Friday, April 13, 2018

Around the Tubes: 4/13/2018


I have gotten a plethora of cool press releases have been flooding my inbox recently that you may find interesting. This post will include blurbs on Claws, Patrick Melrose, The Chinese Exclusion Act, Florence + the Machine, Snow Patrol, The Weeknd, Madison Ryann Ward, Drop the Mic, and Million Dollar American Princess: Meghan Markle.

- TNT's Claws is back, and the fierce women of the Nail Artisans of Manatee County are now under new management – the Russians. Niecy Nash, Carrie Preston, Judy Reyes, Karrueche Tran, Jenn Lyon, Jack Kesy, Kevin Rankin, Jason Antoon, Jimmy Jean-Louis, Suleka Mathew, Harold Perrineau and Dean Norris star in the hour-long dramedy series, which returns for season two on Sunday, June 10, at 9:00 on TNT.

- Showtime has unveiled a new video tease for its new five-part limited series Patrick Melrose starring Oscar nominee and Emmy® winner Benedict Cumberbatch. Based on the acclaimed Patrick Melrose series of semi-autobiographical novels written by Edward St. Aubyn, the series will premiere on Saturday, May 12 at 9:00. Patrick Melrose is an acerbic and fearless look at the protagonist’s harrowing odyssey from a deeply traumatic childhood to his remarkable survival as an adult. In scheduling Patrick Melrose for five consecutive Saturdays, Showtime is expanding to a new night of original programming, joining the network’s existing sports and movie offerings on Saturday nights.

- On May 6th, 1882 – on the eve of the greatest wave of immigration in American history – President Chester A. Arthur signed into law a unique piece of federal legislation. Called the Chinese Exclusion Act, it singled out by name and race a single nationality for special treatment: making it illegal for Chinese laborers to enter America on pain of imprisonment and for Chinese nationals ever to become citizens of the United States. The Chinese Exclusion Act, a two-hour film for national broadcast on PBS during the 2018 season, will explore in riveting detail this little known, yet deeply resonant and revealing episode in American history – one that sheds enormous light on key aspects of the history of American civil liberties, immigration, and culture – during one of the most formative periods of U.S. history. Directed by Ric Burns and Li-Shin Yu. Narrated by Hoon Lee and featuring the voices of Russell Wong, Fenton Lee, Yuet-Fung Ho and Josh Hamilton. Produced by Steeplechase Films and the Center for Asian American Media (CAAM). Premieres Tuesday, May 29, 2018 from 8:00 on PBS.

- Florence + the Machine unveil a brand new track, Sky Full Of Song today. Listen and watch the A.G. Rojas-directed video HERE. In partnership with Record Store Day, a limited edition, double A-side 7” vinyl will follow on April 21.

- Today, Snow Patrol debut their music video for Life On Earth, a new song from Wildness, the band’s first record in seven years. The music video was premiered today by British Astronaut Tim Peake and was shot at the European Space Agency in Holland. Watch the music video for Life On Earth here.

- Grammy Award®-winning and multi-platinum selling music artist The Weeknd has released a video for Call Out My Name. Watch the video HERE. The Weeknd secured his third consecutive #1 album with My Dear Melancholy,. In addition to the #1 album, all 6 tracks from the project landed in the Top 40 of the Hot 100.

- While on a trip to New York, Madison Ryann Ward wrote the melody to Mirror, a song that would go on to be the first single on her upcoming debut album. The idea came to her while at a taping of Jimmy Fallon where she watched her friend James Poyser play in the show’s band, The Roots. Eager to work out the chords for the melody that floated around in her head, she ducked in a Guitar Center in Times Square to find a keyboard and record a voice note on her phone that same night.

- Drop the Mic continues to bring the heat with more epic celebrity rap battles in Season 2 including:
Seth Rogen vs. Joseph Gordon-Levitt Shawn Mendes vs. Odell Beckham Jr.
Charli XCX vs. Tove Lo James Corden vs. Dr. Phil
Mark McGrath vs. Jodie Sweetin Karrueche Tran vs. Taye Diggs
Shaggy vs. Matthew Lillard Chris Jericho vs. Laila Ali
Hanson vs. Sam Richardson Michael K. Williams vs. Trevor Jackson
Redemption Battle with The Walking Dead's Chad L. Coleman vs. Chandler Riggs
Previously announced battles include Shaquille O’Neal vs. Ken Jeong, Luis Fonsi vs. Terry Crews, Molly Ringwald vs. Jon Cryer, Jerry Springer vs. Ricki Lake, Assassination of Gianni Versace star Darren Criss vs. Stranger Things star Gaten Matarazzo, Jay Pharaoh vs. Marlon Wayans, Luis Guzman vs. Gabriel Iglesias, Lindsey Vonn vs. Gus Kenworthy, and “Glow” vs. “Pro” which includes Glow cast members Jackie Tohn, Kate Nash, Sunita Mani and Britney Young battling against WWE Superstars Nikki Bella, Brie Bella, Carmella and Alicia Fox. Drop the Mic, hosted by Method Man and Hailey Baldwin, returns to TBS on Sunday, April 15th at 10:30 with season premiere rap battle showdowns with Shaquille O’Neal vs. Ken Jeong and Jerry Springer vs. Ricki Lake. Drop the Mic is produced by CBS Television Studios and Fulwell 73 Productions.

- As the world waits for the wedding of Prince Harry to American actress Meghan Markle on May 19, Smithsonian Channel™ takes a unique look at the couple’s relationship through a historical lens to spotlight how this revolutionary royal couple is following in a long tradition of exceptional American women who married into European nobility. This special edition of the hit series MILLION DOLLAR AMERICAN PRINCESSES combines archival material and interviews to explore Meghan Markle’s story in the context of other American “princesses” – from Consuelo Vanderbilt to Rita Hayworth and Grace Kelly – who crossed the Atlantic before her to marry into European aristocracy. Million Dollar American Princess: Meghan Markle premieres Sunday, May 13 at 9:00 on Smithsonian Channel.

Thursday, April 12, 2018

I Want My Music Television: 4/12/2018

A Good Night - John Legend featuring BloodPop®

The whole swipe right theme is so obvious; it is surprising no one did it as a video before John Legend. And I do like the disco vibe of the song.

Framed - Eminem

Hasn’t Eminem already done the creepy insane asylum music video already?

Pynk - Janelle Monáe featuring Grimes

Well Janelle Monáe is not at all subtle with visuals here.

Rich - Maren Morris

Well that was funny and a much better Maren Morris song than the horrible super bland EDM-light Middle song.

Sunday, April 08, 2018

57 Channels and Only This Is On: 4/8/2018

Homeland: Finally Carrie’s sister has put her foot down and started to get custody of Franny. Long overdue. I never knew how anyone could think Carrie could care for a child. Hopefully Carrie never gain full custody of her again. But the bigger news of the episode is that Saul and Carrie are back at a black site interrogating a possible terrorist that Carrie was banging. Very similar to Brody in season two. Except they did not almost kill Brody. But if Dante is dead and Simone is in the wind, what is next? A manhunt for Simone? Although that scene with Simone and the Senator was weird. Was he really just testing her or is there more? I think there may be more conspirators out there. Maybe the Senator. Maybe the Vice President. It would be weird to bring in Beau Bridges for just one scene

Billions: Kind of an unfortunate Mark Cuban cameo. He might be as toxic as Bobby at this point. That judge was pretty indignant for someone who asked a prosecutor to look the other way on his son’s indiscretion. Asking him to step aside is a pretty small ask compared to his.

Rise: Of course the best episode so far would be the one with the most football. Granted I do not remember Matt Sarasen having an embarrassing lose like that.
You can download Rise on iTunes.

The Challenge: Vendettas: They pulled that, find out who wins at the reunion crap last season and it is still annoying. If you are going to pull that crap, just do what Survivor does and put the reunion show on right after the finale. Almost as dumb was the Mercenaries brought in to play High / Low the easiest card game to win. And everyone but Cam did. Seriously, at least make it interesting and do Blackjack or something a little more challenging.
You can download The Challenge: Vendettas on iTunes.

Legion: Usually I need a lengthy “Previously On” montage to start every season, but I was not even mad we did not even get one for this show because I do not think anything even happened last season. I remember Aubrey Plaza turning out to be evil and David getting sucked into that orb, but was there anything else last season that was even important? And was David getting sucked into that orb really that important? He started in the company of his friends, albeit in a comatose state. Everyone was so interested what happened in the orb, which, yes was interesting, but what happened in that year outside that orb? Just how did they find David and get him out of the orb? And why do we need a dance sequence in every season premiere?
You can download Legion on iTunes.

The Looming Tower: It is really depressing watching the changeover in government because it looks so very similar to the most recent change. A new president who does the opposite out of spite and a new cabinet who has to treat the president like they are teaching a third grader. But I am surprised out how bad Secretary Rice looks. In eight months she does deliver the memo about Bin Laden wanting to strike America, but here she does not like talk of possibilities.
You can stream The Path Hulu.

Survivor: Ghost Island: One of the worst parts of maybe the last decade of Survivor seasons is everyone now knows you take the annoying people to the finals because they are easy to beat. So all of the likable people get booted early and more and more annoying people who would be out first in early season stay on television to annoy the viewers longer. Then this week it was extremely shocking that that the annoying dude was sent home, even by his own majority original Tribe, instead of the hot chick that everyone knows is a strategic threat. Horrible move but I applaud it because I would much rather have a hot chick than an annoying dude on my television screen.

And looking at the previews, it looks like the original Naviti will vote out another of their own as the Chris vs. Dominick feud will be reunited which will thankfully be another annoying dude gone. But I guess you are expendable if you go into merge eight-five. On the other hand, with three Hidden Immunity Idols, a Legacy Advantage, and Kellyn’s Extra Vote, and who knows what else at Ghost Island next week, you may want to have a vote splitting majority just in case. Speaking of Ghost Island (though neither were found there), why did the show burn two of the five best moments in Survivor history in one episode? But anyway, I cannot get enough of the Ice Cream Scooper and “It’s a forking stick!”
You can download Survivor: Ghost Island on iTunes.

The Blacklist: Yeah, I am kind of with the what the big deal about someone going around killing child rapists crowd. Give that girl a medal.
You can download The Blacklist on iTunes.

The Americans: Does Elizabeth running more jobs than usual this season? She got three this episode, the home nurse, infiltrating the summit, and getting back in touch with the general. I am guessing this is intentional without Philip any more But how does Philip no longer have time for clients now? Shouldn’t he have more time for the travel agency now that he is no longer moonlighting as a spy? And while Elizabeth was doing her nursing, I wonder how much preparation goes into get assignment. Did she go to nursing school? Read a couple books to pass as a nurse? Is she completely winging it?
You can download The Americans on iTunes.

Gotham: I have a sinking suspicion that Jerome’s brother will end up being The Joker. And I know he is not a Batman villain, but how can you have a bad guy brunch without Black Manta.
You can download Gotham on iTunes.

Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: I am now convinced that one of the people who think they are invincible are going to die by the end of the season.
You can download Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. on iTunes.