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Sunday, August 13, 2017

57 Channels and Only This Is On: 8/13/2017

Ray Donovan: At the start of every season these days I usually start with complaining about having no clue with what happened last season. The good thing about Ray Donovan is usually the wrap everything up in a little bow at the end of each season so you really do not need much of a refresher. So when they run their “previously on” segment to recap last season, I could go, oh yeah, Ray and the family took down that Russian oligarch (although they were a season early on doing an evil Russian businessman storyline), now there is a fresh slate for the new season.

It is still pretty vague what the big storyline for the season will be. Ray does see a story about a famous person whose personal pictures are released on the internet, presumably without her consent (I believe a starlet earlier in the series tried to release her own sex tape so you never know). The actress in question, does randomly show up in her underwear and runs away. There is also a scene with Susan Sarandon which will probably have a bigger impact later this season.

Then there was the big plot point (and the reason I am writing this now instead of my usually preview because Showtime said no pre-air reviews), they killed off Abby… Maybe. They heavily hinted at it but stopped short of explicitly saying she was dead or showed a body. They annoyingly do this next episode two until we get definitive proof in episode three. We do get to see a lot more of Lili Simmons next week who shows up in Ray’s office. Though again, you will have to wait until episode three to learn just why she was walking half naked in the middle of the road at night.

Claws: So Roller did know Desna tried to kill her. At least he let her call Dean before offing her. Sure, she did save him but that also saved her too so not really to make things square between the two. But overall the weakest episode this season.
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The Strain: Wait, why is Gus still on the show? His little raid on a bunch of cops surveyed absolutely no purpose. If you are not working to bring down the Master at this point, go away. And why did Dutch up the stairs? That is bad horror movie logic, go down and leave. As she planning on jumping rooftops to escape?
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I’m Dying Up Here: Am I supposed to care about Bill because I really do not. Nor his dad. I actually cared more about the dog then either of them.

Shadowhunters: So Haley Dunfey has a English accent now? Awesome. This girl really likes work, she is on one of the biggest shows on television doing twenty-four episodes a year yet keeps on showing up in numerous movies and shows. And she almost made this show enjoyable.
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Preacher: So what happened with the dude with the eye? He had a big part of last week but did not show up at all this week.
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The Challenge: Dirty 30: Boooo, Jenna is the best post-Nany contestant on the show. Hopefully she makes her way back on the show next week. Her and Darrell.
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Saturday, January 16, 2016

57 Channels and Only This Is On: 1/16/16

Pretty Little Liars: Some deep allusions to the series finale in those last scene at the funeral, even with the chick in the bunker filling in for Jenna, but with two big differences. First off, unlike the first funeral where I never at any point until I was proven right, did I think Allison was dead. With an open casket, with way too much cleavage for a dead girl, it is pretty clear CeCe did not fake her death. Second, I waited and waited, but no text to the Liars after the funeral. So is there not going to be another A this season? They di do a close up on a security camera which made me believe some omnipresent figure was looking on earlier in the episode. So are they just going to do a simple murder mystery this time around, no unseen stalker? If so, let me guess the killer is Jason. I just hope we do not have to wait five seasons to find it out. And what about the scene from the last finale with the Liars rushing to Allison's classroom telling her, "he's" here? Are we going to have to wait all season to get back to that scene? And I have to say, even though she is now twenty-three(ish) and he is twenty-eight(ish), Aria and Ezra is still creepy.
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Shadowhunters: I do not not know why anyone would make a television show after a horrible failed movie (granted I guessed it worker for Buffy the Vampire Slayer) yet for some reason, I always find myself watching every horrible show that comes after Pretty Little Liars. Buffy this show is not, it is basically the movie with worse actors and a much smaller budget. Yet I am somehow memorized by the lead's unnaturally orange hair. I just wonder if that is the actor's choice or that is what the character calls for (the mother did point it out in the premiere but Phil Collins daughter went with her natural hair color in the movie). I guess the good thing is these post Pretty Little Liars shows do not last very long. Until then, I can get a good laugh everytime one of them breaks out the faux lightsaber. Since Disney owns both Freeform (seriously, if you are going to change your name, how about picking something shorter and to the point, not extremely silly) and Star Wars, they really cannot sue themselves for content infringement.
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The Challenge: Battle of the Bloodlines: And her in-lies the fatal flaw of this season'as format, co-ed bloodlines have absolutely no incentive to try hard and actually can benefit from losing if it is the opposite gender day to go into The Dome. Granted it took this long for KellyAnne's cousin to figure this out and still failed at throwing the challenge.
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The Blacklist: So the Cabal is just going to let Red and Lizzie just get away with everything after they worked so hard to set them up? Mmmm. This really cannot be the end of this and if I were Lizzie I would not feel all that safe just because I signed a deal.
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