Sunday, June 24, 2018

57 Channels and Only This Is On: 6/24/2018

Claws: Really, Desna and her boy toy were in the same place at the same time and did not run into each other? I hope they do not pull that all season. But, goodness, was that commercial entertaining.
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I’m Dying Up Here: Ron has done some pretty dumb and self-destructive things this season but marrying a stripper after one week has to top that list. While the episode was going on I was wondering what would last longer, his employment on the show or his marriage. I guess it should not be too surprising the marriage did not last the episode. Also not surprising is that Cassie’s SNL audition did not go well, the real question was what messed it up. It turned out to be Nick OD’ing.

Supergirl: Good riddance Toyman Jr. and Mon-El. So is the latter going back to work on his marriage? It seemed like he made his choice an episode or two ago and picked Kara. And where was Saturn Girl? She completely disappeared in the second half, she was not at the goodbye, nor was she seen on the spaceship with Toyman Jr. and Mon-El leaving. Is she staying here with Braniac 5 (which I hope) or did she go back to the future? Speaking of whatever happened to: what happened to Chad Lowe? He seemingly died last week, but was seen moving this week and then never seen after that.

Just really an uneven and poorly planned out season, well with the exception of the introduction of Saturn Girl. Seriously, if she is not coming back next season, just give Saturn Girl her own show, be it on The CW or the upcoming DC streaming service. As for what will definitely be on the show next season, it looks like we will be getting some Bizzaro Russian Supergirl while Lena Luther starts Phase 2 with Miss Tessmacher. Well, it cannot possibly be worse than this season… can it?
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The Bold Type: There are very few things more annoying when a show has a big game changing moment in a season finale only for everything to go back to normal early in the next season. So when Jane go fired last week, I figured she would be back at Scarlett but the end of this episode. Jane even has a meeting with Jacqueline, except Jacqueline shockingly does not hire Jane back saying Jane needs this as a learning expierence. Kudos to Jacqueline for doing so. Granted I will take that back if Jane is back at the magazine by the end of next episode.
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The Challenge: Champs vs. Stars II: Poor Stars, the show did everything to help you this season and still cannot win. But c’mon, how could Louise and Casper get to the food eating challenge first, get the least disgusting foods and leave the round last?
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The Handmaid’s Tale: Well that was cold that Offred straight up told the Commander that it is not his baby. Well assuming he believes her. But he did get her back vry cruely. Except then he did the most gracious thing (well aside from freeing her) by letting her see June see her kid. Unless it was his plan all along to strand her there. But that would not make sence to strand your very pregnant Handmaid, but still not the smartest idea to let her travel.

Then right in the middle of this heavy episode is the driver’s wife randomly making out with a guard. And what about the beginning. Did Rory Gilmore put some sort of poison in her lady area to induce a heart attack on her Commander?
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Marvel’s Cloak and Dagger: Well Cloak and Dagger finally spent more than a minute and a half together on screen for the first time this episode though I guess nothing really happened when they were together. Basically we just got a recap of them learning about their powers. Then Dagger threw herself off a pier. Was she actually trying to kill herself or just testing the limits of her powers? She did manage to cut through a steel safe afterwards.
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