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Wednesday, June 04, 2014

25 Deep Cuts from the Golden Age of Alternative Rock

Earlier this week I posted my list of the 100 Greatest Songs from the Golden Age of Alternative Rock. The mid nineties was a time when the music business was so prosperous that even minimal effort could result in a Gold record. I doubt anyone outside of the Deal family could name a second song by The Breeders yet Last Splash still went platinum. I contributed to many of those RIAA certifications (R.I.P. BMG 10 albums for a penny deals that they kept letting you quit and renew for a new batch of albums).

1. Anna Begins – Counting Crows: Not only one of my favorite deep cuts from the era, but one of my favorite songs ever in the history of the world. “Every time she sneezes I believe it is love” meant everything to me in my youth. Still does.

2. The World Has Turned and Left Me Here – Weezer: The Blue Album had the most songs of any album on my list as every song is great. This is my favorite of the rest, just another great teenage anthem.

3. Where Did You Sleep Last Night – Nirvana: Quite possibly the greatest performance ever to air on MTV Unplugged.

4. Warehouse – Dave Matthew Band: Record companies are usually good at releasing singles, but for some reasons the singles off of Dave Matthews Band albums are never my favorites. Ants Marching may be my fifth favorite song off their major label debut. The best is Warehouse which only get more epic when you hear it live. And thanks for the band’s penchant for releasing live albums, which will be easy to find because even though they always switch up set lists, there is always a good chance that this song will be represented.

5. Bad Habit – The Offspring: The ultimate road rage song. I probably listened to it way too much while learning to drive.

6. Immortality – Pearl Jam: No list is perfect and my own personal eyeballing of mine is there could have been a lot more Pearl Jam. It is probably after the success of the first album, they decided to step back from the spotlight not making music video or releasing proper singles leaving individual radio station to play their own favorites. Immortality is just the kind of mood I am in right now, but anything on those next two albums is worth checking out.

7. Let Me In – R.E.M.: Those first three R.E.M. albums from the nineties are worth checking out, this is probably the best track on their most fuzzed out album of the trio.

8. Happy Endings – Better than Ezra: I recently read an article where the lead singer suggested that they may have had Goo Goo Doll’s career had they been on a better record label and not one that went under. As a owner of all their albums sans their last I would have to agree as they made some of the best adult contemporary music of the past decade. You can hear them go down that root on songs like this.

9. Sad Songs and Waltzes – Cake: The band had a minor hit with their I Will Survive cover, another stand out on the same album was this Willie Nelson classic. The irony of course was during the alt-rock era, depressing songs were all the rage.

10. I'm the Ocean – Neil Young: The godfather of grunge hooked up with Pearl Jam and made an album which sounded exactly like you expected. This seven minute epic without a chorus is the highlight of the Mirror Ball album.

11. I Love You Mary Jane – Sonic Youth and Cypress Hill: When I first started working on my list I considered some more “alternative” rap song like Insane in the Brain. Instead I will include Cypress Hill’s awesomely weird collaboration with Sonic Youth for the Judgment Night Soundtrack where the two bonded over their love of the sticky icky. The song worked a lot better than their track with Pearl Jam.

12. Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness – Smashing Pumpkins: In the of the alt-rock heyday, who would have expected the Smashing Pumpkins to start their double album with a sweet, well, melon collie, piano-based instrumental.

13. Sir Psycho Sexy – Red Hot Chili Peppers: The Peppers are weird to begin with, but this was easily their most bizarre track from Blood Sugar Sex Magic. The teenage version of myself loved the lady cop verse.

14. Slide Away – Oasis: That first album was brit-pop gold, this was definitely my favorite non-single.

15. The Wanderer – U2: Nirvana gets a lot of credit for the start of the alt-rock era, but with Achtung Baby, U2 was getting weird at the same time. They got even weirder on Zoorepa which ended with a country euro-trash song featuring Johnny Cash on vocals, a year before his carreer got resurrected with the American Recordings series.

16. Swing On This - Alice In Chains: Who would have guessed Alice in Chain would ever release a song that was actually danceable?

17. Pillar of Davidson – Live: There were plenty of epic songs on Throwing Copper, this song may have actually been the most epic.

18. Bogusflow – Beck: DGC Rarities vol. 1 was a must own by any alt-rock fan with plenty of rare gems. At the time, Beck was heading for one hit wonderdom and this drunken Bob Dylan type song was not going to help him out of that label but was awesome nonetheless. I am still waiting for vol. 2.

19. Mad Dog 20 / 20 – Teenage Fanclub: Fun fact: The first legal drink I ever bought was Mad Dog 20/20. I cannot confirm nor deny it is because of this song.

20. April 29, 1992 (Miami) – Sublime: Humorously the band actually got the date wrong in the actual lyrics song (April 26), legend has it that the take with the mistake was the best so they kept it.

21. Steven's Last Night In Town – Ben Folds Five: There were not many New Orleans inspired tracks during the alt rock era, but this one was really good.

22. Brother – Toad the Wet Sprocket: This was off their “rarities” album which was one of the few albums that was just as good as the “proper” albums in an artist discography.

23. Price to Pay – Blues Traveler: Just great storytelling in this song and of course plenty of harmonica.

24. Carrion – Fiona Apple: The big hits of this album were song of Fiona’s more angry songs; I also appreciate her more subtle songs like this one.

25. Nada – The Refreshments: In the introduction I mentioned how easy it was to get a Gold album, this is one of the few bands from the time that did not manage one and I am not sure why, I really enjoyed both of their albums. Maybe too southern and not enough alternative in their rock. And then too weird for the country crowd. Nada was a great way to end that first album.

Honorable Mentions

Shamrocks and Shenanigans (Butch Vig Mix) – House of Pain: Another rap song I considered for this list, but the Butch Vig version. Vig was fresh from producing Nevermind and a few years away from becoming a founding member of Garbage and gave an alt-rock bent to the song.

Iron Man – The Cardigans: I considered a couple songs by the band for this list but Lovefool was a bit too poppy and Been It just missed the cut (had I expanded the end date by a year, My Favorite Mistake would definitely made the list). But the album was much more weird and darker than you would expect from the group that brought you Lovefool, case in point this trippy cover of the Black Sabbath song.

Monday, June 02, 2014

The 100 Greatest Songs From the Golden Age of Alternative Rock

1. Smells Like Teen Spirit - Nirvana

2. Sabotage - Beastie Boys

3. Would? - Alice in Chains

4. Creep - Radiohead

5. Loser - Beck

6. Undone - The Sweater Song - Weezer

7. Closer - Nine Inch Nails

8. Give It Away - Red Hot Chili Peppers

9. What I Got - Sublime

10. Mr. Jones - Counting Crows

11. Interstate Love Song - Stone Temple Pilots

12. Come Out and Play - Offspring

13. No Rain - Blind Melon

14. What's the Frequency, Kenneth? - R.E.M.

15. Santa Monica - Everclear

16. Bullet With Butterfly Wings - The Smashing Pumpkins

17. Bitter Sweet Symphony - The Verve

18. Run-Around - Blues Traveler

19. Are You Gonna Go My Way - Lenny Kravitz

20. Killing In the Name - Rage Against the Machine

21. I Alone - Live

22. Alive - Pearl Jam

23. Only Happy When It Rains - Garbage

24. Bound for the Floor - Local H

25. Peaches - The Presidents of the United States of America

26. Low - Cracker

27. Mysterious Ways - U2

28. Hey Man, Nice Shot - Filter

29. Liar - Rollins Band

30. All Mixed Up - 311

31. Song for the Dumped - Ben Folds Five

32. Pepper - Butthole Surfers

33. Standing Outside a Broken Phone Booth With Money In My Hand - Primitive Radio Gods

34. Not an Addict - K's Choice

35. Criminal - Fiona Apple

36. Drive - R.E.M.

37. Here and Now - Letters to Cleo

38. Popular - Nada Surf

39. Shine - Collective Soul

40. Girlfriend - Matthew Sweet

41. Bad Reputation - Freedy Johnston

42. Heart-Shaped Box - Nirvana

43. Where It's At - Beck

44. The Distance - Cake

45. Cumbersome - Seven Mary Three

46. Self Esteem - Offspring

47. Supersonic - Oasis

48. Possum Kingdom - Toadies

49. Banditos - Refreshments

50. Good - Better Than Ezra

51. Fade Into You - Mazzy Star

52. Ants Marching - Dave Matthews Band

53. Live Forever - Oasis

54. Walk - Pantera

55. Rooster - Alice in Chains

56. Mockingbirds - Grant Lee Buffalo

57. Sleep to Dream - Fiona Apple

58. Spoonman - Soundgarden

59. Round Here - Counting Crows

60. 1979 - The Smashing Pumpkins

61. Spin the Bottle - Juliana Hatfield Three

62. Fall Down - Toad the Wet Sprocket

63. Possession - Sarah McLachlan

64. Fallín' - Teenage Fanclub and De La Soul

65. Desperately Wanting - Better Than Ezra

66. Santeria - Sublime

67. Bulls On Parade - Rage Against the Machine

68. Hitchhiker Joe - Rugburns

69. Longview - Green Day

70. Fake Plastic Trees - Radiohead

71. Cannonball - Breeders

72. Everlong - Foo Fighters

73. El Scorcho - Weezer

74. What Would You Say - Dave Matthews Band

75. Ruby Soho - Rancid

76. Everything Falls Apart - Dog's Eye View

77. Say It Ain't So - Weezer

78. Flagpole Sitta - Harvey Danger

79. Push - Moist

80. My Name Is Mud - Primus

81. Battle of Who Could Care Less - Ben Folds Five

82. The Impression That I Get - The Mighty Mighty Bosstones

83. Lump - The Presidents of the United States of America

84. Connected - Stereo MC's

85. Naked Eye - Luscious Jackson

86. Lithium - Nirvana

87. Date Rape - Sublime

88. Connection - Elastica

89. Buddy X - Neneh Cherry

90. The Freshmen - The Verve Pipe

91. Einstein On the Beach (For an Eggman) - Counting Crows

92. Buddy Holly - Weezer

93. I Got Id - Pearl Jam

94. Super Bon Bon - Soul Coughing

95. #1 Crush - Garbage

96. All Apologies - Nirvana

97. Big Me - Foo Fighters

98. I Will Survive - Cake

99. Until It Sleeps - Metallica

100. Fell On Black Days - Soundgarden

For the purpose of this list, the Golden Age of Alternative Rock started with the release of Smells Like Teen Spirit and ended when Limp Bizcuit released their first album.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

The 25 Best Live Performances of 2012

I have embedded the first couple, after that, the link will take you to YouTube, usually for some crappy rip that will be taken down at some point (one of these days content suppliers will realize they should put everything on the internet, montinize it, because people are just going to upload it anyway).

1. Losing My Religion – Michael Stipe and Chris Martin (12-12-12 Concert for Hurricane Sandy Relief) Losing My Religion (feat. Michael Stipe) [Live] - 12-12-12 The Concert for Sandy Relief

2. Ronan – Taylor Swift (Stand Up 2 Cancer)

3. Cut Me Some Slack – Paul McCartney, Dave Grohl, Krist Novoselic, and Pat Smear (12-12-12 Concert for Hurricane Sandy Relief)

4. Hallelujah – The Cast of the Voice

5. Gold on the Ceiling / Lonely Boy – The Black Keys with Johnny Depp (2012 MTV Movie Awards)

6. We Found Love / Princess of China / Paradise – Coldplay and Rihanna (2012 Grammy Awards)

7. Beastie Boys Tribute – The Roots, Kid Rock, and Travie McCoy (2012 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony)

8. Call Me Maybe – The Roots, Jimmy Fallon, and Carley Rae Jepsen (Late Night with Jimmy Fallon)

9. Higher Ground – Red Hot Chili Peppers, Ron Wood, Slash, Billy Joe Armstrong, and George Clinton (2012 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony)

10. Rolling in the Deep – Adele (2012 Grammy Awards)

11. Dream On – Amanda Brown (The Voice)

12. Let Yourself Go – Green Day (2012 MTV Video Music Awards)

13. Surfer Girl / Wouldn’t it Be Nice / Good Vibrations – The Beach Boys, Maroon 5, and Foster the People (2012 Grammy Awards)

14. Criminal – Melanie Martinez and Nicholas David (The Voice)

15. Miami 2017 (Seen the Lights Go Out on Broadway) – Billy Joel (12-12-12 Concert for Hurricane Sandy Relief) Miami 2017 (Seen the Lights Go Out On Broadway) [Live] - 12-12-12 The Concert for Sandy Relief

16. Crazy – Daryl Hall and Cee-Lo Green (Live From Daryl’s House)

17. Crossroads – Eric Clapton (12-12-12 Concert for Hurricane Sandy Relief) Crossroads (Live) - 12-12-12 The Concert for Sandy Relief

18. Say Aah – Lindsey Pavao (The Voice)

19. We Are Young – Fun. (2012 MTV Movie Awards)

20. Thinkin’ Bbout You – Frank Ocean (2012 MTV Video Music Awards)

21. Not Even the King – Alicia Keys (Stand Up 2 Cancer)

22. Born to Run – Bruce Springsteen and Jon Bon Jovi (12-12-12 Concert for Hurricane Sandy Relief)

23. I’m Yours – Daryl Hall and Jason Mraz (Live From Daryl’s House)

24. Over You – Cassadee Pope (The Voice)

25. Comfortably Numb – Roger Waters and Eddie Vedder (12-12-12 Concert for Hurricane Sandy Relief) Comfortably Numb (feat. Eddie Vedder) [Live] - 12-12-12 The Concert for Sandy Relief

Friday, December 23, 2011

The 20 Best Albums of 2011

If you interested in buying any of the albums below, click on the album title to go to Amazon and the artist name to download it in iTunes. Also check out my original album reviews in the link under the album where for those I reviewed.

1. Helplessness Blues - Fleet Foxes
In That Dream I'm as Old as the Mountains

2. Stone Rollin' - Raphael Saadiq
Let Love Bring Us Together

3. Barton Hollow - The Civil Wars

4. 21 - Adele
There's a Fire Starting in My Heart

5. El Camino - The Black Keys
I Got a Love That Keeps Me Waiting

6. Watch the Throne - Jay-Z & Kanye West
Jay Is Chillin', 'Ye Is Chillin', What More Can I Say?

7. Ashes & Fire - Ryan Adams
Nobody Has to Cry to Make it Seem Real

8. Collapse into Now - R.E.M.
I Know What I am Chasing, I Know that this Is Changing Me

9. 4 - Beyoncé
You a Bad Girl and You're Friends Bad Too

10. Cocoon - Meg & Dia
I Gave Up on Giving Up on Me

11. Hot Sauce Committee Part 2 - Beastie Boys
We're Gonna Party for the Right to Fight

12. Chesapeake - Rachael Yamagata

13. Lasers - Lupe Fiasco

14. American Goldwing - Blitzen Trapper
You Might Find it Cheap but You're Never Gonna Find it Free

15. Undun - The Roots
If There's a Heaven I Can't Find a Stairway

16. Bells - Laura Jansen
I Have the Motivation to Be a Free Girl Now

17. Camp - Childish Gambino
Why Does Every Black Actor Gotta Rap Some? I Don’t Know, All I Know Is I’m the Best One

18. Mondo Amore - Nicole Atkins
They Call Dawn the Moring and I Wish We Said Goodbye

19. Back To Love - Anthony Hamilton
I'd Be Such and Angel You'd Think Me and Jesus Was Cool Like that

20. Red - Dia Frampton
Have You Ever Felt Like Everybody's Watching

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

I Want My Music Television - 11/2/11

There have been a couple of videos that have caught my eye lately so I thought I’d give them some love since the death of Musical Television left a void for a forum on the art form. If you are interested in buying the video through iTunes, click the title link (where available). If you are interested in buying the song, look for a link in the analysis.

Lonely Boy – The Black Keys

Much like the Funkasauras Rex starring video from their last album, apparently this is not the official music video for the lead single off the new Black Keys album, but it is as equally awesome. I cannot stop watch and may not until El Camino is released December 6. And for those late to the Black Keys music, their second album Thickfreakness is currently on sale for $5 on Amazon MP3.

We All Go Back to Where We Belong – R.E.M.

Sure there is also a Kirsten Dunst version of this R.E.M. video, but since she was already in Savage Garden video, so I will give the John Version some love, whoever he is.

Children – VV Brown featuring Chiddy

Between VV Brown and My Morning Jacket it has been a very entertaining years for children’s choirs. I still cannot decide which one is catchier.

Bonfire – Childish Gambino

So Childish Gambino (aka Troy from Community) wakes up with a noose, in his own woman’s t-shirt. Alrighty. But bonus points for the Toejam and Earl reference.

Saturday, October 01, 2011

You Said that Irony Was the Shackles of Youth

Monster - R.E.M.

Last week news broke out of nowhere that Rock and Roll Hall of Famers R.E.M. were calling it quits after almost three decades and fifteen albums together. It was almost like hearing your grandparents were getting a divorce after all these years. What is most surprising is they are closing up shop after releasing their best album since drummer Bill Berry left the band. Of course this brings up the old sports question of do you retire after winning the championship or keep trying to get one when you are no longer productive, so maybe it is better to call it quits now or turn into The Rolling Stones who have not put out a listenable album in my lifetime.

R.E.M. hit their creative stride the early nineties. Ironically, after being the face of alternative music, or college rock as it was called then, for most of the eighties, the group made it big by going mellow just as alternative was making it into the mainstream. After two album, the band packed in their mandolins and dusted off the guitars for Monster, which was not even a back to their roots movement but ended up expanding their sound even more and this month’s induction into the Scooter Hall of Fame.

Monster started off with the heaviest guitar riff Peter Buck ever on What’s the Frequency Kenneth? setting the listener up for a louder and fuzzier sound. It also us a glimpse into the theme of celebrity that runs throughout the album, with the title of the song coming from a phrase an someone repeatedly yelled at Dan Rather while attacking him. The album also ends with another stalkerish track You which manages to be creepy and awesome at the same time. The other most notable song about celebrity was Let Me In, a tribute to Kurt Cobain who committed suicide months earlier.

Aside from the opening song, the other stand out track is Strange Currency. It is thematically closer to the songs on the previous two albums, but with much more feedback that makes it fit in with the rest of the tracks on Monster. The song may be the sweetest song the band ever wrote after Nightswimming and Michael Stipe shows why he has one of the great voices in the history of rock when he sings lines like, “I need a chance, a second chance, a third chance, a fourth chance…” Here is hoping that voice is not lost forever just because the band broke up.

Friday, July 01, 2011

Hey I Can't Find Nothing on the Radio, Turn to that Station

Peter Buck once not so affectionately referred to his band’s early nineties records as R.E.M.’s James Taylor period, and sure Out of Time featured the worst song ever by a great artist with Shiny Happy People and included Endgame which sounded like it was lifted from seventies AM radio, but he is not giving the album along with my favorite album by the band Automatic for the People) enough credit. Yes the songs were much mellower than their previous work but the band got out of its comfort zone utilizing different instruments and even included a strings section on multiple songs. So I will be giving Out of Time its due by making it this month’s induction into the Scooter Hall of Fame.

The embracing of new instruments by R.E.M. was best exemplified by the album’s first single and band’s biggest hit Losing My Religion where Buck put down his guitar and picked up the mandolin which was a perfect backdrop for Michael Stipe’s haunting vocals. Half a World Away also featured the mandolin, but in a much more upbeat use than Losing My Religion and featured bassist Mike Mills on his new instrument for the album, the organ and remains one of the band’s most beautiful works of art.

Out of Time also so the introduction of guest vocalist, a first for the band. R.E.M. may have been the first alternative rock group (or college rock as it was called back then) to include a guest rapper on the song, and they even started the album off with KRS-One on Radio Song (which should have been a much bigger hit than it was). Their old Atlanta buddy Kate Pierson of the The B-52's adding vocals to Shiny Happy People, Country Feedback, and Me in Honey.

Though Out of Time was the start of the band’s “James Taylor” era, the album still featured a few songs that would not have been out of place on their eighties albums like Low where Stipe gets low on the vocals against a sparse backdrop of staccato guitars and organ. While Belong features the classic harmonies of Stipe and Mills that really sore in the chorus. But Out of Time was just a great primer for what was coming next with Automatic for the People where the band were at their peak musically.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

I Know What I am Chasing, I Know that this Is Changing Me

For those of us whose formative years happened during the nineties, Automatic for the People was a seminal album by R.E.M. Released just nineteen short months after Out of Time, which pushed the band into the mainstream after being college rock gods for the previous decade, Automatic for the People hit a major chord with their newfound melodic sound and Michael Stipe’s impassioned lyrics. But in the nineteen years since the release, they have yet to release an album up to that standard which makes you wonder how much drummer Bill Berry, who left the band two albums later when he suffered an aneurysm during the Monster tour, had to do with the greatness of those nineties albums. But at this point I would be happy if the band released an album as good as Monster.

That has not to say the remaining three hasn’t scrapped together a few great songs in their drummer’s absent, but they never have seemed to fill a full album of them. Their fifth post Berry album (fifteenth overall) is their best work since Monster. Collapse Into Now mixes songs that have the energy of their eighties college rock days and melodic songs from the nineties, though definitely leaning more towards the former.

Album opener Discoverer can make any middle-aged remember back to college when they were in some sweaty bar seeing the band for the first time as you shout along with the chorus with one fist in the air. The band prominently breaks out a mandolin for the first time since Losing My Religion for Oh My Heart, the band’s catchiest songs since At My Most Beautiful. While Überlin sounds like a perfect blend of the band’s first two decades. And the boys brings back Patti Smith to close out the album with Blue and the spoken word is reminiscent of their last hook out on E-Bow the Letter.

Song to Download – Oh My Heart

Collapse into Now gets a Terror Alert Level: High [ORANGE] on my Terror Alert Scale.

Monday, March 07, 2011

I Want My Music Television - 3/7/11

There have been a couple of videos that have caught my eye lately so I thought I’d give them some love since the death of Musical Television left a void for a forum on the art form. If you are interested in buying the video through iTunes, click the title link (where available). If you are interested in buying the song, look for a link in the analysis.

Uncharted - Sara Bareilles

I thought this was going to be another one of those fan made video until I went, “wait, isn't that Pharrell? And Josh Groban singing into a banana? Turns out Sara Bareilles got all her singer-songwriters friends to film videos of them lip-syncing her new song. Apparently no one in Maroon 5 has been on YouTube because their camera is too high quality and do not ham it up enough.

From the Clouds – Jack Johnson

Leave it to naturist Jack Johnson to shoot a beautiful video featuring the ocean. This screams view me in HD. And for anyone who would like to download this song for free (and more important legally) head over to Jack Johnson Music to do just that. The catch though is you have to post the link on your Facebook page or Twitter it to get the download. But for me free is free.

Uberlin – R.E.M.

At least the new R.E.M. video is less seizure inducing than their last one.

Freaks and Geeks – Childish Gambino

Yes that is the dude from Community (Childish Gambino is what a Wu-Tang Clan name generator gave him back in college; for those wondering, mine is Illmaster Assasin). I keep on going back and forth on if I actually like the song. Dude’s got wordplay skill, but the nasally delivery puts me off. But bonus points for including a shotout to time slot rival and fellow LaVar Burton fan, The Big Bang Theory.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I Want My Music Television - 2/23/11

There have been a couple of videos that have caught my eye lately so I thought I’d give them some love since the death of Musical Television left a void for a forum on the art form. If you are interested in buying the video through iTunes, click the title link (where available). If you are interested in buying the song, look for a link in the analysis.

All of the Lights – Kanye West

My eyes hurt now, thanks Kanye. Odd that Kanye can get twenty different singers to go all the way to Hawaii to sing one line or less, but could only get two to show up in the video.

Mine Smell Like Honey - R.E.M.

Speaking of headache inducing music videos, here is another one from R.E.M.

Bodies – Cee-Lo Green

A creepy theme to begin with but the showing the video via pictures just makes it creepier, and I mean that as a compliment Cee-Lo. And poor Common, gets killed for his shades and doesn’t even get a mention in the opening credit.

Single Girls - Laura Jansen

Weird chalk outline boyfriend aside, I find this song by newbie Laura Jansen very sweet and melancholy even if Bruno Mars did the cassette tape outline a couple months. What is with the cassette comeback? I haven’t used one in about a decade.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

I Want My Music Television vol. XXX

There have been a couple of videos that have caught my eye lately so I though I’d give them some love since the death of Musical Television left a void for a forum on the art form so here they are courtesy of YouTube. I advise you to watch them before you read my reviews if you don’t want me to spoil things. If you are interested in buying the video through iTunes, click the title link (where available, if not the link goes to YouTube where you can watch the video in full screen). If you are interested in buying the song, look for a link in the analysis.

House of Cards - Radiohead

Consider my mind blown… sort of. New broke a couple weeks ago that Radiohead was filming a new video without any cameras or light, but with lasers and I guess the buildup in my mind hoped for something cleaner. But this is still a contender for best video of the year.

Man-Sized Wreath - R.E.M.

Another visual wonder this time from R.E.M. Not entirely sure what is going on here even after a couple viewing as it seems to be high tech and low tech to cool results.

Gamma Ray - Beck

Is there anyone who isn’t working with Danger Mouse these days? The latest is Beck and the result is his latest album Modern Guilt. Gamma Ray of which sound like an acoustic version of a Gnarls Barkley track that never existed.

Spaz - N.E.R.D.

Here is the song that N.E.R.D. contributed to that, um; actually I can’t remember what they were selling in that commercial actually. Not a very good marketing job there. But anyways. There are not enough cool performance videos these days. Maybe we will start seeing more since the big budget video is basically dead. Bonus: No Lindsay Lohan in this video.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

I Want My Music Television vol. XXVIII

There have been a couple of videos that have caught my eye lately so I though I’d give them some love since the death of Musical Television left a void for a forum on the art form so here they are courtesy of YouTube. I advise you to watch them before you read my reviews if you don’t want me to spoil things. If you are interested in buying the video through iTunes, click the title link (where available, if not the link goes to YouTube where you can watch the video in full screen). If you are interested in buying the song, look for a link in the analysis.

My Medicine - Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg singing country music. Words cannot do this video justice.

Dance with Me - Old 97’s

Okay, some real country music courtesy of the Old 97’s and the hot chick from Battlestar Galactica. I actually had a chance to meet her but unfortunately had a charity event that weekend. All for the best as I probably would have said something stupid, or worst nothing at all while I starred wide-eyed at her.

Hollow Man - R.E.M.

Just a cool video and another great song off of Accelerate from R.E.M.

Sneakerlights - Vanessa Hudgens

I have a soft spot for Vanessa Hudgens because my review of her album quadrupled the record amount of hits for one day at that time. Now there is no way to gauge it, but I also think that day I had the highest percentage of people disappointed to find the 9th Green. But anyways. It is odd that her singing voice in this song sound very little like her talking voice and her singing voice tends to change from song to song. Just thought I’d point that out.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

I Want My Music Television vol. XIX

There have been a couple of videos that have caught my eye lately so I though I’d give them some love since the death of Musical Television left a void for a forum on the art form so here they are courtesy of YouTube. I advise you to watch them before you read my reviews if you don’t want me to spoil things. If you are interested in buying the video through iTunes, click the title link (where available, if not the link goes to YouTube where you can watch the video in full screen). If you are interested in buying the song, look for a link in the analysis.

Flashing Lights - Kanye West

Every new Kanye West video has become a major event almost like when you ran home from school to catch the latest from the likes of Michael Jackson which MTV would air hourly for the entire day. But I haven’t decided if his latest, directed by Spike Jones of all people, is a case of him being too high concept or not high concept enough. And yes, the video was supposed to stop like that and no, there won’t be a sequel or any further explanation (or so ‘Ye would have us believe).

Supernatural Superserious - R.E.M.

It has been awhile since I took the record industry to task, but this may be up their as one of the dumbest. So R.E.M. has a new video out except you can’t embed the video from YouTube. Yet there is a site where you can edit the video at Supernatural Superserious and upload your version to their YouTube page. Except you can embed those (one of which is above) using the same song and much of the same footage. Seriously, why allow one but not the other? But anyways, the song reminds me of something circa the Monster era which coincidently was the last time I was really big into R.E.M., that’s not to say they haven’t has some great songs since.

Hands on Me - Vanessa Carlton

This video from Vanessa Carlton hopefully brought to you from Purell.

I’m Me When I’m With You - Taylor Swift

If there ever a reason not to let a seventeen year old borrow your camcorder, here is the directorial debut from Taylor Swift. And is she really doing the Soulja Boy dance in the video? It may be time to raise the minimum voting age back up.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Feed Your iPod vol. VII: Nightswimming

Next week sees the release of the very first live album in the twenty-six year career of R.E.M. in the form of a two CD and DVD set, some of which you can preview on their YouTube Channel. Okay, so I am a little disappointed that my personal favorite R.E.M. song was not included. But that is why I am featuring Nightswimming on my latest installment of Feed Your iPod.

The first time I ever heard the song was when I bought Automatic for the People so long ago it was on cassette tape and among a bunch of great songs, Nightswimming stood out above all of them. I am always a sucker for piano ballads and the subtle string section just put the song in legendary status as they back the great Michael Stipe vocals (my favorite line: “I’m pining for the moon”). The song was never as a single stateside, but was in England along with the accompanying video.

Nightswimming - R.E.M. R.E.M. - Automatic for the People - Nightswimming

Feed Your iPod is meant to highlight songs that may not have been big hits but should be on everyone’s mp3 player. Shoot me an e-mail if there is a song you think should be included along with a short paragraph why and maybe it will be featured in a future segment.