Sunday, July 08, 2018

57 Channels and Only This Is On: 7/8/2018

Claws: Finally the Quiet Ann-centric episode I never knew I needed. And I am still not sure I need it. I guess the AA Meeting was pretty entertaining. But, wait, Quiet Ann has a brother who is a gay politician? What? How have these groups of criminals not exploited that yet. But what is with that ending? Did Arlene fake getting fired in hopes to get a sting just like it went down?
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The Affair: Gee, the police got there pretty quick. Is the station right next to the school? But is there anyone Noah will not hook up with? How exactly was he able to stay faithful for twenty years? Or was Alison not his first affair. Then there was Helen and very telling she left after saying she could not live without her kids and did not say Vic. I almost thought she was going to say Noah first. But poor Vic, probably the most stand up person on the show, really the only one, and he just got a death sentence. Although making Helen raise a kid alone without him at his age is kind of selfless. I was waiting for Helen to ask, which one after that woman answered Bush. But I guess the oldest W. babies are only seventeen. As for the intro, it looks like I was wrong thinking that Noah and Cole were not looking for Alison because Anton’s comment about having a type pretty much confirms it. Which then begs the question, what the fork is Anton doing there?

I’m Dying Up Here: After a season of self-sabotage, Ron finally did the ultimate, he just upped and quit. But will it last or will he be happily back on the show by the finale last week? And just when you thought Bill’s dumbest thing he would do this week would be making fun a bunch of bikers, he tries to schedule a strike against Goldie. That will probably end p with his getting blacklisted more than getting paid by Goldie.

The Bold Type: I was wondering with Jane blaming a diversity hire for not getting a job if Kat would support her friend or call her out for being racist. I guess conflict should have been the obvious answer.
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The Handmaid’s Tale: After everything that went down the last two episodes, they just yadda-yadda Offred getting back safe and sound. Or as safe and sound as a handmaid in Gilliad can be. And just when you thought Rory Gilmore’s life could not get any worse, she end up in the house of probably the most dysfunctional family in Gilliad. Then her commander asked if she healed properly. What exactly did they do to her? I assumed when it happened last season they removed her lady parts but since she is back to making babies, that cannot be the case. But holy fork, they punished the driver’s teenaged wife with death by public drowning?!? Out oll the cruel things they do in thid country, that may be right below the ritual rape.
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Marvel’s Cloak and Dagger: Wait, wasn’t drilling for an “energy source” a plot point on Runaways? I wonder if it is connected even though Marvel television shows never reference each other except for the Netflix shows. Granted Freeform and Hulu are at least partially owned by Disney (and may soon be majority owner). Also the shows are on different coast. Still now that the Runaways have actually ran away, maybe they will make their way to New Orleans. But I will not hold my breath.

So there is a guy who worked with her father that Dagger cannot see his hopes. Instead they are locked away in his brain guarded by Cloak’s dark energy. Of course this begs the question is this because he is in a catatonic state or does the scientist was working on these powers when the rig exploded and he was the one that shut down his brain and is waiting for Cloak and Dagger to unlock it?

As for a question that likely will go unanswered on the show, why did the dirty cop have the hot lady cop kill his distributer? Didn’t he clear the streets of all the other drug kingpins to let this guy have a monopoly and get a cut for eliminating the competition? Doesn’t he need someone running the operation? Having the drug dealer kill the hot lady cop who is on to him seemed like the better strategy. Unless he is going to try to get her into his business. But still, it is not like she will be able to run the business.
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