainment brings you NBC’s #1 hit series Manifest: The Complete First Season on DVD July 23, 2019. Fans can uncover the mystery from all 16 exhilarating episodes from season one for the suggested low retail price of $29.98 for the DVD ($34.99 in Canada). Manifest: The Complete First Season is also available to own on Digital via purchase from digital retailers.

- Game Show Network, the leader in game shows and competitive entertainment, has announced today that Best Ever Trivia Show, hosted by Sherri Shepherd (“The View”) will debut on June 10 at 4:00 p.m. ET. In Best Ever Trivia Show, three contestants face off against three Trivia Experts. The winning player then goes head-to-head in the final round against the Expert who performed the best over the course of the show – the Ultimate Trivia Challenge. If the player gets more correct answers than the Expert, the player wins $10,000 along with the opportunity to come back and win up to a grand total of $30,000 and take his or her spot in trivia history.

- Jade Bird: I Get No Joy on The Tonight Show:

- Iconic sister duo Aly & AJ release the music video for "Church," the lead single off their forthcoming EP Sanctuary, directed by Alex Ross Perry, director/writer/producer of Her Smell, the critically acclaimed film starring Elizabeth Moss. Perry is also credited for the sister's vampiric "Take Me" video off their 2017 EP, Ten Years, that concluded a decade long gap in their discography.

- It’s the things we do in the bad times that enchant the story of ‘Wild Streak’, the aching new single from Melbourne duo N.Y.C.K. (Dominique Garrard and Nicholas Acquroff). When everything falls apart, our wild streak comes to the fore.

- The rock and roll true crime podcast Disgraceland released season 3 episode 5 on The Grateful Dead. So far in season 3, host Jake Brennan has dissected Kurt Cobain & Courtney Love, Snoop Dogg, and Ike & Tina Turner. Recently, the show peaked at #4 on the overall Apple Podcasts Top Podcasts chart ahead of The New York Times' The Daily and Serial following the launch of season 3.

- Showtime has announced that Emmy and Tony® nominee Pablo Schreiber (First Man, Orange Is the New Black) has been cast as the lead in the highly anticipated Showtime series Halo, based on the iconic Xbox® franchise. Schreiber will play Master Chief, Earth's most advanced warrior in the 26th century and the only hope of salvation for a civilization pushed to the brink of destruction by the Covenant, an unstoppable alliance of alien worlds committed to the destruction of humanity. Newcomer Yerin Ha will play a new character within the HALO world: Quan Ah, a shrewd, audacious 16-year-old from the Outer Colonies who meets Master Chief at a fateful time for them both.

- Hulu has renewed Shrill for a 8-episode second season.

Thursday, April 18, 2019

Previewing Ramy

In a measure of full discourse, I have to admit I much prefer comedies that are, you know, actually funny. I just want something with a high laugh per minute ratio. It seems like more and more shows that are listed as comedies are becoming increasingly less funny because, I don’t know, art, or something else pretentious. And some of these shows are fine, but if you do not have a high laugh ratio, just please stop marketing yourself as a comedy.

I had high hopes for Ramy from stand-up comedian Ramy Youssef and producer Jarod Carmichael, also a stand-up comedy who’s The Carmichael Show was a traditional multicam with a very high laugh per minute ratio, just something you do not see any more unless you are an old person watching CBS. Unfortunately is one of those shows listed as a comedy but is really a drama that has a few extra laughs than, say, This Is Us.

Youssef naturally stars as the titular character that is a Muslim man living in Jersey and just is torn between the two. He wants to be a good Muslim who follows the Koran, but does not want really follow all the tenets like washing his feet before praying. It also eats at him that he has never actually dated a Muslim but has dated plenty of Jews.

In a bit of Hulu synergy, of those Jewish women is the lead of PEN15. In one of the funnier moments of the first couple episodes, after they hook up he checks the condom for leaks, which is something I have never thought of before but may be doing in the future. In another PEN15 reference, we get a full episode of Ramy in middle school though this Ramy is played by an actual young actor, and being a young Muslim boy in the early 00’s, Ramy has a completely different middle school expierence than two nerdy girls.

The best part of the early episodes was Ramy’s foul mouth little sister who seems much more Jersey than Muslim. At least she was the best thing about the show until she gets her own and I learn that you can in fact have too much of a good thing. Same for the mother, who spends a whole episode trying to be a ride share driver but ends up not working as a standalone episode. Grant ed the best episode may be the one where Ramy drives his disabled co-worker to a girl he met online in hopes of getting laid.

The season ends with Ramy returning to his roots to visit his family in Egypt. But the actual final scene may be the weirdest ending to a show ever that is based in reality. I just sat there wondering, am I really seeing this? Although if ending there was an attempt to get people to watch a potential second season, I definitely want to see how they write themselves out of what happened.

All episodes of Ramy premiere tomorrow on Hulu.

Sunday, April 14, 2019

57 Channels and Only This Is On: April 14, 2019

Killing Eve: Nothing worse than when something is overhyped when it turns out to be just good. After all the buzz around this show I decided to give it a try when it popped on Hulu earlier this year. And it was perfectly fine, certainly not worth all the praise it got when it first aired. And after finished the first season I was kind of surprised that Sandra Oh got all the award recognition when the crazy French assassin was the best part of the show. And by best, I man pretty most the only good part. I do understand The French assassin’s obsession with Eve on account she is crazy, but I never quite understood why Eve replicated especially after the assassin killed her buddy. The season two premiere was a bit of a bore, probably because the crazy French assassin spent most of the episode in the hospital. But she did give us the two most memorable parts when she posed as a doctor why she was looking for money to steal and then killing the kid after he mentioned he wanted to die.
You can download Killing Eve on iTunes.

Billions: Again we start up with another meeting between Axe and Chuck, and even end t to boot. And this season has been a little lack luster with those two actually being buddy-buddy. Maybe we can get some tension with Wendy going to war with Chuck over this because Axe vs. Taylor is not cutting it. Wendy was conspicuously absent from Chuck’s victory speech.

Good Girls: Oh snap, Ruby is snitching! But just what will she say? Dude wants Beth for some unknown reason to me. How about going after the actual gangster? But how does Beth actually get out of this? I have a feeling it is going to be some not really makes any sense way like how Ray Donovan somehow seems to skate by beside a mountain of evidence.
You can download Good Girls on iTunes

The Bold Type: So Jane learns her new boss exposed himself at his old job but later discovers he did it in a pro-feminist way? Wait, what?!? Um, no matter how noble the reason, there is no good reason to pull your junk out in front of your boss and a female co-worker. This may win most absurd plotline of the year. And it will only get worse when Jane inevitably starts forking the dude.
You can download The Bold Type on iTunes.

The Act: Oh my goodness, this episode was so creepy. From everything that happened in that movie theater, which is just what a romantic comedy would look like if everything went wrong, to Gypsy buying a knife. And as creepy as that boy is, it is just as funny to think of how much of a tool that kid is. I actually worked in a pizza parlor for a summer so I got a huge kick at just how incompetent that kid is. Yet what a dichotomy of the person who he thinks he is and who he really is, just perfectly mirrors Gypsy who is really living two lives herself, who she wants to be and who her mother thinks she is. But if the actual act goes down next week, that means we will two episode of aftermath. I am fine with that. I kind of really want to know where is Gypsy now. I have avoided Googling because I do not want to spoil the show.
You can stream The Act on Hulu.

Survivor: Edge of Extinction: Well, they teased a wild Tribal and we certainly got a wild Tribal which lasted half the episode. I do not remember anyone playing themselves out of the game faster at Tribal than Julia who just blew up her game with some assist from Aurora who just openly admits working with both halves of the Lesu divide. The closest thing I can think of was the guy who lost to the porn star in Thailand who just started attacking everyone at the Final Tribal Council. It was so wild I even missed some big moments the first time I watched like Ron throwing out Victoria’s name with Victoria over his shoulder.

But the thing is, the Tribal could have been much wilder. Sure it is fun watching people running around during Tribal, but in the end, it was a very straight, almost unanimous vote, had Julia and Aurora not given away their plan or spooked Julie, it could have been wilder. We learned from Kelley when David asked her that the plan was actually David. But Victoria and Julia both on Twitter confirmed that Kelley was actually the plan going in. So presumably the Kama six would be voting for Kelley, the Lesu three voting for David and who knows who David and Rick were voting for. But it also seemed obvious that David and Rick were reforming their Idol to play for David. And you have to believe that if David plays an Idol, Kelley would play hers, followed by Lauren. Leaving whoever David and Rick voted for. Unless they vote for Kelley then we would have had a revote where no one who received votes would be eligible to vote for. Which would have been really wild.
You can download Survivor: Edge of Extinction on iTunes.

Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists: So we end the episode with both O.G. Liars trapped, Mona by the creepy janitor while Alison is in the trailer of a dead girl. Who knew those locked from the outside? Most interesting to happen since the first episode.
You can download Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists on iTunes.

The Challenge: War of World: Good riddance Bear, please do not ever come back.
You can download The Challenge: War of Worlds on iTunes.

Marvel’s Cloak and Dagger: So much for Mayhem, already sucked into Cloak’s Void but instead of Derek like in Janet’s Void, the cop who killed her boyfriend is there as the only other person sucked in there. Although since the Void seems to be similar to what Cloak sees when he touches people, his Void is filled with your fears. How fun.
You can download Marvel's Cloak and Dagger on iTunes.

Doom Patrol: Finally, what I have been waiting for since it was first talked about: The Underground. And it, mostly, did not disappoint. The explanation as to why some of the personalities look like Jane, that no one knows, was a little lame. Weird that Karen was one of them that looks like Janes, seems like they should have cast some generic blonde who looks like she came from the Hallmark Channel. But I loved that there was personality jail. And we really need more of Penny Farthing.

Blindspot: I just how loved how Rich believe that Bill Nye the Science Guy was some secret supervillain. But it turns out Kurt’s mother is alive. I do not really remember her ever even being mentioned on the show before. I remember his father was suspected of kidnapping a person that everyone thought was Jane for a couple seasons.
You can download Blindspot on iTunes.

The Blacklist: Well, that was one of the more warped Blacklisters to date. Maybe top five. But it looks like we are back at the beginning of the season with Ressler looking into Red’s real identity and Red looking for who put him in prison.
You can download The Blacklist on iTunes.

Saturday, April 13, 2019

Around the Tubes: April 13, 2019

I have gotten a plethora of cool press releases have been flooding my inbox recently that you may find interesting. This post will include blurbs on Black Hole Hunters, Meg Mac, Ladies Night, Noah Kahan, Anna of the North, Our Cartoon President, XY Chelsea, Dark Forces, and Hulu spring/summer premiere dates.

- Smithsonian Channel is putting viewers in the passenger seat of the journey towards a cutting-edge outer space discovery. On the heels of today’s groundbreaking scientific announcement, the network will air a new one-hour documentary following a team of international scientists as they attempt to document the first-ever image of a black hole. Black Hole Hunters premieres Friday, April 12 at 9 PM ET/PT on Smithsonian Channel.

- Meg Mac is thrilled to unveil her new single, ‘I'm Not Coming Back’. Using beautiful harmonies interwoven with an anthemic drum beat, the song explores the idea of letting go of someone who is only around when they need you.

- Rap and R&B royalty holds court with the BET premiere of Ladies Night, starring Salt-N-Pepa (SNP), DJ Spinderella and SWV. With a legacy spanning over three decades, Salt-N-Pepa has landed their biggest career accomplishment to-date, a Las Vegas residency. While simultaneously preparing for their opportunity of a lifetime, the trio has made the ambitious decision to launch the Ladies Night national tour in collaboration with SWV. The stakes are high and reputations are on the line as everyone scrambles to meet expectations and deadlines. We follow along as individual personalities, group egos, personal conflicts and professional obligations all take center stage to discover whether or not the ladies can push it to greatness together. Tune in for the action-packed, drama-filled season of Ladies Night starting Tuesday, April 30 at 10:00 PM ET/PT on BET and BET HER.

- Noah Kahan announces his highly anticipated debut album, Busyhead, will be released this summer on June 14th. In celebration of the release, Noah will be heading out on The Busyhead Tour across North America this fall, returning to headline larger venues coming off of a 2018 sold out tour. The tour kicks off at Granada Theater in Dallas on September 19th and includes dates in New York, Los Angeles, Boston, Chicago, Nashville, San Francisco and more. See the full list of dates below. Album pre-order and ticket on-sale will be available this Friday, April 12th at 10AM local time at

- Anna of the North today premieres a brand new track and accompanying video for "Used To Be", the second song to come from her forthcoming record, due for release in the Fall. Having sold out worldwide shows and amassed over 150 million streams so far, Anna is also embarking on her first North American headline tour later this month.

- Showtime will premiere the second season of its animated comedy series Our Cartoon President on Sunday, May 12 at 8 p.m. ET/PT, and will feature an animated appearance from Queer Eye’s Jonathan Van Ness. Additionally, Showtime has released the official key art and trailer for season two, which will consist of 10 half-hour episodes. To watch and share the trailer for the second season of Our Cartoon President, head over to YouTube.

- Showtime released a first-look trailer for XY Chelsea, which will have its world premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival on Wednesday, May 1. Directed by Tim Travers Hawkins, produced by Pulse Films and executive produced by Academy Award® winner Laura Poitras (RISK, Citizenfour), XY Chelsea tells the historic story of whistle-blower Chelsea Manning, whose 35-year sentence in a maximum security prison was commuted by President Obama in 2017. Shot over two years and featuring exclusive interviews and behind-the-scenes verité with Manning, the film begins on the momentous day in May of that year when she leaves prison and follows her through her journey of discovery, while also examining her place in the conversation on national security and the fight of the transgender community for rights and visibility. XY Chelsea will premiere on SHOWTIME on Friday, June 7 at 9 p.m. ET/PT. Manning was arrested again in March of this year and remains in custody after refusing to testify in front of a grand jury investigating WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, who was arrested in London on Thursday. To watch the trailer, go to YouTube.

- Lexicon today announced that they have cast Orlando Jones (American Gods) to topline Dark Forces, the third film from director Anthony O’Brien (THE TIMBER) who will direct from a screenplay jointly written by Lexicon co-founders, producers Mark Mathias Sayre (WATERLILY JAGUAR; DOE; THE CLEARING, DOUBTING THOMAS) & Justin Foia (POINT DEFIANCE). Dark Forces is a horror film that pays homage to its many sub-genres: “While recovering from brain surgery at a rehabilitation center, acclaimed monster movie director Jerry Graves (Jones) becomes haunted by the ghastly creatures and grisly scenes of his own horror films.”

- Coming to Hulu later this spring and into the summer:
Ramy, all episodes April 19
Into the Dark: All That We Destroy (Mother's Day), premieres May 3
Catch-22, all episodes May 17
Ask Dr. Ruth, premieres June 1
The Weekly, season 1, premieres June 2 on FX, June 3 on Hulu (weekly)
The Handmaid's Tale, Season 3, premieres June 5 (weekly)
Into the Dark: They Come Knocking (Father's Day), premieres June 7
Into the Dark: Culture Shock (Independence Day), premieres July 4
Harlots, Season 3, premieres July 10 (weekly)
Veronica Mars, season 4, all episodes July 26
Four Weddings and a Funeral, season 1 premieres July 31 (weekly)

Sunday, April 07, 2019

57 Channels and Only This Is On: April 7, 2019

Supergirl: Weird that the alien hating Ben Lockwood had a very that cannot possibly be Supergirl look on his face instead of an of course all aliens are evil look. I bet he actually starts defending her soon. But I do wonder if the president is in cahoots with Lex Luther.
Supergirl on iTunes.

Billions: I wonder what came first: the Chicken Man storyline or if the writers just wanted to put a Springsteen song in the show and Atlantic City talked about a chicken man in the first line? Or could someone have possibly heard that Chicken Bill song? At any rate, the ending to that storyline was funny. At least finally we got someone who uses old timey pronouns to talk about Taylor. Makes it much easier to tell that someone is not talking about multiple people despite using plural pronouns. And was that Michael Bolton with a bad haircut at the fundraiser? Then we went three for three in Chuck and Axe scenes this season. Are we going to go a full season of them meeting? I do hope that if (when) Axe helps Chuck to become Attorney General, Chuck then does prosecute Axe.

The Walking Dead: My first thought as a blizzard was bearing down on the Kingdom people, my first thought was, why not check the weather first. Yeah, there is no way I could survive a zombie apocalypse or even world without power. I am constantly checking the weather. But when dis Alexandria become the wide open space where people could get lost even in a blizzard? Shouldn’t muscle memory kick in? And I was a bit confused what was going on with Alpha. It sounded like she left for a bit in time and then comes back to be whipped? What is going on there?
You can download The Walking Dead on iTunes.

Black Monday: Well they took about ten minutes to explain how it was Blair and Dawn who were running the Georgina Play on Mo and I am still a little confused. And a pretty cheap reveal that it was Mo’s presumed dead mentor who ended up being the person who crashed down on his stretch Lambo by grabbing Blair’s tie with the pin on it. But so is the other Lehman Brother now dead since the old dude fell on him?

The Act: How ironic after making Gypsy think she was sick all this time, it is DeeDee who has an actual life threatening disease. And earlier I wondered how no doctor did anything about Gypsy not being as sick as DeeDee let on,, I also wonder why no one really questioned why DeeDee said Gypsy was four years younger than what her Medicaid card said? And was that dad on the phone wanting to wish her a happy birthday? I believe that was his first appearance. So what exactly was his deal? He cares enough to call on her birthday, but never actually visits and Gypsy does not seem to know anything about him. Then, just when you thought the show could not get any weirder, Gypsy gets introduced to BDSM. And that was the second guy she met on a Christian dating site, the first sent her a picture of his junk. My goodness.
You can stream The Act on Hulu.

Survivor: Edge of Extinction: Had someone told me before the episode aired that one of the Kama Six would go home even though Devins did not align with his former tribe and neither Kelley or Lauren played their Idol I would have punched them in the face and told them April Fool’s Jokes are not funny and you are two days late anyway. But shockingly three of the Kama six joined Joe’s lackey and Lese to boot one of their own.

I was shocked two weeks ago when Wardog came up with a pretty smart plan of voting for Wendy because if they were tied, Kama would not go to rocks for Wendy and they didn’t. Then this week he came up with a smart plan of going to rocks with Lesu and Joe’s Lackey going to rocks against the six that voted for rocks. And even when Devins stupidly rather be seven in an alliance of six, he somehow orchestrated a better plan that did not even involve rock by convincing the black chick, the redhead, and the hillbilly (I still have no idea who any of these Kama people are to take out one of their own. Wardog is the type of annoying hard head they you do kind of want to sit next to in final tribal, but between these two moves, he does have a good argument to make that he deserves to win.

Still, I want to see the scene where those Kama players actually convinced Kelley and Lauren that they would vote with them to the point where they were convinced enough to not play their Idol. Sure they do not know it, but the redhead making Aubrey thinking she was with her is exactly how she blindsides Aubrey with an Idol in her pocket. But these are truly the greatest Tribal when the people in the dominate alliance act annoyingly smug only to be blindsided. The title of the episodes was the old guy’s most smug quote about how he is the puppet master. And his reaction was priceless when that fourth vote for his buddy came up.

Hopefully he is next although looking at the promo it is going to be a wild one. The brunette Kama chick tell old dude and the blonde she wants David, Lauren tells the black chick she wants Ron, Kelley suggest the brunette to Wardog, the redhead tells unseen people Kelley. This all culminates with Aubrey actively trying to be made into an overtly shocked gif with Probst saying he has never seen anything like it (okay, Probst is the king of hyperbole so it may be over exaggerated). But with three Idols split amongst four people and an Extra Vote floating around three distinct voting blocs (the Lesu 4, the Kama 4, and the three that were blindsided this week), should be a wild one.
You can download Survivor: Edge of Extinction on iTunes.

Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists: So we got our first murder suspect (assuming you do not count the three people who actually talked about throwing the dude off the roof). Although the he chews the same gum is a pretty flimsy thing to pin a murder on someone.
You can download Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists on iTunes.

The Challenge: War of World: Well the no more teams is really going to hurt my Nany/Turbo pick. Although my imaginary bookie still has to pay out if Turbo wins, right? Lucky for everyone else they did get a British person out (and the biggest one to boot) right before the switch and now they are down to three. Now the question how will the voting block break down now that there are no teams? I wonder if the teams will actually stick together. Hunter and Georgia will likely not work together but everyone else seems to be on good term. There is also the question of if the elimination will not be gender specific are will they be able to call out anyone?
You can download The Challenge: War of Worlds on iTunes.

Cloak and Dagger: When Hot Lady Cop saw herself in the reflection; I thought for sure this was a Jekyll and Hyde situation. Nope, actually two of them. This should get interesting. Though I was not entirely sure how Cloak could easily transport the gangs money and drugs with him but was not able to transport a person.
You can download Marvel's Cloak and Dagger on iTunes.

Doom Patrol: After last episode’s loll, though we might have hit a speed bump on the show, but then they follow up their weakest episode by introducing a living street. Awesome. And then Diane may be the most entertaining Crazy Jane personality to date. A nineties rom-com lover who can make anyone, presumably with a heart which is why it did not work on Robot Man, fall in love with her and do her bidding. Again, great. But it looks like next week we are actually going to go inside Crazy Jane’s head, which will likely be another outstanding episode.

Blindspot: It seemed like they were really playing fast and loose with time this episode. Can you really get to upstate New York that fast. They should have had a 24 type clock and had the episode play out in real time.
You can download Blindspot on iTunes.

The Blacklist: Based on last week’s promo, I thought maybe the rest of this season would be Haram vs. Red but the former gave up on his quest for Sammar pretty quickly. Instead this week, it looks like they are finally going back to Red trying to figure out who had him arrested. Maybe at the end of it, Lizzie will finally figure out who Red really is.
You can download The Blacklist on iTunes.

Saturday, April 06, 2019

Around the Tubes: April 5, 2019

I have gotten a plethora of cool press releases have been flooding my inbox recently that you may find interesting. This post will include blurbs on The Chi, Queenpins, Nancy Drew and the Hidden Staircase, bülow, Jonas Brothers, Best Ever Trivia Show, Black Hole Hunters, Quiet Storm: The Ron Artest Story, The Carol Burnett Show, Light as a Feather, Looking For Alaska, and Intelligence.

- Starting today, the season two premiere of the hit Showtime drama The Chi is available for free sampling online, on streaming platforms and on TV on demand. Created and executive produced by Emmy® winner Lena Waithe (Boomerang, Master of None) and executive produced by Academy Award®, Emmy and Golden Globe® winner Common (Selma), The Chi is a timely coming-of-age story centering on a group of residents who become linked by coincidence but bonded by the need for connection and redemption. The season premiere episode is available for free now on YouTube, and ahead of its linear debut this Sunday, April 7 at 10 p.m. ET/PT.

- Think of a crime boss - do you imagine Al Capone, Tony Soprano, maybe Atilla the Hun? If so, actress Keke Palmer can now school you on some of the baddest "Queenpins" in history - the women who were loved, feared, and definitely in conflict with both the laws and gender norms of their day. Check out the first episode of 'Queenpins,' her new Glamour x FB Watch series, HERE, to learn about Stephanie St. Clair, the Queen of Harlem and the notorious "Numbers" gambling ring she ran in Roaring 20s and Great Depression NYC. She was an immigrant who, at a time when ambitious black girls were confined to career options such as: maid for a white family, cook for a white family, (you get it, etc.), owned a brownstone (409 Edgecomb Avenue, home to W.E.B. DuBois and Thurgood Marshall), sent white mobsters blackmail notes on their deathbeds, shot her cheating second husband (didn't kill him, though!), rocked hats and furs like the best of the pimps she partied with, and fought for social justice for black women at a time when it required the breaking of (many) laws to get a seat at the table.

- You have searched the internet for clues and re-read your old copies of the books with anticipation – but the suspense is over and Nancy Drew and the Hidden Staircase is out on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital now from Warner Bros Home Entertainment! Please check out our supercut created just for this release below celebrating the amazing "girl power" in the film!

- Award winning and multi-platinum pop iconoclast bülow has released a new EP, Crystalline, out now via Wax Records /Republic Records/Universal Music Canada. Listen to Crystalline HERE. The new EP will also be available on vinyl and can be pre-ordered HERE.

- Following the biggest comeback of the year, GRAMMY® Award-nominated multiplatinum powerhouse trio–Jonas Brothers—unleash their new single “Cool” today. Get it HERE (Republic Records)

- Game Show Network, the leader in game shows and competitive entertainment, has announced Sherri Shepherd (“The View”) as host of its new expert-trivia game show, Best Ever Trivia Show. The half-hour series is anticipated to premiere in Summer 2019. In Best Ever Trivia Show, three contestants face off against three Trivia Experts. The winning player then goes head-to-head against the Expert with the highest score in the final round – the ultimate trivia challenge. The Expert is asked five multiple choice questions and if the player gets one or more correct answers than the Expert, the player wins $10,000 along with the opportunity to come back and win up to a grand total of $30,000 and take his or her spot in trivia history. Trivia Experts to be announced at a later date.

- Smithsonian Channel is putting viewers in the passenger seat of the journey towards a cutting-edge outer space discovery. On the heels of a groundbreaking scientific announcement to be made on April 10, the network will air a new one-hour documentary following a team of international scientists as they attempt to document the first-ever image of a black hole. Black Hole Hunters premieres Friday, April 12 at 9 PM ET/PT on Smithsonian Channel.

- Starting Sunday, April 14th, lost episodes of the groundbreaking The Carol Burnett Show will return to broadcast television only on MeTV, America’s #1 classic television network. Airing Sunday nights at 10:30pm ET/PT and Monday-Friday at 11pm ET/PT, these rarely seen episodes will showcase sketches from the first five seasons of the longstanding series, including the premiere episode with Jim Nabors, who became Burnett’s “good luck charm” and first appearances of iconic characters, like pitiful Eunice and air-headed Mrs. Wiggins, who fans continue to adore. Many of these milestone episodes have never aired beyond their original debut – until now on MeTV.

- Showtime announced the acquisition of rights to the award-winning documentary Quiet Storm: The Ron Artest Story based on the turbulent life of one of the NBA’s most controversial figures. Directed by Johnny Sweet (VICK) and written by journalist Tom Friend, Quiet Storm: The Ron Artest Story is produced by Bleacher Report and will premiere on Showtime during Mental Health Awareness Month on Friday, May 31 at 10 p.m. ET/PT.

- Hulu and AwesomenessTV have announced the cast of Light as a Feather season 2. New cast includes Katelyn Nacon (The Walking Dead) as “Sammi,” Froy Gutierrez (Teen Wolf) as “Ridge,” Adriyan Rae (Atlanta) as “Peri,” Alisa Allapach (The 15:17 to Paris) as “Amanda,” Kira Kosarin (The Thundermans) as “Nadia,” Alex Wassabi (Wassabi) as “Luke,” Robyn Lively (Teen Witch) as “Deb” and Alan & Alex Stokes (Brobot). Returning cast includes Liana Liberato as “McKenna,” Brianne Tju as “Alex,” Haley Ramm as “Violet,” Jordan Rodrigues as “Trey,” Brent Rivera as “Isaac,” and Dylan Sprayberry as “Henry.”

- Hulu is excited to share that Timothy Simons (“Veep”) and Ron Cephas Jones (“This is Us”) have been cast as series regulars in the upcoming 8-episode limited series, Looking For Alaska, which began production this month.

- Showtime has given a series commitment and opened a writers room for the new spy thriller Intelligence, a real-world scripted drama series from Academy Award-winning filmmaker Mark Boal (The Hurt Locker, Zero Dark Thirty). Boal will write, direct and executive produce, marking the filmmaker’s first foray into television. The series, based on real stories from around the world, will explore the secret inner workings of power – how espionage intersects with politics, finance, media and Silicon Valley. The first season will dramatize the behind-the-scenes history leading up to the 2016 U.S. election, with each subsequent season looking at a major world event through the lens of covert operations.