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57 Channels and Only This Is On - 3/4/12

The Walking Dead: Let’s stop pretending that Rick is actually going to kill the kid (who looked like he had two legs, I thought they had to amputate that), if he is not going to leave Shane to be eaten in the school bus, who is a bigger threat to his family than the kid, he is not going to kill the ked. And seriously, who is going to go back to that group of people that left him for dead to kill the people who risked their life to save him? This is a stupid debate; you always side with the people who saved your life. But of course the writing is so bad, they will probably have Rick kill him making Rick no better than Shane.
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The Voice: I was seriously disappointed Christina Aguilera did not push her button for Preston Shannon, which would have bolstered her old black dude team even more than it already is (which looks to lose a member Monday when Jesse takes on Anthony in the Battle Round). But this really felt like a leftover show because after Whitney Myers got everyone to turn their chairs around there where very few multiple chair turns with the exception of Lex Land who was lucky enough to hit her worse note after she got all the boys to turn around (Christina gave a big Gas Face to the iffy note).

But the naturally the most noteworthy audition went to The Shields Brothers. My first thought when they came on screen was I thought The Voice did not have any “joke” auditions. My second thought when they started to sing was if these two do not make it to the Live Shows where they can sing We’re Not Gonna Take It then make it another round for the prerequisite power balled (preferable Tesla’s Love Song) I’m gonna be very unhappy. Get ready to be punched in the face America because the Shields Brothers should be here to stay.
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How I Met Your Mother: I did not think anything was more offensive to the suburbs than Suburgatory until I show Robin’s montage to the suburbs. Seriously, it is not that bad.
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The Lying Game: Oh snap! Emma slapped Sutton in the face! I almost wish the show would turn Sutton 100% evil like a WWF heel turn where she bashes someone in the back with a folding chair for no reason.
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Castle: “Seriously, a bow?” My thoughts exactly.
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The River: Wow, the Spanish chick did not know the tale of the ghost ship going in. A bit surprising. I was more surprised that the skivvy cameraman did not sacrifice himself for the hot chick’s father. Seemed like it would have been a fitting ending to his storyline.
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Justified: Some more chess pieces shuffled around this episode in the four person match between Ray;an, Boyd, Limehouse, and Quarles and it looks like next week Quarles will be eliminating another pawn as I get the sense he is going to kill Wynonna’s (ex?)husband and pin it on Raylan. I’m still waiting for when all four of them show up at the same place at the same time, or at the least three of them.
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Parenthood: Even with all the obstacles throughout the season, I never thought that the season would end with Julia not having Zoey’s baby. But a heartbreaking end to the most heartbreaking storyline in the show’s history. For a second there I thought next season they would end up adopting Drew and Amy’s kid they conceived at the wedding. And I am not optimistic with the her adopting a grown boy of an incarcerated woman, I do not see that ending well either. The most absurd moment goes to Adam ripping up the $2 million+ offer at a wedding. What I do not understand is why not sell a share of the Luncheonette? Adam gets his money, Crosby would still be the engineer and the general public would get more Dwayne Wayne next season. That is what they call in the business a win-win-win.
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Survivor: One World: Kat v Troyzan should go down in the annals of time as one of the greatest duel ever in the history of time. I am just disappointed they went to a montage, there was so much filler in the episode, they could not show the whole thing? Hopefully the duel in its entirely show up on ESPN Classic sometime soon.

On the flip side, Colton is really giving Russell Hantz a run for the most annoying contestant ever title and it is only three episodes. Hopefully his island of misfits alliances turn on him soon, and soon enough to split the vote to smoke out the immunity idol. It is hard to think he will be long for this world because he is managing to play an even worse strategic game than Russell (and that does not even encompass his ghetto trash comment). The longer Colton stays in this game the worse this season is going to be no matter how entertaining Kat’s stupidness is.
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Suburgatory: Apparently it was croquet week between Suburgtory and How I Met Your Mother and as the McGavin family reigning champion, I was annoyed how they got it wrong, you do not have to swing between your legs and George’s golf swing is actually better. And their wickets were too far apart at the beginning of the course. Seriously, Suburgatory, if you need a croquet technical advisor, shout me a holla.
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Revenge: I was a bit surprised that they went ahead and told us who killed the rent boy (Mr. Miyagi was very high on my short list anyway) but I guess the big question that is supposed to drive the rest of the season is not who killed him, but who will take the fall. The show sadly did not pull the trigger by having Daniel end up being the dead guy from the series premiere so I wonder if they will actually put him or Jack behind bars. If we are lucky, Decland will end up taking the fall for his brother.
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