Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Lyrics Quiz: The Greatest One Hit Wonders of the 00's

This is the 50th Lyrics Quiz ever and to mark the occasion I thought I would tie the anniversary with my year long homage to the greatest of this decade. Here are the twenty-five greatest One Hit Wonders of the decade (according to me, many apologies to any of the artists to manage to get another hit in the next three and a half months). Once the decade actually ends, I will have a more comprehensive and longer list. But until then, as usual, place your guesses in the comment (or e-mail me), both artist and song title (make sure to get your guess to songs released in this decade), and if you are correct I will un-bold the lyric. Please keep in mind the lyrics quiz is for entertainment purposes only so please only use your own meandering mind to guess them. Now onto the quiz

1. I could tell she liked me by the way she started, and by the way she said, “You missed a spot over there.” (Stacy's Mom - Fountains of Wayne; guessed by blondedancer3457)
2. Get back you flea infested mongrel. (Who Let the Dogs Out - The Baha Men; guessed by Fran)
3. Not just urban, she likes the pop ‘cause she was living la vida loca. (Thong Song - Sisqo; guessed by Doug)
4. You sing a sad song just to turn it around. (Bad Day - Daniel Powter; guessed by Rose)
5. Whatever tickles your fancy, girl, it’s me and you like Sid and Nancy. (Butterfly - Crazy Town; guessed by Doug)
6. Annie are you okay, are you okay, are you okay Annie? (Smooth Criminal - Alien Ant Farm; guessed by Jo)
7. Save me from this prison, Lord help me get away. ‘Cause only you can save me now. (Heaven - Los Lonely Boys; guessed by Jo)
8. I don’t believe in Hitler, that’s what I said. So all of you skins give me more (expletive deleted).  (Because I Got High - Afroman;  guessed by Rob)
9. Stop making me feel bad. I’m the best thing you ever had. The only thing I’m guilty of is giving you too much love.
10. You. You’re still the whisper on my lips. Feel it in my finger tips. Pulling at my skin.
11. I got so much left to say. If every simple song I wrote to you would take your breath away, I’d write it all. (Hey There Delilah - Plain White T's; guessed by Rose)
12. But since I came here, felt the joy and the fear finding myself making every possible mistake.13. You thought you could keep this (expletive deleted) from me. You burn (expletive deleted), I heard the story. You played me, you even gave him (expletive deleted). ((Expletive Deleted) It (I Don't Want You Back) - Eamon; guessed by Doug)
14. I’m only a man in a silly red sheet. (Superman (It's not Easy) - Five for Fighting; guessed by Jo)
15. Every night, every day. Just to be there in your arms. Won’t you stay? Won’t you lay? Stay forever and ever and ever and ever.16. In ‘77 and ‘69 revolution was in the air. I was born too late to a world that doesn’t care.  (I Wish I Was a Punk Rocker (With Flowers in My Hair) - Sandi Thom;  guessed by Rob)
17. Oh I’m nervous. I don’t know what to do, light a cigarette? I only smoke when I’m with you. (I Like You So Much Better When You're Naked - Ida Maria; guessed by blondedancer3457)
18. I see the doorways to a thousand churches. And resolution of all my fruitless searches. (In Your Eyes (Live) - Jeffery Gaines; guessed by Anonymous)
19. I will find a way back to my hand. I’m the only one who can help me find my feet again.
20. Cry baby, cry baby, cry. Soaking down your… cry baby, cry baby, you can’t understand…
21. I don’t have a lot of money, though we’ll be fine. No I don’t have a penny but I’ll show you are real good time.
22. I know it might be right, I know it might be wrong but if I’m gonna have a drink it mght as well be strong.

23. Maybe I’m the joker, maybe I’m the fool in your eyes. Maybe I’m the weak one, maybe I’m the lion in disguise. (If You're Gonna Leave - Emerson Hart; guessed by Taylor Blue)
24. I am thinking it's a sign that the freckles in our eyes are mirror images and when we kiss they're perfectly aligned. (Such Great Heights - The Postal Service; guessed by AJ)
25. Out on the road today I saw a Black Flag sticker on a Cadillac. (Boys of Summer - The Ataris; guessed by AJ)


  1. 6. Smooth Criminal- Alien Ant Farm cover. It's really a Michael Jackson song tho, right?

  2. 7. Heaven by Los Lonely Boys.
    14. Superman by Five for Fighting

  3. 24. Such Great Heights by The Postal Service
    25. The Boys of Summer by The Ataris

  4. Of course Smooth Criminal is a Michael Jackson song , but since the song came out in the 80's and Jackson certainly isn't a one hit wonder, Alien Ant Farm was who I was looking for.

  5. 3. Sisqo- Thong Song
    5. Crazy Town- Butterfly
    13. Eamon- F--- You

  6. 4. Bad Day - Daniel Powter

  7. 11. Hey There Delilah by Plain White T's

  8. 1-Stacy's Mom by Fountains of Wayne
    17-I Like You So Much Better When You're Naked by Ida Maria

  9. 23. If You're Gonna Leave - by Emerson Hart

    This one was hard!

  10. 2. Who let the dogs out - baha men!

  11. #18 In Your Eyes - Originally performed by Peter Gabriel. I believe it was covered by Jeffery Gaines?

  12. 8-afroman because i got high

    16- sandy thom - i wish i was a punk rocker flowers in my hair