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Monday, September 21, 2009

Chatting with Stana Katic

Stana Katic of Castle

Tonight sees the return of Castle tonight at 10:00 on ABC for it sophomore season. On the surface, the show may look like just another procedural, but the Castle is much lighter, despite some grizzly cases, thanks to some witty back and forth from the leads. I recently chatted with the straight-woman of the duo, Stana Katic who plays Detective Kate Beckett. While reading the interview, keep in mind Stana is actually from Canada so that is why us Americans may find an extra “U” in a few of her words that she wrote and it not bad spelling on her part or bad editing on mine. Cultural differences aside, here is my chat with Stana:

Scooter McGavin: Stana, thank you for taking the time to answer these questions and for such an entertaining first season of Castle. Most of that entertainment came from the friction between Kate and Castle; did that rapport with Nathan Fillion come as quickly as it looked on screen?

Stana Katic: Of course. The writing lends itself to a very Hepburn-Tracy type of rapport, so it’s easy to simply say the words and find that wonderful rhythm.

In addition, Nathan has a history with and a wonderful knack for comedy. On my end, I’ve become a big fan of the Hawksian dame-- fast-talking, spirited broads like Rosalind Russell, Kate Hepburn, and Barbara Stanwyck. Using them as an inspirational resource helps in adding to those charming verbal sparring sessions.

Stana Katic of Castle 2Scooter: Kate’s one major rule was that Castle not look into her mother’s death. The first season ended with Castle revealing that he was in fact pursuing the case and had found something. How does Castle’s betrayal affect the second season?

Stana: It’s something the writers don’t shy away from at the start. Kate’s mother’s murder is in “don’t go there” territory, and of course, Castle breaks her trust by researching it. He discovers a shocking inconsistency between the final conclusion that the murder was random and the actual evidence.

The writers reveal a piece of that evidence immediately in episode one, and also deal with rebuilding the Castle-Kate relationship so that the characters can get back to what they're best at: solving crime capers together.

Scooter: The show focuses on a writer who tags along with a detective while preparing for an upcoming book – did life imitate art? Were you able to shadow any real cops? If so, did you accompany any weird cases?

Stana: I did have the opportunity to visit with a very gracious and witty group of detectives in New York City when we were filming the pilot, and then I followed up on that by visiting a detective and an FBI agent here in Southern California.

The most fascinating thing about accompanying real detectives is their gallows humour. I suppose their work gets to be so emotionally grinding at times that a dark sense of humour ends up serving as a survival function.

Scooter: We got a few glimpses into Kate’s personal life in the first season, will the FBI ex-boyfriend show up again and/or a new potential beau be introduced this season?

Stana: As far as i know, there are plans to re-engage in the Kate-Sorensen storyline. I’m not quite sure about the scenario and to what extent. That’s the part that is exciting for me as the actor. Each script is a new discovery and surprise.

Kate and Castle are kind-of like a great wine. We’re going to take our time enjoying all of the flavours and nuances before we finish off the bottle and get down to business. In doing that, I’m sure we'll be exploring the personal lives of both of the characters in more depth before they fully dive into each other; and i wouldn't be shocked to see both of them going out on dates before they make it back to one another again.

stana katic of Castle 3Scooter: What is one thing you personally would like to see happen on Castle this season?

Stana: You know, we touched on it somewhat above. I would love to see more of Kate’s personal life. I feel like the writers are doing a great job of unveiling other layers of Beckett this season. Nearly each episode provides a small glimpse into this working girl's life.

In fact, I just found out she is a bit of a comic book junkie (it’s a brief story point in the upcoming episode)! How fantastic is that?!!! i cannot wait to do the character research for the episode.

That being said, I would love to meet her father and see a storyline with them.
It would also be great to see her off-duty and out on the town (perhaps on a date). I have a feeling Kate has a bit of wild streak in her that can't necessarily be shown in the precinct and on duty; but once the badge is in the box, I think she can throw down with the best of them.

And finally, I would love to have a few one-on-one scenes with captain Montgomery (played by Reuben Santiago-Hudson). Reuben is our Tony Award winner and our new NAACP lifetime achievement recipient. To be able to have a couple of quality character scenes with him would be an honour.

Scooter: Anything else that you haven’t mentioned in previous questions that the viewers can look forward this season on Castle?

Stana: What I’m really looking forward to this season is watching some of the other characters take center stage, as well. I think audiences can anticipate more of what they enjoyed so much last year, meaning that Castle-Kate witty rapport; but the writers are also building wonderfully fun storylines for the rest of the ensemble. Detectives Esposito (John Huertas) and Ryan (Seamus Dever), for instance, have a beautiful storyline coming up in which they pair up against Kate and Castle in a crime-solving race. Bets are laid, and the two teams are off on a really fun episode to see who wins precinct bragging rights. John and Seamus shine in this episode, so I’m excited to have people see their great work.

Stana Katic of CastleScooter: For anyone that didn’t catch season one of Castle, will they be able to easily start watching season two without getting lost?

Stana: Each episode stands alone. Audiences should have no difficulty slipping into the series for season two.

Scooter: Did you do anything during this past summer? If so can you tell us a little about it?

Stana: I traveled around Europe and French Polenysia. If I’m not working on a film or other project, I try to travel and explore as much as possible.
Polenysia was particularly wonderful because i got to visit with an archaeologist who took me on a tour of ancient burial and temple sites. It was astounding to see the remnants and to learn about that beautifully self-sufficient and powerful people because so much of their history was eradicated by invading explorers and missionaries.

I also got to visit with a falconer here in Southern California during the summer molting season. Falcons are beautiful hunters, and of course they sit at the apex of their food chain. So, learning about them was tremendously informative in regards to the state of the environment as a whole.

Anyway, I did things like that this summer. It was fun.

Thank you Scooter for the time.

Castle airs Mondays at 10:00 on ABC. You can stream recent episode on Hulu. You can also download Castle on iTunes. Castle ranked in at #86 of The 100 Greatest Television Shows of the 00’s.

Monday, February 23, 2009

John Lehr Talks I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here!

Tomorrow is the season finale of 10 items of Less on TBS at 11:00 so I thought I would finally unveil the long promised video where I ask John Lehr about his hosting duties on I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here!

John Lehr Talks I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here!

Sorry for shaking the camera while laughing, I should have sprung for a tripod. I also talked to John what we can expect from the future from him in 2009, check that video out:

John Lehr Interview part 4

You can find the other parts of my interview with John Lehr here:
Chatting with John Lehr
Chatting with John Lehr part 2 and 3

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Chatting with John Lehr part 2 and 3

I was going to post the parts of my interview with John Lehr yesterday that pertained to 10 Items or Less yesterday but I forgot how cumbersome it is it download videos, edit them, then upload to YouTube. There is a lesson to you kiddies out there, do not procrastinate. But it does be transcribing it. Without further ado, here are parts to and three of my interview with Lehr. And you can check out part one here: Chatting with John Lehr.

John Lehr Interview part 2

John Lehr Interview part 3

Those hoping for our discussion of I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here are going to have to wait a little longer. But it is worth it.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Chatting with John Lehr

Tonight is the second episode of the season for Ten Items or Less on TBS at 11:00 and last week I had the pleasure to interview its star John Lehr. I inadvertently almost nabbed a second interview that night as I passed Rajon Rondo on my way out from interviewing John as they were staying at the same hotel, but since the Celtics are on such a bad streak, I decided not to ask for one.

For as for the guy I sit down with, Lehr was very personable even though I was last on his dais and my poor interviewing skills (you will notice despite the lengthy introduction, the one think I left out was his actual name). We chatted for about forty minutes (about ten over my limit), thirty of which I got on camera, sorry, you don’t get to here our talk on stupid pet tricks. I cut the interview into four parts with the first below.

John Lehr Interview part 1

Look out later for the final segments later including his (very hilarious and candid) thoughts on his stint as the host of I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! Until then, check out Chatting with John Lehr parts 2 and 3.

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Chatting with Frank Caliendo

Frank Caliendo of Frank TVIf you have been watching the baseball playoffs you have undoubtably know that Frank TV returns October 21 at 11:00 on TBS and I had a chance recently to chat with the Frank in Frank TV, Frank Caliendo. Here are some of the highlights:

Scooter: Seems like anyone has been talking about recently is politics, did you watch the debate last night?
Frank: No because they don’t say anything so I find it kind of a waste of time. But I’m sure McCain say my friends at least thirty times and Barack Obama talked about change, those two things happened. I haven’t really watched much lately. I have been working on both lately a little bit more. I really hadn’t worked on either that much that far out and the one reason for that comes down to one word and that is Dukakis. Nobody really care about Michael Dukakis anymore. Nobody really cares when you lose. Even John Lovitz has said, “I think that was a waste of time.” So I just been working on Barack more because that is the way it looks to be swinging. I do general stuff, I try to stay away from policies and whatnot anyways.

Scooter: Regardless of who you are going to vote for, do you have a rooting interest on who gets elected from a comedic standpoint?
Frank: I can pull off McCain quite a bit easier being a chubby Caucasian fellow. As far the gimicky goes, but on Frank TV we have Freddy Lockhart who does a doggone good Obama so we are covered either way. I have started working on that more and more, we will see what happens. I tend to wait it out, I’m kind of lazy. It’s like a book report. I’ll wait until the last thing and read the book and then write the book report the last night and that will be election night hopefully.

Scooter: I have seen the first three episodes of the new season and saw the Obama skit, I don’t want to say comedians are taking it easy on Obama, but he doesn’t seem as funny as Bush or Clinton. Is it hard finding that one thing?
Frank: I don’t think we have seen the real Barack Obama, I don’t think we have seen the real John McCain either. These are two guys are trying to get elected. Everything changes after you see them more. Eight years ago they said there was nothing to do with George Bush and we definitely found a lot of things to do there. I think it just takes time. Camera are constantly on people when they are not expecting them now. They are kind of in control of that now because the media is totally on their side, or at least I feel Barack is kind of that way, not so much with McCain. But the media takes it real easy on Barack Obama.
If you are president they start criticizing you. It’s like now you are there, what are you going to do? Everything changes, your game plan changes. The media tends to be a little more left than right. The Democratic candidate always tends to get it a little bit easier I think just by watching it. I have just been working with sports on NFL Fox and I am kind of used to that with the sports mentality. We can have a great week, and do a great comedy bit and next week they’ll go, well what’s next? It because sport, and even politics is “what have you doing now? You did that and that’s great but stop all the accolades and get onto the next thing.” That’s what Obama is saying about McCain, “Okay, we get what you’ve done, now what are you going to do?” I think that’s our society and I think that is what we look for, what are the answers. I don’t know if anyone has the answers right now and that’s why they keep trying to change the subject.

Frank Caliendo as George BushScooter: Are you at all sad that you only have four more months left of Bush?
Frank: I will do him forever. I will do less but nobody’s going to forget him, he will be around. Jimmy Carter is still around. Bill Clinton is still around. They always find stuff to do. They are always in the limelight somehow. I think that is the funniest question I get, “What are you going to do now that Bush is out of office?” Do you think we are going to forget about him? Two term presidents are around for a long time. Their first term is always interesting, the second term is typically scandal. Because they open up everything they have done wrong in the second half of it, Clinton, Bush. I think he’ll be around for a long time.

Scooter: You have already taped episodes up until election night, are you at all sad that you will miss out on the Palin stuff if McCain loses?
Frank: No. I would not want to do anything right now anyways. I think Saturday Night Live has that, Tina Fey has that anyone else who is doing it looks like they are just copying that. Unfortunately that might not even be the case, but really Saturday Night Live has that cornered. You have millions of hits on YouTube and you have everyone in the media talking about one person’s impression, it would be kind of a waste to try and do it. I think that’s a bad move by some and I’m glad we’re not touching on Sarah Palin because I think it’s overdone already. Well not overdone, I just think Tina Fey has a hold on, I just think she got it as hers and people can try to do it ut they are not going to do it as well and the are going to compare them to Tina. So why even do it?

Scooter: Looking at the new season are there any new impressions you are doing?
Frank: There are a bunch of people haven’t seen before, James Gandolfini, John McCain, we do some other character in there near the end like the white Chris Rock of Finland. All the people Freddy and Mike (MacRae), the new cast members do all that stuff people haven’t seen any of it before. They have a bunch of new stuff but I really can’t remember what most we do, it all tends to blur to me.

Scooter: About how long does it take you to come up with an impression, from the first time you go I want to try out this guy to you are confident enough to show people?
Frank: Well it’s different. People when they think of impressions they think they have to be impersonations, but I really don’t think of it that way. I think if they are funny and they work well enough, that’s all it is. All you need to do is get the idea across. I don’t try to fool anybody, I don’t look like president Bush, I’m just Frank with a wig on. If it is part of my stand up act it is longer than something if we have a good premise for a sketch. It could take months and I can never get there, there are plenty of impressions that I can’t do.
Barkley took me three months, that was quicker. I have been working on the Barack hard for a week or two now and have been working on him a little for months. McCain went pretty quickly. John Madden, if you look at him six years ago and you look at me do it now, it really sucked six years ago. It’s interesting how different it is. My job is basically I get paid to practice. So I am always doing it on stage and whatever and it just gets better overtime. It is easier to get get into the voice and keep it there the more you do it.

Scooter: Speaking of Barkley, do you run into him at Turner office party or events?
Frank: There is a thing on YouTube with me and him talking on TNT (see below) and he’s a funny guy. Charles kind of likes me but he doesn’t think he acts like that. He really doesn’t act like that, the bit is really Charles says what he is thinking and in my bit it’s like taking Charles and making a little bit crazier and then saying what he’s thinking, that’s where the funny comes from is the goofiness of what he’s saying. Charles thinks of himself as a truth teller and I think as the Charles Barkley character that I do as a truth teller too it’s just that he’s a crazy truth teller.

Frank Caliendo Impersonates Charles Barkley

Scooter: How long does it take you to get into the Barkley character with the make up and everything?
Frank: Makeup’s probably three hours, it’s pretty much the same as Terry Bradshaw or Dr. Phil, anyone with a bald cap. What you don’t see is I’m really pretty pale, so any character is going to have a face whether it is Caucasian or an African American. They actually take about the same amount of time. People would think it would be different but it isn’t. It is really just a bald cap then putting on the makeup or other character it’s doing a nose or a beard. Charles has a little bit of a moustache, but that’s all we do with him.

Frank Caliendo as Charles BarkleyScooter: Do you have a favorite character that you do?
Frank: Bush, Madden, Pacino. Barkley is fun because I can just call people knuckleheads all day long. When they become more than impressions and they become these goofy character like Pacino to me is not about Al Pacino anymore, it’s about this crazy guy who is amazed by everything. Bush is like a little kid type character. Both characters are more fun because there is more to do and you can do different things as opposed to something from a movie or being the actor. Like when you do a Robin Williams sketch, it kind of hard to find a sketch because all you can really do is be all over the place. There is really no take on that other than be crazy and wild and annoy somebody. I love doing the Robin Williams impression but it is hard to find something different to do to make sense and be organic.

Scooter: Are there any impressions you may have tried in the bathroom and you just thought, this is never going to see the light of day?
Frank: Tons of them. I can’t even do a good Joe Pesci. I used to use Chris Berman as an example and now people go, (in a Berman voice) “Hey this is going to be a great football Sunday Jaws.” And they go, “well that was pretty good.” Well I can’t use that anymore. So there are plenty. Even like the Barack, it’s not that good yet. Do I do them in my act or on TV, no not really. Radio is really where I go to talk about it because you can bounce things off of people see what their reactions are and they can help you with it and actually structure and mold the impression kind of as you there like a work shop, sitting down with writers and making something better. Radio is really where I go to test things.

Scooter: What would you say was the easiest impression for you to get right off the bat?
Frank: Barkley as of recent, that only took a few months to get it to a point where people were like, “wow, that was really good.” Most of the one’s I’m known for like Madden, those took time to get there, they are so much better now then they were just a short time ago. Also Keenu Reeves, all you have to go it, “whoa, that’s totally cool.” Some just come about then on accident like Jim Rome I was just (starts getting into Rome) talking like this, not even trying to do it, guess what, became incredible. How great is that? (Back to normal voice) If the cadence is good, for some reason some cadences are just easier.

Scooter: What kind of television do you watch?
Frank: I seem to be attracted to death shows. I don’t watch any comedy really, I always watch legal things, Raising the Bar on TNT. I tend to watch the legal type shows, CSI’s, Law and Order’s, that kind of stuff. I like twists and plots and comedy, most of the time I can see most of what’s coming in comedy. Being in the business it is kind of a curse knowing how they are put together. That would be my answer, lots of old cartoons like the Super Friends can never hurt.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Toss Up: Lost vs Veronica Mars week 2

Both and have had strong starts to their third seasons with VM squeaking out a victory last week. Now here is this week’s Toss Up:

Vee in her floral dressFloral Dress
Lost: Kate is the lone person in a summer dress
Veronica Mars: Veronica is one of many in a sea of summer dresses
Winner: Veronica Mars

Lost: Sun’s lover
Veronica Mars: Parker
Winner: Lost

Kate in her floral dressBack for the First Time
Lost: Sayid, Sun, Jin
Veronica Mars: Sheriff Lamb (check out Tube Talk Girl’s interview with Lamb)
Winner: Veronica Mars

Still MIA
Lost: Locke, Desmond, Eko, Claire, Hurley, Charlie
Veronica Mars: Weevil
Winner: Lost

Ladies and gentlemen, Chip Diller is backRemember Me
Lost: Alex
Veronica Mars: Chip Diller
Winner: Veronica Mars

Lost: Kate and Sawyer are forced to break and remove rocks
Veronica Mars: Logan and Horshack are forced to listen to The Piña Colada Song
Winner: Veronica Mars

Alex is backTasers
Lost: It’s the Other favorite way to keep Sawyer and Kate in line and used it liberally
Veronica Mars: It’s Veronica favorite form of defense but wasn’t able to use Mr. Sparky when she wasn’t led to the naked room
Winner: Lost

Death Toll
Lost: Sun’s lover (and it’s safe to assume the random Other on the yacht is officially dead)
Veronica Mars: Cormac Fitzpatrick (and it’s safe to assume that Kendall is officially dead
Winner: Lost

Being Monitored
Lost: It seems like Not-Henry has cameras all over the compound if the not the whole island
Veronica Mars: The den mother has cameras all over the Theta Beta house to keep her stash safe.
Winner: Lost

Overbearing Parent
Lost: Sun’s father busts in on her in a compromising position
Veronica Mars: Parker’s berate her because she can’t think for herself
Winner: Lost

Best Line
Lost: You taste like fish biscuits
Veronica Mars: Vomit, it’s the new mace
Winner: Veronica Mars

Holy Shawn Hunter SightingI Love the 90’s
Lost: Charlie Salinger
Veronica Mars: Shawn Hunter
Winner: Lost

Worst Kept Secret for Next Episode
Lost: Locke, Desmond, and Eko all survived the blast last season
Veronica Mars: Parker won’t be going home with her parents
Winner: Veronica Mars

A surprising early win for Lost this season and hopefully this is signs of things to come as the were unable to string along two good episodes in a row last season and already have two straight right out of the box this season. The big news this week was the return of Sayid, Sun, and Jin. And what’s bigger is that Sun actually killed someone. I though in the final flashback it would turn out that she was going to be the person that pushed out the bald dude out the window but oh well. But the real predictable part of the flashback was that Sun was getting busy with the bald dude, something everyone already assumed.

Soc win, Sox winElsewhere on the island, Not-Henry continues to get creepier and creepier. First we learn that he enjoys watching people on monitors. Then he offers Jack a chance to go home. It will be interesting what Jack has to do and if he would actually do it. Even though they have CD’s and Stephen King novels, both of which could be leftovers from the early nineties, I’m still not sold that the Others have contact with the outside world just because they have tape of the Red Sox world series victory, just that they have a satellite feed.

Ronnie lesbian dancingAs for Veronica Mars, seriously what could be more entertaining than watching Ronnie lesbian dance? I have to say I was half hoping that Vee would end up joining the sorority in the end and take Dream Lily’s advice and experiment in college. Oh well. What’s much more surprising than her not joining the sorority was she left the paper too to work at the library which I assume will be the new girls’ bathroom. But this begs the question; why not continue to work at Java the Hut? It has to pay more (especially with tips) then a work study job.

Of course Ronnie went undercover to investigate the Parker rape and I already have my lead suspect picked out, the RA. This is mainly due to picking George Michael when the college episode last year but since he is unavailable, I still think they will be going with an RA. As for the rape victim herself, it’s pretty safe to assume that Parker once again won’t be able to make her own decision and stick around like Mac asked her. And on the hair front, I really hope they find her a better wig than the one she was sporting during the episode.

But I have to admit I was totally taken out of the Wallace/Logan storyline with the Shawn Hunter sighting. And what’s extremely disturbing is he looks exactly the same since I last saw him. But at least the casting director at Veronica Mars was nice enough help him postpone his inevitable sex tape. And the guest spots didn’t stop there with the geek from Freaks and Geeks (or was he a freak, I always forget which one was which), the token hot chick from Jack and Bobby, and Homer Simpson in the flesh. But with all the absurdity that went along with this storyline, the part that I had the hardest to believe that an intro sociology class would have to do a twenty page research paper. I took upper level courses and never had to do more than ten.

Now it’s time for my far out there theory of the season (or just this mini arc): The serial rapist is a chick. Remember when being questioned by Lamb, Ronnie mentioned when she walked in she heard buzzing and Lamb said what did it sound like and Ronnie said you know and gave him a look. Well I was thinking, what do girls use that buzz? So I think in the end it will turn out that one of the feminists had a bad experience at a Greek party and are trying to set them up to get them all kicked off campus. So there’s my current out-there theory.

Next week on Lost we finally learn the fate of the boys that were in the hatch and presumably Hurley makes it back to camp so it will be interesting how he deals with what he knows. Then Veronica meets the nasty Dean played by the dude with no eyebrows from Arrested Development. Keep in mind our good friend Chip Diller got three hundred points for nailing the Deans wife so it will be interesting to see if that comes back up.

And don't forget to check out Tube Talk Girl's interview with . My favorite part is that Lamb watches my favorite TV show, Pardon the Interuption and the question on who he would like to be "on the Lamb" this season.

Download Lost

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Chatting with Rob Thomas and Tina Majorino

Last night I participating in another Veronica Mars press conference this time Tina Majorino (Mac) joined creator Rob Thomas (see if you’re thinking the dude from ). Much like the last one, I got two questions in so here are the transcripts of my questions. Now there are some very minor spoilers so proceed with caution if you completely avoid all spoilers. I also sprinkled some pictures from the season premiere which you can watch right now on unfortunately Tuesdays are bad for me so I’ll may have to wait until tomorrow to watch).

Mac, Veronica, Some Random Dude, and WallaceScooter McGavin: One of the things I really like about the show is how some of the characters show up again and again, like with Mac, for instance you saw her one time and she would come back. I was just wondering going into college, are we going to see any other of Neptune Alum show up at Hearst College and along those lines for Tina would you like to see the Mac-Butters relationship continue into college?

Rob Thomas: Butter is supposed to be still in high school, he was a junior last year, he won’t be in college, no plans on bring Butters back right now. We are finding that whenever there is somebody we really like we just keep using them and using them again and again. Last year in one of the episodes when Veronica and Wallace visited Hearst College we met the president of the Phi Sig fraternity Chip Diller and he’s in a bunch of episodes this year. We just cast a couple of guys, one plays an expert on everything dating [I think that’s what he said] in college that we’re really digging using so I have a feeling he’ll pop up from time to time. The best example of it would be Ryan Hansen who plays Dick Casablancas, he was guy who had one word in the pilot which was, “Logan” and then two words in his next episode which were, “all fours,” and we just fell in love with the guy and now he’s a very key player on the show. When we find an actor character we like we tend to just go back to them.

Tina Majorino: As far as Butters goes, I think it was really fun to play with the actor who plays Butters. But think they way that Mac feels about Butters that he is very strange and annoying (Rob laughs) so I don’t think that that relationship will work out but I think that there was a lot of good comedy with Butters [something inaudible].

Veronica Mars back on stageSM: I remember from last season Logan was interest in having Tom Welling [from ] play him in the Aaron Echols Story. I was just wondering now that you are on the same network would you be interested in giving him a call to do a guest spot?

RT: Well it’s interesting because Diane Ruggiero since the CW, who’s one of the writers here and now the only female left on the writing staff, has been begging for that crossover since we had the CW launch party and she saw him in person and I’m not sure she started breathing again. It would be so tough to do; it would be like someone asking Kristen Bell to guest star on their show. We work Kristen so hard and her free time is so valuable to her I imagine the same is true for Tom. The network would love it, they would adore it but I don’t think they would go to Tom as say, “please do Veronica Mars” just because they know just how hard he has to work on his own show. My wife and Al Gough’s [Smallville creator/producer/writer] wife are friends we actually have dinner from time to time and I may actually send a test buoy out on that particular question because I think it would be great for us. But I wouldn’t hold my breath on that.

SM: As a follow up, Tom Welling aside, if the CW came to you and you could have a pick of the litter of any actors on any show to do a cross-over, who would you pick?

RT: For me, it would be personally mercenary, who would get the most people watching our show? If we could get Lorelai (Lauren Graham) from on our show, that would be fantastic. That would be a crossover I would bend backwards to happen.

TM: I like her too, she’s fantastic.

SM: Would you be willing to send your actors out, like you like to see Lamb and Logan go at it in a steel cage match on Smackdown?

RT: (Laughs) Well I would love that, I would absolutely love that.

Some other comments of note:

- The friendship with Veronica is one of Tina’s favorite part of the whole show.

- Once again Ducky wanted to know if more gay homosexuals would be worked into the show. I’m beginning to think that what he really wants to know if the would incorporate a gay dude who goes by the name of Ducky into the show.

- Rob mentioned that fans ripped apart Deputy Leo and Hannah, but I have to say, Leo is my favorite Ronnie beau, c’mon, he picked her up while dressed like Crokett and their first dance was to the Spandau Ballet’s True. Ad Hannah was just the cutest thing ever.

- When asked about more bands being on the show Rob, said “Right now I’m writing the episode nine, there is definitely a space for a band. I’’m gonna direct the episode as well and should I try and get a “name” band? If you get too big of a band like you have Radiohead play a frat part at Hearst College it doesn’t make sense. Having a band adds five shooting hours, which really slows us down in an already jam packed already. Last year we wanted to do it a lot more, that plan was to have over twenty-two episodes, six different artists and have them do karaoke but what we found is that it so production down so much we really couldn’t afford to do it.”

- The Tube-Talk Girl asked about the three story arcs and if he had planned them out yet to which Rob replied, “We do know what the three mysteries are going to be. I can tell you that they’re all three going to have a different feel. I think most people know because I’ve been willing to share the first one is the ongoing mystery of the Hearst serial rapist. I want the second one to surprise people. You’ll get introduced to the second mystery in the last episode of the first mystery. I’ll tell you a little about the inspiration for, which will only make sense if you see what it is. But Steven Soderbergh did a low budget digital video murder mystery called Bubble. There are pieces of it, a way that’s it’s set up that I really like. I wanted to have a mystery, in which for the first time on Veronica Mars where we start seeing the build-up to it, as opposed to being introduced to the crime after it.

- The good people over at GMMR asked Tina about the difference between TV and film, Tina responded, “Working on TV, you get a chance to be so much closer to everyone that’s been working on the show because you’re working with them for a whole nine months; you get to see everyone everyday and you get a little more familiar with them. With film it’s 3 months and then it’s over with. It’s also nice knowing that you get to go to work everyday it’s a little more consistent. It’s nice to know where I’ll be going each day.”

- The TV Addict asked about if Rob was consciously changing things because of the new network and the Gilmore Girls lead-in, Rob had to say, “In the first episode I will freely admit that I think the first episode is Veronica Mars for beginners. The case is pretty straight ahead it’s not high incident case, it’s a case used largely to meet our new characters. I’ve tried to really front load the episodes with fun breezy banter that would play nicely with the Gilmore Girls audience, and sort of inviting them into the show. The episode starts feeling more like our show in the final five minutes; it’s not a huge departure for the first forty. The second episode which honestly ranks with some of our best ever, is Veronica Mars at its best.

- Tina will continue to guest on in its next season.

- Siklilgrl asked if Rob checked out Gilmore Girls yet, which he hasn’t just because his wife says it’s too girly for him but saw a chunk of one when the GG’s Logan was filming an episode of VM.

- The CW execs are thrilled by what they have filmed so far according to Rob.

- As for the music he picks for specific scenes, Rob explained, “The studio/network hates when I talk about it. One of the reasons we didn’t do a soundtrack this year is that when we’re over budget, the first place we have to make a cut is in music. In year one we were getting in 4 or 5 songs per episode, this year the number went down to 2 or 3. There’s been less music in the show which is something I’m not happy about. I tend to write with songs in mind. I sit there with iTunes open, as I’m writing and songs are occurring to me I put them in a playlist for that episode and keep that on play for hours while I write. I write to music a lot I think I’m the only writer here who does that and the post-production people always know when it’s my script because I’ve written all my songs into it. For the episodes I don’t write the editors tend to temp music that I will sometimes replace. One of our editors has just fantastic musical tastes; maybe it’s not fantastic maybe I think it is because it is kind of the same as mine. When he places music it tends to stay in the show. We also have a great music supervisor from Warner Bros. where I can say ‘I need a song for a sorority party what are the kids dancing to at sorority parties these days’ and she’ll send me a disk with fifteen songs of new artists who are breaking and fit the budget and I’ll drive along in my car for a few days and pick the songs that way.”

So there you have it, again if you want to check out the first episode of the season head over to MSN to do so or just turn into the CW next Tuesday at 9:00. I’ll be doing both. And since both Veronica Mars and Lost start op next week, next Thursday will be my first Toss Up of the season, but before that, make sure to check back Thursday for a season two Toss Up of the show to gear up for their third season premieres.

Monday, May 08, 2006

Oddsmakers: Veronica Mars Finale Edition

The Crashed BusA couple weeks ago I compiled a list of suspects for who could have crashed the bus on Veronica Mars. Now in honor of the finale tomorrow, I have updated that list, so of the odds have changed over that time most notably the people in the Casablancas Clan who have looked guiltier and guiltier by the week. Also I had to add Lucky who we had not seen at that point. Right now, my money’s on Lamb with the Manning’s to place and the Fitzpatrick’s to show. So who you got? Feel free to place your bets in the comment section and make sure to turn into Veronica Mars Tuesday at 9:00 to see who actually did it.*

(Vice) Principal Clemmons
Target: Everyone
Why: His first attempt at ousting the Principal hoping that if a bunch of students went over the cliff, he’d resign. Also there were more than a few kids that were frequent visitors to his office.
Why Not: He has a kid their age and wouldn’t take out others being a parent himself.
Odds: 950:1

The Indians
Target: Terrence Cook via Ms. Dumass
Why: Terrence owes them a lot of money and sent a message threw his girlfriend, and they seem untouchable with ties to the judge
Why Not: Too obscure, only been in two episode
Odds: 900:1

The Gay Mafia
Target: The dude who was going to have the outing of all outings (for the life of me I can’t remember his name) and possibly taking out Marcos too.
Why: To stop the outing of all outings.
Why Not: Well since Mayor Goodwood has his own caterfory, it’s unlikely Mr Wu would go after gay dude when it seems everything was settled.
Odds: 750:1

Sheriff Lamb
Target: Dick Casablancas, the poor
Why: To get rid of Madison’s off again/on again boyfriend, poor people commit crime, less poor people, less crime. Then he can gallantly solved the case as he was quick to convict the bus driver then Terrence.
Why Not: Dude’s lazy and not that bright.
Odds: 80:1

The Manning’s
Target: Meg, Duncan and their unborn child.
Why: Not to be shamed by their love child and to kill the sinners.
Why Not: She’s still their kid.
Odds: 75:1

Could it have been Wallace's mom?The Field
(For those not familiar with the phrase, that means everyone else not mentioned so if you think it’s Madison Sinclair, Wallace’s Mom (picture coutesy of UPN/Warner Bros), Corny or some other harebrain choice, this is your category)
Odds: 60:1

Terrence Cook
Target: Ms. Dumass
Why: She knew a lot of dirt on him that would put him on the out with his fiancé and keep him out of the Hall of Fame.
Why Not: Like Clemmons has a kid the same age as the ones on the bus many of which would be fans of his.
Odds: 50:1

Target: Woody via Goody
Why: It sure seems that Mayor Goodwood had a penchant for young boys, Lucky being one of them and his military training could come in handy with bomb building. And the post-war syndrome could ease the thought of collateral damage.
Why Not: He was at the VA at the time of the crash and, well, he’s already dead, so that means it would be hard for Veronica to confront the killer.
Odds: 45:1

The PCH’ers
Target: Logan
Why: If I’m not mistaken, Logan was supposed to be on the bus, he was in Yearbook last year and since he just got off for the murder of Felix, retribution was in order.
Why Not: One of there own, Cervando was also on the bus.
Odds: 25:1

Aaron Echolls/Curly Moran
Target: Veronica
Why: She was the key witness in his murder trial.
Why Not: Don’t think Aaron would kill a whole bus load of kids just to get one especially since it was almost a given he would walk anyways.
Odds: 10:1

Could it have been Dick or Beaver?A Member of the Casablancas Clan (picture coutesy of UPN/Warner Bros.)
Target: The poor.
Why: They hate the poor because they bring down property values. Not to mention Beaver and Kendall look guiltier by the week. And Beaver being cut out of the email sent to Woody seems the most logical right now.
Why Not: Not that bright aside from Beaver who is the only one that seems to have a conscience.
Odds: 5:1

Woody Goodman
Target: The poor, kids he may have had extra curricular activities with.
Why: Civil unrest that killing the poor on the bus would cause helping his upcoming proposal of incorporation. Also it would cover up any impropriates he did with young boys on the bus.
Why Not: Too risky considering his daughter was supposed to be on the boss. Plus I still think he was the target in the first place by taking out his daughter.
Odds: 2:1

The Fitzpatrick’s
Target: Gia, Logan, Cervando, Ms. Dumass
Why: Gia - to send a message to her father; Logan - o tie up loose ends with the Felix murder; Cervando - maybe didn’t pay back his drug money; Ms. Dumass - to send a message to Terrence or because she knew too much.
Why Not: Good question, um, maybe someone beat them to the idea although they have been suspiciously quiet since killing Thumper.
Odds: 3:2

* This game is strictly for entertainment purposes, no money is meant to change hands. Unless of course you would like to donate to the Scooter McGavin is Poor Fund.

And now here is the final press release of the season, hopefully the next one I get is announcing a third season on the CW (picture courtesy of UPN/Warner Bros.):


Steve Guttenberg ("The Poseidon Adventure") Returns As Mayor Woody Goodman; Tina Majorino ("Napoleon Dynamite") Returns As Veronica's Classmate Mac; Harry Hamlin ("L.A. Law") and Charisma Carpenter ("Angel") Also Return

Veronica Mars at graduation"Not Pictured" -- After learning the identity of the perpetrator responsible for the bus crash, Veronica hurries to warn others, but ends up putting herself in an extremely perilous situation, on the season finale of VERONICA MARS, Tuesday, May 9 (9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT) on UPN. John Kretchmer directed the episode from a script written by series' creator and Executive Producer Rob Thomas, and John Enbom.

Meanwhile, Keith enlists Veronica's help in his ongoing investigation of Woody (guest star Steve Guttenberg) and asks her go undercover to get some vital information from Woody's lawyer. Later, when graduation day finally comes around, Neptune seniors celebrate at a huge party at the Neptune Grand.

Scooter Update: Be sure to check out Ducky's exclusive interview with Miss Jackie herself, .

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Tonight the Part of Denis Leary, Will be Played by Denis Leary

Okay, so last night I check my e-mail right after watching the Veronica Mars episode that they filmed while I was there, which already had me on a high and what do I see Live Chat with Denis Leary. Much like when I got the invite to visit the set of Veronica Mars, I sat there and stared at the letter for a while. I’m sure long time readers to the 9th Green know how much of a fan of Denis Leary I am as I quote him everyone and a while. Plus No Cure for Cancer was recently inducted into the Scooter Hall of Fame and Rescue Me was a winner at the inaugural Scooter Television Awards. Needless say, sleep didn’t come last night as I spent last night thinking up questions. One of the bad things about Rescue Me is that it has been so long since it last aired; it’s somewhat hard to remember what happened last. Some of my Veronica Mars Bloggers cohorts were also there and here are some of the highlights:

Give Me My Remote: When is Rescue Me coming back? I've heard May 30th?
: May 30th and the second season DVD comes out May 9th. The soundtrack comes out the third week in May.

Denis Leary: I have a new song coming out in the fall called "(Expletive Deleted) You"
Scooter McGavin: Denis is "(Expletive Deleted) You" going to be part of a new comedy album?
Denis Leary: "(Expletive Deleted) You” will be part of a new comedy album.

Denis Leary: "Traditional Irish Folk Song" is one of my favorites. We played it in front of 10,000 people at a gig I did in Dublin last fall.

Denis Leary: Some of the older members of the FDNY found it difficult to watch during the first season but a good friend of mine, Timmy Higgins, who was a member of the FDNY and died on 9/11, his brother Bobby and his brother Joey and his father are all firefighters. His father has put in 40 some odd years fighting fires in New York city and he loves the show. So, he's my touchstone.

About the criticism around movie
Denis Leary: I think it's a knee- jerk reaction. You can't judge the book by its cover. released a fantastic song called "The Rising" shortly after 9/11 and that song had a healing effect so it's like "Rescue Me". It depends on what the piece has to say.

Scooter McGavin: Denis, are we ever going to see a second season of the funniest two hours ever on TV - ?
Denis Leary: No, Contest Searchlight was a one off.

tubetalkgirl: What has been your favorite character to play so far in your career?
Denis Leary: Tommy Gavin, no doubt. Although Diego has been very, very good to me.

About his charity
Denis Leary: We are building a high-rise simulator here in New York City for the FDNY. This will enable firefighters to work in conditions that simulate fires and terrorist attacks in skyscrapers. We break ground
next month.
Denis Leary: we are also trying to help the New Orleans fire department which was devastated by Katrina and you can make donations to help them through my foundation and the branch named the Jeremiah Lucey fund.
Denis Leary:

About other projects he’s working on
Denis Leary: Yes, a couple of television pilots and a couple of film scripts.
Denis Leary: Plus my book, Kiss my Irish Ass, which is due out in 2007.

GiveMe_MyRemote: I think Rescue Me really pushes the envelope do you ever feel stifled by the network censors?
Denis Leary: No, FX is absolutely the best group of people I have ever worked with. All they do is ask us to push the envelope even further.

Comparing FX to ABC during
Denis Leary: FX is so far and beyond ABC not just in terms of ideas but in terms of marketing that there is no comparison.

The show’s scheduling
Denis Leary: We like playing our stories out over the course of the summer. There is less competition and it allows us to shoot the show from February into August, which gives us three seasons of weather.

Scooter McGavin: I remember last year you were hocking latest album at the time, what are you currently listening to?
Denis Leary: I am currently listening to and 's brilliant new album called Powderburns.
Denis Leary: Best rock and roll album that I have heard in the last ten years.

tubetalkgirl: Are there any fun extras on the upcoming DVD i.e. bloopers, cast commentaries?
Denis Leary: Yes, there are all kinds of deleted scenes and behind the scenes extras.

Scooter McGavin: What other shows are you watching?
Denis Leary: , , , , and I think it is a crime that Homer Simpson has never been nominated for best actor.
Denis Leary: Seeing movie 15 times.

His Oscars ballot
Denis Leary: Capote, Matt Dillon, Katherine Keener, King Kong.

Denis Leary: I think when People reaches the point when they have to have me in their sexiest man episode we are almost in the bottom of the barrel. Could be a sign of Armageddon.

Denis Leary: I started out as an actor. I studied acting and I got into comedy just to get some stage time and to meet girls.

TV on DVD he owns
Denis Leary: Colombo, 24, Lost, Dick Van Dyke show, Black Adder, the British Office, Fawlty Towers, The Simpsons, The Family Guy, too many to name.

Denis Leary: Thanks for your time too guys. Remember May 30th, FX, 10:00 pm and don't forget to drag your kids out to see Ice Age 2.
Denis Leary: Thank you, thank you, thank you. My mother thanks you, my father thanks you, my daughter's T Cup Chihuahua thanks you.

Rescue Me Spoiler Warning

Denis Leary: Lou is contemplating his retirement. The chief has a financial burden because they've raised the charges at the home where his wife is being taken care of. Sean falls in love with the wrong woman.

tubetalkgirl: Has Franco kicked the pill habit?
Denis Leary: Yes, Franco has kicked the pill habit and all the guys quit smoking in the first episode of the show.

Denis Leary: Lenny's character is prison this year and I told him nobody gets fat in prison. So he lost 110 lbs before we started shooting the third season and I have a project that I am developing for him that is very secret and under wraps.

Denis Leary: No, Sheila is not a lesbian, but down deep she still could be, but right now she's not.

tubetalkgirl: Will Jesus make any appearances this season, like last season?
Denis Leary: It's possible that Jesus may make an appearance before the season is over. He represents Tommy's doubts about his own faith and belief in God which will be sorely tested before the season is over.

Monday, April 10, 2006

Veronica Mars Blogger Press Day Article

I think I look alot better in personBack during the Veronica Mars Blogger Press Day, there was a reporter from the San Diego Union-Tribune that followed us around and she just published an article that talks about the day in a broader article on TV fans that hit the internet to talk about the shows. Okay so I didn’t get a quote, those things happen especially since I really didn’t talk to her that day as I spent most of my time harassing Rob Thomas with my massive amount of questions (see No, Not That Rob Thomas and/or The Mystery That Is Shelly Pomroy), but my peeps over at Give Me My Remote as well as Ducky did. Not that I’m going to suggest a Bostonian bias or anything. Good old Ohio didn’t get a mention at the beginning of her article. Oh well. If you would like to read the article, check out A Shout-Out to Blog Buzz. No word on when or where the pictures that were taken by the official UPN photographer will show up, but I’ll be sure not to keep you updated.

One mistake in the article is that the episode that they were filming the day we were there is not April 18, it is tomorrow as you can see on the marker I’m holding (click to enlarge), it’s episode 18. So make sure you turn in even if you have never seen the show before because, you never know, you just may see me. Now I won’t give you any spoilers of what you can expect tomorrow, but I will share with something you won’t see on the show, most likely ever:

I actually (Heart) Beaver

First let me note if you happen to see this shirt on other sites with some dude standing next to it, that’s totally not me. Now this shirt was nixed by the censors over at UPN because it apparently too suggestive, even though they say it would be okay if a chick said, “I love Dick.” If you have a good eye, you could see the replacement t-shirt in the previews for the episode. So for those wondering why there was a spike in the amount of times I pulled out the "I (Heart) Insert Name", this shirt is the reason why. And that isn’t the only problem the censors had with the as when Logan was talking about time in jail earlier this season “Fisty McFist-A-Lot” got nixed even though they said it’s replacement, “Fisty McRapes-A-Lost” was okay to air. Yeah, doesn’t make sense to me either but I though the replacement was funnier anyways. And if you member the “Shocker” sign that Veronica tried to flash in the last episode, Rob actually acted out that scene for us while we were on set. I wonder if the censors got wise because they didn’t show Veronica’s hand after Weevil corrected her.

Elsewhere on the Veronica Mars front, if you haven’t done so already, make sure you check out the unofficial VM podcast over at Neptune Pirate Radio. The first episode has some audio problems and is a little long at just over an hour, but is still worth checking out and hopefully any problems get solved by the second episode. Also since I’m one to totally jump on the bandwagon albeit a little late, let me be the last blogger to point you in the direction of USA Today’s Save Our Shows. But I will be the only one that won’t beat you over the head and tell you which ones to keep (for instance Veronica Mars) or drop (for instance One Tree Hill), just to vote you conscience. Make sure you turn in early (say 4:00ish) for my special post tomorrow to celebrate the episode I sat in at and the move to Tuesday. It's a must read before you see the episode. And of couse, my weekly Toss Up with Lost will still be up Thursady. Lastly, here the official press release for tomorrow’s episode:


"I Am God" -- A restless Veronica is plagued by dreams in which the students killed in the bus crash confront her, on VERONICA MARS, on its new day, Tuesday, April 11 (9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT) on UPN. Martha Mitchell directed the episode from a script written by Diane Ruggiero and Cathy Belben.

Meanwhile, Logan and Weevil are paired together for a physics project that neither is enthusiastic about, until they discover that their success might help Veronica receive a scholarship. Later, when a large number of students are diagnosed with a medical ailment that gives them the right to postpone school tests and projects, a concerned principal Clemmons hires Keith to investigate the validity of the disorder.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Chatting with Rob Thomas and Jason Dorhing

Before I get to the teleconference I want to pass along something my contact at Veronica Mars passed on to me. First thing, there are few things more disturbing thank opening up my e-mail and see something with the subject, “Veronica Mars Has Not Been Canceled.” That means there might be rumblings about that. But for those that have heard there rumors, here’s a statement from my contact at UPN:

Veronica Bloggers, we need your help with only something you can do. There's a rumor on the internet that Veronica Mars is canceled. It's not true. Please help us spread the word.

If you were on the Rob Thomas Blogger Press Conference yesterday, you know that he's planning for a third season. Season three is still absolutely possible with your support!

So tune in tonight, 9 PM, ET/PT on UPN.

It seems like every other day there is a report of shows from UPN and WB that will or will not make it to the CW, but none should be believed. It seems like I heard almost every show currently on both networks will both be picked up and canceled by now. The people at the CW said nothing is set in stone and will unveil their schedule sometime in May, so you shouldn’t believe anything unless it is officially issued by UPN/WB/CW.

That much hyped teleconference I’ve been talking about lately was finally last night as Veronica Mars creator Rob Thomas and star Jason Dorhing, the latter who was fashionable late though as he came straight from a looping session. Unfortunately there were much more people invited to participate than I thought there would be so I only got two questions asked but at least that was one more than other (poor Ducky was told they were wrapping up while on hold). Hopefully someday I get an one on one interview with Rob so I can get to all my long list of questions still left over from last night and the Bloggers Press Day in San Diego last month.

Rob ThomasHere was my question for Rob (minor spoilers in the answer): I get this sense that the two overlying major themes of this season, who killed Felix and who caused the bus crash, might be related. Am I totally going out their on a ledge here?

Rob: (laughs, and if noticed, of the three questions I’ve posted here, he laughed at everyone): You know, I wouldn’t tell you if you were right. That’s information I want to keep close to the vest right now. I mean, um, there are characters overlaps in there whether we have the same cause at the end of the day, the same villain at the end of the day; I will let you find out. In the next couple episodes, the great thing about season one, and I feel really strong about this in season two, it feels like we spend the first half of the season sort of making the story get bigger, introducing more characters, more plotlines, some of them red herring, some of them very specific, real clues, and we spend the last half of the season sort of narrowing the focus. I though last year our final five or six episodes were really strong an our fan base are really following the year long mystery and I feel confident this year going into last five or six it gets real meaty on both of those storylines. I will say this they don’t resolve at the same time, the two storylines don’t resolve at the same time. It’s a bit of a clue, but not a complete clue.

Jason DohringMy question for Jason: With Veronica Mars’ season winding up do you have any plans this summer like any movies lined up?

Jason: You know, I don’t know. There’s a lot of materials I’m kind of spoiled from reading guess from reading a lot of Veronica Mars scripts. There a lot of low budget horror films and I don’t know that’s something I want to do, I think I’m just looking for more quality product or go into theater, doing something that’s kind of acting specific. And I’m going to continue looking for something; I’ve only read one thing so far that I’m like really down to do and their still pulling together their financing for that.

Here are a couple more interesting tidbits asked by other bloggers and I'm sure the other Veronica Mars Press Day Bloggers have more in depth stories and you can look for them on my sidebar. (minor spoiler ahead):

Rob wore Neptune Fish House shirt, something that Dick will be wearing in the future.

This and next favorite of this year

Rob says they are “blowing up the bank on the season finale.” And will be spanning the continent (mmm, Mexico maybe?)

Picks episode titles that will make him laugh. Next week’s “The Raps of Graff” may be his favorite.

Doesn’t look like Cupid will make it to DVD.

Logan and Dick will find they can't quit each other.

Rob also mention that he and the writers are thinking of changing up the format from the two major seasons long arcs to maybe going with three short arcs going 7-7-8 weeks. You are welcome to comment here but it may be best to have all the comments at one place and the best would be at Give Me My Remote Forums and post your thoughts on this there. And tomorrow there will be my regularly scheduled Toss Up between one of Rob's favorite episodes of Veronica Mars and Lost's five can't missed scenes.

Friday, March 17, 2006

I (Heart) Kristen

I really wasn’t planning to write anything today because with a name like McGavin, St. Patrick’s Day is basically a national holiday, add to that it coincides with the NCAA tournaments makes it a double whammy. Not to mention my boys over at Kent State play tonight. But I just had to share something.

My birthday is coming up in the near future so it’s about that time I start receiving birthday cards and I got one that looked very much like one except it was post-marked from San Diego. Now my mother has a cousin who lives in the city but he has never sent me anything before and I’ve only met the guy about three times in my life. So I was pleasantly surprised when I opened it up and this was written inside the card:

I (Heart) Kristen Bell

Okay, this was uber-cool and totally unexpected. That the star and namesake would take time out of television show to write a thank you letter apologizing that she couldn’t spend more time with us, even though it wasn’t her fault and was summoned away by the director, just makes me (heart) her even more. Now if only her character would hook up with Dick, that would rule.

And one more thing, GO Golden Flashes! Um, nevermind that last part.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

The Mystery That Is Shelly Pomroy

Last week I shared with you my number one burning question for Rob Thomas, creator of , dealing with the other dude with his name (see No, Not That Rob Thomas), and today I will regale you with the question I most wanted to know about the show, here’s the transcript:

Scooter McGavin: One person that’s been brought up a lot last season and has been brought up once this season; are we ever going to meet Shelly Pomroy?

(Rob Laughs)

Scooter: Unless I’ve missed it, I don’t think we’ve ever seen her except in the background.

Rob Thomas: Shelly Pomroy, now this is a great bit of trivia, Shelly Pomroy is a girl I went to high school with and had a crush on in seventh grade and she dated my best friend throughout high school and remains a good friend to this day and she has a cousin who had work in soup operas and was coming out to LA to make it as an actor. And she called me; Shelly Pomroy called me, and said “Would you mind seeing my cousin if you have anything right for her?” And this was the Purity Test episode, the Purity Test episode we need a cheerleader and said, “Yeah send in your cousin and I’ll meet her.” And that’s Madison Sinclair. Madison Sinclair is played by Shelly Pomroy’s cousin, which is a weird bit of business because Shelly Pomroy is a real person. Shelly Pomroy has been referenced…

Magnolia: Which one?

Rob: Oh which one, which one of the two. Because the first time we cast Shelly Pomroy we didn’t need an actress we just need someone we could make out, the second time we need an actor.

Magnolia: In the pilot she was just an extra sitting in the lunchroom with Duncan and Logan and the camera focused on her, “that’s Shelly Pomroy.” Then she’s a brunette, then there’s also a show where’s she’s making out with Duncan, people didn’t know that was Shelly Pomroy.

Rob: And that’s bad planning on our part.

Magnolia: And then there’s a third one in A Trip to the Dentist where she’s doing the…

Rob: Uh, Straddling Veronica.

Magnolia: How do you explain that, closet lesbian?

Rob (chuckles): Yes.

My tape cuts off there as I believe we reached the wardrobe trailer and the conversation pretty much ended. There were some spots of bad audio so I may have missed it on the playback, but I’m pretty sure that Rob said that the girl named Shelly that dated Duncan early in season one was intended to be the infamous Shelly Pomroy. And while transcribing this I noticsed he totally didn’t answer my original question, but it was an interesting response especially since it involved one of my favorite non-cast member, Madison Sinclair. What can I say; I have a soft spot for hot chicks with attitude problems. Speaking of hot chicks with attitude problems, the good people at UPN/Warner Bros has passed along some pictures of Laguna Beach alum Kristin Cavallari who will be making a guest appearance on tomorrow’s brand new Veronica Mars which I have posted one below courtesy of UPN/Warner Bros and is used by permission. If you want to see more you can check out my new photo blog, the aptly titled Scooter McGavin Takes Pictures. Also below the picture I will print some spoilers that UPN passed along, so avoid them if you don’t want to see them.

Kristin Cavallari on the set of Veronica Mars

Spoiler Alert

Veronica is on the case when someone tries to blackmail the gay students of Neptune High;
Dr. Griffith tells Logan to stay away from his daughter Hannah after he walks in on the two of them cuddling on the couch;
Veronica tries to track down a runaway bride, who happens to be Wallace's new girlfriend's sister;
Aaron Echolls meets with Kendall Casablancas and asks if she can get into Logan's hotel suite;
And Veronica runs into her ex-boyfriend, Troy (guest star Aaron Ashmore), when taking a college tour with Wallace.

Also, Michael Cera (George Michael) and Alia Shawkat (Maeby) of guest star.

Saturday, March 04, 2006

No, Not That Rob Thomas

Today I have my first of many in depth stories from the set of . Since we are a week and a half away from the next episode and over a month from the first new one, I thought I would start off with a story that really doesn’t pertain to the show itself. Just a little back story, the first time I watched the show and saw that the show was created by Rob Thomas I thought to myself, “this is from the same dude who wrote 3AM?” I came to realize that they were two separate guys, so when we sat down to lunch I though I’d break the ice with a softball question by asking Rob, “How much do you hate Matchbox Twenty jokes?” Here's his response (Thanks to Magnolia for help with transcribing):

I don't really get that many jokes, actually. The only annoying thing about it is showing up places and realizing that they're disappointed that it's you; checking into hotels, you know they've been looking at that reservation and hoping, or stewardesses on airplanes. But I actually got a note from the other Rob Thomas because people were going on the Matchbox Twenty website and talking about his books and the show. And this would have been a while back he was friend with somebody at 20th Century Fox when I had a deal there and he sent me a note on a wedding napkin that said ‘Rob, if people come up to you and say that your band sucks, it's all yours, but if they say you're great, let them know it's me.’ So I liked him more for that note.

Check back later for even more tales from the set of Veronica Mars including a Scooter McGavin exclusive that you won’t see anywhere else. But next up I will regale you with a story about the infamous Shelly Pomroy so look out for that. And don’t forget to check out for an all new Veronica Mars on March 15th.

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Definitely Not a Trip to the Dentist

Finally woke up, but still a little drowsy so I’m just going to give you all a run down of what happened yesterday on the set of (some things may be out of order due to lack of sleep, but I think this is everything) and fill in the details in the days and weeks to come.

First off the plane ride to San Diego was fun in a driving over potholes for four hours kind of way. On my connecting flight I sat next to a dude who must have been one pound under the limit under the weight limit where they make to buy two seats. Then after a hour and a half in Atlanta, where I ate lunch at the dirtiest table I’ve ever seen, I was going back to Cali. The plane ride was a little bumpy as the fasten seat belt light was only off for about a half an hour. I saw Walk the Line, and by saw, I mean as I was on a window seat, the overhead compartment blocked about a fourth of the screen. And I don’t think the dude beside me was too happy that I continually kept leaning over.

Upon arrival I hopped into a taxi but my driver wasn’t exactly sure where my hotel is. It’s never a good sign when your driver asks you for directions. And it didn’t really help that I couldn’t understand half the things the dude said or him with me. Luckily he guessed right and I then took a long shower, met up with my contacts from the show, and had dinner. Then I settled in for the night and caught the Closing Ceremonies of the Winter Olympics which including a performance from Avril Lavigne. Um, yeah, okay.

Unfortunately my inner clock woke me up at four AM PST, but luckily I was able to get back to sleep until 6:30. I had a nice buffet for breakfast, and headed back to the room for a shower. Then after bleeding profusely after thirty minutes after using the razor the hotel provided for me, I met up with the other bloggers on the trip. But after everything that went wrong up to that point (does anyone have fun traveling?) what came next totally made up for all of that.

We started out the day with a limo ride to the set, yes a limo. There were about nine of us in total including a reporter doing an article on the even and an official UPN photographer taking pictures of us throughout the day. We were guided around by a couple of nice ladies from the studio and network, one whom which gave me my daily "Has anyone told you you look like the dude from The Notebook" comment. Needless to say I busted out my usually, "Yeah, now if only I can hook up with a chick as hot as the chick from The Notebook." I never get tired of this. Unfortunately though, no one involved was looking for a dude from The Notebook type for an upcoming project. But anyways.

When we arrived on the set, they took us right into the courtyard set where the characters eat lunch which actually doubles as the front of the school. We walked in during rehearsal involving Beaver and Veronica. We got a seat off set about twenty feet away from the action and when they offered one of us headphones to listen in on the action I jumped at the opportunity. Unfortunately they made me pass them around, but as soon as they came back around to me I claimed a monopoly on them for the rest of the visit.

We then made it inside the school and wandered around the hallway with the hall leading to the school’s office, a classroom, and the infamous bathroom, where the stall still has “Jackie is a …” written on the door that was inscribed during the last episode.

Back in our seats, I saw Ryan Hansen, or as I like to refer to him as Little Dick, come around the corner, and once he saw us he made a B-line to us and say hi. He even mention another Dickism that he just said earlier that day, and you will have to wait until the show to hear it (barring it not getting it past Standards and Practices) but I’ll just say it’s classic Dick. And who doesn’t love Dick? He even stuck around to make an extra apperence as an extra in the scene that was filming that may or may not make it into the show.

Later show creator Rob Thomas (not the dude from Matchbox Twenty, great story coming later this week on that) stopped over to quickly say hi and producer Dan Etheridge also stopped by to welcome us. They ran through the scene we watched about six times and changed the camera angle. While the moved the camera, Kyle Gallner, a.k.a. Beaver who was extremely tired came over to say hello. Then the girl of the hour herself, Kristen Bell came over to chat. Unfortunately she had to go once the cameras were set and I was unable to ask my number one burning question. Hopefully I’ll get another chance to ask that at a later date. But when it comes down to it, it was nice that the namesake of the show was able to devote anytime for us.

Once the scene was wrapped, it seemed Kyle (his grogginess in no way showed up on what I saw on the monitors) finally woke up and he and Ryan spent a couple minutes goofing around with each other, spent some more time talking to us, and took a lot of pictures with us.

Then came our tour of the sets that included Java the Hut, which looked very different in person, but that may have been due to the little lighting that they had. Then we went around to Mars Investigation then to the apartment including Veronica’s bedroom (I totally forgot to see if the Lost numbers were still around to take a picture), the little seen Keith bedroom, and the Living Room, where Rob met back up with us and then took over the tour. He then took us the police station (guess who Deputy Sacks has a file on), the penthouse suite and then took us to the new PCH hangout that will be utilized in future episodes, but I believe we saw in the scene where Weevil was kicked out of the gang.

Then came lunch with Rob where I luckily got to sit right across from him. The food was really good as I had some pasta and chicken. While eating Percy Daggs (Wallace) stopped by to pick up lunch and even chatted for us along with his mom, who is equally as nice.

After lunch we stopped by the wardrobe truck and had a chat with the Salvador, the costume designer. This is the point where Rob had to go. After hanging out at the courtyard again, we made a pit-stop at the make-up trailer which had a bunch of pictures of actors that have been on the show which was the only time they told us we were not allowed to take pictures of throughout the whole day aside when they were filming. Then I saw Jason Dohring pass by the door and then we got to go outside the trailer and have a chat with him. This got everyone else on the trip all really excited (all day all I heard was I hope we get to meet Jason, oh I was the only person there who liked chicks). After some questions and pictures it was time to leave.

We headed back to the airport, but I had to wait about six hours until the planed boarded and they wouldn’t even let me check in for another hour or so. Luckily there were a couple other people on the trip who shared my flight. So we hung out, had a couple drinks, some dinner and talked about how our wait was similar to Tam Hanks in The Terminal. On the way back to Atlanta they showed Elizabethtown and even though I watched the whole time I really can’t remember much of it. Then I said bye to my fellow travelers upon arrival as they were both from Atlanta and had to wait another hour before making it back to Ohio.

Now a wise man once said “There’s nothing wrong with Ohio except the snow and the rain,” and there was plenty of the latter on the ground when I got home. Oddly enough while watching the news in San Diego they talked about a Winter Storm that was coming but apparently a Winter Storm in California just rain. I was offended that they would call rain a Winter Storm, Winter Storms included either sleet, snow or freezing rain.

I will go into more detail including interviews and pictures in the days and weeks to come including my exclusive content. I would like to thank everyone involve in creating this set visit as well as the cast and crew who were great hosts and I hope this becomes a common occurrence especially I didn’t get to ask Kristen any questions and even though I got most of the questions asked I thought up before the visit for Rob, I’ve since thought of even more. Plus since we missed them yesterday, it would be nice to meet Keith, Weevil, Jackie or even some of the bit players like Mac, Lamb, or Clemmons. For more on the visit check out these sites that were also with me:

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Oh, and one more thing, I love Dick, um, I mean REE-chard.