Sunday, August 13, 2006

The Big 5-0-0

This post you are reading marks the 500th post here at the 9th Green. Yippie. I really don’t have anything to celebrate the occasion even though I realized I was coming up on the milestone over a month ago. And in lieu of cards, presents, or money, really all I ask of you the reader is to take three minutes out of your day and watch the video below courtesy of . If you venture the blogs I do, no doubt you have seen it already, but this promo is more for people who haven’t seen the show the video promote. So everyone please give it a watch. And for those keeping track at home, the song in the second half is All These Things That I've Done.

Okay, I do have a small, but very cool announcement; “Weird Al” Yankovic has a new album coming out next month. Pre-order your copy of Straight Outta Lynwood from Amazon below. I’m a little worried about the quality considering he had to reference an almost two decade old record. But as long there is a polka or two on it, I’ll be happy. There is no track list yet but expect parodies of , , , (I’m not sure he can top ’s parody, link definitely not safe for work) as well as some karaoke winner and the duel disk also contains six new music videos. One parody you won’t here is one of , but you can still download it from ’s website. Oh, and if you really, really want to congratulate me by sending gifts or money, I guess there is really no way foe me to stop you.

Scooter Update: It just came to my attention after watching the latest episode of Flavor of Love that season one of the show will be available on August uncensored so you at home can watch the spit seen round the world in crystal DVD imaging rather than watch the grainy YouTube version (again link not safe for work or for people with class). “Weird Al” and Flavor Flav: what more can a man ask for? (And yes both are on my wishlist over at Amazon.)


  1. Congrats on your 500th post. Keep up the great work :)

  2. Congratulations! Keep them coming. Also thanks for stoppin over at my blog, I hope you come back from time to time.

  3. TheNextKristin8/14/2006 11:04 AM

    Congrats, Scooter! You can count.
    Thought you'd want to know that as a clever coincidence, Happy Gilmore aired on TV last night.

  4. Thanks everyone for you're kind words and Kristin, Happy Gilmore is on in my house almost everynight but it's nice to hear some TV station was honoring my milestone in that way.

  5. Finally! Someone else who appreciates Veronica Mars! Everytime I mention it on my blog, people say WHO? I cant wait to see how Kristen Bell does in Pulse either, looks like a good movie so far.