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Wednesday, July 05, 2017

The Ten Best Shows of 2016-2017

1. The Handmaid's Tale 1.x (Hulu)

2. The Good Place 1.x (NBC)

3. Mr. Robot 2.x (USA)

4. Good Behavior 1.x (TNT)

5. Harlots 1.x (Hulu)

6. BrainDead 1.x (CBS)

7 Masters of Sex 4.x (Showtime)

8. Black-ish 3.x (ABC)

9. Angie Tribeca 3.x (TBS)

10. Billions 2.x (Showtime)

Shows that aired a majority of their season between July 2016 and June 2017 were eligible for this list.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

57 Channels and Only This Is On: 11/20/16

Shameless: I figured Fiona would rip up the check, but I thought she would use that money to fix up the place and let the cat lady think she already paid for it. That 50k could have replaced enough washers to make a good start for the business. But why deposit the check into her account later? That could end badly unless she can get the cat lady to buy the new washers.

The Walking Dead: Wait, did we know that Rick’s kid is not really his kid? If so I missed that. I also missed what was going on with Maggie? It seemed like they implied to Negan she was dead, but clearly she is not. But where can she possibly be where Negan will not find her? Speaking of Negan, I am already out on him and his overacting. Every time I hear him say Rick, I think of the annoying SNL skit where Amy Poehler annoyed her stepfather Rick (played by Horatio Sanz).
You can download The Walking Dead on iTunes.

Masters of Sex: I have gotten gay vibes from Art from the beginning, apparently so did Bob. So I was a bit surprised when Art did not reciprocate. And what a way to start a marriage with a little deception because it was pretty clear Ginny called the reporters to their wedding. Should be interesting how that affects their marriage next season. It will also be interesting to see what happens to Libby. I just hope this does not turn into a Betty Draper situation where she is just a complete drag everytime she is on screen after the divorce.

Supergirl: Oh man, that was cold, Alex goes gay for hot lady cop and hot lady cop just shuts her down, Maybe Maxwell Lord is still lurking if she wants to go back to guys. Actually what happened to Maxwell Lord? He was on this big anti-alien crusade and just stops in between season? Maybe he went on the same sabbatical as Cat.
You can download Supergirl on iTunes.

Timeless: One thing I noticed during there scene together was that either Flynn is really tall or Wyatt is really short.
You can download Timeless on iTunes.

Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen. X: Ballsy move knowing you are being targeted and not play your Idol. Of course when you are in overwhelming minority, maybe it is a good risk, now that buys you an extra week to hope the majority alliance implodes.
Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen. X on iTunes.

Blindplot: Poor Chrissy Seaver, her first boyfriend on the show was murdered basically because she let him study a tattoo. Then her next one turned out to be a mole for the group she is investigating and either ended up shooting him or was shot by him (obviously the former, whenever they do they who got shot cliffhanger, it is always the bad guy). And now that Roman has had his memory wiped, hopefully he becomes more interesting now because he has been a bit of a bore up to now.
You can download Blindspot on iTunes.

Sunday, November 13, 2016

57 Channels and Only This Is On: 11/13/16

Shameless: Interesting that Fiona and Frank have the same everyone has to contribute philosophy. Okay, so Frank just used it so further line his pockets.

The Walking Dead: What happened to the tiger guy? This week was back to the excruciating torture porn type show.
You can download The Walking Dead on iTunes.

Masters of Sex: Poor Art, finally realizing just how poor his marriage is, I wonder if there is a scenario where Art stays in St. Louis and Nancy goes to New York. Then you had Virginia sitting through the most icky intake session ever. Hard pass on that.

Gotham: Sucks to be the actress who played Kristin Kringle, she gets killed off, brought back only to be killed off a couple weeks later.
You can download Gotham on iTunes.

Supergirl: Why was Supergirl so stressed that Lena asked both her and Kara to her party, couldn’t that have been easily resolved by having Martian Manhunter stand in for one of them like when she convinced Kat that Kara was not a superhero? And everyone had to know when Lena took that dramatic pause, she was going to follow it up with …mom. I got that feeling right when he mom walked into the room. But the real question is that Mrs Luther (who I do not recall ever was on Smallville or her birth mother.
You can download Supergirl on iTunes.

Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen. X: Just when I thought the Legacy Advantage as one of the dumbest twists in the history of the show, now Adam can steal someone else’s reward, or the Guaranteed Way to Get Voted Out Next Advantage. And, um, can none of these people count, I had to recount myself to make sure I am right, but if they wanted Jay out, they could have split the vote just in case he had an Idol. Okay, I have never been much of a fan of vote splitting unless you have an overwhelming majority or you definitely know someone has an Idol and you want to flush it out, so many things can go wrong (ask Tyson who’s failure to properly execute a split led to him being voted out) so I do not have much of problem with no vote splitting. I do have a problem with them targeting Michelle for no reason other than no one with an Idol would see it coming. Seriously, just target Jay if you want him out, the guy is clearly not bright enough to find an Idol or to use even if he had one. But how apropos that in Trump’s America, this season of the show saw all the minorities go first and now the guys are voting out the women for no good reason.
Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen. X on iTunes.

Blindplot: I have been hoping for a Rich Dotcom spinoff and now I think I found his supporting cast as the weapons expert can join Rich’s team. His point of view scenes were great, especially sheepish Curt.
You can download Blindspot on iTunes.

The Blacklist: So after three and a half season, Red finally admitted what everyone has assumed since the first episode, he was Lizzie’s father. Now the big question, what did Red tell Kirk that made him let Red go.
You can download The Blacklist on iTunes.

Sunday, November 06, 2016

57 Channels and Only This Is On: 11/6/16

Once Upon a Time: 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea? Again, if the Animal Farm animals show up, I am out. And didn’t Hook’s brother already die in Neverland? Did he have another one I forgot about already?
You can download Once Upon a Time on iTunes.

Shameless: You gotta love that Carl turns out to be part Indian and he cop mentor ends up being part Puritan, who oppressed Carl’s “People”. But haven’t they already done the Fiona and Vee on the outs storyline? I am ready for them to just reconcile or at least just completely blow things up.

The Walking Dead: I was just whining last week how depressing the show had gotten, to the point is was moving into torture porn territory. And this week they introduce a self-professed king and his pet tiger who does not seem to be evil at all. Where has King Ezekiel been hiding all this time?

Masters of Sex: So the first time (I think) Virginia ever professed her love was while pretending to be other people. Kind of sums up that relationship. And of course while they are off looking for clinics stealing their method, Nancy is plotting her own exodus who got even more underhanded by telling Art she is tired with the swinging lifestyle only to go back to her favorite swing afterwards. Should be interesting to see what her endgame is.

The Strain: Wow, what a brat, setting off a nuclear bomb because his father killed his undead mother. Little Godweather may have just vaulted up to the top of the list of the worst TV kid ever, and that is a pretty extensive list.
You can download The Strain on iTunes.

Gotham: “Stop the press,” good original Batman shout out. But I am getting tired of the Mad Hatter storyline, that is not a villain that deserves his own season long story arc, a villain of the week episode would have sufficed.
You can download Gotham on iTunes.

Supergirl: I get a strong Smallville vibe between Kara and Lena. I just hope if that is the case we do not have to wait five long and slow seasons to have the two turn against each other as she embrasses the darkside. But on the flipside of that, having Kara and Mon-El accept each other after one episode when their races have been in a blood feud for centuries seemed a bit fast. It would be a bit disappointing if all the new characters (Mon-E;, Lena Luther, Miss Martian, hot lesbian vop) turn out to be allies with only an episode or two of being an anagonist at top. One of them has tto go full heel at some point.
You can download Supergirl on iTunes.

Timeless: Wait, why did Flynn go back to the Alamo again? Just to kill everyone four days earlier? Kind of a waste of a time machine if you ask me. But one interesting part was Flynn teling Santa Anna he should grant quarter to the women and children as he is also a father. Could Flynn be Lucy’s currently unknown father? Seems obvious until I actually think about the logistics as he does not seem that much older than her (not that stops Hollywood as I believe the Gilmore Girls are only about nine years apart in real life). But then ago, current day Flynn could have gone back thirty-ish years and impregnated Lucy’s mother.
You can download Timeless on iTunes.

Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen. X: So three post swap Tribal and three times the majority generation sent home one of their own. The Millennials go into the merge with the advantage but a lot of bad blood so it may very well be one of them heading off to the jury first. Except here we are at the merge and I still have no interest in rooting for any of these people.
Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen. X on iTunes.

The Good Place: The DJ monk finally got found out by his “lifepartner” though I was a bit disappointed that there was not his “real” version of him on The Bad Place train. But what was with the no new episodes until January? Why are they not airing up to the week before Thanksgiving? What exactly is NBC airing the next two weeks then? I looked up next week, but the regular line up is being pre-empted here for the Browns Thursday Night Football game. So expect the NFL primetime game ratings to continue to decline.
You can download The Good Place on iTunes.

Sunday, October 30, 2016

57 Channels and Only This Is On: 10/30/16

Shameless: Really, you are inviting real cops to your speakeasy? Not the brightest idea, surprisingly that did not turn out bad. Really things are looking up for most of the Gallagher’s, except Frank whose homeless shelter is about to b destroyed. I wonder when things are going to turn around or are could the family finally be succeeding for the first time?

The Walking Dead: So having to wait months to learn who Negan exacted his revenge, we have to wait until the third segment. I was leaning towards thinking it would be the gay dude whose name I have yet to bother to learn yet. Instead it was my second pick who spent most of last season kind of moping around waiting to die and from a tactical perspective was the smart person to take out as he was the biggest. The shocker though was thanks to Daryl getting out of time, there was a second causality and it was Glenn who they went out of their way to make us think he was dead, going so far to take the actor’s name out of the credits. So really a drag of an episode and when Negan forced to cut off Carl’s arm, I was starting to realize this show is just turning into torture porn. It may be time for me to just dump the entire Walking Dead franchise; it is just getting too depressing.
You can download The Walking Dead on iTunes.

Masters of Sex: Mmmm, a same sex team at Masters and Johnson, this should be interesting, mostly the female team. Also clever of Betty to the biological father to gain control of the baby. I still think this may not work out for her.

The Strain: Wait, the bomb the Nazi vampire set off last week was supposed to be nuclear? Shouldn’t that have done a bit more damage? And is Quinlin really that fast to outrun a nuclear blast? Alrighty. Unfortunately the Silver Angel cannot outrun the vampires. Le sigh. At least we will not have any of those weird scenes with Gus speaking English and Angel speaking Spanish.
You can download The Strain on iTunes.

Gotham: I joked last week I joked the moment between Riddler and Penguin was more believable than Batman and Catwoman. It turns out that Penguin actually has feelings for the Riddler… Alrighty.
You can download Gotham on iTunes.

Supergirl: Holy Miss Martian sighting! I take it this version is not Hank’s niece like in Young Justice; instead she may end up being Hank’s love interest.

Timeless: I figured that Lucy and the gang would show up in a James Bond novel, but for another week, no major changes in her modern day life. Meh.
You can download Timeless on iTunes.

Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen. X: Two weeks after the tribe swap and second time where the majority tribe going in loses a member. But unlike last week, this seems like the right move. Adam was on the bottom rung of the Millennial tribe and last week’s vote saw there were cracks in the Gen Xers so that makes it worth the gamble. Teaming up with Zeke and his new allies may actually work if they all make the merge.
Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen. X on iTunes.

Blindplot: Please give Rich Dotcom his own spin-off, or just add him to the team.
You can download Blindspot on iTunes.

The Good Place: Oh snap, the Bad Place guy has the real Eleanor. I wonder if the real monk is also on the train. And the more she name drops, the more I think Tahani does not really belong in the Good Place either.
You can download The Good Place on iTunes.

The Blacklist: Poor Aram, he lands a hot chick only for to be evil, but of course that always seems to be the case in shows like these. He may not have, but I should have known better.
You can download The Blacklist on iTunes.

Sunday, October 23, 2016

57 Channels and Only This Is On: 10/23/16

Once Upon a Time: When the new teacher’s aide showed up talking about a princess from another land, I was really hoping this was going to be a Galavant crossover because that actress played a princess on the show. But alas, she turned out to be Princess Jasmine from Aladdin.
You can download Once Upon a Time on iTunes.

Shameless: It was a long time coming, but Fiona is really laying down the law. But I wonder which Gallaher moves out first. I have a feeling they will all move out and will be back together by the season finale. Also, Frank’s new family will actually be disbanded by the end of the season.

Masters of Sex: Oh no, as soon as the baby was delivered, I had a sinking suspicion something was wrong, then Barton told Dr. Masters to scrub up. Now we are likely to have a custody battle that I cannot see Betty even getting her day in court back in the seventies.

The Strain: Did the writers forget that Gus had an older brother? Or did I misremember things? But I am pretty sure he was played by Weevil Navarro.
You can download The Strain on iTunes.

Gotham: At the end, I actually thought for a moment the Penguin and the Riddler were going to kiss. Of course they have more chemistry than Batman and Catwoman who had an extremely awkward kiss themselves.
You can download Gotham on iTunes.

Supergirl: And here is why I feared the show getting demoted to The CW, they bring in Metallo and then turn him into a male stripper. What the frack? And what was with Hank hiding as a little girl. Speaking of Hank, what was with Superman outing everyone’s secret identity? At the DEO, he called Hank Jonn and Supergirl Kara.

Timeless: I hope it does not become a thing where episodes where history does not change become less interesting. Actually things changed last week and I was still disappointed that nothing dramatic happened in Lucy's home like in the first episode where her sister no longer existed and now has a fiancee. I kind of want something dramatic to happen every week.
You can download Timeless on iTunes.

Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen. X: Never a good sign when one of your tribemates have to ask, “Is he trying to throw this?” Even worse when the answer is probably no, he is just that incompetent. Poor David. But at least he was able to replenish his Idol after questionably giving his last one to Jessica. I actually thought he might actually lose it again on CeCe and that would have been at least defensible. Now he may be fourth in a four person tribe. Yeah he still has an Idol, but if his tribe loses two more Immunity Challenges before the merge that will not do him much good.
Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen. X on iTunes.

Monday, October 17, 2016

57 Channels and Only This Is On: 10/16/16

Once Upon a Time: I thought pulling out characters from a high school reading list was bad, but that may have been better than revisiting Cinderella’s origin story.
You can download Once Upon a Time on iTunes.

Shameless: So did none of the other Gallagher’s think to use a ladder to get to the second floor? Well I guess it was more entertaining to take a sledgehammer to the wall.

Masters of Sex: Interesting bit of quid pro quo with Virginia “admitting” that her agent took part in the survey and refused the second book because they did not include his data because he was too good in bed. And id Libby really going to hook up with the lawyer? Seems like a really bad match.

Supergirl: So the demotion to The CW means no more cave based DEO instead there is a new building base in city because… why not? Oh well, at least the show is still fun.
You can download Supergirl on iTunes.

Timeless: To let Lincoln die or not to let Lincoln die, that is the question. Might as well save him because they already messed up the timeline. Maybe Lucy’s sister would have returned had they saved Abe. I thought maybe they would change the timeline because Lincoln’s son became obsessed with finding Lucy and never married the person he was supposed to marry and they just messed up the timeline. But nice twist where it turned out Lucy’s father is not really her father even though I was disappointed nothing changed, I was kind of hoping there would be something that changed every time they traveled back in time.
You can download Timeless on iTunes.

Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen. X: My main rule for the Hidden Immunity is never use it for someone else unless you can give it to someone in your alliance that will switch the numbers into your favor. At Tribal, I thought it was a bold move, but the more I think about it, I think it was the wrong move. Then the promo showed why it was a really dumb idea to give away your Idol because next week, Jeff says, “Drop your buffs.” So unless he is on the same tribe as CeCe and Jessica, dude will really want that Idol back.
Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen. X on iTunes

The Good Place: So Chidi and Tahanni are really soulmates, right? But does that make Eleanor and the monk soulmates and that was the mix up?
You can download The Good Place on iTunes.

Sunday, October 09, 2016

57 Channels and Only This Is On: 10/9/16

Once Upon a Time: Am I really going to dust off my high school reading list for this season? The Count of Monte Cisco? If they gang runs into the animals of Animal Farm, I may finally have to quit this show.
You can download Once Upon a Time on iTunes.

Fear the Walking Dead: Oh snap, Travis just totally went HAM on those people that killed his son. But Christopher should have known if they were so quick to kill their friend, they would do the same to him.
You can download Fear the Walking Dead on iTunes.

Masters of Sex: C’mon Lester, how do you not know they you have to re-fog the window by breathing on it to get the phone number? But a weird “coat” party. Betty goes home with a gay do they stares at him lingering when he answers the phone. Is she going to use him to make her girlfriend jealous, or is she looking for an assistant of her own? Then it was a shame Libby and Bill did not stick around to take coats that could have had fireworks. Then pour Virginia’s assistant, almost a sad sack as Lester, but at least the latter got some.

The Strain: What exactly was Fet doing all day? He went into the tunnels at dawn but did not get to the nest until dusk while Ephraim was quickly able to get to the lair fairly quickly. And when he ran into Gus, they all seemed comfortable letting the hot chick and the crippled old man get to the surface alone.
You can download The Strain on iTunes.

Gotham: When Hugo Strange was creating new personas for the Indian Hills residents, I thought the Alice in Wonderland book was a Mad Hatter Easter egg. Turns out it was his sister. Who knew Mad Hatter had a sister? And for someone experimented on, she seems relatively even keel: she was able to get a job, was compassionate enough to torch the bar where she spilled her blood because she knows her blood is poison, and even saved James from her brother.
You can download Gotham on iTunes.

Timeless: I figured that when Lucy came back, her mother would be better, but oh my, they made her sister not exist because the Hindenburg did not crash when it was supposed to. I did find the Pilot entertaining, but the more I think about their time travel laws, the more it kind of bugs me. Okay, I get they cannot go back and try to get the Hindenburg to crash on schedule to avoid seeing themselves but why is that stopping three other people from going back in time? Or go back a day before leave a message for them and travel back?
You can download Timeless on iTunes.

Conviction: It is depressing that there was actually a person who watched this Pilot and thought, “yeah, I would rather have Haley Atwell star in this on my network instead of Agent Carter.” And then make her do an American accent… c’mon, she couldn’t be the Prime Minister’s rebellious daughter who emigrated to leave the watchful eye of her parents?
You can download Conviction on iTunes.

Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen. X: Survivor has become so predictable that even when something shocking happens, it is actually predictable. When Gen X lost, I thought, obviously CeCe is going home, then in th testimonial, one of the guys said, CeCe was the obvious vote, which then made me think, wait, that means CeCe is not going home. So of course when the old dude who, c’mon, is really Baby Boomer, got targeted, I knew it was going to be him. Meh.
Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen. X on iTunes

Blindplot: I never understand all the people who put their guns down to try to talk down a crazy person with a firearm. C’mon, stay put and let the fifteen year old empty her clip and then talk her down.
You can download Blindspot on iTunes.

The Blacklist: As a pretentious armchair television critic, I like to complain about procedurals, but I actually liked this show a lot better when they were taking down a new bad guy every episode instead spending all this time on Liz’s baby.
You can download The Blacklist on iTunes.

Saturday, October 01, 2016

57 Channels and Only This Is On: 10/1/2016

Once Upon a Time: So Emma is going to die? Alrighty. But who really care if we all now know you can escape from the afterworld? And wasn’t Aladdin part of the horrible spin-off? I vaguely remember it, but the only crossover was the one guy who was in the cast right after the show was canceled, did not do much besides flirt with Belle and quickly disappeared. I wonder if they will mention Wonderland with the addition of Aladdin.
You can download Once Upon a Time on iTunes.

Masters of Sex: I thought they would drag out the new partners being secretly married for a while but Lester managed to out them pretty quickly. But the guy mentioning they have an open relationship should continue to make things interesting. Just who is going to hook up first? Virginia clearly need to find someone to help with her multiple orgasm study as the random guys she finds do not seem that interesting in her taking note. But Bill also seem like he is quick to want Virginia to be jealous.

Gotham: She may look much older but isn’t Ivy still a teenager at heart? She was pretty quick to kill that guy for not watering his plants. Now if only quick aging guy can age up the other kids on the show.
You can download Gotham on iTunes.

Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen. X: I said last week the dysfunction of the Millennial tribe was going to be the highlight of this season and their first appearance at tribal council did not disappoint. Although with all that chaos it ended up being a lopsided vote without any random votes. I hope they go on a losing streak because there will be weird things that go on if they keep going back I bet. Although I have to decry the promo monkey. C’mon, if you are going to tease a heart attack, dude cannot just turn out to be dehydrated.
Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen. X on iTunes

The Good Place: With a show featuring Veronica Mars and Sam Malone, who would have guessed a monk who took a vow of silence would steal the show? Also, I want a “Shirt for brain” t-shirt.
You can download The Good Place on iTunes.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

57 Channels and Only This Is On: 9/25/16

Ray Donovan: It I weird watching the “previously on” montage and realized this whole season was based around Ray feeling sorry for a Russian prostitute he played Cat’s Cradle with. I actually thought last week that turning rat would be the only way out for Ray but of course he was able to get out from underneath the Russian mob without owing the FBI anything. I was hoping that Ray would be a rat and spend a little time in prison because the show may have been a little more interesting going forward if the series started out with hating his father so much he tried to kill him for being a rat only for him to do the same thing. Oh well.

Fear the Walking Dead: Did I miss something? The question of the past couple episodes was what happened to Ophelia and this week she is just on a road trip. How exactly did she get out of the hotel? The stairwell was pretty full of walkers when Alicia tried to leave that floor. So is she off to find her fiancée? Are we actually going to follow her or is something going to happen to her that she ends back at the hotel? Or is this the last we see of her?
You can download Fear the Walking Dead on iTunes.

Masters of Sex: So did approach her old therapist in hopes to get him to work with her or to get a free session? Or just to use him? Kind of a weird turn of events. Then her husband and her ended up not actually getting married (and decided this off screen) and now it looks like her daughter is leaving her too. Shame if you is gone for good because the daughter started out as one of the more interesting characters last season but did not really go anywhere with her. But hey, at least she has a new partner at the clinic and bizarrely is the husband(?) of Bill’s new co-worker. Interesting that Bill lied about his relationship with Virginia. I wonder if he was truthful their she would be truthful of her relationship.

The Strain: Being that we are just at the start of the season, I assumed the big worm that slithered away from the Master after being decapitated was the Master’s essence and he was not really dead. And that turned out to be the case and for some reason the Ancients knew this but did not bother to tell anyone to make sure the big old worm gets stepped on after you kill the host. So I guess the next question is who is the Master going to inhabit next. Nazi guy was very disappointed it was not him last time. Maybe he will be overlooked again and Eph’s wife will be the next in line. Though I think it would be better if the Master chose Eph’s son, that would be really twisted.
You can download The Strain on iTunes.

Gotham: Man, the Talon looked like he was wearing a Nightwing mask; I got a bit confused for a little bit. But not as confusing as the Koopa from the horrible live action Super Mario Bros. being in the beginning of the episode. And how actually did the Captain survive the attack from Azrael? Well, it is a comic book, I am sure this is not the last we see of Poison Ivy (mostly because of stupid casting spoilers that I for some reason still read even though I avoid all other spoilers).
You can download Gotham on iTunes.

Lucifer: Speaking of casting spoilers, I knew going in Trisha Helfer was going to end up being Lucifer’s mom but Lucifer miss identifying his mom multiple times was still funny. And is his brother losing his powers. His time stop ended before he could get the blood (and yet managed to not be arrested) and then he had trouble floating things.
You can download Lucifer on iTunes.

Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: I am not sure if I am disappointed or relieved that Nick Cage is not reprising his roll at Ghost Rider. Probably the latter. I am definitely relived that Ward was not the Life Model Decoy. I figured it would be him or electro boy (except he got crossed off that list after appearing in the main cast credit during the Blindspot premiere. Instead we got a hot naked chick in a very humorous version of Ex-Machina type scene.
Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. on iTunes

Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen. X: A Survivor first!!!! The first evacuation ever! But this begs the question, where exactly did they go? Probst said on Twitter that they took them to a quiet room all night, but just exactly where? Ponderosa? Did they have to leave the island completely? I think the best part of this season will be watching the Millennials be inept. Though I have to disagree with the worst shelter ever as they did not dig a hole in the beach which ended up being filled with water which happing during the first All Star season I believe. I really hope there is not an early tribe swap so no one comes and saves the younger tribe. Oh yeah, and the Legacy Advantage sounds stupid.
Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen. X on iTunes

Blindplot: How random was the phycologist hitting on Chrissy Seaver? Does he not remember what happened to her last boyfriend? But that was not the only personal storyline of the week as it turns out Kurt is going to be a father. At least his father set such a low bar he can just step over it.
You can download Blindspot on iTunes.

Mr. Robot: Much like Elliot, I fully believed Tyrell was in Elliot’s head since the moment when he got in the cab. Okay, unlike Elliot, I was not going to risk that theory against being shot. Poor Elliot, if only the cabbie had answered him when he asked the driver if he saw the guy sitting next to him (why the guy did not recognized the most wanted man in America is just something we will likely have to throw in the questions we will never get answered pile).

Almost as big a shock was we learned that the FBI has a whiteboard with Elliott and Tyrell in the middle. Much like the other big twits, there is a generous amount of poetic license because otherwise, why exactly would they have Elliot in prison for a lesser crime and not interrogate him then? Really the only reason to let him out is hoping he would leave you to Tyrell, except apparently no was tailing Elliot when he went to meet Tyrell. Hurumph.

And though I was bearish on this season, I got excited for a post credit scene after last year’s jaw dropper of White Rose dressed like a man in some sort of Illuminati club with the head of Evil Corp. It started out great (Kenny Rogers and Sheena singing Bob Seger!!!!!) but how disappointing the “big” reveal was Elliot’s prison buddy finding the F-Society lackeys who went on the lamb.
You can download Mr. Robot on iTunes.

Notorious: I was not expecting much with this show but it somehow managed to go under my expectations. At least Julie Taylor trying to be a lawyer should be entertaining.
You can download Notorious on iTunes.

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Previewing Masters of Sex: Season Four

Masters of Sex Season Four

Every season Masters of Sex has a time jump a couple months or years, but the way last season ended, with Virginia hoping Bill would stop her from getting married to the Smell King and Bill giving up and then getting arrested, I was hoping the new season would start of not that far in the future. As luck will have it, season four starts up while Virginia is still on her honeymoon and Bill still behind bars for paying one of his sex surrogates, which kind of made it prostitution.

Despite being on her honeymoon, Virginia’s new husband is conspicuously absent throughout the whole first episode though Virginia still manages to keep herself busy attending a sex seminar that just so happens to take place at her hotel and by, um, other means. Bill on the other hand is out of jail pretty quickly but is slow to make it back to the office where Betty hilariously holds down the fort after everyone takes an unannounced extended leave.

Even though the season resumes in 1968, the gang will eventually find themselves in the swinging seventies. Libby will find that her name may be short for “liberation” a she will be part of bra burning crowd after finally admitting her husband is having an affair. One new face this year is Niecy Nash as a local AA - chairperson running Masters’ court-ordered daily meetings. And what would be the swinging seventies be without a little Hef as the Playboy founder plays a pivotal role in at the end of the premiere.

Masters of Sex airs Sundays at 10:00 on Showtime.

Sunday, October 04, 2015

57 Channels and Only This Is On: 10/4/15

Once Upon a Time: Seriously, who brings a baby into a twister bound restaurant to another land? But anyway. I kind of liked the ending even though it probably means for the first part of the season we will probably get split story lines from present day and six months ago.

Ray Donovan: So the pop Armenian singer did not work? Maybe I should have guessed that you should not trust Armenian gangsters to keep their word. I was a bit surprised that the FBI guy did not come back at all, Ray did shoot and left him by the side of the road. Maybe next season. Instead we had to spend too much time with Bridget and her teacher who, yes, crossed the proverbial line, but did not do so with two feet. But they did go back to the priest whose storyline was dropped halfway through the season, but no Arayians who were dropped around the same time. But I am guessing Ray going back to the Lord will not last by the time season four comes around.

Fear the Walking Dead: Wait, are the two step siblings going to hook up. That is kind of ew. And why trash the house, just live there? It is much nicer than the one you are living in and the owners are not coming back. And why do I care more about some silly throwaway scene more than the revelation that they are going to "humanely" kill off the civilian population.

Masters of Sex: Oh wow, Bill gave up on Virginia. So does that mean the Little Brown Man (when Betty first said this I was like "oh my" as I did not know that Little Brown was a publishing house) goes nuclear at the press party telling the press about Bill's legal trouble? It it plausible with how the show does time jumps that Bill could spend some time in prison (like the last two summers I am going to stay away from the spoiler zone that is his Wikipedia page). Then there are the questions of the state of his marriage, whether Virginia marries the scent king, and Bill's legal troubles. It actually may be harder not to look at spoilers this time around.

The Strain: I would not all be disappointed if the show devolved into the Gus and Angel show. It would be better than bring back the rat that sits on Eph's head. And it was a different wig to. I wonder if Corey Stoll burned the anime looking original wig and when it came time for the flashback the costume department just had to grab a random one off the rack. I joked earlier this season that they were not going to kill someone off right after including an opening credits sequence (which aired just that one time randomly) but someone has to die next week, right? With everyone descending on the Luman it is hard to think all the players get out alive. Sadly I think it may be the Nazi Vampire (who would have guessed three years ago I would be sad someone killed a Nazi vampire?).
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Quantico: When I saw the previews I wrote that best case scenario it was going to be Homeland season four; worst case scenario: Homeland season three. After one episode it looks much more like season three. Actually it may be worse, it may be more like some crappy Shonda Rhimes show where absurdly attractive professionals have sex with each other in between twists upon twists even if those twists are extremely obvious or make little to no sense. Really the only twist I liked from the premiere (even though it fell into the makes no sense category) was the Muslim twins. I also do not like the storytelling devise of flashing back to the first days of Quantico mixed with a blown up building. Why not tell a linear story of the first days of the FBI and then blow up the building in the season or mid-season final? But I will continue to watch. And let me go ahead and predict the FBI trainer guy is the one setting up the hot Indian chick. Either him or "Taylor Swift" because it will either be the most obvious or one that makes little to no sense.
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Gotham: So the big new from the show this week was that Jim Gordon and Leslie Thompkins are having a kid. Well not on the show but the actors are in real life. Alright. I wonder if that will be written into the show or she will be hiding behind medical tables soon or maybe she will be kidnapped in the second half of the season. As for the actual show, so a bunch of cheerleaders are about to be set on fire but no one thought to go out the fire door?
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The Voice: The first couple seasons were mostly enjoyable, I made it through the whole season for the first and third seasons (I have to skip the disastrous second season finale). Since then I usually am out sometime around the time the show goes live. I usually fault this on the lack of good singers because in those first three seasons the openly recruited seasoned professionals but since has been more of American Idol type show with mostly armatures (seriously who are there some many teenagers with braces this season?). In the first three seasons there were about twelve different singers on the show who were already in my music library before they auditioned by since that number is one (and she was montaged off the show).

Then this week I was kind of bored again with the same old mediocre teenagers doing boring and bland karaoke versions of songs. And then they introduced another rocker nanny, which we have seen a few times on the show (remember the good old days when Alicia Keys backup singers were the cliche; have we run out of Alicia Keys back up singers?). But then rocker nanny mentioned she used to be in a band called Sleeper Agent. Wait, what? Not only were they in my music library, their song Get Burned was #22 on my list of The 100 Best Songs of 2012. Okay so her Blind Audition was not great, but if she makes it around to the Knockout Round maybe they will actually let her perform Get Burned.

Last week I mentioned how the Blind Auditions bring out some awesome song selections (before devolving into the same overused catalog in the Battle that get more tired the closer to the finale) and this we got first ever songs on the show from Cheap Trick, Mountain, Cameo, Andrew McMahon In the Wilderness, oh yeah, and someone auditioned with the Rollergirl theme song. That was definitely the most random song choice since someone sang The Jeffersons Theme Song.

Blindspot: Well that is and interesting plot that Lady Sif may be someone from the FBI's past (whom his father was accused of kidnapping and murdering). I do fear this may play out like The Blacklist where there was overwhelming evidence that Red is Lizzie's father only for Red to deny it for two seasons. I am guessing the DNA match will come up negative next week but still tease that that is what happen. The show would be much interesting if it turns out FBI guy's dad did actually kidnap Lady Sif and was the one who trained her.
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Castle: Wait, what just happened, is Kate leaving the show or are we getting two separate story lines every week, case of the week and Kate looking for the real killers? I mentioned last week offhandedly I would not mind if the show switched into a Veronica Mars, father daughter PI dynamic with Castle and Alexis but I did not actually think it might happen.
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Marvel's Agents of S.I.E.L.D.: So over their summer vacation Fitz went from brain damaged to Indiana Jones. Alrighty. While I have spent all summer trying to figure out what happened to Gemma and a black hole portal that bends space and time never once crossed my mind. Hopefully the end of this storyline is not as bad as the ending to Intersteller. But anyway. I am not that familiar with Marvel comics so I am not entirely sure where she is and even though cinematic characters rarely show up, I will be slightly disappointed if we do not see one of the Guardians of the Galaxy. Hey, Bradly Cooper has shown willingness to show up on crappy televised versions of his movies. I would even be content with the cosmonaut dog or even Howard the Duck.I was interested in the clock counting down until the Inhumans reach one hundred percent but there are no Marvel movies coming out February 2017 (assuming my math is right) but the next movie after that is the second Guardians movie, not that Gemma will still be around by then (unless this is like the Intersteller water planet where hour equaled like five Earth years). Plus we are still four years away from an Inhumans movie. Speaking of which, the new big bad is effectively scary in a Buffy monster of the week kind of way.
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Survivor: Second Chances: After thirty season, Survivor has become a well oiled machine that I can recognize every beat that it hits. But that last segment was a weird one. When Varner teased before the break that Shirin and Spencer sealed their fate, I have been conditioned to think either 1) his plan will go horribly wrong or 2) the show will may think think someone is going to flip but ended up towing the line. So when Abi Maria actually told Shirin she was probably going home I though, uh oh, you never tell someone that, now those two will scramble to get someone out. So when they talked to Wooooooooooooo I thought we would get Wooooooooooo saying that maybe he should weigh his option, but no, he shut them down right then. So when they walked to Tribal Council I thought, okay, Abi is going to go full crazy Brazilian chick and get people to turn on them. But no. The dominate alliance did not even mess up splitting the vote. So not only is the show playing with the contestants this season (two twists in the premiere and the promos spoiling another big one next week) they are playing with the viewer's expectations too. And I kind of like it.
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Nashville: I wonder why they did not kill Deacon's sister last week but I guess they just waited a week.
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The Blacklist: This show really needed a previously on package. It is hard enough for me to remember last week let along what happen three or four months ago. But, oh my, blonde Lizzy.
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Saturday, September 19, 2015

57 Channels and Only This Is On: 9/19/15

Masters of Sex: Last week I pondered if Lizzie way actually leave Bill first and possibly turn into Betty Draper, and this week she gets engaged sort of (I am slightly vague on the timeline but I think Betty also got engaged before actually divorcing Don). Although Libby, do you really want to be the rebound for someone whose wife just died? Then there was the bigger plot twist of annoying Christian dude getting into Beth Greene's car. So is she just a spy that got too caught up in the surrogate program or is she really rebelling against the church as well as her parents?

Ray Donovan: So the whole Armenian gangster plot line was resolved by an Armenian pop star? Alrighty. I wonder if Bunchy did not get involved if Ray would have just let Micky get killed. Even worse is Abby not calling the cops on creepy math teacher. I never understand why television parents keep letting their children hook up with their teachers (even though the teacher's story in this case is mostly the truth). But at least former FBI guy was around this week to make things interesting. Oh, and Avi, that may be the dumbest blackmail ploy ever, but at least it is entertaining.

The Strain: So the show starts airing a title sequence randomly in the middle of the second season only to pull it the next week. Huh? But anyway. I never though Eph would actually kill the old dude but was deeply disappointed that he did get the hot French assistant. Shockingly the Master placated the old dude's temper tantrum and revived her. But judging from her reaction, she may not thank old dude for it. I do hope she ends up joining the good guys who may need a new hot blond in their ranks now that Dutch is is the Nazi Vampire's weird sex dungeon.
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Saturday, September 12, 2015

57 Channels and Only This Is On: 9/12/15

Ray Donovan: Holy former head of the FBI West sighting! I certainly did not see that coming but I am glad he is back because he was the best part of the vastly improved second season. He was pretty uneventful this week but hopefully he runs into Ray next week.And though the wedding went off without a hitch despite the groom being arrested, I still fear for the safety of the bride. A couple of weeks ago when I was surprised Chekhov's gun did not kill anyone even though I though Terry would accidentally shoot her, I still think she may not make it to the en of the season with the Armenians and Aryans still out there, someone has to pay for the aggrieved parties so every week she is still around, I will be shocked.

The Last Ship: Well I did not see that ending coming. Granted I would be almost as shocked if the good doctor does not survive being shot despite being at close range and her shooter passing right by here and could have easily put a bullet in her brain to make sure he finished the job. But it may be best if she did die, they really do not need that character anymore now that the cure is being distributed and having her on the show would just be shoehorning her in.
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Masters of Sex: The thing about basing television shows based on real people, you go in knowing spoilers, this biggest with this show is knowing that Bill and Virginia end up getting married. So you have to feel sorry for Libby knowing she is kind of a lame duck waiting to get divorced and either be written off the show or turn into Betty Draper with people wondering why she is still on the show every time she pops up. Though I know their marriage dissolved, I do not know the circumstances around it, and just always assumed Bill leaves her for Virginia. I am starting to think Libby may actually be the one who leaves Bill. Which ever way it is I feel bad for which ever parent is stuck with the eldest Masters chick, wow, was he harsh this week. But my favorite part of the episode was Sarah Silverman announcement she was pregnant. Can we please get a Three's Company type spin off with all of them?

The Strain: Am I the least observant person in the world or was this the first time the show had a title sequence? Odd choice to include one half way through the second season. And it kind of hurt the episode. With the Jew and the Nazi vampire looking for each other for one last battle, I figured that it would end in a stalemate yet again because why create a title sequence with both of them in it only to kill one off the first time you use it? Same goes for Vampire Mom, I figured she would get away too thanks to vampire super speed. Which begs the question, why doesn't the Master give super speed to all his spawn? That would seem helpful as apposed to the almost zombie type movements of the lesser vampires.
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Public Morals: I though it was a weird and poor idea for the show to put up the first four episodes for the bingewatchers after the first episode but the show went full Aquarius putting all ten episode On Demand over the extended Labor Day weekend. I am not sure how successful either attempts at nontraditional releases, we will have to see if the show is renewed or if TNT tries something like this again (it is premiering a new show late this fall and the bingewatching model would seem more successful during the Christmas break as opposed to summer). I am glad they did this so I would not have to wait until November to see the two episodes that were not part of the screeners. I do have some thoughts on the series as a whole so if you did not take advantage of the binge watch you will not want to continue reading. Spoiler Alert Warning If Drew Holt's college girlfriend did not want to become pregnant maybe she should have had that hideous hairstyle earlier in the season because less people would have tried to have sex with her wit that on top of her head. But seriously, that was kind of a weird season finale. Why not end on Patton's car getting blown up instead of Michael Rappaport storming out of the prostitute with the changing accent's apartment? That makes for a much better cliffhanger. And if you are not going end on the exploding car, why have Ed Burns say he is going to go to his aunt's, where we know Neil McDonough is hiding, and not actually have him go there? It kind of felt like a rushed editing job all around.
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Saturday, September 05, 2015

57 Channels and Only This Is On: 9/5/15

Hannibal: I was unfamiliar with most things Hannibal before watching the show so they actually did fool me of the Red Dragon shooting himself in the face. But as we come to the end of the season and quite possibly the season I am almost glad it is over because they really laid on the homoerotic codependency way too heavy this season. The which side is Will on last season was fascinating but it was just eyerolling this season with Will flinging himself over the cliff in a loving embrace. An FBI falling in love with the serial killer he is trying to catch sounds like the conceit of a bad Lifetime movie. Still if Bryan Fuller manages to revive the series, I would still watch because I am still very interested to see where this is going especially if Will rides off into the sunset (though it sounds like Fuller plans to use Will if the show continues in any form) as I believe he is completely absent from future books. And of course what was up with Sully's leg on a platter after the credits?
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Ray Donovan: I usually complain about the "x amount of time" title card that start episodes because I find it lazy writing, but it actually worked in this case because it teased a murder mystery. Sure it was clear right off the bat that the red herrings were just that, I never thought that the government lady was going to die or that Ray would kill yet another priest, but it was shocking that Al Swearengen killed his son-in-law / lover. The show even upped that tease with the eventual inclusion of Avi. I am not sure if I can believe that Ray would finally accept his apology like that, but Ray has seemed to be a bit more forgiving this season.

Fear the Walking Dead: Okay, this show is just trolling us. One of the biggest complaints of the flagship show is they cannot have two black dudes on the show at the same time, they have to kill one before bringing on a new one. So the new show actually looks a bit more diverse, except the three black dudes they introduced in the premiere are (un)dead by the end of the second episode. Okay the boyfriend is not (un)dead yet, but he was just left to turn and we will probably have to wait for the girlfriend to bash his head in next week. But the most disappointing part of the episode was that the fat pimply kid did not go with Matt Saresen's mom he is the only person that has been on either show that apparently knows what a zombie is.
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Masters of Sex: Holy Beth Greene sighting! After being the best part of The Walking Dead in the last season or two, it is nice she can still get work, even if it as just a sex surrogate who has to sleep in the surrogacy room at night. But with Virginia hooking up with the fragrance king I hope she does not become a personal surrogate for Bill even though it is clear she has a crush on her former neighbor (it would also be the second time someone way too young for him hits on him this season. But as usual, the episode belonged to the staff of the office be it Betty failed attempt to get her girlfriend pregnant or Lester being the lone male in the surrogacy program just to irk Jane.

Falling Skies: On one hand, the new queen was the creepiest of all creepy aliens in the history of the show, but on the other. that was a pretty anti-climatic ending with Tom just touching the bomb thingy and the queen dissolving like a vampire on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. And of course Anne was not going to actually die after telling Tom she was pregnant again. Of course I was wrong to turn my back on my do not believe anyone is dead on television until you see the body (and even then am still a little suspicious) as I thought Pope was really dead last week. He might as well have been because their final talk was just as anticlimactic. And they must have spent all their CGI money on dissolving aliens because that crowd at the end looked about as really as crowds in Playstation 1 sports games. Oh well.
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The Strain: Hopefully now that the young Goodweather saw his mother try to kill his father he can stop moping around because that kid is seriously dragging the show down. But at least we got a great passive-aggressive conversation between the old dude and the Nazi vampire this week.
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Tyrant: Sure the first sixty minutes were boring but what a final scene. After actually seeming contrite and humbled by all he horrible past deeds, Jamal gets on camera and goes full Trump and denies everything and does not give an inch. And then it managed to get even more shocking when his daughter in law shoots him. Wow. Sure I am guessing he will survive (he did survive driving off a cliff while getting his manhood bitten off) but the fight for power has only begun (well if there is another season).
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Mr. Robot: What a bizarre way to start and end the episode. It opens with the cheater from the first episode taking about bringing down Elliot for his crime (and how he was part of the extremely timely Ashley Madison hack) and is not seen again in the episode, but I guess he is one of numerous people knocking on the door. Except that was not the end as we get a scene of (presumably) The Illuminati with the Evil Corp head and B.D. Wong. It took me a while to put two and two together and figure out that was also B.D. Wong that met with Elliot earlier this season (I was wondering why that scene was included in the "Previously On" montage). So are these two in cahoots and the Evil Corp dude condoned the hack? Mmmm. We may have nine and a half months to find out.

But the part that struck me the most coming out of the finale (other that how perfect playing Got Your Money at an end of the world party after a financial collapse is) is how I am starting to believe that Elliot and the American Psycho dude may actually be the same person. In a episode of bizarre things, Elliot talking with American Psycho's wife may have been the most bizarre. She seemed to know more than what she was letting on, so maybe she knows her husband has a split personality and known not to bring one up to another. To the best of my recollection, they only had three scenes together, American Psycho offering Elliot a job, the time they ran into each other at Steel Mountain (what a coincidence they were there at the same time), and last week when he barged into Elliot's apartment (again, conveniently waiting until Dalia Royce left). Of the big flaw in my theory is that Elliot could not have a job at All Safe and Evil Corp at the same time without anyone noticing. But maybe American Psycho never worked there and that delusion was just Elliot there in an All Safe capacity. Mmmm, I may have to watch the first season again looking for clues. I am still guessing the better theory is that everyone is a delusion inside Elliot's head and the real Elliot is staring at a snowglobe in some mental health hospital somewhere.
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Under the Dome: So the new queen is same actress as her mother but in a bad wig and blue contacts. This show is so horrible. Thank goodness CBS finally canceled it.

Saturday, August 29, 2015

57 Channels and Only This Is On: 8/29/15

Aquarius: Even for the season finale and the most interesting part of the show did not happen on screen. It is a bit odd that they would preempt the show for gymnastics the week before the finale. And instead of debating what will happen on screen next season (I particularly do not care if the gay daddy or his buddy died in the car or what is going to happen to Fox Mulder's son) the big question is how NBC will release it. Will they again stream all episodes on line, if so does the show get a mid week timeslot or start out in the Saturday deathslot? Will NBC quietly dump it or move it to another network? Wait, I do care about one thing that happened on scree: what the frack happened to the chick with the historically bad accent?
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Hannibal: I was going to start off by saying poor Dr. Chilton but the dude is extremely slimy. Kurt Sutter on Sons of Anarchy is the only character I can think of that has been tortured more than Chilton. Except Sutter did that to himself. What did this actor do to Bryan Fuller to piss him off. Someone removed his organs in the first season, got shot in the face last season, and now was set afire. I guess it is good for him that the show was cancel because I do not want to think what else Fuller had in store for Chilton in the four other seasons he had planned.
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Ray Donovan: I am beginning to wonder who made the worse business partnership: Ray with Al Swearengen and family or Mickey with the Armenians (we soon may have to add Bunchy with his luchadora bride). But c'mon Mickey, bringing a lead pipe to a meeting with the guys that just pistol whipped your son (key word: pistol) was not the brightest idea. Unfortunately the rest of the episode dealt with Ray and his priest problem which has always been the weakest part of the show. Hopefully now that he has been excommunicated, there will be no more religious figures on the show, but sadly I fear we probably have not seen the last of that priest.

The Last Ship: Holy Ben Linus daughter sighting! Was she really just hanging out on an oil rig this whole time all alone? And is this going to be the every episode from now on? The navy rescues someone who bought into Immunes propaganda and bring them on the ship to show them they are the good guys?
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Fear the Walking Dead: Well that was kind of boring.
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Masters of Sex: As soon as you hear the female ape wrangler was given the boot, you knew what was coming, but, boy did Virginia cross the proverbial line this week made worse by Bill egging her on. But the most interesting part of the episode was Tessa's interactions with the scent guy. Interesting that she just outted the affair between her mother and Bill and nothing came about it.

The Strain: After all the trouble getting to Washington, it seemed like Eph had no problems getting back to NYC even with a bullet in his shoulder. Alrighty. And I have spent a lot of time making fun of the Muppet looking Master, but at least that was a distinct look, rocker star Master looks like every other cheap vampire on screen. And that was a weak attempt to kill the Master, c'mon Fett, if you are going to bring down the building, bring down the building.
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Falling Skies: So no one thought to check to see if hot alien daughter had black blood like the army lady? That would have been high on my list if I suggested Lexi was a plant. And is Pope really die (I have said it before I never believe someone is really dead until I see the body and even then I am still a little suspicious; but this was the penultimate episode)? That was kind of an anti-climatic way to die. It seemed like the writers had this big story line for him this season but by the time they got to the finale they realize they did not have the time for it and just decided to blow him up a week before. They might as well just killed him off during the fight at Lois Lanes.
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Murder in the First: Well the second season was better than the first but that was an odd ending. First I barely remember the head man up until this point. And the hypothetical scene was just silly. Then they kill some random black dude, wasting screen time, just to make us think that it was Sugar who just ended up on a beach with the hot cop. But hey, it is summer, I have watched worse this season.
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Tyrant: It has been clear that the firs two seasons that Jamal was the titular character, but he cannot possibly end the season still in power. But who will? Barry seems like the obvious choice along with Ahmed and the illegitimate son. But my money is on his scheming wife. And if he is outted where does that leave Jamal, is he exiled (his adviser plated that seed this week), rots in prison, or executed, or "executed" like he did his brother.
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Under the Dome: Julia pushing down on Barbie's baby mama's stomach to force labor was probably the funniest thing on television this season. You have to wonder if the writers are even trying at this point or are basically seniors with just a week or two left of school assuming there is no way the show is getting another season. I am pretty sure I have caught some of the actors rolling their eyes at their dialogue this season.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

57 Channels and Only This Is On: 8/22/15

Hannibal: Oh Hannibal, telling the Red Dragon "They're listening" and dropping the phone (though I am a bit surprised he did not say "They know" calling back to his conversation with Jacob Hobbs). And I know the Red Dragon is evil, killing people and all, but did he really have poison the Graham's dogs?
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Ray Donovan: I really hate Chekhov's Gun an annoying cliche that any gun introduced in the first act has to go off in the third. Though the gun did go off shockingly no one actually died. I though BunchyBrendan's new girlfriends would be the one that bit the bullet even though I doubt anyone with Parkinson's would be a very good shot. I still think she will not be long for this world (surely the Ayrian Brotherhood who may or not be stalking Terry will not like her presence). We actually got the Deadwood reunion and it was as anticlimactic as expected (what was not expected was that word leaked this week that HBO is in early stages of a Deadwood movie, a decade after it aired; it is official, no media property will ever die; here is hoping for a Rome revival too).

Masters of Sex: For the last two months or so I have been complaining Pretty Little Liars teased Allison becoming a youth soccer coach to never bring it up again. But Masters of Sex almost made me forget my disappointment by having Bill start coaching pee-wee football. Awesome. Though I cannot imaging many things being more entertaining than that, Bill new gorilla patient that presumably he will treat next week will come close.

The Strain: Poor Nazi Vampire, not only does the Master not choose you as his new vessel, he forces you to watch him transfer into the some cheep Marilyn Manson wannabee. I wonder if this will make him switch sides and actually team up with the Jew (as he likes to call him). That seems slightly unlike since the Master has a thrall over all his underlings though maybe the Ninja Vampires have some cure for that that will allow the Nazi join their cause against the Master.
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Falling Skies: When they started the episode with the execution I thought great, we will not have to wait the entire episode with the Masons trying to escape because we all know that none of the Masons will ever die (um, unless you do not count Lexi). Then they flashed the dreaded "eight hours earlier" tile. Ugg. I hate "X Amount of Time Earlier" tiles. At least the show did come up with a creepy twist behind the evil lady's plans: she was some sore of body snatching decoy with black blood (I told them to check that thing on her neck).
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Tyrant: The show has done a somewhat decent trimming some of the useless characters from the first season, the journalist buddy fled the country (granted Barry ended up killing his daughter which would have actually made an interesting plot if he was still around), the daughter is home alone back in American. I do not even remember Justin Kirk being mentioned this season. The matriarch was also pretty much worthless but at least she went out with a literal bang thanks to possibly Jamal's dumbest plan to date (which says a lot). It will be interesting to see where everyone's loyalties lies as both his wife and son look like they may join the bastard son's side realizing Jamal actually killed his mother. Then there is also Barry and as the promo monkeys would have use to believe more people will learn next week just how not dead he is. The first season was a drag, but season two has really picked up steam as it has gone along and for the first time in two seasons I am kind of excited to see what happens next.
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Mr. Robot: The ending of the last episode really kind of hurt my brain and left me pondering for days what exactly just happened. Anything seemed on the table. So it was a bit of a let down that it turned out that the big twist this was something I, and pretty much everyone else predicted from the first episode: Mr. Robot is just in Elliot's head. I did go away from that theory when Mr. Robot started having conversations with other people. My working theory was the more Mr. Robot interacted with people, the more delusional Elliot was, though I have to wonder if the rest of fsociety are even real. But I still have to wonder, what was up with the scene with Mr. Robot and American Psycho dude last week? Was that actually Elliot thinking he is Mr. Robot? Did it not really happen, Elliot just thought it did? Even though I was a bit let down this week, I am still extremely excited for the finale next week. I hope we learn more about the Elliot / American Psycho relationship and maybe a flashback on how they met. And faux Lily Kane definitely will be taking that job with Evil Corp, right? That has to be the big plot point, division, with Elliot next season.
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Saturday, August 15, 2015

57 Channels and Only This Is On: 8/15/15

Hannibal: More filler flashbacks this week but I did not even realized that was the patient Hannibal got Bedilia got to kill until she reached down Sylar's throat.
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Ray Donovan: Oh Ray, getting in the middle of this family's civil war is going to be a stupid idea. Of course if he and his family did not do stupid things, there probably would not be a show, or at the very least a much more boring one.

Masters of Sex: So Tessa brings in grandma to have her catch Virginia's affair with Bill (him falling out of the window was a great scene) only for grandma o try to get Ginnie to get Bill to leave his wife. Poor Tessa, nothing is going to work out for that girl. Also for the record, I have no problem with what Bill did to the school bully.

The Strain: When the show premiered it seemed like the only thing anyone wanted to talk about was Corey Stoll's really bad anime type wig covering his usually bald dome. It overtook the conversation that the creator had to come out and say that the wig was a plan and Corey's character would lose his hair at some point. That point came this week and how disappointing that instead of being so scared his follicles fell out, he voluntarily shaved his head so he could leave the city despite being wanted by Homeland Security. And then he still got recognized (seriously Eph, but a newspaper to hide behind like every other person ever who tried to go unrecognized on a train). At least Eph got his revenge by throwing the guy from the train. But then at the end we were introduced to a new character, someone who looks like the ninja vampires that the old dude outsmarted a couple weeks ago but with what looked to be a bone handle strapped to his back.
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Falling Skies: So what is up with the lady's bleeding neck? It has to be some new Espheni mind control bug right? The cut to the Overlord after her decree certainly made it seem that way.
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Pretty Little Liars: Wait, what? Ever since we learned A was Charles, Aly's older brother, I have come up some out there theories, like her was a not so dead Wilden (most of the characters old enough to be Charles were dead), Jason with a split personality, last week I even predicted (okay, mostly hoped) for a triumphant return of Hermie the Hermaphrodite. Apparently my multisex A theory was not that far off because Cee-Cee (nee Charles) was the person tormenting them all along (or at least since Mona gave up the gig). Yes the same Cee-Cee who dated Jason... her half-brother. What the frack? I am sure anyone who rewatches the series will find plenty of plot holes with this revelation. And if Cee-Cee did not kill her mother, than who did? But what an anticlimactic finish with Cee-Cee running to the roof only to jump back down. But hey, now we get a five year jump with (presumably) a new A to torment the Liars and (presumably) married Allison who is now a teacher. Maybe a bigger question than who killed her mother is who would hire Allison to teach children? I just hope she is also the soccer coach.
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Mr. Robot: Speaking of mind blowing episodes, what the frack happened on this show this week? When Dalia Royce was kept asking Elliot who she was I was convince he was going to admit she was just a figment of his imagination (I have had a working theory fsociety was all in his head). But no, Dalia Royce is Elliot's sister and Mr. Robot is his father... what? I was wondering when Dalia Royce was in a ballet class (which is probably the greatest Suburgatory episode that never aired) with faux-Lily Kane (Elliot's childhood friends looks just like her right?) when did they became friends? (I thought there was an episode where they went out and got drunk together but later remembered that was Shayla, not Dalia Royce). And so I am again completely unclear what is real and what is not.
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Saturday, August 08, 2015

57 Channels and Only This Is On: 8/8/15

Hannibal: So this is how the show is going to extend the Red Dragon book into half a television season where two movies were able to tell the story in about two hours: with copious amounts of flashback. Not that I am against more Abigail Hobbs. Maybe we will learn more about the Verger baby Alana conceived.
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Ray Donovan: After two season, I still do not care much about the main characters, but surprisingly the show does a great job recruiting weird and entertaining tertiary characters. Case in point, my favorite part of this episode was Al Swearingen's kid's obsession with a movie with children's cereal recast as action heroes. Awesome. I would watch that. But I fear it would do as well as Pixels did at the box office.

Masters of Sex: So after decades of being married to a homosexual, Margaret Scully has decided to shack up with a polygamist? I guess that makes some sense, if he is too busy having sex with multiple women, there probably is not much time left on the side for men. But my favorite part of the episode was Bill starting to read, and implement, How to Win Friends and Influence People, and shockingly it seemed to work for him. Well until Tessa confronts about leaving a bottle of his aftershave in his mother's bathroom.

The Strain: Like I said, I like when shows get weird and it does not get much weirder than starting an episode with a five minute lucadore movie with no known connection to any of the current cast members. The star would end up running into Gus who is now without his ninja vampires (um, is that all the ancient vampires had working for them?) after getting burned by the old dude. I kind of hope they team up to kill vampires now.
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Falling Skies: How exactly can you keep an alien invasion from your kids for three years? So random skitters, no looting humans? None of the kids asking why they have not seen any other human beings in that time?
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Pretty Little Liars: Get them together and put some wine in them and the Liars' mothers act just like them except Mrs. Hastings is definitely the Hannah of the bunch. They are even stupidly going down into a dark basement together without their phones. They also commented on how the scholarship guy looks like a Dilarentas which is making me think that he is just one huge big red herring before we learn who Charles is next week. Though the age does not really work, I hoping it turns out to be Hermie the Hermaphrodite. Where has that guy been? Speaking of M.I.A. where is Mona, she does not get an invite to alternaProm and was not at the real one either. It is not like her to miss a party.
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Tyrant: I figured last week that Sammy would eventually run into his father but I am a bit surprised it happened this early. Now how long until Jamal realized that the freedom fighter he is helping is his brother. And how long until anyone bothers to tell the daughter her father is still alive or has she been pretty much written off the show?
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Mr. Robinson: A couple seasons ago when Casey Cartwright popped up on a cop show I declared her the least believable law enforcement agent ever in the history of television. Her playing a teacher / stripper / house flipper may actually still be a more believable role than her playing a cop. Speaking of not very believable law enforcement agents, how does Meagan Goode still find work? I know she is nice to look out but no one who works as much as she does has less range than her. And her only mode is acting too cool to be there which is really kind of insulting to the audience.
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Mr. Robot: When creepy lovechild of American Psycho and Pete Campbell was up on the roof I thought, oh goodness, he is going to toss the chick over the edge. I was almost right, instead he just strangled her to death. And is handy wiping her lips really going to eliminate all the DNA off of her? How about also wiping down her throat too. And while I am no lawyer, I am assuming when you admit to committing a crime against your therapist does not fall into the patient-client privilege Elliot. But like pretty much everything that happens on the show, I am not entirely sure if that scene actually happened or if it just happened inside Elliot's head.
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Twinning: Of course the week after realizing that one of the twins pairs were (probably) on The Real Cancun they go home. Hurumph.
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Under the Dome: This show really hates lesbian, both of them - dead. Wasn't the woman cop into ladies too? Come to think about it, the show really likes to kill of women - the lesbians, the hot lady cop, the hot sister, the creepy other sister, the fat chick (three seasons in and I have come to the realization Big Jim is the only name I know). Oh my. Have they even ever killed off one of the main male characters. The only one coming to mind is the token black dude. Jeez, this show really hates minorities. Should we start an over / under until the new black chick gets killed?
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