Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Best Television Shows of 2007-2008

It is weird compiling a list of the best television for the past year with so many shows disappearing in the middle of the year or being rushed to complete the sessions with a couple less episodes that were planned. It was interesting with all my bemoaning of hoe horrible the new batch of shows were last summer, freshmen shows dominated the list with four of the top five shows. Here are my picks anyways for the best of the last twelve months:

1. Friday Night Lights 2.x (NBC)
2. Pushing Daisies 1.x (ABC)
3. The Big Bang Theory 1.x (CBS)
4. Eli Stone 1.x (ABC)
5. Chuck 1.x (NBC)
6. Survivor: Fans vs. Favorites (CBS)
7. Lost 4.x (ABC)
8. Rescue Me 4.x (FX)
9. Greek 1.x (ABC Family)
10. My Name Is Earl 3.x (NBC)

A nice even split among the networks this year (not counting the unwatchable FOX or The CW) with cable getting a share of the pie this year too. Below is a breakdown as well as a running tally of the shows that led in numbers of Quotes and Songs of the Week from my weekly 57 Channels rundown:

NBC (3)
ABC (3)
CBS (2)
FX (1)
ABC Family (1)

Quote of the Week
Friday Night Lights (9)
The Big Bang Theory (5)
Lost (4)
Pushing Daisies (3)
How I Met Your Mother (3)
My Name Is Earl (2)
Journeyman (2)
Eli Stone (2)

Song of the Week
Eli Stone (6)
Journeyman (5)
Everybody Hates Chris (3)
My Name Is Earl (3)
Smallville (2)
Friday Night Lights (2)
Chuck (2)
How I Met Your Mother (2)
Pushing Daisies (1)
South Park (1)
Lost (1)

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