Sunday, September 30, 2018

57 Channels and Only This Is On: 9/30/2018

Shameless: You would think Frank supporting a pedophile foe Congress would be the most shameless moment of the season, but it was not even the most shameless part of the episode. No, Lip pulling the plug of someone on a ventilator so he could kidnap a kid was really bad.

The Last Ship: Well that was a novel way to blow up a bridge.
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You: Call me old fashion, but seeing who I thought I was dating forking some other dude she just met would be a huge deal breaker for me. Doing that seems more psychopathic than killing your crush’s boyfriend. Although leaving the body in your car while putting together the girl’s bed is probably up there. But really, trying to get a child to buy that stuff should be child endangerment that should come with some jail time. And I hope that ending was intentionally funny.
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Manifest: Going into the show I kind of expected it to knock off Lost, but I was not expected the show to also knock off another mid-nineties show, Wonderfalls. And really poorly because being told to do ambiguous things that turn out to be for the better is much more entertaining when it is done by inanimate objects rather than your voice in your head.
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The Gifted: And I though the kid’s Beiber haircut was laughable. But other than him, I really wish they would just get rid of the Mutant Underground and spend all the time with the inner Circle, all of the more interesting character are there.
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The Challenge: Final Reckoning: Oh snap, someone on this show went with the strongest team to meet in elimination. And then actually defeated them.
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Survivor: David vs. Goliath: What a horrible way to end an episode. Definitely should have done a double episode on that. And why were they making such a big deal of Christian solving that first puzzle, which was the easiest one in the show’s history. A child could have done that in a minute or two.
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The Good Place: Kind of a meh start to the season. I guess having the characters all being on Earth kind of eliminates some of the zanier aspects of the show. Hopefully Trevor spices things up next week (but thanks to the promo right before the last segment and Adam Scott’s name appearing in the credits before he was actually on screen, that surprised was kind of ruined). Granted, if the demons are sending up their own to taint this experiment, it really should have been Real Eleanor. Hopefully Trevor fails and she is next.
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