Saturday, April 15, 2006

Lyrics Quiz - Tax Day

Hints Added

Its tax day today, I hope everyone has there stuff sent in already, although I don’t think they are due until Monday because of the Easter holiday. But I’ll still keep that as this month’s theme on the lyrics quiz so all songs will have to do with taxes, money, or lack there of. As always leave your guesses in the comment section, both song title and artist. If you are correct, I will un-bold the lyric and give you credit. Now on to the quiz:

1. Mostly known for pop songs in the 60's, he became more socially conscience in the 70's after his brother came home from Vietnam.
4. Mostly know for his overtly sexually song and eccentric personality, some forget his many socially conscience songs like this one.
7. This one hit wonder's problem isn't a lack of money; it's not being able to use it as depicted in the extremely long title.

1. Natural fact is, honey, that I can’t pay my taxes.
2. You got the brawn, I got the brains. (Opportunities (Let’s Make Lots of Money) - Pet Shop Boys; guessed by The Catapiller)
3. People will steal from their mother. (For the Love of Money - The O'Jays; guessed by Doug)
4. One more card and its 22, unlucky 4 him again.
5. He makes his living off of the people’s taxes. (Take the Money and Run - The Steve Miller Band; guessed by Shelly)
6. No info for the DEA, federal agents mad cause I’m flagrant, tap my cell and the phone in the basement. (Mo Money Mo Problems - The Notorious B.I.G.; guessed by Shelly)
7. If I die before I learn to speak, did money pay for the days I lived awake but half asleep.
8. Cash rules everything around me. (C.R.E.A.M. - Wu-Tang Clan; Guessed by Doug)

9. You can call us Aaron Burr by the way we’re dropping Hamiltons. (Lazy Sunday - Andy Sanburg and Chris Parnell; guessed by Angie)
10. I see you’re out of aces, for a taste of your whisky I’ll give you some advise. (The Gambler - Kenny Rodgers; guessed by Shelly)
11. They passed a law in ’64 to give to those who ain’t got a little more, but it only goes so far. (The Way it Is - Bruce Hornsby and the Range; guessed by Angie)
12. I got a plan to get us out of here, been working at a convenient store, managed to save just a little bit of money. (Fast Car - Tracy Chapman; guessed by Doug)
13. But when the taxman comes threw the door, the house looks like a rummage sale. (Fortunate Son - Creedence Clearwater Revival; guessed by Scottage)
14. It was a brown wallet, it had props numbers, it had my jimmy hats. (I Left My Wallet in El Segundo - A Tribe Called Quest; guessed by Doug)
15. The bill collectors they ring my phone and scare my wife when I’m not home. Got a bum education, double digit inflation. (The Message - Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five; guessed by Doug)
16. He works his hands to the bone to give her money every payday. (Why Don't You get a Job? - The Offspring; guessed by Shelly)
17. I don’t have much money, but boy if I did, I’d buy a big house where we both could live. (Your Song - Elton John; guessed by Angie)
18. Get a job with good pay and you’re okay. (Money - Pink Floyd; guessed by Scottage)
19. You’re just a step on the bossman’s ladder but you got dreams he’ll never take away. (9 to 5 - Dolly Parton; guessed by Shelly)
20. Say money, money, won’t get you too far, get you too far. (Rich Girl - Hall and Oates; guessed by Jelly)
21. The best things in life are free, but you can keep 'em for the birds and bees. (Money (That's What I Want) - Barrett Strong; guessed by Doug)
22. We got 1000 Points of Light for the homeless man. (Rockin' in the Free World - Neil Young; guessed by Jelly)
23. Come back home to the refinery, hiring man says, “Son if it were up to me.” (Born in the U.S.A. - Bruce Springsteen; guessed by Angie)
24. I'd buy you some art a Picasso or a Garfunkel. (If I Had $1,000,000 - Barenaked Ladies; guessed by Angie)
25. His father works some days for fourteen hours and you can bet he barely makes a dollar. (Living for the City - Stevie Wonder; guessed by Scottage)

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Toss Up: Lost vs Veronica Mars week 14

Neptune Bus Crash TributeIt’s the first non head to head Toss Up, well unless you count the repeat of Veronica Mars that aired opposite of (download S.O.S.). Not that was a distant memory in my mind like with Lost when I’m forced to wait until Saturdays when the Cavs games are on UPN because I watched it a couple times. Upon one of the watching I finally cracked open the partial script (I know there is a fancy work for it, but I’m not hip to the lingo) that I have avoided reading as not to be any more spoiled. But it just sat on my coffee table for over a month as I stared at it trying not to open it like a junkie trying to quit would stare at a bag of crack someone left lying out. It was also hard holding on to the picture to the right which was one of the few things we were forbidden from posting. But now that the episode has aired, it was free game. And now it asked the question, if eight people died on the bus, why only six pictures on the board? But anyways. On to this week’s Toss Up:

Failed Experiment
Lost - Bernard tries to get people to help him build a sign that planes could see but couldn’t even get half an “S” done.
Veronica Mars - Logan and Wallace try to beat Angie at the “It’s not me it’s Wu” egg drop.
Winner: Veronica Mars

Interracial Lovin’
Lost: Bernard has some jungle love while in the jungle.
Veronica Mars: Dead gay dude had yellow fever for Mr. Wu.

Winner: Lost

Lost: Rose and Bernard have flashbacks to the day they met.
Veronica Mars: Logan flashes back to making out with Veronica, oh and the first time she met Lucky.
Winner: Veronica Mars

Surprised to See
Lost: The dude from Angel gets his own flashback.
Veronica Mars: The chick from Cupid is back after getting unceremoniously dumped by Keith.
Winner: Veronica Mars

Let Down Ending
Lost: It’s Michael coming out of the woods.
Veronica Mars: I Am God is a band.
Winner: Lost

Best Line
Lost: Sometimes you don’t need the prettiest horse, just one that lets you ride bareback. (Okay Lost didn’t have any good lines; I just wanted to post both of these.)
Veronica Mars: Just because you wiggle your finger doesn’t mean Dick’s gonna come.
Winner: No Contest

Lost: Bernard tries to spell S.O.S. in hopes to get rescued.
Veronica Mars: Veronica hopes she’s more PYT than PWT.
Winner: Veronica Mars

Help a Brother Out
Lost: Charlie helps Eko build a church.
Veronica Mars: Logan helps Wallace when he wants to stick it to Angie.

Winner: Veronica Mars

Hook Up
Lost: Rose and Bernard after he helps her car gets stuck.
Veronica Mars: Keith goes on two unsuccessful blind dates and one that went very well.
Winner: Lost

Remember two weeks ago when Lost had its episode with five can’t miss moments and it actually delivered? Everyone, including me, said that was the point where the show breaks its sophomore slump. But then last week came the sluggish Hurley-centric episode. Then Lost this week hit an all time low with the most boring first run character-centric episode focusing on the courtship of Rose and Bernard. The major twist is that Rose had less than a year to live, but this wasn’t too shocking because in the end she was cured by the island just like Locke. And what was supposed to be the other big shocker (and when I say shocker, I’m giving the Scout’s Honor sign) is that Rose knows that Locke was in the wheelchair. But what’s really shocking to me, like I mentioned after last year’s finale, was how doesn’t anyone remember and old dude being carried onto an airplane?

And much like every episode since he arrived, Not-Henry Gale was much more interesting that that week’s character-centric storyline. Not-Henry continued to screw with Locke’s head by ignoring him when Locke once again tried to get Not-Henry to admit he punched in the numbers in between trying to sketch the blacklight image.

Then after realizing he has gotten all that he’s going to get out of Not-Henry, Jack decides to cross the line that shall not be crossed in hopes of making a trade of Not-Henry for Walt. Apparently Jack didn’t get the memo that Earl Hickey kidnapped him. Naturally Zeke and the Gang have no interest. And in a surprise that surprised no one, Michael was the rusting in the woods.

Now I must disclose that I’m not the biggest fan of dream sequences. Mostly because there are always have deeper meanings with Freudian psychobabble that goes over my head. And there was plenty of this happening with Veronica’s conversations with dead people on her new night Tuesday. First, it is hard to decide it was all just a magnification of Veronica’s subconscious or were the dead really giving her hints. That wouldn’t be the first time the dead helped her as Lily saved her from the bus crash and also had a habit of showing up in her dreams during the first season.

The Bus CrashIf it was indeed the ghosts were really talking to her, they left some interesting hints that would change some suspects’ odds on my Oddsmakers game (click to participate). A lot of signs pointed to the Casablancas Clan. First, did the PWT succeed in her attempt of creating a Littler Dick and Little Dick and/or Big Dick wanted to avoid the child support? Then back in the real world, the massive insurance policy makes the elders of the clan look even guiltier. Back on the bus, could the outing of all outings be referring to the youngest Casablancas whose sexuality was put into question when he wouldn’t scan Mac’s hard drive? Although with that comment, the sexuality of every dude on the bus is in question. We already know Marcus played for both teams, does Dick also line up on both sides of the ball? As part of his condition mean multi-personalities for Duncan, one of which is a gay homosexual? Why was gay dude on the bus; was it to be close to someone on the field trip? Then of course there were the people they met at Shark’s Field. Woody grabbing Logan’s arm last week was certainly homoerotic. Or was the argument Terrence had with Woody that day about his underage jungle lovin’ boy toy there? If that’s the case, Terrence is a beef roid away from the baseball no-no triple crown if you add in gambling. All I know is the closer we get to the finale, the less certain I’m know who crashed the bus. And who is Lucky and do I need to add him to my list of subject too.

For those keeping track at home, that would be two jabs at former guest star . Can we expect shots at next season? If so, count me in.

Next week, no Lost because there is a two hours episode of Alias. Wait, that show is still on the air? Is this going to be a Will and Grace situation where ever year the Emmy’s come out with a nomination for the show even though I was convinced it got canceled two years ago? But when Lost does come back, Michael gets his regulator to mount up in hopes to get Walt back. And naturally it will doubtfully end well.

As for Veronica Mars, the previews were pretty cryptic, but it looks like Weevil will be back and Veronica will be inquiring about Thumper. And I’m sure it will add another bus crash subject or two before the episode ends. I can’t believe there are only four episodes left. Be sure to turn in next Tuesday.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Tonight the Part of Denis Leary, Will be Played by Denis Leary

Okay, so last night I check my e-mail right after watching the Veronica Mars episode that they filmed while I was there, which already had me on a high and what do I see Live Chat with Denis Leary. Much like when I got the invite to visit the set of Veronica Mars, I sat there and stared at the letter for a while. I’m sure long time readers to the 9th Green know how much of a fan of Denis Leary I am as I quote him everyone and a while. Plus No Cure for Cancer was recently inducted into the Scooter Hall of Fame and Rescue Me was a winner at the inaugural Scooter Television Awards. Needless say, sleep didn’t come last night as I spent last night thinking up questions. One of the bad things about Rescue Me is that it has been so long since it last aired; it’s somewhat hard to remember what happened last. Some of my Veronica Mars Bloggers cohorts were also there and here are some of the highlights:

Give Me My Remote: When is Rescue Me coming back? I've heard May 30th?
: May 30th and the second season DVD comes out May 9th. The soundtrack comes out the third week in May.

Denis Leary: I have a new song coming out in the fall called "(Expletive Deleted) You"
Scooter McGavin: Denis is "(Expletive Deleted) You" going to be part of a new comedy album?
Denis Leary: "(Expletive Deleted) You” will be part of a new comedy album.

Denis Leary: "Traditional Irish Folk Song" is one of my favorites. We played it in front of 10,000 people at a gig I did in Dublin last fall.

Denis Leary: Some of the older members of the FDNY found it difficult to watch during the first season but a good friend of mine, Timmy Higgins, who was a member of the FDNY and died on 9/11, his brother Bobby and his brother Joey and his father are all firefighters. His father has put in 40 some odd years fighting fires in New York city and he loves the show. So, he's my touchstone.

About the criticism around movie
Denis Leary: I think it's a knee- jerk reaction. You can't judge the book by its cover. released a fantastic song called "The Rising" shortly after 9/11 and that song had a healing effect so it's like "Rescue Me". It depends on what the piece has to say.

Scooter McGavin: Denis, are we ever going to see a second season of the funniest two hours ever on TV - ?
Denis Leary: No, Contest Searchlight was a one off.

tubetalkgirl: What has been your favorite character to play so far in your career?
Denis Leary: Tommy Gavin, no doubt. Although Diego has been very, very good to me.

About his charity
Denis Leary: We are building a high-rise simulator here in New York City for the FDNY. This will enable firefighters to work in conditions that simulate fires and terrorist attacks in skyscrapers. We break ground
next month.
Denis Leary: we are also trying to help the New Orleans fire department which was devastated by Katrina and you can make donations to help them through my foundation and the branch named the Jeremiah Lucey fund.
Denis Leary:

About other projects he’s working on
Denis Leary: Yes, a couple of television pilots and a couple of film scripts.
Denis Leary: Plus my book, Kiss my Irish Ass, which is due out in 2007.

GiveMe_MyRemote: I think Rescue Me really pushes the envelope do you ever feel stifled by the network censors?
Denis Leary: No, FX is absolutely the best group of people I have ever worked with. All they do is ask us to push the envelope even further.

Comparing FX to ABC during
Denis Leary: FX is so far and beyond ABC not just in terms of ideas but in terms of marketing that there is no comparison.

The show’s scheduling
Denis Leary: We like playing our stories out over the course of the summer. There is less competition and it allows us to shoot the show from February into August, which gives us three seasons of weather.

Scooter McGavin: I remember last year you were hocking latest album at the time, what are you currently listening to?
Denis Leary: I am currently listening to and 's brilliant new album called Powderburns.
Denis Leary: Best rock and roll album that I have heard in the last ten years.

tubetalkgirl: Are there any fun extras on the upcoming DVD i.e. bloopers, cast commentaries?
Denis Leary: Yes, there are all kinds of deleted scenes and behind the scenes extras.

Scooter McGavin: What other shows are you watching?
Denis Leary: , , , , and I think it is a crime that Homer Simpson has never been nominated for best actor.
Denis Leary: Seeing movie 15 times.

His Oscars ballot
Denis Leary: Capote, Matt Dillon, Katherine Keener, King Kong.

Denis Leary: I think when People reaches the point when they have to have me in their sexiest man episode we are almost in the bottom of the barrel. Could be a sign of Armageddon.

Denis Leary: I started out as an actor. I studied acting and I got into comedy just to get some stage time and to meet girls.

TV on DVD he owns
Denis Leary: Colombo, 24, Lost, Dick Van Dyke show, Black Adder, the British Office, Fawlty Towers, The Simpsons, The Family Guy, too many to name.

Denis Leary: Thanks for your time too guys. Remember May 30th, FX, 10:00 pm and don't forget to drag your kids out to see Ice Age 2.
Denis Leary: Thank you, thank you, thank you. My mother thanks you, my father thanks you, my daughter's T Cup Chihuahua thanks you.

Rescue Me Spoiler Warning

Denis Leary: Lou is contemplating his retirement. The chief has a financial burden because they've raised the charges at the home where his wife is being taken care of. Sean falls in love with the wrong woman.

tubetalkgirl: Has Franco kicked the pill habit?
Denis Leary: Yes, Franco has kicked the pill habit and all the guys quit smoking in the first episode of the show.

Denis Leary: Lenny's character is prison this year and I told him nobody gets fat in prison. So he lost 110 lbs before we started shooting the third season and I have a project that I am developing for him that is very secret and under wraps.

Denis Leary: No, Sheila is not a lesbian, but down deep she still could be, but right now she's not.

tubetalkgirl: Will Jesus make any appearances this season, like last season?
Denis Leary: It's possible that Jesus may make an appearance before the season is over. He represents Tommy's doubts about his own faith and belief in God which will be sorely tested before the season is over.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Oddsmakers: Veronica Mars

The Bus CrashIn honor of the day change for Veronica Mars and the fact I actually witnessed a scene being filmed from this episode (look out for Veronica hunting down Beaver at lunch), I have compiled a list of potential suspect that caused the bus crash. Now if you haven’t been watching the show, no better time than tonight to start watching, it’s not like there’s anything worth watching on Tuesday since My Name Is Earl moved and or you can turn in to see if I snuck in front of the camera. And reading this will help catch you up on this season’s mystery of who killed a bus load of kids. Hey, if you like it, go ahead and rent/buy Season 1 and hopefully UPN will repeat Season 2 for you over the summer. So here are the list of who could have been involved in the bus crash, why they may or may not have done it plus the odds that it was them. Feel free to place your bets in the comment section and make sure to turn into Veronica Mars to see who actually did it.*

The Indians
Target: Terrence Cook via Ms. Dumass
Why: Terrence owes them a lot of money and sent a message threw his girlfriend
Why Not: Too obscure, only been in one episode
Odds: 1000:1

(Vice) Principal Clemmons
Target: Everyone
Why: His first attempt at ousting the Principal hoping that if a bunch of students went over the cliff, he’d resign.
Why Not: He has a kid and would take out others being a parent himself.
Odds: 900:1

The Gay Mafia
Target: The dude who was going to have the outing of all outings (for the life of me I can’t remember his name).
Why: To stop the outing of all outings.
Why Not: Again too obscure, I can’t even remember the dude’s name.
Odds: 750:1

Could have Dick or Beaver crashed the busA Member of the Casablancas Clan
Target: The poor.
Why: They hate the poor because they bring down property values.
Why Not: Not that bright.
Odds: 100:1

Sheriff Lamb
Target: Dick Casablancas, the poor
Why: To get rid of Madison’s off again/on again boyfriend, poor people commit crime, less poor people, less crime.
Why Not: Dude’s lazy and not that bright.
Odds: 80:1

The Manning’s
Target: Meg, Duncan and their
Why: Not to be shamed by their love child and to kill the sinner.
Why Not: She still their kid.
Odds: 75:1

The Field
(For those not familiar with the phrase, that means everyone else not mentioned so if you think it’s Mac, Vinnie VanLough, Deputy Leo or some other harebrain choice, this is your category)
Odds: 60:1

Terrence Cook
Target: Ms. Dumass
Why: She knew a lot of dirt on him that would put him on the out with his fiancé and keep him out of the Hall of Fame.
Why Not: Like Clemmons has a kid the same age as the ones on the bus many of which would be fans of his.
Odds: 50:1

The PCH’ers
Target: Logan
Why: If I’m not mistaken, Logan was supposed to be on the bus, he was in Yearbook last year and since he just got off for the murder of Felix, retribution was in order.
Why Not: One of there own, Cervando was also on the bus.
Odds: 25:1

Aaron Echolls/Curly Moran
Target: Veronica
Why: She’s the key witness in his murder trial.
Why Not: Don’t think Aaron would kill a whole bus load of kids just to get one especially since he will most likely walk anyways.
Odds: 10:1

Was it Officer MahoneyWoody Goodman
Target: The poor.
Why: Civil unrest that killing the poor on the bus would cause helping his upcoming proposal of incorporation.
Why Not: Too risky considering his daughter was supposed to be on the boss. Plus I still think he was the target in the first place by taking out his daughter.
Odds: 2:1

The Fitzpatrick’s
Target: Gia, Logan, Cervando, Ms. Dumass
Why: Gia - to send a message to her father; Logan - o tie up loose ends with the Felix murder; Cervando - maybe didn’t pay back his drug money; Ms. Dumass - to send a message to Terrence or because she knew too much.
Why Not: Good question, um, maybe someone beat them to the idea.
Odds: 3:2

* This game is strictly for entertainment purposes, no money is meant to change hands. Unless of course you would like to donate to the Scooter McGavin is Poor Fund.

Monday, April 10, 2006

Veronica Mars Blogger Press Day Article

I think I look alot better in personBack during the Veronica Mars Blogger Press Day, there was a reporter from the San Diego Union-Tribune that followed us around and she just published an article that talks about the day in a broader article on TV fans that hit the internet to talk about the shows. Okay so I didn’t get a quote, those things happen especially since I really didn’t talk to her that day as I spent most of my time harassing Rob Thomas with my massive amount of questions (see No, Not That Rob Thomas and/or The Mystery That Is Shelly Pomroy), but my peeps over at Give Me My Remote as well as Ducky did. Not that I’m going to suggest a Bostonian bias or anything. Good old Ohio didn’t get a mention at the beginning of her article. Oh well. If you would like to read the article, check out A Shout-Out to Blog Buzz. No word on when or where the pictures that were taken by the official UPN photographer will show up, but I’ll be sure not to keep you updated.

One mistake in the article is that the episode that they were filming the day we were there is not April 18, it is tomorrow as you can see on the marker I’m holding (click to enlarge), it’s episode 18. So make sure you turn in even if you have never seen the show before because, you never know, you just may see me. Now I won’t give you any spoilers of what you can expect tomorrow, but I will share with something you won’t see on the show, most likely ever:

I actually (Heart) Beaver

First let me note if you happen to see this shirt on other sites with some dude standing next to it, that’s totally not me. Now this shirt was nixed by the censors over at UPN because it apparently too suggestive, even though they say it would be okay if a chick said, “I love Dick.” If you have a good eye, you could see the replacement t-shirt in the previews for the episode. So for those wondering why there was a spike in the amount of times I pulled out the "I (Heart) Insert Name", this shirt is the reason why. And that isn’t the only problem the censors had with the as when Logan was talking about time in jail earlier this season “Fisty McFist-A-Lot” got nixed even though they said it’s replacement, “Fisty McRapes-A-Lost” was okay to air. Yeah, doesn’t make sense to me either but I though the replacement was funnier anyways. And if you member the “Shocker” sign that Veronica tried to flash in the last episode, Rob actually acted out that scene for us while we were on set. I wonder if the censors got wise because they didn’t show Veronica’s hand after Weevil corrected her.

Elsewhere on the Veronica Mars front, if you haven’t done so already, make sure you check out the unofficial VM podcast over at Neptune Pirate Radio. The first episode has some audio problems and is a little long at just over an hour, but is still worth checking out and hopefully any problems get solved by the second episode. Also since I’m one to totally jump on the bandwagon albeit a little late, let me be the last blogger to point you in the direction of USA Today’s Save Our Shows. But I will be the only one that won’t beat you over the head and tell you which ones to keep (for instance Veronica Mars) or drop (for instance One Tree Hill), just to vote you conscience. Make sure you turn in early (say 4:00ish) for my special post tomorrow to celebrate the episode I sat in at and the move to Tuesday. It's a must read before you see the episode. And of couse, my weekly Toss Up with Lost will still be up Thursady. Lastly, here the official press release for tomorrow’s episode:


"I Am God" -- A restless Veronica is plagued by dreams in which the students killed in the bus crash confront her, on VERONICA MARS, on its new day, Tuesday, April 11 (9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT) on UPN. Martha Mitchell directed the episode from a script written by Diane Ruggiero and Cathy Belben.

Meanwhile, Logan and Weevil are paired together for a physics project that neither is enthusiastic about, until they discover that their success might help Veronica receive a scholarship. Later, when a large number of students are diagnosed with a medical ailment that gives them the right to postpone school tests and projects, a concerned principal Clemmons hires Keith to investigate the validity of the disorder.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Toss Up: Lost vs Veronica Mars week 13

A wise man once said, “The waiting is the hardest part,” but finally my wait ended last night as the latest episode of aired because the local UPN affiliate would rather had shown the Cavs lose to the hapless Kicks last Wednesday. Luckily now I only have to wait three more days until the next new one that happens to be the episode I was at, so make sure you tune in Tuesday even if you have never seen Veronica Mars because you just may see me. Now Rob Thomas has stated that this episode was his favorite of the season, which would be hard to believe after last week’s near perfect trip to college. (download Dave here) also had a hard act to follow with it’s best outing of the season last week, but this week was a Hurley episode and those are always entertaining. So on to the Toss Up:

Letting Go
Lost: Hurley of his Id, Dave, twice.
Veronica Mars: Nothing says great time from breaking up like dances that’s where Beaver and Wallace dropped their respective chicks.
Winner: Veronica Mars

Tied Up
Lost: Not Henry Gale is tied up for another round of torture.
Veronica Mars: Thumper is chained up to a urinal at old Sharks stadium, or, well, was.
Winner: Veronica Mars

Talking to People that Aren’t There
Lost: Hurley talks to his imaginary friend.
Veronica Mars: Veronica talks to dead people (well next week).
Winner: Lost

Making Out
Lost: Proving that she’s crazy, Libby kisses Hurley.
Veronica Mars: Proving that he’s crazy, Wallace kisses Jackie when still dating Jane.
Winner: Lost

Lost: Even having episodes recently, Claire, Sun and Jin are conspicuously absent.
Veronica Mars: Without Dick around, Veronica was forced to deliver the Dirty Sanchez blast.
Winner: Lost

Plot Twist that Everyone Could See Coming
Lost: Libby was at the nut house.
Veronica Mars: Thumper killed Felix with an assist from the Fitzpatricks.
Winner: Lost

Signs of a Bad Boy
Veronica Mars: You get beat up by the gentle dude.
Lost: Your girlfriend’s dad ships her cross country to break you up.
Winner: Veronica Mars

Good Cop/Bad Cop
Lost: While interrogating Not Henry Gale, Ana Lucia was obviously playing good cop to Sayid’s bad cop.
Veronica Mars: Veronica as a good cop delivers Felix’s killer on a platter, but bad cop Lamb decides not to do anything about it, well until after Thumper goes kaboom.
Winner: Veronica Mars

Racist Statement That You Laughed at Anyways
Lost: Sawyer wonders if Sayid needs a job at his mini-mart.
Veronica Mars: Veronica gives Weevil the new nickname Dirty Sanchez.
Winner: Lost

Lived Up to the Hype
Lost: Even though it was a Hurley-centric episode after the best one of the season, this week drug on until the inevitable.
Veronica Mars: Rob Thomas said that this week and last’s were his favorite of the season and this one was better, but I preferred last week’s “18 - It’s Legal!” episode.
Winner: Push

Both shows were let downs from last week but both definitely had their moments. Unlike what seems like everyone else, I did like the “All in Hurley’s head” theory that his Id Dave suggested on Lost, but the episode fell into the same problem that the whole season had where the plot just slugged along to the point where I became as catatonic as Hurley may or may not be. And the big twist was one I predicted back when Hurley ask if they had met before, Libby was at the same mental hospital as Hurley although I was slightly off because I said she would be a doctor there not a patient. My revisionist theory now is that she took over the identity of her doctor because she wants to be the one to cure Hurley. I’m surprised how many people wondered how she could become a physiologist in between the time she was in the hospital and crashed. Um, she lied, she not really one.

But back in the hatch, the castaways were able to get some more interesting information out of Not Henry most notable the second mention of The Man (remember Zeke mentioned Him during Clair’s flashback to Ethan Rom). It’s still too soon to speculate who that it is, but it’s safe to assume we have already met him (or I would be surprised if it’s a her). Not Henry also continued to mess with Locke’s head by telling him, a man of faith, that God cannot see the island nor did he push the buttons and the clock reset by itself. Hopefully Locke is mobile again soon so he can start looking for more clues about the blacklight map.

As for Veronica Mars, I totally missed the boat on last night’s episode. How can an episode be great, let alone the best without Dick being involved? But anyways. I was surprised that Woody was surprised that Logan won the essay contest. I was thinking it was fixed because Woody has a plan for the younger Echolls. But then again it would be the first time he lied as it was obvious that he didn’t want the DVD of his house back so his gardener could destroy it. Although Logan’s, “Should I put this in the anti-incorporation pile” was classic. And the chick from America’s Next Top Model wasn’t half bad or at least better than the chick from last season and a certain chick from an MTV reality show. And it was nice to see Officer Mahoney give her some advice before debut during ANTM.

Then we get our first big mystery solved as it turns out that Thumper killed Felix. Not a big surprised as the two biggest suspects were him or the Fitzpatricks, with Logan as a small possibility, and it turned out to be both. Not that the mystery stops there as I’m sure Weevil will want to exact some revenge on the Fitzpatricks too. And what was with the laughing children at the end while Weevil was in confessional? Does that have to do with the little kid that saw Weevil knock out Thumper and steal the money?

There’s nothing like a dance to break couples up. Ironically at the last dance it was all about hook ups; Meg and Duncan and Veronica and Deputy Leo. First Jane gave Wallace the boot after he admits that it was him who kissed Jackie, who was continuing her image rehabilitation tour by taking the mentally challenged boy, who’s mom looked extremely young to the point I thought he had two dates, to the dance. Then Beaver ended with Mac when she pressured him to put out. I’m sensing a pattern here because he also passed up a chance to nail a passed out Veronica at the infamous Shelly Pomroy party. I’m not ready to say Beaver may be wearing a “I (Heart) Dick” shirt just yet, but I’m wondering if this setting up another mystery for next season.

Then there was what probably the reason why everyone was so over the moon about this episode, Veronica and Logan dancing. Ugh. I don’t get why everyone wants this to happen. Don’t they realize he had sex with what is basically a high price hooker while she was in the room next door? It doesn't get less classy that that. And this begs the question why was Logan there in the first place? He doesn’t volunteer for anything. And why was Gia stag? Why didn’t she ask Dick? And most importantly, where was Dick? And it’s safe to assume Madison’s new boy toy would pass up the opportunity to go to a high school dance, but why didn’t Veronica bring Madison up when she was with Lamb? You know Veronica would love to rub something like that in on the bad cop. But even though Rob Thomas demostrated it, I saw it in the previews a couple times, I love the Shocker/Scout's honor scene along with Veronica not being able to turn do Weevil's offer to help him even though he didn't have the $50. And if anyone was wondering the song that played during the dance, it was Sway by .

Next week, Veronica Mars will be on it’s new night, Tuesday, with the episode that I was at on the Bloggers Press Day and I will say the lack of Dick in this episode will definitely be made up for in the next on. Also look for the scene with Veronica and Beaver in the courtyard as that was the scene I watched. Also make sure to check out the 9th Green Tuesday as I commemorate the move and my set visit with a very special post. Until then, you can check out the new, and only, Veronica Mars posdcast at Neptune Pirate Radio.

Then on Wednesday on Lost it looks like Jack will go deep in the jungle in hopes of trading Not Henry Gale with Walt. I think it’s safe to assume this will not end well. And even with Veronica Mars move, still expect my weekly Toss Up on Thursday for the reminder of the season well barring anymore Cavs games.