Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Previewing Garbage Moguls

Garbage MogulsToday is Earth Day which begs the question: why are you even on your computer? Okay, rule number one of being eco-friendly is don’t beat yourself up when you do something not so eco-friendly. I can rest in the solace that I am currently on a Hybrid computer that uses seventy percent energy than a regular desktop. And certainly do not feel bad if you fire up the television tonight to see Garbage Moguls at 9:00 on the National Geographic Channel.

The special follows a company, TerraCycle, who tries to turn garbage into cash. Their current projects include trying to create a kite made of used Oreo wrappers that they are trying to sell to Walmart. The other is to make a laptop carrier out of billboards and seat belts in hopes that Office Max will order them.

If all the do-gooding isn’t enough to get your eyeballs to the show, then watch because it is hilarious in a The Office kind of way. The hour is filled with sibling rivalries (one employee is just known as Dara’s sister), mild racism, a military type dude (who really need more screen time) opera singing in a laundry mat, and pranks that Jim would be proud of. And not even Michael Scott would send his whole team out to a landfill but the guys and girls all suited up and when scrounging for ideas. Check out a clip below:

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