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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Playing the Percentages: Chuck Edition

In a story I broke last month, Chuck returns tonight at 9:00 with a two hour premiere. And if that is not enough Chuck for you, there is a third hour of Chuck tomorrow when it settles into its normal timeslot at 8:00 all on NBC. In honor of the return, it is time for another rousing game of Playing the Percentages dedicated to the show. As always I will be going up against Jo who will be playing the role of Colt McCoy as I will play the role of Marcell Dareus (Please note that Jo is a proud A&M alum and in no way condones being compaired to teasip, but that is what makes it fun).

What chance do you give that the Intercect 2.0 will be a jump the shark moment for the show?

Jo: 0%! Because Chuck is a well written show. It is a game changer and a new direction but I would point out that at least one of the writers on the Chuck staff used to work on Veronica Mars. A true shark jump moment would be one of the other nerd herders becoming a super spy.

Scooter: Even the best written shows can make dumb decisions and Chuck isn’t immune to them (Morgan is still around annoying me) but I figure as long as Casey still has his Regan picture, they find new ways to have the Token Hot Chick fulfill nerd fantasies, and Jeffster is still roaming the Buy More, I’ll keep it at a low 10%.

Any chance that more family and/or co-workers learn Chuck’s secret this season?

Jo: Hmm this is tough. 50%. The first rule of a secret hero double life is the more that know the secret; the more you have to protect them from harm. Though I can't imagine Captain Awesome will be very good at hiding things from Ellie.

Scooter: It is hard to believe that Captain Awesome could keep something from Ellie as seen during the Bachelor Party episode, but keeping Chuck’s secret is a matter of national security so I think Awesome can do it for Chuck. But I love for Jeffster to find out just from a humor standpoint although if anyone new finds out this season I would put my money on Morgan (assuming they don’t fulfill my dream of him actually moving to Hawaii to become a Benihana chief and thus off the show forever). As for anyone new in his circle finding out, I’d put it at 68%.

Percent chance we see these people again sometime this season:
Bryce Larkin?

Jo: Bryce 0%. Isn't he dead, again? Plus now starring on a very fun show called White Collar on USA.

Scooter: Sure Bryce is dead, but “again” is the key word. He was revived once and they could do it again and since USA and NBC are in the Universal family (at least were, I am not sure how the Comcast deal changes that) it can be worked out. Though his death did seem final this time, but I go with 14% just in case we get a flashback.

Chevy Chase?

Jo: 10% on Chevy since he's on Community but could prob use the stunt casting money.

Scooter: “A real shotgun wedding,” to think that bad pun may be the line we hear from Chevy Chase on Chuck. Since his wound seemed to be in the same spot as Bryce, we probably never see him alive again, but if Scott Bacula comes back, we may see Chevy via flashback, but this is less likely that Bryce, so 3%.

Jordana Brewster?

Jo: I’m hoping to see Jordana again, so I'll call it 75% just for hope's sake.

Scooter: I agree Jordana is the most likely candidate to return because I can’t imaging Jordana has anything better to do these days than to sit around hoping someone is stupid enough to greenlight another Fast and Furious movie. And I’d bet they would bring her back whenever they think Chuck and Sarah are getting too close, which comes out to exactly what you said: 75%.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Playing the Percentages vol. IV

It is time for another round of the game sweeping the interwebs, Playing the Percentages. Along for the ride again is Jo. If you want to play the home game, just drop your thoughts in the comments or leave a comment on a question you would like to be answered at a later date. Now let us play the game where I will play the role of Sayid Jarrah with Jo playing the role of a young Ben Linus.

What chances do you give Chuck and Sarah ever hooking up?

Scooter: This is really less a question of Chuck and Sarah ever getting it on, because as we have seen, given the time, everyone on television hooks up given the time. So it is more of a question of will Chuck the show be around long enough for them to hook up, or will it happen this season. Since Ben Silverman is certainly a candidate for a spot on Celebrity Tool Academy, you really can’t gauge him on anything unless it is a reality program or foreign show he can import. And him coming out recently and befuddlingly blaming Barack Obama for the show’s recent lows in the ratings department almost sounded like he is already making excuses to why it won’t be coming back. But still there is a chance they could hook up this season and I put that at 15%.

Jo: I'm torn between what I think will happen and what I want to happen. Scooter and I discussed who’s more at fault for Chuck and Sarah being apart. I think Chuck should man up; he thinks Sarah has shot him down too much. I want Chuck to man up, especially if the General is finally going to properly train him. But the chances of that being this season are so low. If I pick 14%, does that make me like the punk at the end of the row on the Price is Right? I think there's a higher chance of someone in Chuck's non-spy life finding out his secret. I'll put that at 25%.

Friday Night Lights on iTunesWhat are the chances we get a fourth and fifth season of Friday Night Lights?

Scooter: This should be a slam dunk; the show is getting comparable ratings to last year even with a lead-in of Howie Do It repeats most of them time plus DirecTV is footing half the bill. But again, Ben Silverman isn’t sharpest tool in the shed even if he is the biggest. And though the network is becoming all Jay Leno all week long, they should be able to cram in thirteen episodes during the doldrums of winter like they did this season so I will be cautiously optimistic at 75%.

Jo: Again, I'm dying for FNL to return to give me more opportunities to be an extra on the show. Oh that and it's one of the BEST written and acted shows on television. But leave it to NBC to do something stupid--50%.

Scooter: Speaking of Friday Night Lights and Chuck, if it is on the chopping block, why not have Chuck pull a Friday Night Lights and have shop a deal around the other networks (such as USA, because I’m sure characters like Casey, Lester and Jeff would be welcome) then a truncated FNL could replace a shortened season of Chuck or vice versa on Fridays early 2010 giving you 26 weeks of quality programming next year?

Jo: Meanwhile, they SHOULD shop Chuck around. USA would be a great fit, not to mention Sci-Fi since Chuck is very similar to a short lived show called Jake 2.0.

(Scooter Update: The AP is reporting that Friday Night Lights has officially been picked up for two seasons. No word from NBC or DirecTV yet.)

(Scooter Update II: On the Friday Night Lights it says congratulations on the renewal so it looks like to be official. Here is the NBC press release.)

It premieres tomorrow, what are the chances that the Cupid remake is a good as the original?

: I remember seeing the original Cupid but don’t remember being all that upset that it was canceled so the bar isn’t that high. From the promo’s it just looks as if Bobby Canivale is doing a Jeremy Pivin impression and in the other main roll, Sarah Paulson for Paula Marshall is a downgrade. I want it to be higher, but I really cannot go higher than 31%.

Jo: I never watched the original either. I have much faith in Rob Thomas, but remakes generally (BSG, a major exception) tank. I'll go 25%.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Playing the Percentages vol. III

It is time for another rousing round of Playing the Percentages, again along for the ride is the good people from TV on the Brain. If you want to play the home game, just drop your thoughts in the comments or leave a comment on a question you would like to be answered at a later date. Now let us play the game where I will play the role of the Joe Torre with Jo playing the role of Alex Rodriguez.

What chance do you give to the Arizona Cardinals upsetting the Pittsburgh Steelers?

Scooter: As a Browns fan I want it to be 100% but from a practical standpoint, I always take great defenses over great offences. What the Cards have going for them is that no one has stopped Larry Fitzgerald in the playoffs and the Steelers CB are their Achilles heel, and one of Ben Rothlisburger’s worst game of his career came in his last Super Bowl appearances (that they should have lost because he in no way crossed the plain of the goal line on that QB Draw). So I will give the Cards a punter’s chance at 40%.
Jo: In the Super Bowl, anything is possible. But before the divisional playoffs, I emailed Scooter and told him that it'd be the Steelers over the Cardinals by two touchdowns in the Super I'll have to stick with that. I'll give the magic touch to the Cards at 25% likely.
Scooter: She did and I am now glad that I did not respond by mocking her for doing so.

What are the chances that viewers will be satisfied with the Lost series finale?

Lost on iTunesScooter: I lost faith in the show (cheesy pun intended) around they killed off the Token Hot Chick, so on a personal level I really do not have high hopes that I will be satisfied come June 2010. But the writers will have has two and a half seasons top conclude everything they want to get down, so barring the show fading to the blank during a random scenes, all the principles end the series in jail, or the whole story turns out to have taken place in the snow globe of an autistic kid, I’ll say 60% of watchers will be satisfied, I doubt I’ll be one of them.
Jo: As a newly converted Lost watcher, I feel like the writers let the show's plots get away from the in the second season. As a result, it'll be near impossible for them to tie everything up by the end. I feel like this will a great Sopranos debate all over again, with 50% of the Lost fanatics satisfied and 50% irate by what will probably be a vague ending.

What chance does Dollhouse have of getting a second season?

Scooter: If I were a Vegas line maker, I would put the Over/Under at 5 episodes; so I would put the odds of the show getting to finish it’s first very low being that it is in the Friday death slot where every sci-fi shows has been one and done on FOX (and anyone who is at home should be watching Friday Night Lights at 9:00). But since Eliza Dusku somehow managed to get a second season out of Tru Calling I’ll go as high as 18%.
Jo: Wait, is this Whedon and Fox? 0%.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Playing the Percentages vol. II

It is time for another rousing round of Playing the Percentages, again along for the ride is the good people from TV on the Brain. If you want to play the home game, just drop your thoughts in the comments or leave a comment on a question you would like to be answered at a later date. Now let us play the game where I will play the role of the House Republicans with Jo playing the role of George Bush.

What are the chances that Pushing Daises has a sophomore slump?

Scooter: 10%. Where someone like JJ Abrams is high concept, low results, Bryan Fuller has proven to be high concept, high results, well at least when people turn in. Plus it is had to have a sophomore slump when your freshman year is cut in less than half.

Jo: 0%. Bryan Fuller and crew didn't even get a full season one thanks to the strike. So he's had nearly a year to think about it. And even though this show has a very specific premise, there is a rich well of story to tell in this beautiful fantasy world he's created.

What are the chances that the best show of this season will be a mid-season replacement?

Scooter: It is not a good sign when the best new show of the season I have seen is Raising the Bar with Zack Morris and his absurd hair. I was looking forward to Ex-List until Diane Ruggerio left unceremoniously. She just happen to get quick work with Rob Thomas on the reboot of Cupid. Thrown in mid-season shows by Mike Judge and Joss Whedon plus the much buzzed Kings I’ll go a high as 92% on this.

Jo: I haven't been paying attention to the new material coming out, but my money would be on proven show runners Joss & Rob as well. So I'll toss a 75% out there for good measure.

What chances does Gary Unmarried have to be this year’s The Big Bang Theory?

: Despite being much beloved now, The Big Bang Theory got crushed by critics, professional and armchair alike much like Gary Unmarried has when they first aired. But even their first were not completely unwatchable. With that said I will only give it 33% chance because The Big Bang Theory had Sheldon to build around and Gary Unmarried doesn’t have that potential break out character to lift them into bankable sitcom. Although if tweaked, Ed Beagley Jr., who I think is just currently recurring, could be that.

Jo: 25%. Jay Mohr is a bit of a love 'em or hate 'em actor. I happen to hate. And as much as I seriously adore The Big Bang Theory, they need to better balance the story telling out among all the characters because, yes Scooter, even Sheldon will get old with his schtick.

Scooter: As someone with some of Sheldon's quirks, there is plenty of of schtick left before Sheldon gets old.

What is the percentage that you will not be watching Friday Night Lights until 2009?

Scooter: 25%, I deleted all my torrent programs years ago out of security reasons (and the fear of being sued) but I am holding out hope that NBC still steams new episodes on Hulu the day after they air on DirecTV which would be the smart thing to do from a business standpoint to combat the torrent. But NBC has proved not to be the smarted network (*cough* Knight Rider *cough*)

Jo: ? 50%? I don't even know when FNL is supposed to come back. I figure since NBC is barely keeping the show alive anyways that if all else fails, I'll rent the DVDs.

Scooter: For the record, Friday Night Lights season three premieres tomorrow at 9:00 on DirecTV channel 101 (and repeated Fridays at 9:00) uncut and commercial free. Then sometime in 2009 the episode will re-air on NBC at a time and day to be determined later. I'm not sure the "uncut" is a marketing ploy or if DirecTV will be throwing in a swear word and gratuitous nudity that will be cut out for network broadcast or maybe some extra scenes. Now if only I knew someone with DirecTV so I could find this out (anyone in Northeast Ohio with DirecTV, shout me a holla).

Friday, September 12, 2008

Playing the Percentages vol. I

One of the greatest shows currently is Pardon the Interruption and I have shamelessly steal paid tribute to the show multiple time on the 9th Green and I am going to go to the well once again with a new running post. For those that have seen the show they have a segment called Oddsmakers which the name I have already used for something else so I went with Playing the Percentages which Statboy even admits is a more appropriate name. The kind people over at TV on the Brain will be my archenemies for this game. We will be need our own personal Statboy so if you have a question (any subject like TV, music, movies, or politics welcome) for us to talk about feel free to e-mail me that. And if you want to play the home game, just drop your thoughts in the comments. Now let gets to the game where I will be playing the role of Bernard Pollard and Jo playing the role of Tom Brady.

What are the chances Tina Fey makes an appearance on the season premiere of Saturday Night Live this week?

Scooter: 70%, in a story I broke last week, Sarah Palin is a dead ringer for Tina Fey and since Palin has been the biggest story of the late summer, they will be parodying her and it is safe to assume she is the cold open. I am not guaranteeing that Fey shows up because there might be scheduling conflicts and I actually have Palin herself making an appearance in person at 25%.

Jo: I'm gonna pull a Kornheiser and say 85%! Lorne Michaels would be nuts not to at least ask Tina Fey. Who else is going to play Palin? Kristen Wiig already does most of the journalists, including Campbell Brown. And you can't use Amy Poehler b/c we need some reaction Hilary shots for good measure.

What are the chances that either 90210 or Knight Rider last longer than the originals?

Scooter: A little background first, 90210 lasted ten season while Knight Rider lasted four. With that said, there is no chance 90210 lasts a decade, in fact I only have The CW lasting that long at 40%, so this rests on the hopes of Knight Rider which haves a 10% chance and that only hinges if Ford continues to pony up for their one hour commercial for their brand and if the rating bomb as they are likely, I wouldn't be surprised if the show gets sold into syndication.

Jo: There's a 100% chance that both of these remakes are signs of an impending apocalypse. That or just the end of original ideas in America. 90210 and Knight Rider have a 25% of getting renewed after this year.

What are the chances Opportunities Knocks is the first fall show to be canceled?

Scooter: This is brought up because this had the lowest rating for Hey Nielsen's Fall Preview (which I participated in) at 1.8. And I agree that it will be totally unwatchable to me, and if I am not mistaken Fear Factor did the whole go to people's houses before it finally ended, but I am not a target audience and families could keep this show on air so I give it 2%. As for the show that has the most chance of getting the ax first, I have Do Not Disturb first on that list.

Jo: Is Opportunity Knocks a reality show? All it needs is a regular tearjerker feature about some family's sick parakeet and it'll have a 75% chance of staying on the air.