Saturday, November 08, 2008

Best of the Week vol. IV

Quote of the Week: It’s not porn if it’s on regular TV. (Crabman, My Name Is Earl)

Song of the Week: Be My Yoko Ono - Barenaked Ladies (The Big Bang Theory)

Big News of the Week: Dollhouse All But Canceled: Nothing more sad then when Dollhouse was announced and people actually thought this would be the show that FOX turns a new leaf over for. Then earlier this week thousands of fanboys hearts sank when FOX announced it’s spring lineup and Dollhouse landed in the Friday night death slot right after Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, a show itself that would have been canceled already if FOX didn’t want it around to help promoted the upcoming fourth movie. And with that announce Vegas have moved the line for number of episodes before Dollhouse gets axed from five to three. Wake me up when Dollhouse: The Complete Series DVD is released.

Coalition Links of the Week:
Buzz rounded up some of her favorite TV production company logos and slogans, like "Bad Robot" and "Sit, Ubu, Sit." (BuzzSugar)

Rae took an early look at TNT's The Librarian 3: Curse of the Judas Chalice. (RTVW)

Vance wrote some limerick reviews about Ugly Betty, 30 Rock, The Office, Bones, Grey's Anatomy, Survivor and more, just because he felt like it. (Tapeworthy)

This week, Jace offered up some tantalizing spoilers as he took an advance look at the next three episodes of NBC's Chuck, including Monday's episode, which he says is the best of the series to date. (Televisionary)

How was your election night? Dan mainly focused on Anderson Cooper, the fancy electronic maps on CNN and those crazy holograms that Wolf Blitzer was talking to. (TiFaux)

This week, the TV Addict interviewed newest Terminator cast member and Battlestar Galactica fan favorite Stephanie Jacobsen. (The TV Addict)

Kate interviewed Megan, Stylista's villain, and was surprised by how down-to-Earth she was about the whole reality star thing. (TV Filter)

Who would win in a fight between Heroes and Smallville? With apologies to Harry Hill, there’s only one way to find out… It’s the Heroes vs. Smallville superheroes trump cards smackdown! [TV Spy]

Free Download of the Week: Linus for President (iTunes): For those going through election withdrawal, iTunes is offering up the Peanuts classic.

Video of the Week: Here is a look at the next episode of Frank TV this Tuesday at 11:00 on TBS:

Next Week Pick of the Week: The Bill Engvall Show, Saturday at 8:00 on TBS: It is not Thanksgiving yet, but TBS is already giving us a very special Christmas episode of The Bill Engvall Show where the kids learn the true meaning of the holiday with the help from a hilarious sight gag from their neighbor. Granted I suggest waiting until the inevitable repeat of the episode sometime in December. But before then is another non-holiday episode.

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