Monday, July 21, 2008

We on Award Tour: 2008 ESPY Awards

The Espy's are so foolproof, even when they get athletes to host it still is pretty entertaining. That adage is put to the test this year when they get Justin Timberlake, who bombed when he team hosted with Stifler at the MTV Movie Awards a couple years back. But let us star
t off with the pre-show first.

- Holy Chris Connelly sighting!

- Erin Andrews has to be one of the most underrated hot chicks out there today. Any of those lame lists by lame magazines that countdown chick and don’t have her in the top ten just isn’t credible. With that said, someone should tell her that the word “bling” died five years ago.

- The Top 5 Meetings need to make it on YouTube sooner than later.

Your obligitory Danica Patrick picture- How does Jessica Simpson and Tony Romo make the Dynamic Duos list? She is the reason his team lost.

- An Under Armour CEO interview? Seriously?

- Adrian Peterson had his draft position drop just by wearing his hat like Antwain Merriwheather.

- Wow, the Espy’s actully started on time this year.

- I know I say this every year, but no award show’s clip package comes close to the ESPY’s.

- Justin Timberlake may not be able to tell a joke, but the Bill Belichicken was funny.

- As much as I love seeing the Giants beat the Patriots over and over again, but Appalachian State was the true biggest upset. And the won on the opposing team, not a neutral site like the Super Bowl.

Brett Favre at his last ESPY's, maybe- They don’t even show the nominees for Best Record Breaking Performance, just give it to Brett Farve. I guess having Big Head Barry also in the category doesn’t make you want to acknowledge him.

- It is not a good sign when you are out acted by Greg Oden. Can we get him to host next year? And that musical number went way too long.

Kristen Bell, I have already told you get rid of those bangs- Who was the nerd sitting next to Kristen Bell? If they need a nerd next to her, why not ask me?

- Suggesting to dig up Harry Carey: not funny.

- Have I ever told the time I met and annoyed Posh Spice?

Tommy Smith and John Carlos pick up their Arthus Ashe Award for Courage- Now for the best part of every ESPY’s the Arthur Ashe Award of Courage. But why is Tom Cruise narrating the story of Tommy Smith John and Carlos. Tom aside, the package had a History Channel feel to it.

- Is it ironic that Jason Taylor saying he was doing something to piss off Bill Parcells the day he got traded?

- Jimmy V Award for Perseverance presented by Robin Roberts, someone who know a little about Perseverance. Be sure to check out

Thank you ESPN for inviting Adrianna Lima- I have no clue what Adriana Lima was doing at the ESPY's, I am just glad she was.

- On the other end of the spectrum, who invited Fergie?

- In the end the New York football Giant complete their sweep winning Best Sweep, Upset, Play and Team. Wait, what, they actually did not win Best Team? Did not see that one coming. But that going to the Boston Celtics does not help the ESPN criticism that they have a New York/Boston bias.

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