Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Previewing Rules of Engagement

In a measure of full disclosure, it has been a while since I have seen an episode of Rules of Engagement, probably since the first season. And in its fourth season, it looks like I haven’t missed much. Patrick Warburton (The Tick) and Megyn Price (Grounded for Life) are still grumpily married, though are thinking about adding a kid to their equation. Oliver Hudson (Kate’s brother) and Bianca Kajlich (Boston Public) are still dating, though thinking about marriage. And David Spade (Joe Dirt) is still basically playing a version of himself.

The only change of sorts since the last time I watched is the addition of Adhir Kalyan (Paul Blart: Mall Cop) as abused Spade’s assistant. And the addition is a great one as he has some of the funniest bits on the show including the hilarious photoshopping of him into the title screen. His character has even started up his own website: with video and written blogs each week. For those that sympathize with Timmy can even upload your very own written and video content to the site.

Coming up this Monday on the season premiere, Warburton takes some advice from Spade to return some harmless flirting to a co-worker which naturally backfires. Much funnier is the next episode (airing 3/8) where it turns out Warburton has the same penchant of hitting the snooze button that I do to the dismay of Price. Also this season expect a guest spot from Jamie Pressly (Not Another Teen Movie). Rules of Engagement still isn’t the funniest show on television, but it is a better bridge from How I Met Your Mother to The Big Bang Theory than Accidently on Purpose, granted there is still the unfunny Two and a Half Men in-between.

Rules of Engagement airs Mondays at 8:30 on CBS. You can download Rules of Engagement on iTunes.

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