Monday, June 02, 2008

We on Award Tour: 2008 MTV Movie Awards

For the first time in a decade Mike Myers hosts the MTV Movie Awards and may be the last time the show was throughly entertaining. Here are my thoughts on this years show:

- Of course one of the reason even MTV’s Award Shows are no longer that much entertaining is all the shameless plugs, two of which made it in the first segment of the pre-show with the brunette from The Hills and The American Mall. And do teenagers even go to the mall anymore?

- Second segment and two more shameless plugs with The Search for Elle Woods and Rock Band. Yawn. And The House Bunny looks not at all watchable.

- Should I know what Twilight is? Wasn’t that a Reese Witherspoon movie? Is this a remake?

- Really, an American Gladiators sighting?

- MTV really needs to cut ties with Paris Hilton. Actually I need to cut ties with MTV.

- Now onto the big show. The last time Myers hosted TV Guide called it one of the funniest things ever on television. I don’t think if they updated the list that the 2008 version will make the list.

- Rainn Wilson, that dude next to you doesn’t even vaguely look like the dude from No Country for Old Men, he looked like Fabio with a nose job in a bad wig that vaguely looked like the bad guy’s hair from that movie.

- Holy Wallace Fennel sighting... as a cheerleader? In a crappy gum commercial. Ugg. And I thought the Hot Pockets was low.

- Should I know the dude with Will Ferrell?

- Huh, Spider-Man 3 lost to a movie I never heard of in the Best Fight? Has anyone else heard of the movie?

- FN’MTV indeed. Exactly what want to do on Friday nights, stay home and watch music videos.

- Ah, a Chewbacca winning the Lifetime Achievent Award, they should really bring that back.

- The food chick: also won’t be included in the next list of funniest things ever on television.

- Sweet, Wayne's World, complete with Garth. Naturally when talking about Garth’s nether regions, a shot of Paris Hilton, and talk of Tila Tequila going both ways, a shot of Lindsay Lohan.

- Nice of Johnny Depp to show up from back stage, too good for the common people like Will Smith. Which begs the question how did he get nominated let alone win?

- Tom Cruise presenting a Generation Award to Adam Sandler? Sure, makes sense to me. But his package looked like a highlight reel of my DVD collection.

- The Tropic Thunder thing is how you shamelessly promote something.

- Wow, presenters that are not all from the same movie. And Diddy and Lindsay Lohan doing political comedy, did that really just happen?

- Seriously, From G’s to Gents? Why?

- Brendon Frasier has reached present by himself tier? Alrighty.

- I’m getting a sense that the Johnny Depp fan club found a way to stuff the ballot. Did anyone actually see that movie.

- After hearing their new song, I guessing the Pussycat Dolls era is coming to a close. At least the Coldplay performance was decent even with the French army gear on.

- Another award to a movie I never heard of until tonight in the Best Kiss category.

- - Wait, was Robert Downey Jr. cleanly shaven when he accepted that stupid award earlier? And Transformers wins Best Movie. I really need to stop watching this crap.


  1. I feel the need to shower whenever I cross that channel. If video killed the radio star, then who murdered mtv & vh1?

  2. I always thought it was a self-infected death back in th late 90's when MTV decided to go big with the boy bands and started to cater to teenage girls, ignoring every other demo in the process. But if you are convinced it was a homocide, then the internet is an easy answer.