Saturday, January 16, 2010

Best of the Week vol. XXIX

Quote of the Week: Thanks for being on the case Nancy Drew. (Carina - Chuck)

Song of the Week: American Woman – The Guess Who (as performed by Raj, Sheldon and Winnie Cooper, The Big Bang Theory)

Big News of the Week: Jay Leno Hour Actually Canceled: Late last week, the intertubes were a flutter that Jay Leno would be banished from the 10:00 hour. I took it with a grain of salt because NBC really doesn’t have anything to fill that hour so I figured they would be stuck with him until Fall. But it was confirmed that Jay was being canceled and they wanted him back at 11:35 with The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien pushed back to 12:05. Then the preverbal It hit the preverbal Fan. I am sure if you are reading this you know all the sordid details, so I won’t go into them, but isn’t it ironic that it took NBC demoting him to make Conan the must see TV NBC was hoping for when they announced his promotion five years ago. And if there was one good thing to come from NBC’s late night debacle, it is that Friday Night Lights finally got a premiere date: Friday April 30 at 8:00.

Gratuitous Token Hot Chick Picture of the Week:

Yvonne Stahovski coming out of the pool

Bonus Gratuitous Token Hot Chick Picture of the Week:

Yvonne Stahovski getting dressed

Another Bonus Gratuitous Token Hot Chick Picture of the Week:

Yvonne Stahovski as a fighting nurse

Free Download of the Week: How I Met Your Mother - Nothing Suits Me Like a Suit (iTunes): I cannot say I was as enamored with the musical number from the 100th episode from the show, but for those that were, you can download it for free for you viewing pleasure whenever you want.

Deal of the Week: Save up to 53% on TV DVDs (Big Love, Castle, Friday Night Lights, How I Met Your Mother)

Video of the Week:

Out of Their League

Next Week Pick of the Week: The Deep End, Thursday at 8:00 on ABC: Okay, so from the promo above, there is a very good chance that this won’t be very good and at the very least nowhere as good as the lawyer show ABC recently canceled, Eli Stone. But like Eli Stone, The Deep End features a Veronica Mars alum in Mac and though he is not in the promo Dr. Harold Abbott is the hot blonds’ father. So maybe The Deep End is for lawyer shows what Mercy is for medical shows, so bad it starts to be entertaining. And at the very least it is something to watch until Survivor returns.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Lyrics Quiz: Best Songs of 2000

Long before the 9th Green ever existed, I was making lists of the year just for fun. Here is the list of the best songs I made a decade ago (I dutifully note that my 2000 self may not have had the best taste of music). As always leave your guesses, both artist and song title, in the comment section or e-mail me. If you are correct I will un-bold the lyric. Please keep in mind the lyrics quiz is for entertainment purposes only so please only use your own meandering mind to guess them. Now onto the lyric quiz:

1. She reminds me of a West Side Story. Growing up in Spanish Harlem. She’s living the life just like a movie star.  (Maria Maria - Santana featuring the Product G&B;  guessed by Taylor Blue)
2. You know the song by Phil Collins, In the Air of the Night about that guy who could have saved that other guy from drowning but didn’t then Phil saw it all and then at his show he found him?  (Stan - Eminem;  guessed by Doug)
3. ‘Cause there is a monster livening under my bed, whispering in my ear. And there is an angel with her hand on my head; she says I have nothing to fear.  (Put Your Lights On - Santana featuring Everlast;  guessed by Taylor Blue)
4. You love this town even if that doesn’t ring true. You’ve been all over and it’s been all over you.  (Beautiful Day - U2;  guessed by Anonymous)
5. Saturday I’m running wild and all the lights are changing red to green. Moving through the crowds I’m pushing, chemicals rushing through my bloodstream.  (Babylon - David Gray;  guessed by Rebekah)
6. I part with nothing. Y’all be frontin’. Me give my heart to a woman? Not for nothing, never happen, I’ll be forever mackin’.  (Big Pimpin' - Jay-Z featuring UGK;  guessed by Anonymous)
7. You (expletive deleted) remind me of a strip club, cause every time you come around it’s like, what, I just gotta get my (expletive deleted) sucked.  (Party Up (Up in Here) - DMX;  guessed bt Rebekah)
8. Just close your eyes each loving day and know this feeling won’t go away.  (This I Promise You - *NSYNC;  guessed by Dawn)
9. Love to think you couldn’t love another. Share a toothbrush; you’re my kind of man.  (Bathwater - No Doubt;  guessed by Doug)
10. I dream of love as time runs through my hand. I dream of fire, those dreams are tied to a horse that will never tire.  (Desert Rose - Sting;  guessed by Rebekah)
11. I bet you’re hard to get over. I bet the moon just won’t shine. I bet my hands I can stay here, and I bet you mean more than you mind.  (When You're Gone - Matchbox Twenty;  guessed by Doug)
12. If I could grant you one wish I wish you could see the way you kiss. (The Way You Love Me - Faith Hill; guessed by Anonymous)
13. It’s the perfect time of day to throw all your cares away. Put the sprinkler on the lawn and run thru with my gym shorts on.  (Pinch Me - Barenaked Ladies;  guessed by Doug)
14. Now I knocking like Jehovah: let me in now: Bill Gates, Donald Trump let me in now.  (Country Grammar (Hot...) - Nelly;  guessed by Anonymous)
15. Cookie: I met her at an ice cream parlor. Tonya, Diane, Lori and Carla, Marina, Selena, Katrina, Sabrina, about three Kim’s.
16. Come back, get back. That’s the part of success. If you believe in the X, you’ll be relievin’ your stress.
17. Just the other night baby, I saw you hanging, you were with your crew, I was with mine too.
18. So you can sit me here next to Britany Spears? Christina Aguilera better switch me chairs so I can sit next to Cason Daily and Fed Durst.  (The Real Slim Shady - Eminem;  guessed by Taylor Blue)
19. Down to the Earth I fell with dripping wings; heavy things won’t fly. And the sky might catch on fire and burn the axis of the world.
20. I just had to find a way I could meet her cause I’ve been dying for the chance just to treat her like the ripe little peach she is.
21. Monday night I feel so low, count the hours they go so slow. I know the sound of your voice can save my soul. (Be with You - Enrique Iglesias; guessed by Anonymous)
22. I'm not just talking about your sexuality but I can't help myself when you put your hands on me.  (Come on Over Baby (All I Want Is You) - Christina Aguilera;  guessed by Taylor Blue)
23. I wanna look at the horizon and not see a building standing tall.  (Cowboy Take Me Away - Dixie Chicks;  guessed by Taylor Blue)
24. …Like the open mouth of a grave. Not to stare up at me like a calf down on its knees.  (Don't Tell Me -Madonna;  guessed by Rebekah)
25. In my last years with him there were bruises on my face. In my dawn and new day I finally got away. But my head's all messed up and he knows.  (Still - Macy Gray;  guessed by Taylor Blue)

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Previewing Archer

If I told you there was a show that reunited Lucille Bluth and her husband’s sectary Kitty Sanchez (and then throws in the usually funny Aisha Tyler and Chris Parnell), you would want to watch that right? Well the foursome lend their voices to the first animated show for FX Archer created by Adam Reed who you will know if you a fan of Adult Swim as he also created both Sealab 2021 and Frisky Dingo.

The half hour series follows a spy agency International Secret Intelligence Service (or ISIS for short) run by Jessica Walter (90210) and unfortunately due to some nepotism she feels obligated to hire her inappropriate and inept son Sterling Archer (voiced by veteran voice actor H. Jon Benjamin). Tyler (Talk Soup) plays his ex-girlfriend and current co-work that is currently dating Parnell (Miss / Guided) who is the complete opposite of Archer as the ISIS comptroller. Judy Greer (Love Monkey) is again resigned to be behind a desk and the company’s gossip who name I am not typing because I do not remember but because she changes it at least once an episode. The cast is rounded out by Archer’s abused butler George Coe (Funny People) and Amber Nash (Frisky Dingo’s Val) as the obese Director of Human Resources for ISIS who tries to hook up with any of her co-worker with little luck.

Tonight’s premiere is inappropriately funny with Archer and usually amusing for a spy show that doesn’t actually leave the office building (the first mission we see doesn’t happen until the fifth episode). The problem with the show is that it gets progressively less funny with each passing episode when the from left field jokes from Archer become not only less surprising, but start becoming expected from the character. Not necessarily must see television, but Archer may be something worth stopping on while flipping through the channels.

Archer airs Thursdays at 10:00 on FX. Full episode will be coming to Hulu soon.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Previewing Leverage 2.5

Nate as a fasion designer on Leverage

For some reason, TNT likes to split up it season in weird ways so tonight the second season of Leverage returns for its last six episodes. If you remember back five months to where Sophie decided to take some time off and recommended a replacement grifter to take her place why she figures things out in the form of Jeri Ryan. The last episode before the break saw Ryan conning the group to see if they were worthy of her help and tonight sees her first assignment in the group.

Not familiar with the altruistic nature of Nate and the crew, Jeri’s addition to the team is naturally rocky. She throws a few wrenches in the first couple episodes back that Sophie never would have. Including tonight when they infiltrate a sweat shop that employs illegal immigrants by exploiting the owner’s hope to be a contestant on Project Runway (which explains Nate’s garb in the picture above).

Next week things gets personal for Nate when the local bar’s owner dies and a loan shark tries to retrieve his mark from the decease’s daughter, who Nate thinks of as a niece, at the wake. The job has some dangerous consequences for Nate but for the viewer it has one of the most satisfying “gotcha” moments in the series history. Also in the second half of the season expect the return of Nate’s ex-wife (guest star Kari Matchett) and Luke Perry shows up during the February 3 episode as a psychic medium.

Leverage airs Wedensdays at 10:00 on TNT. You can stream recent episodes on You can also download Leverage on iTunes or Amazon Video on Demand:

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

First (Second and Third) Impressions: Chuck

When the Intercet 2.0 was unveiled I had flashes of sharks jumping, but in the nine months since the Chuck finale I talked myself into everything being okay and even gave the chance of the that happening at 10 % during the latest round of Playing the Percentages. Then the first half of the two hour premiere happened and something was missing, the spark that made Chuck the second Best Show of 2009. Chuck was too mopey, there was little Jeffster, and Morgan returned from Hawaii. Sure there were some classic moments like Casey continually calling Chuck a lemon and the Token Hot Chick climbing out of the pool like a Bond Girl.

Yvonne Strahovski coming out of the pool

But the episode just didn’t come together. That was until Casey descended on Mexico with a big grin on his face because he got to use his massive gun. That was I finally realized Chuck was back. And not only was Team Bartowski was back, so was Carina who brought Vinnie Jones along for the ride (who kicks off the long line of guest stars Chuck will face off against this season). And as great a scene the engagement party was with Uncle Casey’s toast, Jeffter trying to drink Vinnie and his boys under the table during the housewarming party took the cake for the episode especially with Casey and his “Beware of Grumpy Neighbor” sign spraying down the festivities.

Yvonne Stahovski being zipped up by Mini Anden

By the third episode in twenty-four hours, I was fully back on board thanks to some Casey fun and the inclusion of Captain Awesome to the team. Of course Casey would have tried to assassinate a communist dictator for his hero Ronald Regan in the eighties (and failed! Three times!) and naturally he get the nickname Angel of Death by the locals. The episode seemed very similar to the best Firefly episode Jayetown where they both go back to a place they are not welcome only to turn out to be a hero. Then The Ring strikes again kidnapping Captain Awesome which should led to another Awesome episode next week which cannot come too soon after getting three episodes in two days. And we still haven’t even gotten to the Lana Lang who showed up for a half a second in the season promo on Sunday which made me all giddy. Now if you excuse me, I have to pour out some bubbly in the memory of Buster Bluth.

Yvonne Strahovski as a nurse

Chuck airs Mondays at 8:00 on NBC. You can stream recent episodes on Hulu. You can download Chuck on iTunes or Amazon Video on Demand (see below along with the first two seasons on Blu-Ray and DVD):

Monday, January 11, 2010

Previewing Border Wars

During the primaries of 2007, there was a lot of noise about immigration. Lou Dobbs was pounding his fist every night. The Democrats debated ID cards. The Republican candidates argued over who could build the biggest fence along the Southern border. Then when John McCain wrapped up the nomination in early 2008 and the issue seemed to go completely away but still today, thousands of men and women try to enter the United States illegally, some for work, some transporting drugs and or guns, some try to cross through the desert, some try to go over through or even under the fence that has been build, and some try going right through customs.

Border Wars, which had a sneak peak last night and settles into its timeslot tonight at 9:00 on the National Geographic, follows those that try to catch those that try to cross the border illegally or with illegal substances in tow. For those that watched the fourth season of Weeds, actually got a preview of some of the storylines that come up on Border Wars, there are coyotes bringing illegals across the rugged terrain, there are cute American” tourist” with hidden compartments at check points, and the Border Patrol even finds a tunnel from Mexico that ends in a warehouse in Arizona.

Watching Border Patrol and the occasional use of drug sniffing dogs at the border and Nation Geographic’s penchant for shows about law enforcement and dogs shows, you have to wonder why the network hasn’t figured out to combine the two for a K-9 reality program. But anyways. Border Wars airs Mondays at 9:00 on the National Geographic Channel. Below is a preview of tonight’s episode:

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Playing the Percentages: Chuck Edition

In a story I broke last month, Chuck returns tonight at 9:00 with a two hour premiere. And if that is not enough Chuck for you, there is a third hour of Chuck tomorrow when it settles into its normal timeslot at 8:00 all on NBC. In honor of the return, it is time for another rousing game of Playing the Percentages dedicated to the show. As always I will be going up against Jo who will be playing the role of Colt McCoy as I will play the role of Marcell Dareus (Please note that Jo is a proud A&M alum and in no way condones being compaired to teasip, but that is what makes it fun).

What chance do you give that the Intercect 2.0 will be a jump the shark moment for the show?

Jo: 0%! Because Chuck is a well written show. It is a game changer and a new direction but I would point out that at least one of the writers on the Chuck staff used to work on Veronica Mars. A true shark jump moment would be one of the other nerd herders becoming a super spy.

Scooter: Even the best written shows can make dumb decisions and Chuck isn’t immune to them (Morgan is still around annoying me) but I figure as long as Casey still has his Regan picture, they find new ways to have the Token Hot Chick fulfill nerd fantasies, and Jeffster is still roaming the Buy More, I’ll keep it at a low 10%.

Any chance that more family and/or co-workers learn Chuck’s secret this season?

Jo: Hmm this is tough. 50%. The first rule of a secret hero double life is the more that know the secret; the more you have to protect them from harm. Though I can't imagine Captain Awesome will be very good at hiding things from Ellie.

Scooter: It is hard to believe that Captain Awesome could keep something from Ellie as seen during the Bachelor Party episode, but keeping Chuck’s secret is a matter of national security so I think Awesome can do it for Chuck. But I love for Jeffster to find out just from a humor standpoint although if anyone new finds out this season I would put my money on Morgan (assuming they don’t fulfill my dream of him actually moving to Hawaii to become a Benihana chief and thus off the show forever). As for anyone new in his circle finding out, I’d put it at 68%.

Percent chance we see these people again sometime this season:
Bryce Larkin?

Jo: Bryce 0%. Isn't he dead, again? Plus now starring on a very fun show called White Collar on USA.

Scooter: Sure Bryce is dead, but “again” is the key word. He was revived once and they could do it again and since USA and NBC are in the Universal family (at least were, I am not sure how the Comcast deal changes that) it can be worked out. Though his death did seem final this time, but I go with 14% just in case we get a flashback.

Chevy Chase?

Jo: 10% on Chevy since he's on Community but could prob use the stunt casting money.

Scooter: “A real shotgun wedding,” to think that bad pun may be the line we hear from Chevy Chase on Chuck. Since his wound seemed to be in the same spot as Bryce, we probably never see him alive again, but if Scott Bacula comes back, we may see Chevy via flashback, but this is less likely that Bryce, so 3%.

Jordana Brewster?

Jo: I’m hoping to see Jordana again, so I'll call it 75% just for hope's sake.

Scooter: I agree Jordana is the most likely candidate to return because I can’t imaging Jordana has anything better to do these days than to sit around hoping someone is stupid enough to greenlight another Fast and Furious movie. And I’d bet they would bring her back whenever they think Chuck and Sarah are getting too close, which comes out to exactly what you said: 75%.