Sunday, September 20, 2009

57 Channels and Only This Is On vol. XCVIII

Quote of the Week: First the board gave a report. Then they proposed doing an ice cream social with a different flavor for each house which I said was a lame idea. But they said it would be fun. So I told those (expletive deleted) it was a waste of money but those (expletive deleted) wouldn’t listen so that is when I said, uh, “Bite me” and walked out. (Expletive deleted). (Laura – Greek)


Song of the Week: Ruby Tuesday – Katey Sagel (Sons of Anarchy)

Big News of the Week: Let the Fall Season Begin: How symbolic is it that my Fall season begins with Jeff Probst snuffing out someone’s torch? But what people really care about are the new shows and TV Blips recently asked me and some other bloggers what they were looking forward to so head over there to see my answers.

Coalition Links of the Week:
Need to brush up on what went down in The Office's last season? Take BuzzSugar's Season 5 quiz! (BuzzSugar)

Things got really hot at the So You Think You Can Dance Phoenix auditions but got skintilatingly hot during the Top 14 Group dance on So You Think You Can Dance Canada. (Tapeworthy)

This week, Jace had an exclusive one-on-one interview with True Blood writer/executive producer Alan Ball the morning after the season finale and wrapped up the second season of the HBO vampire drama and took a look ahead to Season Three. (Televisionary)

They're both dreamy, they're both svelte, they're both sharp dressers. But the real question is this: who would win in a dance-off between How I Met Your Mother's Neil Patrick Harris and Glee's Matthew Morrison. (TiFaux)

Sorry, The Office. No offense, 30 Rock. But Community may have replaced you both as the funniest show on TV. (TV Fanatic)

MTV Video Music Awards: A lot of people have given crap to Kanye West for interrupting Taylor Swift, but you one person who wasn’t mad: MTV. Because what would we have talked about had he not stormed the stage? How boring the Michael Jackson tribute was (and just when you thought Madonna couldn’t be any more pretentious, she makes a MJ tribute about herself). How lame Lady Gaga is? Seriously, smearing yourself in fake blood? Considering how Russell Brand questioned her manhood in the opening he would at least man up and use your own real blood like Iggy Pop. Maybe we would be talking about Brand. And just when you thought he could be less funny than last year. At least last year he made jokes. Yeah they bombed but this year he would ramble for five minutes without any resemblance of a punch line. Maybe we would have been talking about the touching tribute Kid Cudi gave DJ AM by dedicating Make Her Say, formally known as I Poke Her Face, to the dead DJ. Hopefully when I die someone dedicates a song about oral sex to me. Or may if I am deserving enough, a song about full on intercourse. So when I pass, please pour out a forty and put on Do Me in my memory and just know when you say “smack it up, flip it, rub it down” I’ll be sing on with you with a smile on my face looking down on you (hopefully).

Greek: It has been going on all season but they just finally reveal all the rules behind the Gotcha game. And know it’s over. Oh well. And the show missed a real opportunity to do a naked mile with an homage to one of the funniest scenes ever to put to film from Austin Powers. Oh well. You can stream current episodes on Hulu.

Greek on iTunes

The Jay Leno Show: You else was happy the Kanye West went all heartless on Taylor Swift? Jay Leno. After getting bagged on everyone for the last four months (except Time magazine) his new talk show instantly became must see television. Naturally the interview was a letdown, but anything short of Swift interrupting Kanye’s performance was going to be.

VH1 Divas Live – When Miley Cyrus started in on her verse of If it Makes You Happy may have been the most painful thing I have heard in a long time. Maybe since the fake Beyoncé performance from the Today show sound board. But that was fake so it doesn’t really count.

You can also check out my First Impressions of Survivor Samoa and my Preview of Community.

Free Download of the Week: Anti Sampler Fall 2009(Amazon MP3): Amazon MP3 has a large stock of samplers for free download and here is one that includes Neko Case, The Swell Season (you may remember as the duo that won the Oscar two years ago) and Booker T’s take on Outkast’s Hey Ya. Please note only the album is free as a whole download, some of the individual songs are not. So make to click the “Get MP3 Album” button. And if there are some songs you do not want, you can just delete them later.

Deal of the Week: Hit Blu-ray as Low as $12.49 (Reservoir Dogs, Dirty Dancing, American Phycho)

Video of the Week: Tomorrow sees the return of the funniest show on television The Big Bang Theory at a new time at 9:30 which separates the show with How I Met Your Mother by an hour of unfunny television. Hurph. On the bright side, the second season of the show just came out on DVD this past Tuesday. Here is the cast and crew talking about the episode Sheldon and Penny went to war.

Big Bang Theory S2 Neighbor Wars

Next Week Pick of the Week: Modern Family, Wednesday at 9:00 on ABC: Go ahead and believe the hype, this is the funniest new show of the season if not the best new show of the fall in any genre. Look for a full review of the show later this week.

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