Tuesday, March 08, 2016

Previewing Separation Anxiety

When I saw TBS was doing a game show called Separation Anxiety I thought maybe they were getting into the weird, kind of evil Japanese game shows you come across on the internet every once and a while. Thankfully (or disappointingly depending how you look at it), the show is more in the American vein where there is a catch but it is not that evil at all, just slightly misleading, but for the better.

See the show tells a pair of friends or significant others they are going on an internet game show for a chance to win $2500 but they really are going on a basic cable show where they can win ten times that. The name of the show comes from separating the two players, taking on player to the set of the cheap internet game show while the other gets ushered to a bigger studio to find out what the real show they are on.

The second player also learn that they will be the one’s selecting the categories for their still in the dark partners who think the first question will only net them $10, not $1000. Separation Anxiety comes off as a cheaper version of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire as the questions get harder the more answers they get right, but if the miss a question, they get nothing. They can stop nd take the money at any time, but only the person that still thinks they are on an internet for chump change can stop (the other person if offered one to pull the plug but they will only get half the money they earned). But like Millionaire, there are two helps throughout the game, Crowd Source, where the host will ask five people in the crowd what they think the answer is, and Smart Phone where they can call their partner for help.

Also periodically through the game, there are Mind Meld mini games where the in the know contestant can bet on their partner on silly bets like one bro has to predict correctly if his buddy will talk to a ho model if left alone in a hall with her within thirty seconds. People who guess correctly will win a special prize that they can keep even if they end up losing the money.

A quiz show with only eight possible questions (of which an average of six got asked in the episodes I saw) is kind of small, but host of the real show Iliza Shlesinger (Last Comic Standing) keeps things lively especially when telling co-host Adam Ray (The Heat) what to do via an earpiece as he hosts the fake internet game show. It also helps when the contestants are game like the guy in the second episode who crows every time he locks in an answer. There is no roll over contestants like on Millionaire but the first couple questions are absurdly easy so no one should go out early especially with the two helps so no one should go out early.

Separation Anxiety airs Tuesdays at 10:00 on TBS.

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