Thursday, May 14, 2009

What’s Done Is Done or If it’s Meant to Be it’s Meant to Be

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During its first season, Lost was having one of the best starts of any television shows ever. Then came the season finale that trotted along for three hours as we watch Jack and company hike across the island back and forth so they could get into the hatch only to be left without seeing what was actually down the hatch. From that point on, the show has ebbed and flowed for the next couple season until the fourth season when I just decided to accept the insanity. Which is a good thing considering the fifth season ended up introducing time travel.

I bring up the first season finale because last night’s finale had that same kind of ending but instead of hunting around the island for dynamite to blow up the hatch only not to see what was down there they were trekking across the island to detonate a hydrogen bomb as the same sight almost thirty decades later. And of course we don’t get to see the aftermath (assuming Juliet’s hitting it did set it off).

But unlike the first season there were a few surprises along the way. No, not that Jacob showed up in everyone’s life (more on him later). The big shock for me was what was in the Other Other Other’s carryon (or they are they simply Others considering Richard Alpert knew what lied in the shadow of the statue, which may or may not be him because he was despite answering in some random language). I predicted that it was the hydrogen bomb that Jack was about to set off (in my defense, the writers cheated by having everyone call what was in the box “it” instead of “him”) but instead it turned out to be a man which I did then thought it would turn out to be Jacob’s buddy Richard Hatch yet instead it turned out to John Locke himself.

Did Richard Hatch find a way onto another island?

And apparently Richard Hatch used Locke to find some loophole to kill Jacob whom they seem to be in some kind of conundrum that Charles Whitmore and Benjamin Linus find themselves in where they cannot kill each other. Yet Richard Hatch in John Locke body still has all of Locke’s memory somehow. Alrighty. Not surprisingly Jacob, who at one point lived in the same cabin as Rose, Bernard, and Vincent, visits the Oceanic survivors where he had a hand in the death of Nadia, got Hurley back to the island (and apparently not the only one as he also brought The Black Rock to the island earlier to the dismay of Richard Hatch), and possibly brought Locke back to life. And even though he turned out to be his emissary, Jacob just misses Jack’s dad (or could Jack’s dad could have been Richard Hatch all along manipulating everyone to get to where he was at the end of the season?). Yet no visit for Walt who no one seems to want back on the island despite being so integral in the first two seasons. Oddly enough we also get a Juliet flashback (who I swore was Charlotte until we heard her name) yet no Jacob or really anything.

As for season six, the last for the show, I am currently going with the theory that Miles pointed out (and I originally had when Faraday first suggested nuking the Swan) that what if that turned out to be The Incident was created not by the drilling, but it was the bomb all along that caused The Incident. But the question then would be, what does the explosion mean for Jack, Kate, Sawyer, Hurley, Sayid, Miles, and Jin? And will Juliet turn into a Desmond-type figure considering she was at the epicenter of and electromagnetic explosion at the Swan? Who are the “They” that Jacob tell Richard Hatch are coming? And the most important question, will Lost have a satisfying ending?

Lost 5.x gets a Terror Alert Level: High [ORANGE] on my Terror Alert Scale.

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