Sunday, July 20, 2008

Feed Your iPod vol. XX: Slow Dancing in a Burning Room

Recently John Mayer released a live album, Where the Light Is and even if you have Any Given Sunday, the new live album is also worth picking up. It is really three sets in one, an acoustic one, a blues rock set with the John Mayer Trio, and a full band set. The latter features the highlight. Slow Dancing in a Burning Room. The version is so epic I had thought the song was going on for ten minutes or so even though it really clocks in at under six. The Where the Light Is version isn’t on YouTube currently (it is at MSN video but it is not embeddable. You think if they make you sit through a commercial the least they could do is let you is embed it. But anyways. Click the link to see that) but below is another live version. But you definitely want to check out the WTLI version because like I said, the solo is just epic, even more so than the one below (but below he does work in some a Tom York song).

Slow Dancing in a Burning Room - John Mayer John Mayer - Where the Light Is - John Mayer Live In Los Angeles - Slow Dancing In a Burning Room (Live)

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