Monday, March 07, 2016

Previewing Bates Motel: Season Four

Norma and Norman Bates

The shortened seasons you see on cable make them better because it is much easier to fill ten hours with quality content than it is to do twenty-two over the course of a year. Of course the big drawback is that the breaks are much longer. On the network shows you only have wait three months after a season finale for a new one where you can conceive and deliver a child in between the seasons of some cable show.

It does not help that the season premiere of Bates Motel does not start off with a “previously on” segment (at least the version I saw; maybe they will whip one up for the broadcast version) so it took me a while to remember what was going on. The season starts off with Romero lugging a dead body on a boat and it took me a while to realize, oh yeah, he killed Ted Chough, or maybe it was Norma and he cover it up, I vaguely remember Norma going to an evil country club last season.

Then there is Norman talking to himself in the middle of nowhere which made me remember he ran away at the end of last season and, oh Norman, why did you have to kill the hot chick? Except it was not him, sort of, because he now has this split personality where he becomes an even more overprotective version on his mother. Alrighty. But that split personality does add to the show and adds a level of paranoia (granted not as good as the way Mr. Robot handles mental illness) as something happens at the end of the season premiere and I have absolutely sure if what I saw happened or not. All of this comes to a head at the end of the second episode of the season, though no answers are given yet.

Bates Motel airs Mondays at 9:00 on A&E. You can also download Bates Motel on iTunes.

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