Sunday, January 08, 2017

57 Channels and Only This Is On: 1/8/17

The Affair: Wait, what just happened? They teased Noah going crazy in the lake and his act ends with the exact same moment, except there was someone there. Or was there? That was young Noah right? But yeah, there should be a Noah segment every episode.

Conviction: I am not entirely sure why I am still watching this dead show walking (oh yeah, my irrational love of Peggy Carter) but that had to be one of the most awkward kisses in television history.
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:Good Behavior: 57 Channels was off last week so here are my thought on the post Christmas episode followed by this week’s episode: The previous week’s with the ballad of Javier’s family was a bit of a drag, but boy did they made up for it this week with shocker after twist after shocker. I guess you have to start at the end with Letty asking Javier to kill her baby daddy. Oh, yeah, we learned Jacob’s father was a porn director turned video fitness guru. And to think, most episodes I would have started off with Nelson being played at a wedding reception. Oh yeah, and then the Godmother learned her husband enjoys getting rammed by dudes in his office. I was thinking the Godmother may be the only one on this show worth rooting for. Then the parole office popped into my mind. Where has that guy been? If my memory is correct, the last we saw of him was being questioned by the FBI after he and Letty robbed the hotel. That thread has to be tied by the end of the season.

1/3 – So that is what happened to the parole officer; just waiting for the right time to have him and his new FBI buddy to try to get Letty to turn on Javier. Quite a pickle, turn him in seems obvious until you realize dude is resourceful. Maybe the smart thing would have been to give him a heads up, I do think him just leaving town is good enough. Should make for an interesting finale.
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Blindplot: Well I was completely wrong about who was going to die because apparently no one did. Meh. But the big bad let Kurt live again, what could she possibly want with him? Is he going to turn out to be a Manchurian Candidate?
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Emerald City: I will say this, the show looks very beautiful (NBC got the guy who directed The Cell to direct all ten episodes) but it became clear pretty quickly that we probably do not need a dark re-imagining of The Wizard of Oz with a Christ-like Scarecrow with amnesia.
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