Sunday, February 05, 2012

57 Channels and Only This Is On - 2/5/12

Once Upon a Time: I started to wonder why the genie who turn on the guy that set him free, but then realized guys always do stupid things for love (and of course the genie even warned the king that all wishes turn out wrong). But I sniff out the double cross early on because I really doubted that the Evil Queen’s most loyal subject in the fairytale world would turn on her in the real world. And even if I did not realize it right away, nothing telegraphs an inside job like having the new playground plans queued up at the city council meeting. Of course Emma is too dumb to realize that Sydney is playing her. And apparently there are no Tea Party members because just taking out $50,000 of public funds for a playhouse without asking anyone should have still gotten Regina (who apparently is so vain she did not even bother to change her name in the real world) in trouble. One thing that is bothering me is if Storybooke has been in extended animation for thirty years, how do they have cell phones to text each other with? Should they not be stuck in the eighties in terms of technology?
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House of Lies: Say what you will about House of Lies, it is boring, the characters are unlikable, it is unfunny; but it did give us Veronica Mars dancing in her underwear. Now if that will happen every week the show will finally reach its potential because Ronnie’s big secret turning out that she is engaged will not cut it.

Pretty Little Liars: The whole Allison in the wig thing adds credence to my theory that she had a twin. But who goes to a salon with a wig on, then take said wig off in the middle of her appointment? And I was disappointed that what Spencer had on Hanna’s step sister was that she had bug bites from camp when she was like ten. And Spencer seriously kept the picture on her phone? That speaks less of Spencer than the step-sister.
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The Lying Game: Sure it was obvious when she Rebecca confronted Annie last week, but did she actually confirm that she had kids that she gave up and that Alec had something to do with?
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Switched at Birth: Oh snap, it was actually grandma that called INS. But why would that take him and his clothes? Seems a little odd.
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Justified: Just when you thought Justified could not come up with a new showdown, two criminals turn their guns on each other. Awesome. And I doubt anything will displace “Use it or throw it away” as my favorite Raylan quote of all time, but dropping a bullet on the dude with the weird forehead and telling him, “The next one is coming faster” quickly moves up to the second position.
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The Challenge: Battle of the Exes: It is ironic that Vinnie went on this long diatribe about how Mandi (who very well may be the ugliest hot chick ever) hooked up with the wrong person when it turned out he was the wrong person to get Biblical with. But it is odd that they shipped Vinnie home, but the chick who punched her partner (who, if I am not mistaken punched a mirror last season) did not. But I was glad to see Wes go home, I am a bit tired of these repeat guys who tend to run challenges again and again.
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The Big Bang Theory: I still do not understand why Leonard has not gotten a lawyer to comb through the Roommate Agreement for loopholes like the one Sheldon executed this week. I would do it just to toy with him.
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