Monday, January 22, 2007

I Didn’t Come Here Looking for Trouble; I Just Came to Do the Super Bowl Shuffle

Before I wax poetic about the Super Bowl match up, I would like all of you to check out this post: Are You Ready for Some Football 2006 and scroll down to bottom. Okay for those who are too lazy, the post from back in September I predicted a Colts vs. Bears Super Bowl. So suck it Line Junkie and everyone else who laughed at me for picking Chicago or told me Peyton Manning couldn’t win the big game, which is one of the worst sports superlatives; it’s not that someone can’t win a big game, it is just someone else beat them. But enough of the gloating.

Of course now we have to wait eight weeks until they actually play the championship game, wait, what’s that? It is only college football that waits two months after the regular season to play the championship game. Sorry. Granted two weeks it kind of a wait in itself especially considering I’ll stop caring about the game by Thursday at the latest and will be anticipating the commercials more than the game. Although my interest may be extended a couple days if the Chicago Bears remake the Super Bowl Shuffle. Seriously, who doesn’t want to see Rex Grossman don a headband and try rapping? And really no one could be worse than The Fridge (of course the video is on YouTube, scroll down to the bottom of the post to see it). And is it basically a lock to see George Wendt on Saturday Night Live in two weeks? So before I stop caring, here’s my pick, and since I had them in the preseason, I’ll stay with Indianapolis 27-12 over Chicago.

However the close the game is, and they rarely are, the game can’t be as close as the championship game for my fantasy football league where I lost by half a point. What only added to the agony was that vaunted Cincinnati wide receiver Chad Johnson netted me negative one fantasy points in the finale. So had I just sat him and had and empty slot at the position I would be champion.


  1. Seeing as how I spend so much time covering sports for work, I am really not a sports fanatic. However, I was a rooting for the Bears as soon as I started seeing playoff potential in them simply because I want to see another SNL "Da Bears" skit. I could care less who wins, since I only watch the commercials anyways (plus I am holding out on being a FB fan again until the Cowboys bring home another trophy).

    Seeing George Wendt don the hat once again would be a treat, especially if they can get Mike Meyers back for one skit. Not sure who would replace Farley, maybe Sanz, though he isn't as funny.

  2. I say don't even replace Farley, just say the charachter had one final heartattack and have a picture up on the wall of him or a bust made of cheese fries in honor of him.

    Of course then they could bring in a new person for the roundtable and who better than Ditka himself?

  3. Ditka would be a good replacement if they go for a new character, and he doesn't seem to care about having some fun since he was in Kicking and Screaming, playing pretty much himself.

  4. Oh God I'm having flashbacks to my sixth-grade school "program" during which all of the boys had to do the Super Bowl Shuffle. It was as awful as it sounds.

    I've lived in Indy for 8 years so I guess the Colts are my team ... but I'd be much more enthusiastic if it were the Lions, my hometown team, playing in the Super Bowl. But that will never happen, will it???

  5. The closest the Lions will get to a Super Bowl anytime soon is if they have it at Ford Field. Sadly that is closer than my Browns will get the way they have looked lately.

  6. Love that you picked the super bowl teams way back in September, esp. since you picked the Bears as one of them. But I think the game will be much closer, with the Bears on top as Super Bowl XLI champs, of course! :)

  7. Go Colts!

    I can forgive every other thing you've ever said that I disagree with just because you picked the Colts way back when.

    You rock.