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Sunday, November 12, 2017

57 Channels and Only This Is On: 11/12/2017

The Walking Dead: Well that guy from season one did not last very long. Well, I guess he is still around since Daryl did not shoot him around. Same with the gay homosexual. Seriously, his boyfriend was, sure, fine; he will still be hear during a zombie apocalypse gunfight when I get back? Get the dude to a doctor. I think the characters on this show are somehow getting dumber.
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Good Behavior: Yeah, I am not buying it. I do not see an FBI really chancing losing her job and being sent to a prison possibly fill with people she put there because a petty thief thinks she can rob an FBI evidence locker.
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White Famous: Wait, the fake show is done? I guess they can get funding elsewhere depending on who owns the rights. I would not mind if Floyd would move on to another project though just to get away from Michael Rapaport

Supergirl: Good riddance lesbian. Can we please go back to season one when neither of the Danvers sisters dated? But this probably mean Mon-El will be back next week.
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The Challenge: Dirty 30: They are not going to announce the winner until the Reunion Show? How Survivor of them. Except Survivor airs its reunion show for after the finale, so only the contestants have to wait, not the audience. Meh. But at least I can make a guess of who wins and I am going tto go with Jordan and Tori.
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Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers: Booooo, my two favorite contestants out in consecutive weeks. But you really cannot fault Ben or Lauren for going with the Heroes/Hustlers alliances because the alternative would be aligned with super annoying Tony and Cole would cannot keep his mouth shut. Speaking, Tony is a complete and utter moron. When you announce you have an Idol, and no one reacts, that means they are not voting for you. At that point, you either hold onto the Idol for later or give it to someone else. Well at least he no longer has an Idol and looking at the preview, everyone knows who gets the new Hidden Immunity Idol (or some stupid new advantage) so they can easily get rid of him next week.
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The Blacklist: Yeah, I am getting more and more lost on the whole suitcase subplot.
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Mr. Robot: Well that was ambitious. It probably took me fifteen minutes to realize that the episode would be one long take. And just when the gimmick started getting stale, a morsel of an idea started growing in my mind that Angela would not get out of the building alive. They clearly were building to something, thankfully that just turn out to be Angela running into Eliot.
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Gotham: I think this was the first time anyone called Tabitha “Tigress.” And that was sadly the most interesting part of the episode.
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Blindspot: Ooops, during the premiere when Rich and shared a secret, I just assumed they were doing the nasty. Nope, they were doing white hat hacking. Alright. So are all the new tattoos going to unveil a new secret about the team. Twenty-two episodes, which would be four secrets per team member. Unless they also unveil secrets of other agents not on the team.
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Marvel’s Inhumans: I feel like I deserve a I watched every episode and all I got was this stupid t-shirt, t-shirt. Hopefully that is it. Sure Lockjaw and the little sister can show up on SHIELD except SHIELD looks like they are going to space this season.
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Sunday, November 05, 2017

57 Channels and Only This Is On: 11/5/2017

Ray Donovan: One day before I watched the finale, Showtime issued a press release saying Ray would be moving to New York next season to reconnect with his daughter. Um, spoiler alert. They could not wait until after the episode to let us know the show was being renewed? This was the network that did not tell up Penny Dreadful was canceled until it placed a title card at the end of the final episode saying “The End”. So I spent the whole time knowing that once Ray set foot in NYC, he would be staying there. Although the bigger disappointment was the season just ended with so many loose ends. So Bridget and Terry are already there. Is that the whole cast for next year? Lena could move because without Ray, she has no job. It sounds like Bunchy is staying in LA since he now owns the bar. Daryll got a producers job though but Micky’s movie could be made in New York. Speaking of Micky, they seem to have him dead to rights with multiple sworn statements, but he is fighting it. It would be hard to think that father/son storyline ends without one killing the other.

The Walking Dead: After shows are inherently silly and a waste of time, but I do leave Talking Dead on while I let my dog do her doggie business one more time out the back door, then turn the television off before hearing to bed. Like I said, Talking Dead is worthless, but it is a good thing I left it on this week because I had absolutely no clue the guy Rick ran into during the final scene was a guy Rick knew. And just as the guest said the scene sent everyone to the Google machine to remember who he was, I was doing just that. So that dude was from the original camp way back in season? Were we really supposed to remember him seven seasons later?
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White Famous: I spent most of the dinner party wondering if the sex doll was modeled after an actual actress who will show up later as the late wife. Kind of looked like Paula Marshall to me.

Good Behavior: Why exactly did the FBI chick bring the parole officer to the fake cabin? Just to mess with him? He was no help in catching Javier, even inadvertently, and had he called earlier, could have saved Javier. But I am guess that Javier’s childhood friend will keep Javier and Letty from getting to jail. Though I am surprised Letty did not go to jail sooner because her little get money to pay for the spa did not go entirely to plan. And how does the kid not ID her because that wig was not that much different than her regular hair.
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Supergirl: Um, what was that last scene? Where was that pod? What is going on?
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The Gifted: You know what, if you know that there was a protest going on that had the potential of being so bad that your boss wants you to come in on your off day, maybe not take your kid to the park right next to where the protest is happening. People that stupid probably should not be having kids. But still, that was cruel to make him forget his child was dead.
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The Challenge: Dirty 30: Oh wow, they almost killed Jordan. But I wonder what would have happened had he not been able to compete since the final challenge has stages you have to compete in pairs. Would they have to bring back Tony to compete? Would they just make all the challenges dne by themselves?
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Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers: What a horrible episode, my favorite got voted out and my least favorite found yet another Idol. But as stupid as it was for Turtleneck not float voting out Roark to Ali last week, it was the right decision to get rid of her now because she cannot tell all the other Hustlers he is a weasel next week and may even be able to get around with telling people they went to rocks. But this should make for an interesting merge. Only one Healer gone, two Heroes, half the orginal Hustlers. But three Hustlers cozied up with a Hero during the swap so seems obvious the Heroes will team up with the Hustlers to take out the Healers. Except the Healers have two Idols so it may be a case of can the Healers guess which one of them are they targeting.
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The Blacklist: When they said the case of the week involved a travel agency that just happened to stop assassinating people right around the time communism ended I was really hoping we were getting a The Americans crossover.
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Mr. Robot: So we know Angela knows the difference between Elliot and Mr. Robot, but does Darlene? Does she know she was tailing Mr. Robot or think she was following Elliot
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Gotham: Ah, man, why kill Headhunter already? He was the best think since they aged up Poison Ivy (who they are inexplicably recasting).
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Blindspot: So we learned of one of the big secrets from the premiere, apparently Jame’s big stash of cash was from rescuing kidnapped people… kind of boring.
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Marvel’s Inhumans: Someone was telling me they gave up on the show because it was obvious it was going. I actually counteracted that by saying they just killed off the black guy. In the back of my head I thought, of course they will probably find a way to bring him back And they did just that. Thankfully there is just one episode left
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Sunday, October 30, 2016

57 Channels and Only This Is On: 10/30/16

Shameless: Really, you are inviting real cops to your speakeasy? Not the brightest idea, surprisingly that did not turn out bad. Really things are looking up for most of the Gallagher’s, except Frank whose homeless shelter is about to b destroyed. I wonder when things are going to turn around or are could the family finally be succeeding for the first time?

The Walking Dead: So having to wait months to learn who Negan exacted his revenge, we have to wait until the third segment. I was leaning towards thinking it would be the gay dude whose name I have yet to bother to learn yet. Instead it was my second pick who spent most of last season kind of moping around waiting to die and from a tactical perspective was the smart person to take out as he was the biggest. The shocker though was thanks to Daryl getting out of time, there was a second causality and it was Glenn who they went out of their way to make us think he was dead, going so far to take the actor’s name out of the credits. So really a drag of an episode and when Negan forced to cut off Carl’s arm, I was starting to realize this show is just turning into torture porn. It may be time for me to just dump the entire Walking Dead franchise; it is just getting too depressing.
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Masters of Sex: Mmmm, a same sex team at Masters and Johnson, this should be interesting, mostly the female team. Also clever of Betty to the biological father to gain control of the baby. I still think this may not work out for her.

The Strain: Wait, the bomb the Nazi vampire set off last week was supposed to be nuclear? Shouldn’t that have done a bit more damage? And is Quinlin really that fast to outrun a nuclear blast? Alrighty. Unfortunately the Silver Angel cannot outrun the vampires. Le sigh. At least we will not have any of those weird scenes with Gus speaking English and Angel speaking Spanish.
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Gotham: I joked last week I joked the moment between Riddler and Penguin was more believable than Batman and Catwoman. It turns out that Penguin actually has feelings for the Riddler… Alrighty.
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Supergirl: Holy Miss Martian sighting! I take it this version is not Hank’s niece like in Young Justice; instead she may end up being Hank’s love interest.

Timeless: I figured that Lucy and the gang would show up in a James Bond novel, but for another week, no major changes in her modern day life. Meh.
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Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen. X: Two weeks after the tribe swap and second time where the majority tribe going in loses a member. But unlike last week, this seems like the right move. Adam was on the bottom rung of the Millennial tribe and last week’s vote saw there were cracks in the Gen Xers so that makes it worth the gamble. Teaming up with Zeke and his new allies may actually work if they all make the merge.
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Blindplot: Please give Rich Dotcom his own spin-off, or just add him to the team.
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The Good Place: Oh snap, the Bad Place guy has the real Eleanor. I wonder if the real monk is also on the train. And the more she name drops, the more I think Tahani does not really belong in the Good Place either.
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The Blacklist: Poor Aram, he lands a hot chick only for to be evil, but of course that always seems to be the case in shows like these. He may not have, but I should have known better.
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Saturday, October 31, 2015

57 Channels and Only This Is On: 10/31/15

Homeland: During the excitement of the return of Crazy Carrie last week I missed that Quinn was sent there to kill Carrie. Of course he did not. Thankfully we learned by the end of the episode who it was because really, there were only two plausible people in my mind, Dar and the German Bureau chief. Now the question was she also involved in the plane explosion too.

The Walking Dead: So Glen died. Or did he? I have a long standing belief to never believe someone is dead until we see a body. Well we definitely see zombies tear at Glen's flesh. But then there is the addendum to that belief that even if you see the body, I am still skeptical. The skeptical part of me noticed that the dude who killed himself was falling on top of Glen so it is very plausible that the entrails being pulled out were that of the other guy so I would not be that shocked if Glen shows up later in the season saying he slid under the trash bin while the zombies ate the other dude and just waited there to leave. Then I switched over from Quantico during the commercial to Talking Dead, which lack the obligatory actor shows up after he dies which is always kind of painful, as the producers saying in the most vague way possible that we will see Glen again in some capacity and the character was not included in the In Memorium package either. But the bigger question is why was Glen even in that position? How did Morgan make it back to Alexandria but Glen's group could not? And in the alley way, why did they not climb over the fence bordering the woods? But the second rule of this show is if the characters did the smart thing every time, there would be no show.
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The Affair: It seemed like an open and shut case Helen would get full custody of the kids, hey, they were not even around in the future act of the season finale last year with Noah and Allison in their swanky high rise. But how does Helen possibly get any visitation right, let along full custody, after a DUI with the kids in the car and weed in her purse? Grandma may be getting the kids because neither parent seems fit. Or maybe they will get shipped off to their aunt's place. Maybe there is a reason we have yet seen one of the Solloway children in the future yet.

Quantico: This week's Power Ranking of Most Absurd Moments of the Week: 1) The front page picture of Alex which looked like it was taken from a Maxim photo shoot, 2) The live stream instant;u getting twelve million viewers, 3) Taylor Swift (did they already run of hot blondes to call her already or did I just miss it this week) abandoning her mission to have sex with her antagonist.
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Supergirl: Oh my, is it too soon to call this the guiltiest guilty pleasure in the history of television?
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Gotham: It was an obvious joke, but I am still glad Barbra suggested Butch put a chainsaw on his stump of a hand (and the same week Ash vs. the Evil Dead premieres to boot). Just as obvious was Kristen Kingle would die which would push Ed closer to being The Riddler, the only question was when and by who's hand. We finally got our answer this week as Ed stupidly admitted to killing her last boyfriend and then suffocated while promising to never hurt her again. Not how long until his wardrobe turns green?
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Switched at Birth: So if Emmett was home for the summer and the final scene takes place ten months later, that makes it March / April right? So why are Daphne and Bay are still in China? Are they staying there because I am guessing Bay does not obtain gainful employment for a vacation. And what was the phone call? Ug, I hate cliffhangers like this.
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The Voice: What the frack?!? This show is just trolling me at this point. Andi & Alex were number one on my Battle Ranking Power Rankings, go first and get booted by Adam in favor of some mediocre rocker who has little chance of making it to the top twelve (unless Adam is stupid enough to save him so it is not entirely out of the question). Next up is Ellie Lawrence, who topped my Blind Audition Power Ranking, who goes out to Braiden Sunshine, who has sat in the bottom both times. Making things worse I joked in that post that Braiden would end up being this season's Ryan Sill (never forget), beating Gwen's lone four chair singer in the Battle Round, then probably beat Ellie in the Knockout Round, before Gwen inexplicably saved him in the Playoffs. That was a joke Gwen, you were not supposed to actually do this. Sure picking Demi Lovato was kind of disaster (has anyone ever advanced on this show singing one of her songs) but still I would take Ellie at her worst than Braiden at his worst. I really hate this show. Is it really hard to get the twenty best singers to the Live Show? It seem like five of the twelve that advanced this week just scream fodder and whose only chance to advance is if their coaches save them. I would have said six but sadly Viktor will probably advance by the public because the bored housewife voting block will be voting for his face over his voice.

Blindspot: I would say it is kind of random to have the other chick from Young and Hungry show up on your serious drama but I guess the first time I noticed her was when she was recurring during the first season of The Americans. Since she has that other gig, it is a shame she cannot stick around because it got really sad watching Jane try to connect with anyone and getting shut down every time. Plus that nerd fight scene with the tech person on the team was fun too. Oh well.
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Marvel's Agent's of S.H.I.E.L.D.: We finally get the what happened to Simmons episode and sadly no talking ducks were involved. I actually enjoyed the first segment but as soon as the astronaut showed up I got less and less involved. Then the ending was just silly, seriously, hold each other's hands so you do not get separated. And though we know know what went on, we are left with more questions, like what is "death." Then you have the promo saying May's husband died last week. Alrighty, there goes my theory that he survived.
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Wicked City: I do not really need another serial killer show in my life, but hey, it is the chick from Swimf@n and it is not like there is anything else on at the time. But how exactly how long will the show last if the detective was able to figure out who it is in the first episode. Take the reporter to the artist and then post the picture around town.
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Survivor: Second Chances: What a great decision to switch tribes up as many times this season, it is much better than having silly gimmicks like Redemption Island (and the promos says there are merging early next week too). You have one tribe with only one original member of the other tribe but she was the one with an Immunity Idol. Then there was Stephan's weird tearful rant about not wanting an Alpha Male beating him again. But of course it was Abi Maria's tribe that went to Tribal Council. And what weird bedfellows that ousted Woooooooooooo. Aside from Abi Maria, you had Chaos Kass, her nemesis Spencer, and a paranoid Ciera who did appreciate Savage putting her name in his mouth. Seriously, has there ever been a weirder alliance than those four? It will be interesting to see how things shake up after the merge. Will that five strong alliance actually stick together (since not one alliance has stayed strong I am guessing no), and if so, they still need two more for a majority. But now that we are at the merge, you have to go ahead and pencil in Abi Maria into the finals because who would not want to sit next to her. Imagine what fireworks a Abi Maria vs. Kass would produce. But thankfully Terry's son turned out to be alright. You never want to see someone go home like that. It is a bit surprising that it does not happen more often. I believe it was only the second time in thirty season.
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Nashville: When drunk young Wheeler walked out on the terrace, I thought, oh no, he is the one going over the edge, not Juliette. Instead Jeff awkwardly fell over while trying to save her. Poor Juliette, the one guy who could spin this into her favor just splattered on the sidewalk. And poor Layla, her husband turned out to be gay, she gets dropped from one label and put on the back burner of another, and now her boyfriend dies of what will be ruled as an apparent suicide depending on what dunked young Wheeler says.
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The Blacklist: There is nothing I hate on television more than the x amount of time earlier place card. Am I really supposed to believe they killed off Lizzy? Never crossed my mind even when they were significantly outnumbered in the Mexican standoff. But I did like that the person who put the hit on her was a teenage girl not like the CIA guy who seemed too obvious or the Congresswoman who was another suspect of mine.
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