Saturday, September 26, 2009

Best of the Week vol. XXII

Quote of the Week: First of all, it would be really cool to see Hailey that fat. And how awesome it would be to have a fake little brother that is really my nephew? (Alex - Modern Family)

Song of the Week: To Be with You – Mr. Big (as sung by Laura, Greek)

Big News of the Week: The New Season Has Begun: I really hate Neilson Rating because they are archaic (with more and more people streaming and downloading) and shrouded in secrecy (anyone know the margin of error of their data?) but it is hard not pour over their data to draw up some conclusions. Like how for one of the few times in history the most critically acclaimed show of the season, Modern Family was the most watched new show of the fall. Hopefully people still watch when the show has two unwatchable sitcoms as a lead in.

As for the older shows, the big new is, not surprisingly, no one watches Heroes anymore. Also unsurprisingly is the erratic ratings for The Jay Leno Show which seems to fluxgate depending on the guest and competition. And consider some think the show could pull in The CW numbers and still make nine figures from The Jay Leno Hour at 10:00. And what could reaffirm my faith in our country, despite not knowing exactly what the margin of error is, it is probable that the ratings between the shows are so close, it is statistically possible that The Big Bang Theory is now the most watched comedy on television over the unfunny Two and a Half Men.

Coalition Links of the Week:
Vance is sidetracking to movies this week because he got to see The Boys are Back and People's Choice winner Precious at TIFF09 (Toronto Film Fest). (Tapeworthy)

This week, the TV Addict talked to Glee star Chris Colfer about Kurt's coming out party. (The TV Addict)

BuzzSugar had some fun matching up which original Melrose Place character inspired which new Melrose Place character. (BuzzSugar)

Free Download of the Week: Flake (Live) – Jack Johnson with Lebo: Note you will have to enter your e-mail to which they will send a link to. Also be sure to check your spam folder because that is where I found my e-mail.

Deal of the Week: Save up to 60% on TV Shows (Friday Night Lights, The A-Team, Saturday Night Live)

Video of the Week: Here are the first four minutes of Trauma the premieres tomorrow:

Next Week Pick of the Week: Trauma, Monday at 9:00 on NBC: When the new shows were announced last May, the one show that piqued my interested the most was this medical drama from Peter Berg, the guy who gave us Friday Night Lights. The previews make the show look epic which is right up my alley. Unfortunately the show is sandwiched between the two least buzzed shows for the fall, Heroes (which debuted to disastrous numbers last week) and The Jay Leno Show. Hopefully if the show lives up to the hype of the preview it can find an audience on a log jammed night.

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