Sunday, January 31, 2016

57 Channels and Only This Is On: 1/31/16

Galavant: I was a bit skeptical when the titular character ended the last with a sword through his chest, but since it led to this week's death song and dance sequence and a zombie inspire version of Grease, I am glad it happened.
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Shameless: I wonder what the over / under of new Gallagher's there will be by the start of next season. As adamant as Fiona is, I think two babies next year may actually be more entertaining despite babies ruining many of shows in the history of television. And I actually kind of want to download The F Word.

Billions: I wonder what was going on during that twenty dollar bill scene. Was Chuck really trying to do the right thing by paying for that guys ice cream or was he just rubbing it in the guys face. As a guy who is so calculating that he even wears a flag pin while getting his children ice cream I thought it was the latter and he had to know that was going to happen (maybe not the ice cream cone to the back but at least the guy who find it condescending. But after the talk with his wife I wonder if that was really Chuck's attempt at being human.

The X-Files: The best (and most depressing) part of the first episode was when Mulder creepily said he would not have forgotten meeting the hot chick only for her to mention they met when she was a child and back to Mulder realizing he (and the audience who watched the first time around) is really old. But did we meet her back in the nineties on the show? And who was the old guy he met with later, did we meet him before too? I get he was the guy who did the alien autopsy, but when Mulder said their talked a decade ago, that would be after the show ended. There was that horrible movie that came out eight years ago but I do not remember that having anything to do with aliens.

But one thing that I realized while Jeff Winger was doing his worst Glenn Beck impersonation was that I no longer want to believe. All these conspiracy theories were fun in my youth, but now that the internet is populated with so many of these wackadoos, it is hard not to roll their eyes at everything they say.
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Supergirl: They laid the Nazi allegory on a little too thick. And by a little, I mean way too hard. And if the best Kara can do is Cat's kind of douchy kid, maybe she should have went with the Toyman's kid.
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Lucifer: There was a time when layers, cops, and doctors were simultaneously the most watched television shows and the most hated professions in the country. Now it seems hard to launch a show with them in the lead unless Dick Wolfe slaps a Chicago in front of them (coming this fall: Chicago Law!). So they have to get creative to be successful like bringing in weird consultants. The Blacklist has the FBI aided by someone on their Most Wanted list, Blindspot has an amnesiac covered with tattoos; but Lucifer has them all beat by having Satan as an LAPD consultant... who consults an topless B-movie actress turned cop solve cases. Alrighty. Well this should be interesting.
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Pretty Little Liars : Holy Hermy the Hermaphrodite sighting! Which begs the question what was the actor doing during the finale because he would have made much more sense as Charles than CeCe. But maybe he is the next A who looks may be lurking around near the end of the episode. Though my favorite part of the episode was either Hanna's ring tone or that she eats concentrated orange juice right out of the can.
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Marvel's Agent Carter: I not the biggest fan of meta jokes but if you do them, you really should spread them out. Having Peggy call movies based on comic books silly was enough, but having Jarvis later in the episode saying he fears the thought of being a disembodied voice for all of eternity was a bit much in the same episode. Other than that, pretty entertaining episode with an actress sucking some dude into the palm of her hand... literally. Where did that guy go, is he now in limbo with the black scientist, another dimension, or just dead?
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The Challenge: Battle of the Bloodlines: That challenge really favored the girls who just dominated, well until it came to monkey-bars and puzzles. And is that puzzle really that hard? Survivor does it all the time but it looks from the television screen not to look too hard.
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