Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I Guess He’s an X-Box and I’m More Atari

The Lady Killer - Cee Lo Green

I always viewed Cee Lo Green as a novelty. He was the weird troll looking dude in the eccentric rap group Goodie Mob, who managed to make OutKast seem normal in comparison. He went on to make weird RnB music on his solo work. And lest us not forget his cameo of daddy dearest on an episode of My Super Sweet Sixteen (um, not that I watched the show, I just heard he was on it). I never took notice of him as a credible artist until he hooked up with Danger Mouse for two ambitiously great albums under the moniker Gnarls Barkley. Even after that success, when I heard he was recording a new solo album, I thought, yawn, wake me up when he’s back to recording with Danger Mouse.

Then I caught wind of the name of his first single off The Lady Killer, the unapologeticly titled (Expletive Deleted) You. Despite the title, the song turned out to be no novelty song which was debuted with a viral video the featured the song lyrics scrolled across a fluorescently colored background. Not only was the song no novelty, it was the most infectious song released since his own Crazy, and also featured the greatest sing-a-long chorus that you wouldn’t dare sing in front of your mother since Closer wanted to (expletive deleted) you like an animal.

Much like his work with Gnarls Barkley, it is hard to classify The Lady Killer; is it Retro-Soul? Psychedelic RnB? Experimental Pop? Whatever you try to label it, it is highly entertaining. The biggest risk on the album may be his cover of the psychedelic pop rock of Band of Horses where Green turns up the beat on No One’s Gonna Love You and turns it into a solid gold gem.

Other stand out tracks included the disco themed Bright Lights, Bigger City which I will blindly believe was inspired by the awesome Michael J. Fox movie of the similar name. Love Gun may be the best James Bond theme song never written (the bookends to the album has Cee-Lo throwing his hat in the ring to be Agent 008). Satisfied is a Stax horn infused that will leave you like the title suggests thanks to a sixties girl group style chorus. Then Old Fashioned is just that and could have fit in nicely when Teddy Pendergrass and Curtis Mayfield were belting out RnB classics. With that all said, how about another Gnarls Barkley album by next year?

Song to Download – (Expletive Deleted) You

The Lady Killer gets a Terror Alert Level: High [ORANGE] on my Terror Alert Scale.

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