Friday, December 01, 2017

Around the Tubes: 12/1/2017

I have gotten a plethora of cool press releases have been flooding my inbox recently that you may find interesting. This post will include blurbs on East Los High, The Alienist, Inside Windsor Castle: Triumph and Tragedy, new additions to Hulu, SMILF, and Deal or No Deal.

- The long-awaited return of East Los High has arrived with a Finale Event that bids farewell to the highly acclaimed and Emmy-nominated original television series. Season four of East Los High left fans on the edge of their seats with the most shocking cliffhangers in the show’s history. Eight months later, the crew prepares to leave high school behind and maybe even East LA as they begin a journey of self-discovery and learn the true meaning of love, family and friendship in this romantic, sexy and emotional series finale. East Los High continues to provide a unique and relevant space on television at a time when the plight of immigrant communities like East Los Angeles are under fire. By featuring underrepresented voices and bringing awareness to issues relevant to the Latino community, the series provides a realistic account of Latino youth culture in the U.S. today. East Los High’s Finale Event pays tribute to the popular characters fans have followed during the past four seasons, reminding us that their universal stories will continue to grow, prosper and transcend.

- The Alienist opens when a series of haunting murders of boy prostitutes grips New York City. Newly appointed police commissioner Theodore Roosevelt (Brian Geraghty) calls upon criminal psychologist Dr. Laszlo Kreizler (Daniel Brühl) and newspaper illustrator John Moore (Luke Evans) to conduct the investigation in secret. They are joined by Sara Howard (Dakota Fanning), a headstrong secretary determined to become the city's first female police detective. Using the emerging disciplines of psychology and forensics, this band of social outsiders set out to apprehend one of New York City's first serial killers. The limited series also stars Douglas Smith, Matthew Shear, Matt Lintz, Robert Ray Wisdom and Q'orianka Kilcher. The Alienist premieres across TNT’s television, mobile and digital platforms on Monday, January 22, at 9:00.

- Once upon a time, more than 150 years ago, Windsor Castle wed Queen Victoria's eldest son, the future Edward VII and his wife, Alexandra of Denmark. Now it’s time to make room for a new royal couple, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, who have just announced their engagement and upcoming wedding at Windsor Castle. Back in 1992, however, things weren’t in such perfect standing - the private chapel at Windsor caught fire and burned inside the castle for 15 hours. 100 ancient rooms were badly damaged in the worst disaster in the castle’s long history, though from ruins to restoration, thousands worked tirelessly to restore the Queen’s weekend home to its original prestige. Explore the beautiful grounds, history and renovation of Windsor Castle ahead of the next royal wedding with Inside Windsor Castle: Triumph and Tragedy, airing this Friday, December 1st at 10:00 on Smithsonian Channel.

- Just in time for the holidays, Hulu this week announced that it has licensed the subscription streaming rights to even more hits for the whole family from The Disney/ABC Television Group, including ABC’s hit drama series, Designated Survivor. In addition to becoming the exclusive U.S. SVOD home to Designated Survivor, the complete libraries of fan favorites such as Revenge, Shadowhunters, Marvel’s Agent Carter, Blossom, The Catch, Bunheads, Cougar Town, and Perception.

- Here are some imports that will be coming to Hulu soon:

From prolific screenwriter Dan Sefton (The Good Karma Hospital) and starring Jodie Whittaker (Broadchurch, Doctor Who), character-led psychological thriller Trust Me centers on a gripping story of identity, lies and a woman’s desperation to escape the pain and disappointment of her old life. When Cath (Jodie Whittaker), an idealistic, hardworking nurse, loses her job for whistle-blowing, she is forced to take drastic measures to provide for her daughter. Seizing the opportunity to steal her friend’s identity as a senior doctor, Cath starts a new life. As she buries herself deeper in the imposter persona, she realizes she could get everything she ever wanted – but with her old life threatening her fragile creation, how far will she go to protect it?

The Wine Show is back and this time we're based in the glorious South of France. Matthew Goode (Downton Abbey, The Good Wife, Roots) is joined at the sun-drenched Provenal villa by, actor James Purefoy (The Following, Episodes). In addition to tasting the wines brought back from around the globe, they are tasked by Joe Fattorini to find a case of wine to match a six course French lunch cooked by Michelin starred chef, Stephane Reynaud. But this year, Joe is not judging. Jancis Robinson, the worlds most influential wine critic, decides which wines make it to the Wine Show Case. And she is taking no prisoners. Matthew and James journey all over southern France to find their wines. Their mission involves kayaking and caving in the Ardeche, rounding up bulls on horseback in the Camargue, baking in Lyon and even cooking their own lunch in the sweltering kitchens of the legendary Palme DOr restaurant in Cannes. And our old friend Matthew Rhys (The Americans, Brothers and Sisters) is also busy. He's back in the UK exploring gadgets old and new in the glorious setting of 17th century Berry Brothers & Rudd in London's St. James's Street.

Midnight Sun, a high-concept thriller from Mårlind & Stein (Bron/Broen), starring French actress Leïla Bekhti (The Prophet, All that Glitters) and Gustaf Hammarsten (Bruno, The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo). Kahina Zadi (Leïla Bekhti), a French police officer, travels to Kiruna, a small mining community in remote northern Sweden, to investigate a brutal murder of a French citizen. With the help of Anders Harnesk (Gustaf Hammarsten), a Swedish DA and a member of the Sami, an ancient, mysterious indigenous tribe of Scandinavia, they are faced with new killings and the initial murder turns out to be the tip of the iceberg. Kahina and Anders come to realize that behind the killings is a ten-year-old secret conspiracy involving many of the town’s inhabitants. Kahina finds herself confronting a ruthless serial killer, always one step ahead, a macabre plan, and her own painful past.

Below the Surface: Copenhagen, 2017. 15 innocent people are held hostage underground in a subway train. From BAFTA award-winners Soren Sveistrup (The Killing) and Adam Price (Borgen), and Meta Louise Foldager Sorensen (A Royal Affair). A terror taskforce led by Philip Norgaard (Johannes Lassen) and Louise Falk (Sara Hjort Ditlevsen) is dispatched to rescue them. Reporter Naja Toft (Paprika Steen) acts as a go-between with the hostages and police as the savvy captors bait the press with information about the pasts of each of their hostages. As a media frenzy ensues, the country finds itself divided on whether or not to negotiate with terrorists. Over the course of eight days, growing fear and desperation grip Denmark while those trapped underground lose all hope for survival.

- Showtime is picking up its hit comedy series SMILF for a second season, it was announced by Gary Levine, President of Programming, Showtime Networks Inc. Created, starring and executive produced by Frankie Shaw, SMILF is a raw, honest look at the life of a 20-something single mom based on her Sundance Film Festival Jury Award-winning short film of the same name. The series also stars multiple Emmy® winner Rosie O’Donnell in her first series regular TV role. SMILF will go back into production next year. The season one finale will air on New Year’s Eve, December 31 at 10:00, with a special preview available online and On Demand on Friday, December 29.

- Before her road to becoming royal, Meghan Markle was featured as a case model on Deal or No Deal. Watch the royal-to-be conduct her case duties in the clip below, and check her out in the DEAL OR NO DEAL episodes from 2006-2007 currently airing weekdays at 11 a.m. on GSN (Game Show Network).

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Previewing Vikings: Season Five

The king is dead… Long live the king. Just who is going to ascend the thrown of Kattagard? The Brits also lost a king last season and he was replaced by his lone son. But Ragnar had five sons (or more; didn’t knock up a Brit a while ago). Okay one is already dead by the hand of his brother. Lagatha currently sits on the throne while all the sons went to avenged his death. Neighboring kings will also have an eye. Okay, I have to admit I have seen the whole block of episodes airing this winter and I have to admit I was quite shock who ends up taking the throne (or presumably, this person is not actually seen with the crown and I will have to wait for more episode to see if I am correct).

With Ragnor dead that only leaves four characters left from the first season. Two start the season leaving Katergard for greener pastures. Well, one does, Bjorn finally makes his Mediterranean trip and ends up in the desert of Arabia. Then Floki decides to live on the seas before discoing a barren land he thinks is Asgaurd (I am thinking he may have discovered North America). This show has fallen into the familiar going between Kattergard and pillaging other European cities it is nice to have two new adventures to break up the monotony of all the raiding.

That is not to say there is not plenty of raiding. Igar as a Napoleonic complex and is ready to take as much land as he can by any means necessary, usually in very sadistic ways (pouring liquid metal down someone’s throat was pretty unnecessary). No royal offspring has been this annoying since King Joffrey. And he is just like his father taking a Christian under his wing. But Ivar is not his father, he cannot fight and Ragnor had principals. It will be a glorious moment when Ivar gets his comeuppance.

Vikings airs Wednesdays at 9:00 on History.

Monday, November 27, 2017

I Want My Music Television: 11/27/2017

Wolves - Selena Gomez and Marshmello

Wolves - Selena Gomez was having a pretty good year musically; Bad Liar is best song yet, Fetish was weird but still mostly enjoyably (though I could have done with Gucci Mane), she also scored one of the few EDM-pop songs that does not suck with It Ain’t Me (maybe the second best ever after Wake Me Up), but her new EDM-pop song is just as bland and unremarkable as all the other bland emotionless EDM-pop songs that liter the radio. And for forks sake, anyone who is making a video with their phone, turn it the fork sideways. I hate these forking videos everywhere with the vertical forking view. Oh, I guess that is not the official video, the second one is. Model looking Selena in a pool locker room. Alrighty.

Lemon - N.E.R.D. and Rihanna

Recently word was spreading around the internets that new N.E.R.D. was imminent. I got a excited for a day, but when Lemon actually dropped, I realized, oh yeah, N.E.R.D. is a weird vanity project that can be a hard listen at times.

Perfect - Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran used to never appear in his video and in his last two he has cast Saoirse Ronan and Zoey Deutch as love interest. The guy is turning into Adam Levine. Hopefully Ed’s music doesn’t start sucking massively too.

Obsession – OK Go

And now it is time for what seems to be a yearly cool video (and mediocre) song from OK Go. Pretty fascinating, it took me a couple seconds to realize that it was probably mostly stop motion filming. Still cool.

Sunday, November 26, 2017

57 Channels and Only This Is On: 11/26/2017

The Walking Dead: So is the reverend now officially a Savior now? But it is weird the show is trying to humanize a guy who beat Glen’s head in with a bat in front of his wife just because Daryl got mouthy.
You can download The Walking Dead on iTunes.

Good Behavior: Wait, why did Javier did leave the dude tied up in a hotel? Why not at least interrogate him first? And just leaving him tied up in a hotel and leave is kind of a Bond villain thing to do. Does Javier leave him to die or know he will get free eventually? I am not sure that was the wisest thing to do. But meeting Letty’s grandmother was definitely entertaining. And good twist by having the step-grandfather being faithful and truly in love. I hope we get back to the plantation later this season.
You can download Good Behavior on iTunes.

White Famous: Wait, wasn’t Meagan Good’s character on Californication (which was created by the same guy as White Famous) also a singer named Kali? She was quick to get with Hank on that show, maybe it is a crossover. But Floyd’s big mistake was he did not tape the cheaters to show Sadie. Like maybe Kali did, the camera did not linger on her phone at the end for no reason. Who was she filming that for?

Supergirl: Ugg, Mon-El is back. But, oh my, Saturn Girl. Though I am still no entirely sure how Mon-El went to the future but was found on a ship that crashed into the ocean centuries ago. But the finally confirmed what I figured out a long time ago that the new single mom is an alien herself. Though how in eighteen years did a curious kid not look underneath a sheet in the barn and then ask what is up with the spaceship? But nice touch putting her Fortress of Solitude in the desert compared to the super cousin’s one in the arctic.
You can download Supergirl on iTunes.

Marvel's Runaways: Hulu made available the first two episodes of the show over the summer but they were "not for review." This happens from time to time, and the screeners are eventually updated with reviewable versions. Except Hulu took down those two episodes and never put up any more so that is why I never previewed the show this week. Granted my first impressions was an overwhelming meh (which I guess means I was whelmed). It reminded me of every bad CW teen show and I actually related more to the evil parents than the protagonist teens. I did end up seeing the third episode that was also released this week and I enjoyed it a little more just because it seemed a big ore fun than the first two. I mean, there was a dinosaur and x-ray glasses (though I did not exactly get why the girl was where a lead layered vest). But in the end I am still wondering why the Runaways have yet to, you know... actually runaway.
You can stream episodes of Marvel's Runaways on Hulu.

The Challenge: Champs vs. Stars: When the cast got leaked I thought it contained spoilers considering Cory, Jenna, and Aneesa had never won. Nope apparently the show cannot find ten people who have actually won before. And it looks like it may be a melancholy happy trails to Camilla because you may be asked back if you punch a contestant (or more in the case of CT), but punching a producer probably is a line. They did not even invite her the reunion and barely mentioned her and explain why she was not there. The Camillinator was always good for one crazy drunken moment per season, but the got progressively more depressing every subsequent season. I doubt there will ever be another like her as the next generation seem to be too self aware.
You can download The Challenge: Dirty 30 on iTunes.

Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers: When Ben got really excited when Cole got eliminated I realized that yet again they are going to give Joe another reprieve. No I understand the reasoning of keeping Joe, there is no one this season you would rather sit next too at the Final Tribal. Except in an alliance of seven, you really need to worry of other people you are with thinking the same thing. Ben wanting to not even do a split vote on Joe should have been a huge red flag to the other six. Clearly Ben is angling Joe in the final with him, and that leaves one less spot for you. There are nine next week and odd numbers are the perfect time to switch things up because you definitely do not want to get to seven and realize you are in the three not the four of the alliance. Let’s see if the other six are smart or are they just going to let Ben run it all the way to the win.
You can download Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers on iTunes.

Mr. Robot: I spent the last two episodes fearing Angela would make it to the end and not I fear she will survive but will spend most of the rest of the show in a nut house. But this episode was really the first misstep of the season. The big post credits scene was the former Fsociety hackers being found. But they waited until the second half of the season to get back to them even though it seemed like less than an hour elapsed between that scene and this episode, only to kill them off by the end of the episode. And all because the chick could not drive. Meh.
You can download Mr. Robot on iTunes.