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Sunday, November 09, 2008

57 Channels and Only This Is On vol. LIV

The Big Bang Theory: Considering all she does is calling Sheldon names, maybe they should have made the stalker a castmember and made her obsession a season arc. Best part of any show this week was the discussion of Sheldon’s “deal.” Don’t tell me you have never had that discussion with friends before. You can stream current episodes over at Innertube. You can also download The Big Bang Theory on iTunes.

How I Met your Mother: Sadly Ted’s Ohio way of dealing was pretty much on point. And yes I had made many of mental maps back in college and hid under a few tables. Unfortunately I was not as good at hiding. You can stream current episodes over at Innertube. You can also download The Big Bang Theory on iTunes.

Gary Unmarried: Nice juxtaposition in the kiddie house. And Paula Marshall’s (it may not be a good thing that this far in I have no clue what her name is) misusing penultimate begs the question, when you catch someone doing that, do you tell them or mock them behind their backs? You can stream current episodes over at Innertube.

Survivor: Hats off to the quiet chick. It seems like every season there is an obvious pecking order yet the fifth and six in the alliance are happy to get voted off when their time comes then flip on their tribe. I can’t wait to see how Corrine reacts to this. Now the game should become more interesting. You can stream current episodes over at Innertube.

Survivor on iTunes

My Name Is Earl: If I had a list, Sold a Dude a Lemon would have to be high on mine. If you remember the Check Engine light discussion from a couple Big Bang Theories ago, when I sold that car it didn’t last more than a couple a months before it broke down completely. But I guess that was karma in a different way because the dude I sold it to was a humongous tool so he ended up getting what he deserved. You can stream current episodes over at You can also download My Name Is Earl on iTunes.

Everybody Hates Chris: Holy Robin Givens sighting! Are there any washed up black actors from the eighties Chris Rock hasn’t given a job to? Come to think of it, where has Rudy Huckstible been hiding?

Everybody Hates Chris on iTunes

Sunday, October 19, 2008

57 Channels and Only This Is On vol. LI

The Big Bang Theory: Another reason this should be an all Sheldon all the time kind of show, whenever an episode focuses on Raj it just isn’t entertaining, except for Sheldon tying to smile. You can stream current episodes over at Innertube. You can also download The Big Bang Theory on iTunes.

Chuck: Chuck really needs to stop going to the Bryce Larkin well because the stories always suffer when he is around. Speaking of storyline suffering, I was really hopping Michael Strahan was going to pummel Morgan out of the show. Why can’t Strahan be Chuck’s new best friend. And speaking of Strahan, did they really need all those gratuitous close up of his gap teeth? You can stream current episodes over at You can also download Chuck on iTunes.

Heroes: Like the show really need help ruining it’s own storylines, but the promo monkeys really ruined the episode by revealing the Papa Patrelli pulling the strings. And what the frak was with Hiro killing Ando. Being Heroes he certainly won’t stay dead, I’m sure Future Hiro will go back in time and tell Ando to put a steel plate and exploding ketchup packages under his shirt, but still this is extremely lame. You can stream current episodes over at You can also download Heroes on iTunes.

Eli Stone: The whole Nate gets the aneurism thing was also fairly lame. I am glad they corrested that fairly early in the season. On the bright side it gave us the great line about being stalked by the other dude in Wham! And it was odd that the mother sided with Eli while the daughter decided to fight it so vigorously. Seemed a little out of chachter. But with that out of the way hopefully the show gets back to the stride it was hitting last season. You can stream current episodes over at You can also download Eli Stone on iTunes.

Pushing Daisies: After a pair of episodes that took way too much time trying to explain to people who haven’t seen the show before, this was the first episode that really clicked like last season. Maybe it was because the gang was all together trying to figure out. That and it was the first who did it that I didn’t figure out before hand (something I don’t think I did at all last season). That is what the show does best is coming up with this completely absurd explanation that actually makes sense in the context of the plot. You can stream current episodes over at

Pushing Daisies on iTunes

Survivor: How do you not out the Immunity Idol when you have the chance? The longer one has the Idol, the harder it is to get that person out. Best case scenario Sugar gets voted out and the Idol is put back in play. Worst case scenario Sugar plays it, GC is voted out and the Idol again is put back in play. It just blows the mind how stupid some of these Survivors are sometime. You can stream current episodes over at Innertube.

Survivor on iTunes

2008 Presidential Debates: Saturday Night Live right in that the winner was whoever you thought was going to win. And the post-debate coverage is the most bizarre thing ever. They actually interview people from something called “The Spin Room” which is like saying, “Let’s interview someone who will straight up lie to you and we won’t bother to call them out on their blatant lies. While all the pundits blow hard about who won, it is safe to say who the loser was: anyone who watched any of the debate. What is sad is that the very next night, John McCain and Barack Obama had this to say about each other:

Imagine how much more entertaining the debates would have been if that was how they went after each other.

Everybody Hates Chris: The guy who was trying to do Bill Cosby wasn’t very good. And wasn’t he Chris’ teacher at one point?

Everybody Hates Chris on iTunes

Sunday, October 05, 2008

57 Channels and Only This Is On vol. IL

Quote of the Week: It is not okay for a grown-(expletive deleted) man to weep in public with a bunch of happy families enjoying pie. If you can't hold it, you take your (expletive deleted) to the men’s room and cry in private on the toilet… like a man. (Emerson, Pushing Daisies)

Song of the Week: Hip to Be Square - Huey Lewis and the News (Chuck, Everybody Hates Chris)

Big News of the Week: Congress Passes the Bailout Plan: So what happens when Congress fails to pass the $700,000,000,000 bailout package? Apparently to raise that number $850,000,000,000 and add some pork directed at those that rightfully opposed the original bill. And for those that wonder where that extra $150,000,000,000 is going to, the new plan includes tax breaks to toy wooden arrow makers, stock-car race track owners, Virgin Island rum makers, and Hollywood producers. Wait, Hollywood producers can scrounge up enough pennies to pay Charlie Sheen $850,000 per episode but they need more money? I really cannot write any words that can properly express how I feel about this without my censors going through and deleting every third word.

Gratuitous Token Hot Chick Picture of the Week:

Yvonne Strahovski getting dressed

Coalition Links of the Week:
Buzz visited the Pie Hole of Pushing Daisies and found it even more scrumptious in person. (BuzzSugar)

Daemon's TV took part in a Q&A with Amanda Tapping about her new show, Sanctuary. (Daemon's TV)

GMMR is begging and pleading with all of you to please watch Pushing Daisies. It's the best show only 6M of you are watching. A newbie? I will personally bring you up to speed. Just call. (Give Me My Remote)

Marcia decided to streamline her viewing schedule and actually watch less TV. No one is more shocked than she is. (Pop Vultures)

Rae's kinda in love with Chuck Bartowski and she doesn't care who knows it. (RTVW)

Vance is currently drooling over the hot Top 20 dancers on So You Think You Can Dance Canada. (Tapeworthy)

This week, Jace took an early look at the first three episodes of Season Two of ABC's Pushing Daisies and loved what he saw. He also took an early look at the new pilot for ABC's Life on Mars remake and was less than thrilled once again. (Televisionary)

I can haz McDreamy? Dan finally stopped worrying about thinking of things to say about Grey's Anatomy and launched his first series of LOLGreys. (TiFaux)

This week, the TV Addict wondered why more Browncoats aren't tuning in to Summer Glau on Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. (the TV Addict)

Kate realized that Battlestar Galactica is her sad lonely spinster Friday night show of choice. Good luck to The Ex Files, though. (TV Filter)

The Big Bang Theory: Nothing better on television these days (at least for those without DirecTV) than verbal showdown between Sheldon and the Token Hot Chick and the two debating on whether Sheldon should go out instead of stay on the steps was another classic. You can stream current episodes over at Innertube. You can also download The Big Bang Theory on iTunes.

How I Met Your Mother: Note to all executive producers out there: if your writers pitch you the dumbest storyline ever, just ask Regis Philman to do a guest spot to make the episode great. You can stream current episodes over at Innertube. You can also download How I Met Your Mother on iTunes.

Heroes: Oh my God, they killed Weevil! And yet they let there be two Osmosis Dudes roaming around? I have gotten to the point where I am openly rooting for them to kill Elle too so I can officially take this show off my list. Maybe then she could score a reccuring character on Cupid. You can stream current episodes over at You can also download Heroes on iTunes.

Greek: The attempt to sway the council will hopefully just a sample of what is to come when Frannie and Casey go head to head for the presidency with plenty of lipsticks and pigs to go around. But one wonders if either candidate has any ties to a dude that bombed the Capitol. You can stream current episodes over at You can also download Greek on iTunes.

Survivor: Nothing really interesting this week except the toss out the two hottest chicks in two week as apparently all the excitement happened last week when apparently someone’s Mr. Happy popped on screen which is odd because they seem to be extremely alert with the ladies and all the flimsy clothes throughout the season. I guess they may need to start hiring some gay homosexuals editors to make sure the guys stay decent. You can stream current episodes over at Innertube. You can also download Survivor on iTunes.

My Name Is Earl: Old dudes fighting: now that is high comedy, but I may have nightmares about Joy’s toe for awhile. Luckily the show is down to a half an hour next week because I do not my Earl in hour long segments. You can stream current episodes over at You can also download My Name Is Earl on iTunes.

Vice President Debate: I could talk about how Sarah Palin won the debate or how Joe Biden talked to us as if we were morons (seriously Joe, we heard you the first time, you don’t need to repeat everything twice and slow like you are teaching a special ed class), but my thoughts are best summed up by this video:

Everybody Hates Chris: How did I know that the white teacher would show up this season somehow? I was a little worried we wouldn’t see Carouse this year but luckily he showed up. But I wonder how they are gonna fit in Greg all season if he is at a different school? I guess it is safe to assume he will be back in public school before Thanksgiving. You can download Everybody Hates Chris on iTunes.

Also check out my First Impressions of Pushing Daisies and The Ex-List as well as my Preview of Chuck.

Free Download of the Week: Kath and Kim (iTunes): When I first saw a promo for Kath and Kim I thought “This is gonna suck.” Then after being innidated with ads for the show during the Olympics I thought, “This is gonna suck massively.” For you those of you that are still curious, you can download the first episode before it even airs in HD or SD on iTunes.

Promos of the Week: I had to scratch my head when VH1 announced I Love the 70's because really, what is there to love about the decade? Which makes me wonder why the guys who created Life on Mars choose that decade. Why not choose the 80's for that Miami Vice feel or the 60's to bust all the hippies? But on the bright side it does star the moderately attractive Gretchen Mol. Here is one of ABC’s Starter Kits on the show to get you interested in the show that premiere this Thursday at 10:00.

Next Week’s Pick: Hip Hop Honors, Monday at 10:00 on VH1: Maybe my favorite night of the year but why is the show on so late this year? Did they really need to have it on after I Want to Work for Diddy? Why didn’t they move that up an hour, it is not as if they won’t re-air it ad nausea for the next month if someone misses it. But anyways. Again VH1 took my suggestion of Slick Rick as an honoree, joining him are Too $hort, Cypress Hill, De la Soul, and Naughty by Nature.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Scooter's 2008-09 Television Schedule

This week I watched four hours of prime time television which is exactly the amount of Survivor I watched last week. I guess there is the writer’s strike to thank for that because many show just disappeared never to be seen again, or at least next fall. Maybe it is because of that strike that there is much less fan fare to the upfronts this week, you can also thank NBC who announced their line up last month. And maybe the strike is to thank for the less than interesting new shows, a list even less interesting than last year, with only one piquing my interest. But anyways. Here is what I’ll be watching next fall:

8:00 - The Big Bang Theory (CBS)
8:00 - Chuck (NBC)
8:00 - Monday Night Football (ESPN)
8:30 - How I Met Your Mother (CBS)
9:00 - Heroes (NBC)

At the beginning of last year I thought that Chuck would be the one to out nerd the boys of The Big Bang Theory, but thanks to Sheldon it looks like I’ll be watching the CBS comedies live with Chuck saved to Tuesday. Granted if Heroes continues to be excruciatingly painful to watch, I may end up watching Chuck at that time. But all the scripted television will have to be put on hold when the Cleveland Browns, who got the max number of night games, play their first Monday Night Football game in over a decade.

10:00 - Eli Stone (ABC)

I haven’t watched primetime television on Tuesday since Veronica Mars went off the air. And to be honest I may not technically watch it again this year because 10:00 is past my bedtime, but being the most improved show of the year getting better each episode, Eli Stone will be worth watching a day late. Now if only they would sign Dr. Abbott as a regular.

8:00 - Pushing Daisies (ABC)
8:30 - Project Gary (CBS)

Because of the writers strike, it almost seems like Pushing Daisies didn’t happen. Hopefully they can reboot successfully.

8:00 - My Name Is Earl (NBC)
8:00 - Survivor (CBS)

Just three years ago I watch more television on Thursday than every other night combined; now I’m just down to an hour and a half, an hour less than I’ll be watching on Friday’s. Not that I’m complaining, as it actually give me time to actually productive in real life.

8:00 - Everybody Hates Chris (The CW)
9:00 - Friday Night Lights (DirecTV in the fall; NBC in the winter)
9:00 - The Ex-List (CBS)

My sister recently moved and I told her that she should go with DirecTV for her television provider so she could tape Friday Night Lights for me, but alas she went with cable instead. Punk. So if there is anyone in Northeast Ohio with DirecTV, please shout me a holla.

Saturdays, Sundays

I got nothing aside from when the Browns play on Sunday Night Football.

In my schedule above I didn’t talk about the new shows because I wanted to go more into depth here in my preseason top five:

1. The Goode Family (ABC): The latest animated show from the dude who brought us Beavis and Butt-head and King of the Hill set for midseason. Yep Mike Judge voices the head of a family of do-gooders. Speaking of Judge who also does extremely hilarious live action movies Office Space and Idocrasy, be on the look out for Extract starring Jason Bateman which will also be out next sometime year.

2. The Ex-List (CBS): All you really need to know about The Ex-List is that it is produced by Diane Ruggiero who wrote some of the best episodes of Veronica Mars, which is saying a lot. It also co-stars Rachel Boston of American Dreams fame. What makes me skeptical is that it is about a woman (Elizabeth Reaser) who has a year to find her soulmate, which happened to be someone she already dated, or she will be alone forever. Which begs the question, what happens in the second season?

3. I Love Money (VH1): I get typically get physically ill whenever I flip by Flavor of Love, Rock of Love of I Love New York, but thoroughly enjoyed Flavor of Love School Girls: Charm School and openly hoped they would do another season pitting them against Bret Michael and/or New York castoffs. Well someone over at VH1 must read the 9th Green because they just announced an elimination style show with physical and mental challenges including my boy Midget Mac.

4. Project Gary (CBS): This may be a episode by episode thing because it doesn’t seem that interested but does star Paula Marshall (Cupid) and Jay Mohr (Action).

5. Dollhouse (FOX): This should be higher on the list, but it got bumped to the bottom because I won’t be watching it. I won’t be watching it of course because it won’t last a month. For an extended reason why I won’t be watching Dollhouse check out Fool Me Once, Shame on Me; Fool Me Ten Times…

Speaking of Cupid and Veronica Mars, I noticed that it, along with the other Rob Thomas produced Good Behavior, were conspicuously missing from the ABC schedule. But anyways. For a complete grid of next fall television check out Ain’t it Cool News. You can also watch clips of the new shows here.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

57 Channels and Only This Is On vol. XXVIII

Quote of the Week: This is going to be legendary, wait for it… dary. (Will Forte, How I Met Your Mother)

Song of the Week: Word Up! - Cameo (Everybody Hates Chris)

Big News of the Week: Men in Trees Canceled: I think I speak for every straight dude out there when I say, “Wait, Men in Trees was still on the air?”

Coalition Links of the Week:
With her mind fully blown by a Wire character joining the 90210 spinoff, Buzz asks which actors you'll always associate with particular characters. (BuzzSugar)

Amie shared her thoughts on MTV's The Hills' latest episode "No Place Like Home." (Daemon's TV)

"Fame, I'dols going to live forever, I'dols going to learn how to fly, high!" Vance notes how this weeks American Idol fit into the lyrics of "Fame" eerily well. (Tapeworthy)

While once again obsessed with Lost, Jace remembered why he loves Battlestar Galactica so frakking much. (Televisionary)

Once again, TiFaux's kinky side reared its ugly head as Dan discussed which TV star tattoos were the hottest. Vote on who you think is the hottest! (TiFaux)

Tube Talk vents its frustration at ABC for cancelling Men in Trees. (Tube Talk.

With the rumblings in the press that Smallville's Allison Mack is getting ready to jump ship, this TV Addict thought he'd offer up a word of caution. (the TV Addict)

Kate broke down who will be in and who will be out when Project Runway makes its move to Lifetime. (TV Filter)

The Big Bang Theory: It is interesting how the first couple episodes made it look like Leonard courting Penny would be the big theme of the show until the writers quickly learned that Sheldon was the bread and butter of the show. So we get a second Sheldon family member visit which is two more than the four other characters combined. Granted the other three trying to ask the sister out was the funniest part of the episode. Check out the latest episodes over at Innertube. You can also download or The Big Bang Theory on iTunes.

How I Met Your Mother: Yeah this Ted not talking to Barney is just not going to work out well, aside from the one funny line, this episode was a bust. It is time for the others to start an intervention. Check out the latest episodes over at Innertube. You can also download How I Met Your Mother on iTunes.

My Name Is Earl: Finally Earl is back to crossing things off his list and not so coincidentally, the show got back to being funny even if it guest stared the dude from Napoleon Dynamite. Possibly the funniest episode of the season. All the grocery allusions had me laughing throughout. And the broken finger might be the funniest sight gag on television this year. They still need to get rid of Billy though. Check out the latest episodes over at You can also download My Name Is Earl on iTunes.

Survivor: There is really nothing else to say but Erik is going to go down as the dumbest Survivor contestant ever, in fact, possibly the dumbest reality contestant ever. Check out the latest episode over at Innertube.

Survivor on iTunes

Lost: I am convinced that the writers decided to put in as many “what the frak” moments this week even if there is no possible why they can or will ever explain them. Just off the top of my head, they include:

- What the frak is Claire doing in the cabin and what the frak was up with her grinning?

- Why the frak is Jack’s father talking to Locke and for Jacob?

- Where the frak is Jacob?

- What the frak is with all the time skipping?

- Why the frak won’t Michael die?

- What the frak is on the dude from Smoking Aces’ arm?

- What the frak were the Hispanic and black dude doing in Locke’s flashbacks?

- Why the frak does Locke have the same last name as his birth mother (don’t adopted kids take the name of their adopted parents?)?

- How the frak do you move an island (especially after the freighter dudes came back)?

- What the frak is the contingency plan?

- Why the frak do I still watch?

Oh yeah, it is because of Not-Henry’s bemused, I don’t care what you do anymore, but I’ll just play along as if I almost do look which is basically the look I had all episode. Check out the latest episode over at

Lost on iTunes

Next Week’s Pick: My Name Is Earl, Thursday at 8:00 on NBC: For the shows that came back from the strike, their season premieres start rolling out this week, and looking at the list for the week, I am less than impressed by television this year. Hopefully My Name Is Earl can turn things around after a sub par year marred my jail time, comas, and little crossing off the list.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

57 Channels and Only This Is On vol. XXIV

Quote of the Week: Find yourself another peon to pee on. (Maggie, Eli Stone)

Song of the Week: Margaritaville - Jimmy Buffet (South Park)

Big News of the Week: Sitcoms Fight for Worst Actress: Recently My Name Is Earl announced the it nabbed Paris Hilton to guest as herself for its post strike return only to be trumped by How I Met Your Mother who is bringing in Britney Spears (whose sister will be popping up on new ABC sitcom Miss Guided). It is a toss up which is the worse decision, I don’t think anyone let Spears act after the Crossroads debacle (fun fact: the movie was written by the “mastermind” behind Grey’s Anatomy) until now and Earl is smartly not making Hilton stretch her acting chops to wide by having her play herself. In other bad decision news, The CW is resurrecting Beverly Hills, 90210 with Rob Thomas at the helm. How do you go from the smartest teen drama ever to the most vapid? And doesn’t The CW already have a failed modern day 90210 in Gossip Girl?

And just when I thought that 90210 Redux would be the final death nail in The CW coffin, the very next day it was announced that they gave an eight episode order to a Sam Raimi produced show. Then I went back to not caring about the channel when I found out that the show, 13 is a reality competition. Lame. How about Raimi scripted show, preferably staring Bruce Campbell instead? Think about how much better Reaper would have been if Raimi had done it, not a bunch of guys ripping off Sam Raimi.

Coalition Links of the Week:
Buzz chatted with Parker Posey about Project Runway and The Return of Jezebel James. (BuzzSugar)

Sandie talked about why she loves HBO's new show In Treatment. (Daemon's TV)

Marcia said farewell to yet another season of Project Runway. (Pop Vultures)

Rae couldn't stand it anymore and finally made (time) to talk about America's Best Dance Crew. (RTVW)

Vance celebrates that the Sun is finally shinning! At least on Lost. Toronto is still pretty snowy and grey (blech). (Tapeworthy)

This week, Jace was disappointed by the latest obnoxious "twist" on Beauty and the Geek, depressed about the pilot for the US adaptation of Spaced moving forward, and was surprised by how much he actually still enjoys CBS's multi-camera sitcom Old Christine. (Televisionary)

Dan loves Rashida Jones from her days on The Office, but he simply can't endorse her new sitcom Unhitched. (TiFaux)

Jennifer weighs in on Britney Spears guest starring on How I Met Your Mother, and it isn't pretty. (Tube Talk)

After watching the premiere of Canterbury's Law, the TV Addict uncovers the secret method to FOX's Madness! (the TV Addict)

Raoul interviewed Joel from "Survivor." (TV Filter)

Everybody Hates Chris: Couldn’t that have gotten Flavor Flav to play himself as it was obvious that Slaver Slav was a stand in for him. You can’t tell me Flav wouldn’t have done that.

Everybody Hates Chris on iTunes

South Park: I think there is anything or anyone that is so successfully of making you laugh at things you know you shouldn’t laugh at than South Park.

South Park on iTunes

Survivor: I must have been spoiled with a month straight of blind sides but I was all giddy during tribal council fully expecting for Ozzie to get the boot when Chet ruined everything and ended up actually getting everyone to vote for him instead of deciding to last another night to get rid of Ozzie. Ugg. Check out the latest episode over at Innertube.

Survivor on iTunes

Smallville: Product placement is a necessary evil, something I have grown content with, but couldn’t the writers of Smallville come up with a better way to include a gum, that will not be named here (unless of course they want to pay me), than to have a random band play in a gum factory? Yet another example that these writers didn’t deserve a raise that they went on strike for. I know that all product placements can be as good as Wayne's World 2, but certainly they could have done better than this. Now if you excuss me, I need to go to my local Appleby’s, order some Gatorade while sporting my new Under Armour gear.

Lost: I don’t know what was worse, the way I thought the episode actually ended with Jin being alive while Sun and Hurley didn’t know he was, or after when some uber-nerd informed that Jin was actually a flash-back while Sun was experiencing as flash-forward. Seriously, how is anyone who isn’t a complete lose supposed to know that 2004 was the year of the dragon that the toy store clerk mentioned? Either way this episode sucked massively. Then there was the most un-anticlimactic scene in Lost history, which is saying a lot, when we finally learn, about five episodes too late, that Michael is on the freighter. I really hate Lost as well as myself for still watching. Check out the latest episode over at

Lost iTunes

Eli Stone: Back when I gave my First Impressions of Eli Stone I was so high on the casting that I said, “Seriously, if Andrew from Buffy the Vampire Slayer shows up I may have to check to see if I also have an aneurysm.” Then this past week I was checking out the guest star list (which I do with every show even though it can act as a spoiler) when I saw “Tom Lenk” who was the infamous Tucker’s Brother on Buffy. Then an hour later no Andrew. So I’m thinking I may have just had an aneurism and seeing random actors’ names. Granted after a Blingo search (which is like Google except you win stuff, and if you sign up I win stuff too) it turned out he was there in a blink and you’ll miss it roll. Hopefully he will begin to play a bigger role later and is signed on in a recurring role.

Missing Andrew aside, a really enjoyable episode now that Eli isn’t the defendant. After some bad scenes in the ealier episodes, the writing problems seemed to be ironed out and there was a great set up for a love triangle with Jordan and Maggie playing against each other. I know who I will be rooting for. This show is definitely going on me with each passing week. I did noticed that Lost will be soon moving into its timeslot with no mention of Eli Stone showing up elsewhere on the schedule. Is it too soon for a Save Eli Stone campaign? Should we sending George Michael mp3’s to ABC? Check out the latest episode over at You can also download Eli Stone on iTunes.

Last week I sent out a call to find out who the Best Characters on Television are and some of the voters were brave enough to reveal their ballots as well as explanations. I did give my list on the Best Characters list but didn’t explain why, not because I am lazy but because didn’t see the need because you should all accept my superior knowledge. Well that and because I’m lazy. Here are the people that revealed their ballots to give you an idea on how top 25 ended up like it did.

Ducky Does TV
Pass the Remote
TV on the Brain

Promo of the Week: As promised on Friday, here is a Battlestar Galatica promo for the show’s return on April 4:

I also mentioned on Friday that I had some behind the scene videos of The Riches, who second season premieres this Tuesday over at my sister site, so you can check those out by clinking the link.

Next Week’s Pick: The Big Bang Theory, Monday at 8:00 on CBS: It is not a coincidence that Sheldon came in at number two on my favorite characters on television list as he put the smart in smart-alic and overshadowed the other Monday show How I Met Your Mother of whom they switch time slots over the hiatus.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

57 Channels and Only This Is On vol. XII

Quote of the Week: If you get rid of the butterfly, how’s everyone gonna know you’re a stripper from Reno with daddy issues? (Lily, How I Met Your Mother)

Song of the Week: Canceling Christmas this Year - Michelle Featherstone (Smallville)

Big News of the Week: Your Chance to Influence the 9th Green: Just before Thanksgiving I announced The Second Annual 9th Green Readers Favorite Songs of 2007 poll and mentioned it again yesterday. Hopefully you have been thinking about it over the last couple weeks and now it is time to put those songs in list form as we inch closer to the deadline of Christmas Eve at midnight. All you have to do is e-mail you ten favorite songs of the past twelve months in order to ScooterKSU(at)aol(dot)com (subject: 9th Green Readers Poll). You can think of your list to be your Christmas present to me and as an added bonus, whoever sends me their favorite songs will be added to the Scooter McGavin Christmas List and will be getting something come next week.

Classic Gratuitous Token Hot Chick Picture of the Week:

Yvonne Strahovski and her legs

Coalition Links of the Week:

BuzzSugar: This week, we questioned ABC's Thursday scheduling choices, wondered about television's best platonic duo, and made a gingerbread (Dr.) House.

Daemon's TV: This week, Sandie talked about the day she and Araya spent with the cast of Chuck and took a first look at the revamped K.I.T.T. for the new Knight Rider movie. Araya talks about Christmas with 30 Rock.

Glowy Box: It was a fashion-heavy week as Liz (along with the rest of the nation) was outraged by the season finale of America’s Next Top Model, enjoyed the manufactured drama on Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency, and loved this week’s challenge on Project Runway.

Mikey Likes TV: Mikey celebrated Pushing Daisies' well-deserved Golden Globe nominations with a run-down of the show's pseudo season ender. If you're up for a play-by-play of Sunday's Extras finale, be sure to check out his liveblog of the night's awkward and hilarious festivities.

Pop Vultures: Marcia counted down the 5 best TV theme songs ever and somehow forgot to include The Love Boat. She also sent her television wishlist to Santa and contemplated the depths of Victorya’s passive-aggression in a recap of last week’s Project Runway.

RTVW: Continuing with our series of behind-the-scenes videos from the folks over at WB, we got our first peek at what goes on inside the Supernatural Writers Room. Spads began her three part series on the Chuck photo shoot she attended, including getting all fangirl-y over Zachary Levi and what Adam Baldwin and Yvonne Strahovski talked about during lunch.

Tapeworthy: Vance thinks 30 Rock and Friday Night Lights are NBC's two best shows right now. He's a little behind on Project Runway but recaps the disaster episodes (the one with male models and the one with shoulder pads), and wraps up the last How I Met Your Mother of the year. Still no mother...hmm.

Televisionary: This week, Jace was beyond thrilled to see Damages, Pushing Daisies, Big Love, and 30 Rock among the nominees for this year's Golden Globes, intrigued by the news that Will Arnett would be providing the voice of KITT in NBC's new Knight Rider backdoor pilot, and heartbroken while watching the last filmed episode of Pushing Daisies.

TiFaux: Dan was thrust into an identity crisis after coming to terms with his crush on the gal who plays Nick George’s wife on Dirty Sexy Money. We also discussed the new Gap ads featuring some of our favorite people: John Krasinksi, Amy Poehler and Will Arnett. Maggie abandoned the television for one night and went to the theat-uh – to see Aaron Sorkin’s new play The Farnsworth Invention (which is based on the invention of the television).

Tube Talk: offered a sneak peek at the new Knight Rider and unveiled photos of the new KITT. Jennifer interviewed Moonlight’s Jason Dohring, and he dished about upcoming episodes. Tube Talk Girl continued her insane obsession with ‘90s TV stars, as she posted a vintage Doritos commercial with some familiar faces and pondered the fact that Scott Baio is no longer 45 and single.

The TV Addict: With the holidays fast approaching, we offered up some early Christmas gifts for TV Addict's everywhere. An interview with Moonlight star Jason Dohring, some Supernatural spoilers a first look at the new Knight Rider and a partridge in a pear tree.

TV Filter: Kate wished Bonanza City had been a little more Lord of the Flies after all and decided that 30 Rock is the new The Office. Raoul talked to Azria and Hendekea from The Amazing Race.

TV With MeeVee: We talked to the new "Knight Rider" driver and pit crew. We talked "American Idol" with producer Nigel Lythgoe. And we liveblogged the "Project Runway" finale.

How I Met Your Mother: You know that annoying dude at the party that tells a joke and when someone knew joins the group tells the joke again as if he doesn’t realize that 90% of the people just heard the joke which can happen up to five times over the course of the night? That’s how I felt about this episode with all the “That’s what I said” and the like. Man, I really miss The Big Bang Theory. Check out the latest episodes over at Innertube. You can also download How I Met Your Mother on iTunes.

Everybody Hates Chris: Holy Phylicia Rashād sighting! But the bigger story was that Chris Rock just completely destroyed Kwanzaa. Like your token white dude who respected the holiday without actually bothering to find out what is all about was surpised to learn the thing was a complete sham thought up by some dude who would go on to commit a felonious assault. How is this considered a legitimate holiday by people?

Everybody Hates Chris on iTunes

Journeyman: The show is really at its worst when Dan messes with his own past. It doesn’t make sense that his brother knew that their father came home the night he left and Dan didn’t. And wouldn’t event like that (much like when Dan visited his attacker a couple weeks ago) had more effect on present day that we would have to believe. It seems like whenever he changes something it just changes memories, nothing else. Check out the latest episode over at You can also download Journeyman on iTunes.

Pushing Daisies: Maybe my least favorite episode despite the two big m(p)aternity twists. It may stem from the fact that Pee Wee is just too creepy. The show does a great job make the macabre seem whimsical and Pee Wee just seems out of place. With that said they really need to introduce Emerson’s daughter sooner than later. As for the other, I’ve been wondering for a while where Chuck’s mother was during all of this and I just got to wonder how they are going to spin this as to why she thought her mother was actually her aunt. Check out the latest episodes over at

Survivor: Well after a decent season, it looks like it is going to end on a boring note. If only Pee Gee had gotten immunity. I guess we are going to get a Todd vs. Courtney finale. Yawn. Check out the latest episode over at Innertube.

Survivor on iTunes

Smallville: Well that was a pretty shocking twist with Julian turning out to be a clone (maybe). I always thought it was weird that they bring him up know after he supposable died a couple seasons back and the whole cloning definitely explains that. As for the other big shock, yeah having Bizzaro Superman apparently still around was shocking, but why exactly would he care enough to save Chloe?

Best Year Ever: After watching this special I have come to the realization that when VH1 unveils the inevitable I Love the ’00 that they will only have nine hours of programming because there was really wasn’t enough about 2007 to love that can fill an hour unless they just do an hour of the best Chris Hansen ambushes (which was the only entertaining part about Best Year Ever this year). Otherwise we will be stuck with Hal Sparks and Michael Ian Black making semi-ironic jokes about Britney Spears, Cavemen, Ringtone Rappers, Don Imus, Big Head Barry and the Monsters, Sanjaya, a second Fantastic Four flick, and our government not knowing what does and doesn’t constitute torture even though anyone with internet access can read the Geneva Convention online. Seriously, they should just rename that hour, I Hate ‘07.

Next Week’s Pick: Journeyman, 10:00 on Monday and Wednesday on NBC: What looks to be the last two hours of the show is basically the only thing on next week. I mean you don’t expect me to watch Clash of the Choirs with music “superstars” Nick Lachey and Michael Bolton or The Duel?

Sunday, November 18, 2007

57 Channels and Only This Is On vol. VIII

Quote of the Week: Honey, I love that you went to a swingers party and it was Nixon that turned you on. (Katie, Journeyman)

Song of the Week: That’s What Friends Are For - Dionne Warwick (as sung by Greg, Everybody Hates Chris)

Big News of the Week: The Writers Strike Continues: Yawn. As a wise man once said, “Wake me up when September ends.” Let’s move on to more interesting things.

Gratuitous Token Hot Chick Picture of the Week:

Yvonne Strahovski half naked and under cover

Links of the Week:

BuzzSugar: This week, we debated the greatest TV icons (no Sesame Street or Saget?), felt a little underwhelmed by the new Lost mobisodes, and wondered if late-night shows should have guest hosts to save jobs during the writers' strike.

Daemon's TV: Sandie welcomed everyone to the Chuck train after watching Gossip Girl. Araya realizes what it’s like to feel things after watching Friday Night Lights. And after watching Heroes Araya wished he had a power.

Give Me My Remote: It broke our hearts to recap what could have been the last episode of The Office this season (a moment of silence). At least we still have Pushing Daisies to make us happy, at least for a few more eps. And before hitting the scene this weekend, check out our Cocktail Party Primer and be in the loop on the latest TV soundbytes.

Glowy Box: When she wasn’t on strike to support the WGA, Liz shuddered over a pencil in the eye on Grey’s Anatomy and enjoyed Tyra’s attempt to overshadow the Project Runway premiere on America’s Next Top Model.

Mikey Likes TV: IFC's bizarre role-playing documentary, Darkon, premiered this week, and Mikey wishes more reality TV would explore characters who are that uniquely crazy. He also lamented the premature (and seriously depressing) season finale of The Office.

RTVW: On the strike side of things, we wondered how fans would feel about episodes penned by scabs and offered up ideas on how fans can support the writers. After watching Prison Break, Rae questioned why some of the shows she enjoys fail to leave her anxious to see the next installment.

Tapeworthy: Vance was guest blogging on another site and refreshed his current TV Top 10 List to introduce himself. After the TV bloggers strike, it was nice to see Pushing Daisies again to brighten up the day and to prove why the writers deserve better compensation in the first place. Finally, there were a lot of That Guy this week, on Bones, on House, from Gossip Girl to Heroes (which, has completely lost/confused Vance at this point) and the CBS comedies (the good ones with long names HIMYM and TBBT).

Televisionary: This week, Jace was pre-occupied with the WGA strike but his spirit was buoyed by the fantastic news that FX's Damages was picked up for two more seasons, the return of Bravo's sartorial showdown Project Runway, and a kick-ass episode of Chuck that featured Rachel Bilson.

TiFaux: This week, TiFaux had more than a little Project Runway on the brain. After giving a preview of all the contestants, Dan gave a rundown on the first episode including thoughts on the contestants’ fascination with the celebrity of being on Project Runway. In other news, we plotted various male characters (from Lost, Grey’s Anatomy, Dirty Sexy Money, etc) on a chart based on their annoyingness and machismo.

TV Filter: Kate tried to figure out who Gossip Girl is and Raoul interviewed Ambreal from America's Next Top Model.

The TV Addict: Fell in love with Wednesday's Pushing Daisies, took bets on when the WGA Strike would end and posted some incredibly sexy pics of new Terminator on the scene Summer Glau.

Chuck: It bugs me to no end that they would ship off the extremely more entertaining Henry Tang to Hawaii yet let Morgan stick around. There is something to say that the minor characters are more entertaining than some of the main ones (Token Hot Chick and Jayne not included). Case in point, the best part of the episode (aside from the picture above of course) was when we learned that the Curly-looking Nerd Herder’s mom was in prison. And what was with the inclusion of the Brittany Spears song? Seriously, if you really, really wanted to use Toxic (get it? Because the episode was about toxins) why not use the semi-ironic version by Local H instead? And the preview hyped the biggest secret yet next week. Is there anyplace where I can buy Bryce Is Still Alive stock? This of course would solve my biggest complaint of the Pilot that Jayne would kill an un-armed CIA agent. Check out the latest episodes over at You can also download Chuck on iTunes.

How I Met Your Mother: This episode would have worked much better the first season when we didn’t know the characters very well. Aside from Barney and his catchphrases, the other character haven’t really done what they were accused of doing, but had they done it ealier when we didn’t know them very well, it would have been much less annoying that they would pull all these traits out of nowhere. Check out the latest episodes over at Innertube. You can also download How I Met Your Mother on iTunes.

Everybody Hates Chris: This week’s random black dude guest star who hasn’t been seen in at least a decade: Tommy Davidson. But I loved that Greg put on a Superman costume first to go to sleep as Clark Kent. Classic.

Everybody Hates Chris on iTunes

The Big Bang Theory: I loved how Sheldon made a huge speech about the princess stuff, goes on a date with her, and she ends up being an afterthought by the end of the episode. Then the Token Hot Chick making his virgin drink, “a little slutty” was just classic. Check out the latest episodes over at Innertube. You can also download or The Big Bang Theory on iTunes.

Heroes: After they flashed back I get a feeling that the writers didn’t know what was actually going on back then when they wrote the season premiere. Seriously, how does DL get shot with a gun aimed at his chest? If you are going to kill him off at least shoot him in the back so he can’t see the bullet coming. And are supposed to believe that with how methodical The Company is that they wouldn’t make sure their guests wouldn’t be able to talk to each other? And how was Nathan able to grow that bushy beard in two weeks? And of all the flashbacks, how is it we don’t get to see how Sylar goes from being stabbed to the middle of the jungle with the shape shifting chick? But when it comes down to it, seeing Kristen Bell make out with the dude with no acting ability was the most disturbing thing on television this year that hasn’t involved Chris Hansen confronting naked dudes in a kitchen. Check out the latest episode over at

Journeyman: Well that was a waste of Bo Duke. Of well. But I guess if you ask, you actually receive. Last week I said it was time for a big reveal, and Olivia is from the 1940’s and is traveling to the future is a big one, and definitely something I never saw coming. But this begs the question is current day Olivia still alive? I guess she would be in her eighties or nineties so it is plausible she still is. Now we just need to learn how the Dr. dude figured into this all. Check out the latest episode over at You can also download Journeyman on iTunes.

Pushing Daisies: Maybe my favorite episode of the season so far. I would still like to see them do without the Ned’s childhood prologue ever week though. And seeing Jenny Wade as one of the wives made me wonder whatever happened to Project Greenlight, the second best reality show ever? With the strike looking like it will never end, how about getting thins back in production. Since the scripts would be coming from amateurs, you don’t have to worry about the WGA. Plus you get great television and possibly a watchable movie out of it. Check out the latest episodes over at

Bionic Woman: Well I guess two decent episodes in a row is all we are going to get out of Bionic Woman. What really bugged me this week is how they switched the cinematography between your token slick sci-fi camera work with shaky, Friday Night Lights, zoom for close up expressions. Have they always done this and I have never notice before or was this the first time? Check out the latest episodes over at

My Name Is Earl: Gotta love the movie trailer into. But this episode belonged to Joy trying to induce labor and Crabman who delivered the baby even after he got the induced labor drug. And surprise, even Michael Rappaport wasn’t as annoying as usual with him being mesmerized with Joy’s birth. Still, I hope he is in the Hole for the rest of Earl’s prison stay because I really could do without seeing him ever again. Check out the latest episodes over at You can also download My Name Is Earl on iTunes.

Survivor: It was really annoying that last week during the promo they teased that something was going to happen after Tribal Council only for this episode to end with that tease. Some promo monkey needs to be fired for that. Especially since it will be two weeks until we finally see what is going to happen because next week’s Thanksgiving episode is a clip show. Check out the latest episode over at Innertube.

Survivor on iTunes

Smallville: With all that is wrong with Heroes this season, I forgot to mention how it broke one of the three worst television clichés: amnesia. I bring this up because, for no real reason, Kara just happens to be transported to Michigan without any memory. Yawn.

Friday Night Lights: This show is the best at casting characters, from the lead roles to the extra to the guest stars, but what is with the English teacher and his hair? Don’t dudes like that get beaten down in Texas. What is worse is that Tammi, as a mother and a guidance councilor, didn’t call the dude out for being alone behind closed doors, breaking the number one cardinal rule for teachers, with her daughter. Hopefully the dude gets a newspaper job in Wisconsin next episode and is never seen again. At the very least can we get Chris Hansen down to Texas?

Thankfully the rest of the episode was vintage Friday Night Lights. From Tyra and Lyla teaming up to Coach being passive aggressive with Buddy again to Smash’s mom finally getting some quality screen time. And at least the lame teacher did led to a great scene when Coach complained his “No comment” was because he was behind the bathroom door. Check out the latest episodes over at

Rush’d: I’m a little backlogged on the online show for ABC Family’s Greek that is chronicling five fans as they compete for a walk on role on the show. But I thought I’d mention that voting starts tomorrow and goes until Friday. You can vote three times a day for your favorite. As I mentioned before, I’ll be rooting for fellow Ohioan Laura Wise, also known as White Cup. Below is a picture of her from the set with Frannie, who just happens to be my favorite character on Greek. And of course head over to Virtual Rush to vote for White Cup (or one of the other contestants if you choose so) and/or check out the latest episodes of Rush’d.

Laura Wise aka White Cup with Tiffany Dupont aka Frannie

Next Week’s Pick: Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, Thursday at 9:00 AM on NBC: Now in it’s 81’s year, it is a Thanksgiving tradition for me to watch the festivities while getting things ready for the meal part of the day. Okay, this year’s guest list is less than stellar: Ashley Tisdale, Bindi and Terri Irwin, Corbin Bleu, Dolly Parton, Good Charlotte, Grandma from the Big Apple Circus, Jonas Brothers, Jordin Sparks, Kay Hanley, Lifehouse, Menudo, Michael Feinstein, Miss U.S.A. 2007 - Rachel Smith, Ne-Yo, Nikki Blonsky, Sarah Brightman, and Wynonna Judd. Seriously, Menudo? And should I even know who Tisdale, the Irwin’s, Blue, Grandma, the Jonas’ Sparks, Hanley, Blonsky, or Brighman are? But as long as there is a five story Garfield I’ll be happy.