Sunday, October 21, 2012

57 Channels and Only This Is On - 10/21/12

Once Upon a Time: I am still wondering just where did Regina’s mother go when she got pushed through the mirror. Are we going to get some sort of flashback? I guess I probably should stop caring because I doubt it really matters, there are the “writers from Lost”.
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Revenge: I really cannot say I care for the new player all that much. I kind of wish he had just been crushed by the trash compactor. But I do wonder where they are going with Rebecca Logan because she clearly has a crush on the gay Nolan. Maybe he has a fluid sexuality or more likely she is going to go Fatal Attraction on him because Nolan does have a penchant for being tied up.
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The Walking Dead: Welcome back The Walking Dead and goodbye Hershel’s leg. Such a graphic ending I will forgive that apparently the group has be wondering in circles the last couple months even though the prison was less than a mile away from them in last season’s finale or that they did not just kill all the zombies via chain link fence instead of wasting their low stock of bullets.
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The Voice: Just last week I commented how surprisingly the coaches picked the right singer almost every battle. Well that only lasted a week because I disagreed with half of their decisions this week. Personally I would have gone with Terisa Griffin, Paulina, Benji, Lelia Broussard, Joselyn Rivera, Alessandra Guercio, and Emily Earle over who ended up losing to. Granted thanks to the save, three of them are sticking around. Except the save went to the wrong three people. It is befuddling to me that Joselyn, Terisa, and Alessandra are sticking around but Lelia, Benji, and Emily are all going home. I was a big proponent of the steal but four of the six steals have so far left me scratching my head (Collin McLoughlin being the other).

Aside from the newly instituted steal, really the only reason to watch the Battle Rounds is for the truly bizarre pairings. Last week it was Domo vs. Cody Belew and this week it was Julio Cesar Castillo vs. Terisa. (I am severely disappointed that we did not get to see the Beat Frequency battle because that had the highest trainwreck potential) And it certainly did not disappoint from the awesomely bad stand point. Just when you think it the pairing could not get weirder, Blake goes ahead and has them sing the rapid fire song Congo by Gloria Estefan, which, as Michael Buble correctly points out, is a song that no one knows the words to thirty years later. It was only made better by Blake picking the wrong person.

Speaking of poor choices, Cee-Lo picking MacKenzie Bourg over Emily was the worst decision since he picked Erin Martin over Shields Brothers. He was painfully bad. Everything Adam and Blake said were right (and the only positive things Christina bothered to say were visually not vocally which probably meant she did not like what she heard either) and Emily should have won easily. Though Emily does deserve a slither of blame. The best part of the song is when Carly Rae Jepsen goes "Whoo!" and Emily did not do the "Whooo!" Not singing “Whoooo” in Good Time is like not having the crunching guitar during Creep.

I really hope MacKenzie gets eliminated before the live shows or he could be this year's Pip, which would make Dez Duron this year's James Massone, two cute boys who were so bad, the producers had to create some lame rule last season to get rid of them so teen girls could not turn The Voice into the joke that American Idol is.

On a side note, did Billy Joe Armstrong seriously quote Spiderman (by way of Voltaire) in a battle between two bland teenage female pop singers? Again, I feel cheated that we did not get to hear any advice Billie exposed on Beat Frequency.
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Sons of Anarchy: I am not sure if it is poetic or creepy that the creator of the show told one of the actresses on his show to get on her knees. Maybe both. But definitely creepy that he had his wife go down on another dude while that dude’s fake half sister watched.
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Survivor: Philippines: I found it weird that they lingered on Probst snuffing Dawson’s torch, which only made weirder when she went and have him a hug and kiss. And how apropos that someone had to be medically evacuated on the season where three previous one returned. I wonder if Dana was faking in hopes of returning the next time they do it.
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Subugatory: The show is the funniest on television but the one misstep it takes is the crappy title sequence. Well at least I now that the title is the fault of Tessa’s mother.
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The Challenge: Battle of the Seasons: Not only this week TJ’s favorite, but trivia week is mine too. And it did not disappoint. Just when you think no one would top answering “Europe” for a which country question, some actually answered “23” when asked how many continents the show has been to. Quality entertainment. But I wish there had been less Challenge trivia and more spelling. And you have to start easier than “Narcissistic” (in Chet’s defence, I needed spell check to write the word).
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The Big Bang Theory: The biggest disappointment of the ever expanding cast (Stuart was even promoted to full time this season) is there seems to be less and less Penny and Sheldon moments which is what made the first couple seasons great. It seems the last couple seasons their interactions are secondhand. This week’s episode just showed they need to force these two together more often. Penny pinning, then kissing Sheldon is one of the top five moments of the duo in the series, maybe even third after soft kitty and the time Penny broke her arm.
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