Sunday, August 28, 2005

Just as I Find My Footing Here You Come Again

The MTV Video Music Awards are tonight and I thought I would wax poetic about some new videos that were too late for consideration for this year’s show, but maybe you see them come next year. Click on the bold-faced names to follow a link to the video.

Dave Matthews Band – Dreamgirl Dreamgirl

The most interesting part of this video is that it is the first time we see Julia Roberts on film of her twins, insane baby name #1 and insane baby name #2. The video follows Matthews watching a movie of a blank faced man who turns into various members of the band and a surprise ending. What I find odd about the video is the inclusion of Roberts who appears in her first video months after her older brother got some recognition after appearing in a pair of Mariah Carey videos and the Killers' . Did she really need to undercut her brother’s thunder? Eric had some success in the early 80’s, but Julia quickly became America’s sweetheart and Eric then became relocated to B-movies. I even recent read an article in TV guide talking about Eric’s daughter starting in a new show, but she was regarded as Julia’s niece and Eric wasn’t even mentioned. The least Julia could have done is let Eric corner the video market in the Roberts household.

Wake Me Up When September Ends

A poignant look at how the war can affect today’s youth. I like how it subtly highlights that some people have to join the military because it’s the only work they can find. The video also does a good job at not really picking a pro-war or anti-war stance. It just put the images out there and lets you decide. , who has taken over role as go to teenager in indie films but without on her imdb page, gives a tour-de-force performance as the girlfriend. Too bad MTV doesn’t give out best acting awards at the VMA’s. And for anyone who says that you can’t be anti-war and pro military need to pay attention to the end when the Wood’s character says, “I just want you to know, no matter what, you always have some one here for you. I’m never gonna leave you.”

Just Want You to Know

An interesting faux-documentary following heavy metal fans of the 80’s going to a concert of the faux-band Sphynkter. I mean it was interesting a couple years ago when American Hi-Fi had the exact same concept for their Flavor of the Week video. But it’s not like the Backstreet Boys have ever done anything original before, so why should they start now?.

Weezer – We are All on Drugs
We Are All On Drugs

A nice commentary on suburbs today where everyone seems to be on drug, and I don’t think the band is talking about the illegal variety, but as in Ritalin, Zoloft, Paxil and the like have everyone medicated these days. Rivers runs into many of those people throughout the video.

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