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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Thou Shalt Aspire to Be Charming

The Girls of Charm School with Ricki Lake

It is odd how some unwatchable shows can have spinoffs that are actually enjoyable. Take maybe the most morally corrupt television show ever Extreme Make Over which spawned one of the heartwarming Extreme Makeover: Home Edition to give deserving people better cribs. Then there are the almost as morally corrupt … of Love shows on VH1 where twenty strippers and porn stars vie for the affection of washed up celebrities whose back accounts are probably receding faster than their hairlines.

Yet the … of Love shows take the rejects and put the biggest head cases and nobly (at times) tried to turn them in proper woman on the Charm School series. Sure the shows are completely staged with headmistress (Ricki Lake going where Sharon Osbourne and Mo’nique have gone before) changing criteria from week to week. Usually there is one person that benefits from this more than others with the award this season going to Ashley who stuck around to the finals despite constantly berating her competition even calling someone a retard multiple which was in itself expulsionworthy.

On the receiving end of that of most of Ashley’s slurs was the unofficial star of the season, Bubbles who never failed to put in her two cents usually to the dismay of her classmates, epically Ashley. The other stand out of the season was the drunken mess that was Marcia and her broken English who swore off alcohol half way through and to her credit didn’t take another sip for the rest of her tenure on the show and that includes a stint the show that was filmed in New Orleans.

In the end Risky took home the mantel of most changed girl even though it took her until the last episode to open up. But after hearing what she said, you can understand why she wouldn’t want to share the information to a national audience. Like the previous seasons, this one got less entertaining as the season went along, but that is not to say I won’t be turning in for the inevitable Charm School featuring the For the Love of Ray-J rejects.

Charm School with Ricki Lake gets a Terror Alert Level: Elevated [YELLOW] on my Terror Alert Scale.

You can download the full season of Charm School with Ricki Lake on iTunes or on Amazon Video on Demand (see below):

Saturday, July 25, 2009

57 Channels and Only This Is On vol. XC

Quote of the Week: War is the fuel of progress. Nothing gets made in peace - except art. (William Cross – Kings)

Song of the Week: Somewhere Over the Rainbow - Israel Kamakawiwo'ole (The Philanthropist)

Big News of the Week: A Chris Brown Comeback?: I keep a close eye on the iTunes charts and there was an auspicious addition to the top 25 earlier this week with Forever by Chris Brown making an appearance. Why would a year old song by a convicted woman beater become one the most downloaded songs in the country? Apparently Chris has a viral video to get him some good press. And I am not referring to his apology video he issued this week. Nope, he has this video to thank for making his music relevant again.

JK Wedding Dance

Now I am not the biggest fan of weddings or viral videos, but that was pretty cool. If I ever get conned into getting married, one of the stipulations will be I allowed to bust a move down the aisles, preferably to Bust a Move because getting married to a dude who beats his girlfriend might not be a good omen for a marriage.

Coalition Links of the Week:
After watching the long-awaited DVD release of The State: The Complete Series, Marisa was pleasantly surprised to see how well the show stood the test of time. (TiFaux)

After Mischa Barton's mental and physical issues, Matt is glad the CW working on a contingency plan for The Beautiful Life. (TV Fanatic)

For us, the summer is all about So You Tthink You Can Dance. If you're a fan, check out the latest SYTYCD Edition of The TV Talk Podcast with GMMR & Ducky. We talk performances, the 100th ep & why we love/hate Katie Holmes. (The TV Talk Podcast)

Buzz wondered if TV series reboots like 90210 and Melrose Place are better or worse off for bringing back old characters. (BuzzSugar)

Vance wanted no hate for the remaining Top 8 dancers, but he felt the Cancer Dance was a little manipulative on So You Think You Can Dance. (Tapeworthy)

Kings: Wow. You know n episode is great when you think it over, look at the clock and it still is only half way through. I was for sure that it was the end of the episode when the King got shot and we would have to wait for the finale to see the outcome. You can stream current episodes over at You can also download Kings on iTunes.

Rescue Me: I really don’t have much to say because I am still trying to understand that ending. You can stream current episodes over at Hulu.

Rescue Me on iTunes

The Philanthropist: I am with Teddy’s wife, why fly her to Kosavo for a surprise. And for it to turn out to be a dedication to their dead son made it even more befuddling. You can stream current episodes over at You can also download The Philanthropist on iTunes.

Free Download of the Week: Chuck vs the First Date (iTunes): If I recall, iTunes offered up this episode when it first premiered last fall, but this time around it is also available in HD. So if you been wondering if you wanted to get into the show or not, here is a good primer.

Deal of the Week: The Movies & TV Boxed Set Sale (The Big Bang Theory, Rome, Deadwood)

Video of the Week: I still haven’t gotten around to watch season three of Dexter as the DVD set isn’t out to next month, but for those that have Showtime and are caught up, here is a promo for season four which premieres on September 27 at 9:00:

Bonus Video of the Week: I had this 57 Channels all ready to post last night, but I had to add this trailer for Spartacus: Blood and Sand. I really had no idea what to expect when I watch the video because I never heard of the show before someone at Starz sent me the link (granted the dated Kirk Douglas movie popped into my head). And it was jaw droppingly good. If you liked HBO’s Rome or the movie 300, watch this promo and then try not to get depressed that it doesn’t premiere until January (and if you are too cheap to get premium channels like me, it will be at least an extra six months wait until a DVD). Crash was as bad as the movie and as entertaining as Head Case and Party Down are, they certainly no watercooler shows, but if Spartacus lives up to this promo, it will put Starz on the map.

Spartacus: Blood and Sand – Official Trailer

Next Week Pick of the Week: Charm School with Ricki Lake, Monday at 9:00 on VH1: Like most Charm Schools, the last couple episodes have been boring. But one this is for certain, win or lose, the three finalist will probably end up on I Love Money in the near future.

Friday, July 10, 2009

57 Channels and Only This Is On vol. LXXXVIII

Quote of the Week: This is Armani. Pimp! Armani! (The Hateable Dan LeBatard, Pardon the Interruption)

Song of the Week: Say, Say, Say – Paul McCartney and Michael Jackson (as sung by The Hateable Dan LeBatard and J.A. Adande, Pardon the Interuption)

Big News of the Week: ABC Trickles onto Hulu: Three weeks ago Hulu announced their Hulu Days of Summer releasing something new for two months straight. The first two week saw the addition of Dead Like Me and mostly movies but I wondered how they would actually be able to do so all summer. Well this past Monday saw the inclusion of Grey’s Anatomy thus launching ABC’s addition to the video streaming site. That was followed by Desperate Housewives, Better Off Ted, The Superstars and I Survived a Japanese Game Show. So far only shows from ABC proper had been added but I expect other subsidiaries (ABC Family, Disney Channel, Soap Net, etc.) will soon follow in upcoming weeks.

Kings: See, I told you the Queen should kill that chick. Seriously, what took her so long? And it looks like Silas is back to flip flopping on David. Ugg. You can stream current episodes over at You can also download Kings on iTunes.

Eli Stone: What was with the random Grace-centric episode? She was only in one episode and was never heard about for most of the season with Eli moving on to Maggie and then out of nowhere Eli is thinking about her only for him to see her in a flashback. Just odd. You can stream current episodes over at You can also download Eli Stone on iTunes.

Charm School with Ricki Lake: This is what I hate about this show, they boot the person who has changed the most for the one that “needs more work.” When you are done to the final five you can’t pull they, they should know by now not to call other people “retards.” Not that it will keep me from watching. You can also download Charm School with Ricki Lake on iTunes.

Rescue Me: No drug induced musical number this week? Well of course the male stripper doesn’t count. That scene just went on too long
You can stream current episodes over at Hulu.

Rescue Me on iTunes

The Philanthropist: I an era where every show seems to use narration ad nausea, the show is sure clever with it’s narration, be it trying to impress a barmaid, avoiding a hostile takeover in the board room or chatting up a prime minister. Creativity always gets points in my book. Although Paris is certainly not as exotic as Nigeria or Burma. You can stream current episodes over at You can also download The Philanthropist on iTunes.

Free Download of the Week: X5 Free Sampler - Golden Voices
(Amazon MP3): Here is one for the fans of the classics with songs by Dean Martin, Ella Fitzgerald and three others to ask your grandparents about. Not as old, but while at Amazon you will want to also pick up this free live Sam Cooke song.

Deal of the Week: Save up to 45% on First Seasons (Pushing Daisies, Deadwood, Alf)

Video of the Week: One show that was ready for Upfronts was Day One and the first glimpse of the show leaked to the interwebs this week. It actually had me sucked in until the curly headed dude started screaming, “it doesn’t matter, they’re already dead!” which caused me to laugh and it was all downhill from there. But it still stars the highly likeable Julie Gonzalo so I may still give it a try. And hey, it can’t possibly be worse than Heroes. Right? Hopefully NBC releases a better quality trailer soon. When they do I will repost it.

NBC’s Day One Trailer

Next Week Pick of the Week: Leverage, Wednesday at 9:00 on TNT: Leverage was the surprise show of last season having just the right mix of action, drama, and comedy. With a new season comes a new game to coincide with the new season. Head over to to play Get Ready to Get Even.

Leverage will be followed by new show Dark Blue which comes with its own game you can find at Look out for more on both shows before their premieres.

Friday, July 03, 2009

57 Channels and Only This Is On vol. LXXXVII

Click Here to Win Ice Road TruckersBefore I get into the best of the past week, let me remind you to enter the Ice Road Trucker Giveaway where you can pick up the first two seasons on DVD and more. Click the banner to the left to see how to enter.

Quote of the Week: Save it for your inevitable reality show. If Mr. Stone does work for God I’m not going to chance damnation by disqualifying him. (Judge Marcia Phelps – Eli Stone)

Song of the Week: New York, New York – Cat Power (Rescue Me)

Big News of the Week: Michael Jackson: After passing away late last week, Jackson dominated the news this week which I am sure Mark Sanford was happy to see happen. And that looks to continue with his public viewing next week and funeral. His death even highlighted how bad the record business is these days as four of his albums outsold the Top 200 number one album last week. And are there really that many people out there that didn’t already have a copy of Thriller or were those just people updating their cassettes, vinyl, or 8-track to CD or digital?

Kings: What I don’t understand is why didn’t the Queen have the chick that was blackmailing her killed? She’s the Queen. Certainly there is someone loyal enough to her that would do that and get her back all the incriminating evidence. You can stream current episodes over at You can also download Kings on iTunes.

Eli Stone: So by sleeping with Eli, Maggie was able to over him? Huh? Doesn’t that women more clingy? If only that worked in the real world. You can stream current episodes over at You can also download Eli Stone on iTunes.

Charm School with Ricki Lake: Well that was anticlimactic. Bay Bay Bay is given the chance to bring somebody back, which she never should have in the first place, just to agonize over it and in the end doesn’t do so. You can also download Charm School with Ricki Lake on iTunes.

Rescue Me: Hopefully just because Garrity is awake he will still be pumped up with enough drugs to give us a couple more musical numbers. Or maybe have Teddy try to suffocate him again. But what a disturbing ending with Tommy burning himself. Hopefully that doesn’t get revisited. You can stream current episodes over at Hulu.

Rescue Me on iTunes

The Philanthropist: Nice little history lesson with some entertainment. Surprising though, that after much discussion that Burma is the better name, Myanmar was the name of the episode. This episode was hurt a little by the recent news story about how some nut job was able to swim to the house and stayed the night. You can stream current episodes over at You can also download The Philanthropist on iTunes.

Free Download of the Week: Pilot - 10 Things I Hate About You (iTunes): ABC Family has always been good about free downloads and now you can get the premiere of their new show 10 Things I Hate About You for free before it even airs and in HD. Want more free stuff from the network? You can also download the first episode of their other new show, Make it or Break It for free and in HD.

Deal of the Week: TV Under $15 (Sledge Hammer!, The Lone Gunmen, King of the Hill)

Video of the Week: A movie starring Michael Bluth, Veronica Mars and a Swingers reunion of Trent and Mike? Yes please.

Couples Retreat Trailer HD

Next Week Pick of the Week: Eli Stone, Saturday at 10:00 on ABC: Only two episodes left. And just when you thought being banished to Saturday wasn’t bad enough, having the second to last episode air on July Fourth is just mean. But I guess that is why God gave us a VCR (or Tivo’s for you pretentious types).And it will also will be available on the network’s website. Which gets me thinking, when exactly is ABC going to add their shows to Hulu?

Saturday, June 20, 2009

57 Channels and Only This Is On vol. LXXXV

Quote of the Week: You put the Evil in Knievel lady. (Emerson Cod, Pushing Daisies)

Song of the Week: I Want to Live – Shawn Garrity and a Choir of Angels/Nurses (Rescue Me)

Big News of the Week: Big Head Sammy and the Monsters: In a the least surprising news of the week that just beat out Sun Rises in East, it was revealed that Sammy Sosa was another of the 104 names on the same list that Alex Rodriquez whose name was leaked earlier this year. I guess at this rate we will get the last name on the list by 2025.

In other morally questionable athlete news, I am glad the NBA playoffs are finally over so we stop hear the talking head talk about Kobe Bryant cementing his legacy with another title even though he cemented his legacy in Colorado in 2004. Not that he really deserved another ring because he was a goal tend and an elbow throw call away from being down 3-1.

Now if want to talk about an athlete who legitimately cemented his legacy, look to the NHL with Sidney Crosby who went into Hockey Town and won a game seven after winning a seven game duel with Alex Ovechkin in Washington.

Coalition Links of the Week:
Will you watch four additional hours of The Real Housewives of New Jersey? Come on, be honest. (BuzzSugar)

"It's the end of the world, Cappie. What are you going to do?" If you missed the season finale of Greek, check out our recap. If you've never seen the show, now is a great time to get caught up. You won't be disappointed. (Give Me My Remote)

It's summer so all Vance can talk about is So You Think You Can Dance! This week, his take on the Top 18 performances. (Tapeworthy)

As we say goodbye to Pushing Daisies and prepare to say goodbye to Kings, Marisa has just one question: What the heck is wrong with you people? (TiFaux)

Raoul wrote HawthoRNe a Dear John letter. Yes, already. (TV Filter)

This week, the TV Addict crafted an Open Letter to Dawn Ostroff, CW President of Entertainment. (The TV Addict)

He's no Robert Pattinson, but Ian Somerhalder looks smokin' in The Vampire Diaries. (TV Fanatic)

Kings: So if the Prince wasn’t happy that Mr. Boston saved his like when he was captured by Gath, I can’t imagine he will be thrilled that he saved yet again this week from certain death. You can stream current episodes over at You can also download Kings on iTunes.

Pushing Daisies: A strong ended considering it was extremely rushed. Really can’t complain about the open resolution of Papa Piemaker and Charles Charles thanks to the premature cancelation, but I was a little disappointed we didn’t get an explanation as to why Charles Charles and the aunts had the same last name despite having intimate relations with each other. Oh well. You can stream current episodes over at

Pushing Daisies on iTunes

Greek: I really hope that last scene was a sign that Frannie won’t come back next season. Hopefully Casey is stupid enough to let her move in for her final semester. Or maybe she could move in with Rusty and Dale because certainly they could come up with some great storyline with her and Dale butting heads. You can stream current episodes over at You can also download Greek on iTunes.

Charm School with Ricki Lake: Why is everyone so eager to leave this show. There are very few things that would get me to drop out of a competition for $100,000 but we have already had two people quit and now there are two people fight over who wants to be sent home. You can also download Charm School with Ricki Lake on iTunes.

Rescue Me: Why couldn’t we have gotten a full episode of singing Shawn? When his brother showed up I was laughing hysterically. Hopefully he sticks around to nurse his brother back to health. But then again the episode was filled with plenty of non-musical hijacks like Black Shawn getting the hose turned on him adn Tommy and Janet getting caught. You can stream current episodes over at Hulu.

Rescue Me on iTunes

Free Download of the Week: Arrested DevelopmentPilot (iTunes): iTunes is offering up a bunch of comedy episodes for free. If you download just one, get Arrested Development.

Deal of the Week: Save up to 47% on HBO (Rome, Deadwood, Band of Brothers)

Video of the Week: I hate it when you hear about a movie and instantly know it is going to suck and then you see the trailer and think to yourself, “That just may be watchable.” Case in point: Bandslam. Yeah, there is no way this will be any good, but the trailer makes it look like it may be enjoyable. Plus it has Jason Street as an antagonist rival singer. And what is it with Vanessa Hudgens and cheesy seventies songs? First she samples The Players Baby Come Back for her debute single and in the movie she tackles Everything I Own by Bread. And surprisingly the pseudo-ska version in the trailer actually sounds listenable. Luckily I have until August to completely forget the movie ever exists.

Bandslam Trailer HD

Next Week Pick of the Week: Eli Stone, tonight at 10:00 on ABC: Last week we saw the end of Pushing Daisies and tonight starts the three week reprieve of Eli Stone before it heads off to DVD for all eternity. Or at least until networks start recycling late ’00 show ideas in ten to twenty years.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

57 Channels and Only This Is On vol. LXXXII

Quote of the Week: I guess I’m never gonna go to Cleveland. (Mike, Rescue Me)

Big News of the Week: Showtime Does Some Casting: Following last week’s announcement that Alanis Morissette would guest star on the upcoming fifth season of Weeds (which will also feature Jennifer Jason Leigh) as Nancy’s obstetrician, Dr. Audra Kitson, comes news that John Lithgow will be appearing in all twelve episodes Dexter. He will be playing Miami’s latest serial killer, the Trinity Killer who likes to kill in threes, naturally. The fourth season of Dexter premieres Sunday, September 27 while Weeds returns Monday June 8. If your are too cheap to subscribe like me, their latest DVD’s are coming soon, Weeds 4.x is out this Tuesday but you will have to wait until August for Dexter 3.x. Both will also be available on Blu-Ray.

Coalition Links of the Week:
Buzz counted down the top 10 reasons she's keeping her TV on this summer. (BuzzSugar)

This week, Sandie interviewed Amy Ryan who plays the adorable Holly on The Office. (Daemon's TV)

This week, Jace reviewed the full pilot episodes of such series as ABC's Eastwick, FOX's Human Target, and ABC's The Deep End. (Televisionary)

Dan came across this bizarre video of Heroes' Zachary Quinto getting doused with milk. He wants to know what could be done to make the erstwhile Mr. Sylar less sexy in this video. (TiFaux)

Matt isn't good at math, but Edie Falco + a drug-addicted, well-intentioned nurse = must-see viewing of Nurse Jackie. (TV Fanatic).

Greek: I never really understood the all nighter, I always valued a fresh mind from a good night’s sleep as apposed to cramming at the last minute. Granted, I have to admit I tried osmosis on more than one occasion. You can stream current episodes over at You can also download Greek on iTunes.

Charm School with Ricki Lake: I really hate these eliminations where they don’t actually eliminate anyone that they pull on reality shows. And when people leave you can smell the non-eliminations miles away. That is why Survivor remains the best, when they have an unexpected exit, Probst just says no tribal council and that is that. Going through all the pomp and circumstance and not eliminate anyone is just cheap. You can also download I Love Money on iTunes.

Rescue Me: As bad as it sounds, much like Lou I prefer the drinking Tommy Gavin above the sober one. And that bar scene is pretty much the reason why as it is nice to see our dearly departed again. Although Conner got real old real quick. You can stream current episodes over at Hulu.

Rescue Me on iTunes

Free Download of the Week: Absolutely Still - Better Than Ezra (Amazon MP3) - Paper Empire may be the weakest Better Than Erza album to date as most songs are just mediocre pop, but at least the lead single is free.

Deal of the Week: Buy More Lost on Blu-ray, Save More

Video of the Week: NBC launches three new shows this week, certainly everyone is aware of Conan O’Brien taking over The Tonight Show (click the link for an advanced look at his new set) and I will spare you the Spencer Pratt rap for the reboot of I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! The other show is The Listener debuting this Thursday at 10:00. Below is a promo:

Next Week Pick of the Week: Royal Pains, Thursday at 10:00 on USA: A decent enough first episode airs this Thursday with a seventy-five minute limited commercial run. Look out for a full review sometime before then.

I will also like to point out Monday June 1st, Dave Matthews Band will be streaming a concert on Hulu. Look for a review of Big Whiskey and the GrooGrux King later that week.

Dave Matthews Band on iTunes

Saturday, May 23, 2009

57 Channels and Only This Is On vol. LXXXI

Quote of the Week: For the last time, I am not Linda Knievel. I will never be Linda Knievel. (Lily – How I Met Your Mother)

Song of the Week: Captain Jack – Billy Joel (as sung by Will Ferrell; Saturday Night Live)

Big News of the Week: Upfronts: For thoughts on Upfronts and what I will be watching come fall, check out Scooter’s Fall Television Schedule.

Coalition Links of the Week:
Season finales? What season finales? Buzz turned her attention to the months ahead and asked which summer TV show has you most excited. (BuzzSugar)

Vance had quite the reaction when Kris Allen won American Idol. (Tapeworthy)

This week, Jace reported on all of the goings-on at the 2009 network upfronts and offered up extremely advance reviews on the full pilots of such new series as ABC's V, Happy Town, and Modern Family, and NBC's Community. (Televisionary)

Scrubs may be back next season, but Jennifer said her goodbyes now. (Tube Talk)

After reading a few Melrose Place spoilers, Matt cannot wait for the reincarnation of this classic series. (TV Fanatic)

Greek: All the searching for the secret society stuff was pretty funny, especially when they heard Rusty and Dale talking, but I’m and not sure about the sceret bonding between Cappie and Evan. And doesn’t the Dean hate them and tried to get the Greek system thrown off campus? If so why invite to Greek presidents to join you society? You can stream current episodes over at You can also download Greek on iTunes.

How I Met Your Mother: So the mother will turn out to be one of Ted’s students? Eww. I really hope the writers come up with something creative that makes that not true because once we meet her, I will be creeped out for the rest of the series, even more than the thought of Future Ted telling his kids about all his sexscapades. You can stream current episodes over at Innertube. You can also download How I Met Your Mother on iTunes.

Charm School with Ricki Lake: Wow, it is disturbing how the Real/Chance girls are so oblivious to how they are the epitome of the Mean Girls. Hopefully they get that when they rewatch the episode. You can also download I Love Money on iTunes.

Rescue Me: Proably the funniest episode of the season. All the stuff with Katie Katherine had me on the floor and the preceding road trip and dinner as well as Garrity’s, um, problems. Then there were the out of left field scenes with Tommy’s sister and uncle at the VA hospital. Although the ending was a little weird. Is Katie running away? You can stream current episodes over at Hulu.

Rescue Me on iTunes

Free Download of the Week: Delicious Vinyl Sampler (Amazon MP3): Delicious Vinyl was only second to Def Jam in terms of great hip-hop records from the eighties, and on this sampler you Young MC’s Bust a Move, a Tone Loc remix, songs from The Pharcyde and member Fatlip and more.

Deal of the Week: "Night at the Museum 2" Movie Tickets Offer (Big, The Simpsons Movie, Night at the Museum)

Video of the Week: Tuesday sees the season finale of My Boys featuring former Cubs player Mike Fontenot. Check out a clip below:

Next Week Pick of the Week: The Goode Family, Wednesday at 9:00 on ABC: Ironically just as Mike Judge’s redneck comedy King of the Hill ended its run just as George Bush left office, his show about tree hugging hippies debuts just as the age of Obama starts out.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

First Impressions: Charm School with Ricki Lake

The Girls of Charm School with Ricki Lake

Even though I try to avoid VH1’s … of Love shows (sometime unsuccessfully) the Charm School spin off remains one of the guiltiest guilty pleasures currently on television. This is most likely because I don’t have to see trashy girls having sex with the likes of Flavor Flav and Brett Michaels. For the third season they are actually combining two shows with the rejects of Rock of Love Bus and Real Chance of Love. We also get a new Headmistress in Ricky Lake who may be the most credible of giving charm advice of all the headmistresses. But considering she is following Sharon Osbourne, that isn’t saying much.

Gia is first to go... againThere are a couple more changes this season. There is a Dean’s List which keeps some of the girls safe from expulsion every week. And instead of the Headmistress having full control of who to bring down to the carpet then expel, those not on the Dean’s List go to Detention where they vote who goes down to the carpet. An odd change considering it may lead alliances determining who gets on the carpet instead of who deserves it. Even last night the Bus rejects all voted for one girl while the Real Chance also-rans did another. But there was the hilarious part where Gia voted for Ashley, apparently not know what exactly she was voting for through her alcoholic haze.

There also seems to be a theme of charity this season, the first challenge (?) saw the schoolgirls give clothing of their choice to charity. Although I am not sure who would possibly want to wear hand-me-downs from strippers and porn stars no matter how in need they are. Then later in the season some of the girls will be going down the 9th Ward to help rebuild houses. As nice as that seems, should they really have these girls that close to Bourbon Street while in Charm School?

Beverly Palmer: You children will be embarrassedIn the end Gia’s drunken stupor got her expelled, even if she improved from her time on Bret Michael’s bus. C’mon, she didn’t have anyone drink from her lady area. That is progress. But her exit from the house looked like a trailer for a horror movie, it was that creepy. And she wasn’t the only one to leave as the equally drunken Beverly got the boot for breaking the number one rule of reality television of never put your hands on another cast member. On her way out she hoped she wouldn’t do anything to embarrass her children. Too late honey.

Charm School with Ricki Lake airs Monday at 9:00 on VH1. You can stream current episodes at You can also download Charm School on iTunes or Amazon Video on Demand.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

57 Channels and Only This Is On vol. LXII

Quote of the Week: How was I supposed to know it was a lesbian bar? (Eliot - Leverage)

Song of the Week: Amazing Grace - Johnny Cash (My Name Is Earl)

Big News of the Week: Welcome to 2009 part II: I came to the realization this week that the Monday after New Years Day is the worst day of the year: you have to back to work after a long layoff, it’s cold, one of the shortest days of the year, all the shine has worn off your Christmas presents, and your Christmas lights are mocking you because you were too lazy to take them down over the weekend. Things got better for me later in the week when I got to interview someone that I will be sharing sometime this week. As a hint, they were not as hairy or stupid in person as you would think.

Coalition Links of the Week:
With a ton of reasons to watch TV this month, Buzz picked her 12 favorites. (BuzzSugar)

Remember the awesomeness of Sports Night? GMMR's Take 5 looks back at the five best episodes of this fantastic show. (Give Me My Remote)

Vance put Friday Night Lights at the top of his Best of Television for 2008 list! (Tapeworthy)

This week, Jace offered advance reviews of the first two episodes of Season Five of Lost (and nearly passed out from excitement) and the first four episodes of The United States of Tara, as well as reviews of the Gavin & Stacey and Doctor Who Christmas specials. (Televisionary)

Ed Westwick's eyebrows? Heidi Klum's legs? Vote on which TV body part gave the best peformance in 2008! (TiFaux)

The TV Addict previewed the new season of 24 with none other than Jack Bauer himself, Kiefer Sutherland. (The TV Addict)

Raoul was shocked --shocked!-- that True Beauty sucked. (TV Filter)

Heather went searching for Easter eggs at Ajira Airlines. (TV Spy)

Rock of Love: Charm School: It is never a good sign when you are assigned to teach women manners and the crowd starts chanting your name á la Jerry Springer. Of course had she faked fought with her guests, maybe Sharon Osborne would still have a talk show. You can also download Rock of Love: Charm School on iTunes.

My Name Is Earl: Getting the Babysitter Pregnant has to be up there as one of the dirtiest things that was on Earl’s list, I really cannot think of anything worst off the top of my head. But I really didn’t need to see Max in nothing but his underwear. But at least it wasn’t Randy. You can stream current episodes over at You can also download My Name Is Earl on iTunes.

Free Download of the Week: The Weight of Her - Butch Walker (Borders): Number 62 on my list of the 100 Best Songs of 2008 can now be yours for the low price of nothing.

Deal of the Week: Buy One TV on DVD Get One Free (Rescue Me, Damages, Married with Children)

Also check out my First Impressions of Confessions of a Teen Idol and my Preview of 10 Items or Less.

Next Week Pick of the Week: Friday Night Lights, Friday at 9:00 on NBC: My worst decision of 2008 is quickly righted in 2009 as I finally get to see the third season of the best show on television because I was too stupid to switch over to DirecTV even though my feud with Time Warner is reaching Olberman/O’Reilly proportions. Luckily my sources (basically everyone with DirecTV) say it is worth the wait.

Sunday, January 04, 2009

57 Channels and Only This Is On vol. LXI

Quote of the Week: Fate can be changed, Eli, except for when it can’t. (Frank, Eli Stone)

Song of the Week: No music this week, except of course you count my list of the 100 Best Songs of 2008

Big News of the Week: Welcome to 2009: Is anyone else disconcerted that we are one year away from the end of the decade and we have yet to settle on a nickname for the 00’s. I prefer it as O’s as in Cheerios but I have also heard the Aught’s. Even VH1 copped out naming their (premature) rundown of the decade I Love the New Millennium. So just for clarification purposes, if I were to make any best of the decade lists this year, I would want everyone to pronounce the decade like Cheerios when you read the title.

Leverage: It was a little too soon for anyone to get injured on the show. The show is much better the lighter it is and they really should have waited until the second season at least before they made a partner in serious peril episode. With that said, a nice twist being able to solve a second case while in the middle of a different heist. You can stream current episodes over at You can also download Leverage on iTunes.

Eli Stone: Hopefully that was it for the dark arts. Of course with only three episodes left there isn’t much time for anything. Let’s hope the show goes out with a bang. Actually let’s hope it doesn’t so I don’t have to ponder an ABC boycott. Of course one quick way to a boycott would be not showing them or the final Pushing Daisies episodes so we aren’t stuck having to get the DVD. The least they could do is burn them on Saturday when they just show reruns anyways. You can stream current episodes over at You can also download Eli Stone on iTunes.

Free Download of the Week: Pony (It’s OK) – Erin McCarley (iTunes): I heard this catchy ditty a while ago and have been waiting to take a listen to a full album which comes out this Tuesday (although you can currently download it on iTunes).

Next Week Pick of the Week: Rock of Love: Charm School, Tonight at 7:00 on VH1: Nothing I watch returns this week sans My Name Is Earl, but what I am really looking forward tonight is the reunion show where Sharon Osborne, the headmaster of Charm School who was there to teach the contestant how to be more like ladies, beats down one of her pupils. It is a little fishy that she just happens to attack Megan Hauserman who just happens to be getting her very own reality dating show and apparently no charges were filed. Not that I am accusing that anything VH1 does is staged.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

57 Channels and Only This Is On vol. LX

Survivor: When Sugar came in second for the fan vote I wondered why would anyone actually voted for her. Then it donned on me that the rest of the cast was really that unlikeable. All the people I may have latched myself to, except for Bob, were booted early. Then you have someone like Corrine who tried to be a horrible person which Survivor should never catch someone like every again. Having a curmudgeon like Randy is fine if that is him, but having someone who is mean just in hopes to more screen time is the fastest way to get me to stop watching the show. In the end this was one of the top five worst seasons ever and would have been in the bottom two with the season where the porn star won had it not been for Bob’s fake immunity idol because there is nothing better on television today then when someone tries to play a fake immunity idol. You can stream current episodes over at Innertube.

Survivor: Gabon gets a Terror Alert Level: Guarded [BLUE] on my Terror Alert Scale.

Survivor on iTunes

Rock of Love: Charm School: With last Sunday log jam I was happy when Doug informed me that this was just a recap and not the finale like I thought. But after word came out that Sharon Osborne beat the crap out of one of the contestants during reunion show, I wish they would just skip the finale and show the reunion show this week.

The Big Bang Theory: I have to agree with Sheldon (which happens a little too much) on the giving gift thing and the whole trying to put a monetary value on your relationship and the worry that you will spend much less or more than the other person. And after building it up all episode, I thought they wouldn’t be able to pay off the gift but the Nimoy napkin was priceless. You can stream current episodes over at Innertube. You can also download The Big Bang Theory on iTunes.

Chuck: One thing that bugs me about the show, and this episode definitely is included in the gripe, is Chuck conveniently flashes on certain things but not on others that you would think were in the Intercet. Like how he conspicuously didn’t flash on anything from the car crasher, but did on the hostage negotiator. And it was a little odd that knowing he was Fulcrum, Chuck gave Captain Awesome the green light on the ambush. Why did the general agree with no bumrushing the dude because it would blow their cover? Would anyone bat and eye if Casey took someone down even if they had a gun? And despite the missing toe, Casey should have made it to the Christmas tree farm at some point. With that said, maybe the most enjoyable episode of the year. Seriously, more Carl Winslow please. For a second I thought that was actually Big Mike playing both roles, they look so much a like. You can stream current episodes over at You can also download Chuck on iTunes.

How I Met Your Mother: The marketing people over at the show must have been asleep this week because how could Barney’s Christmas Medley not get uploaded to iTunes? And since it isn’t, anyone who has the MP3, shout me a holla. You can stream current episodes over at Innertube. You can also download The Big Bang Theory on iTunes.

Pushing Daisies: What I really like most about this show (asides from anything that comes out of Emerson’s mouth of course) is that it seems like they always cast people I know, and for the most part like, from something else like this week when the Orlando Jones and the chick from Love Monkey. You can stream current episodes over at

Pushing Daisies on iTunes

Gary Unmarried: I never really have anything to say about Gary Unmarried except that the main plot always seems to connect with something in my past. Like this week’s paint ball exposition hit a little too close to home. Like how I now know never wear shorts and a t-shirt no matter how hot it is that day because exposed skin and paintball do not go very well together. And when you are playing Capture the Flag when there is just one flag in the middle of the course, do not, under any circumstance offer voluntarily to try to catch the other team off guard and run out and try to get that flag as soon as the game starts. You can stream current episodes over at Innertube.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Previewing Rock of Love: Charm School

The Cast of Rock of Love Charm School

Aside from the reunion specials, the Of Love series were pretty much unwatchable. Yet some how their spin off shows Charm School and I Love Money were for the most part enjoyable. For the second go around it is the Bret Michaels cast-off who try to learn some class for a chance to win $100,000 on Rock of Love Girls: Charm School.

Mentoring the rock groupies for this season is Sharon Osborne who is as head scratching a choice as Mo’Nique for the Flavor Flav rejects. Although I’m not sure what is more bizarre, her mentoring girls are judging whether or not America has talent. At least Mo’Nique had a fashion magazine editor and a beauty contest judge by her side. For the Rock of Love Girls: Charm School, flanking Sharon are Riki Rachtman and the wife of former Guns n Roses guitarist Gilby Clarke.

Jessica Kinni in need of some charmDespite being married to Ozzy Osboure, a man who snorted ants cocaine style, needs subtitles when he speaks, and has a man backstage signing for him at his concerts whenever he forgets the words, you actually believe Sharon when she says the show is the hardest thing she has done in her life. And everyone you expect from the first two seasons of Rock of Love make an appearance including all the girls from I Love Money as well as the psycho red head and the black chick whom she got into it with. Also making an appearance is Jessica Kinni who is way to attractive to be having to slum it with a has been rocker who keeps his hair on with a bandana.

It is currently up in the air if the new season of Charm School will be better than the first. On one hand Lacey is in the running for most annoying reality contestant ever and the longer she stays on the show the less likely I will be to turn in. But on the other hand, this show could put us closer to the first ever reality show death where I truly believe show of these girls are capable of homicide and you cannot rule out alcohol poisoning (which begs the question, how is Ruthie from Real World: Hawaii the only reality star ever to get carted off to the hospital for this?).

Rock of Love: Charm School airs Sundays at 9:00 on VH1.

Monday, July 02, 2007

Check Thyself Before Thou Wreck Thyself

To be honest all I could handle of the train wreck that was called Flavor of Love were the premiere and the finale, well and of course the reunion show. Really all of those dating shows are pretty nausea inducing even with Flavor Flav at the helm. Yet when the spinoff, which I believe is the fifty-second branch in The Surreal Life family tree, Flavor of Love Girls: Charm School, I was completely onboard. And luckily it didn’t disappoint.

The show did start off a little rocky as they burned in effigy the names that Flav gave to the girls and we had to relearn all of his castoff’s names again. But we get to fins out that Buckwild’s actual name was one of the whitest names ever, Becky. Then there were some questionable casting omissions most notably the girl who did her lady business in the middle of Flav’s foyer. And if you are inviting the chick who got kick out for beating up a white girl and not also include the white chick she beat up?

But all those quibbles were laid to rest as soon as they ladies started to settle in and started trying to out ghetto each other leading the show to being funnier than most sitcoms the networks trot out each fall. This is mostly thanks to the previously mentioned Buckwild as well as Saaphyri who were both good for a one-liner per episode. My personal favorite was from the latter in the finale, who said when it was announced there would be a guest judge, “Who is it, Bill Clinton? He likes school girls.”

In my original assessment of the show, I feared that it would lose its entertainment value because the show was supposed to teach this girls manner, but their hood rat personas were the reasons to watch the show. Luckily the show never lost that edge thanks in part to Pumpkin Brooke and Bootz Larissa making it deep into the competition. Unfortunately without either of them in the finale, and the finale three actually seeming like they wanted to change just as much as they wanted the money for winning, a paltry $50,000 in reality contest terms. Luckily this won’t be the lasting image of the show as we get the reunion special next week. And hopefully there are already plans for a second semester of charm school and maybe they can incorporate the I Love New York rejects or the groupies that get tossed off the upcoming Rock of Love featuring the dude from Poison (and no I won’t be watching that).

Flavor of Love Girls: Charm School get a Terror Alert Level on my Terror Alert Scale.