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57 Channels and Only This Is On: April 9, 2023


The Blacklist:  I knew it, that guy was with Red the whole time.  I just did not expect it to be revealed the very next episode and then the guy dies minutes later.


Quantum Leap:  So Ben jumped into his own body from five years ago?  Jumping into yourself just kind of defeats the purpose of the Quantum Leap program.  I cannot believe the renewed this crap.


The Mandalorian:  So it took Mando multiple episodes to realize what I knew the moment that it happened: Bo-Katan could lay claim to the Dark Saber because she defeated the eye monster that defeated Mando.  Sigh.


Wu-Tang: An American Saga:  I am glad we got to the Rage tour by the finale, that that could have been a whole season.  I was actually working at my local amphitheater during this show and Wu-Tang started a full hour late because the group was playing back stage.  Then it was Rage that had the plug pulled on them because we had a very strict curfew in order.  Fun times.  Shame we did not get a season dedicated to the album bought by the Pharma Bro.


The Challenge: World Championship:  Nothing more anticlimactic than when an episode ends with no elimination because someone when home due to a medical DQ instead.  How exactly did Grant miss a giant balloon in the middle of the lake?  But poor Kellyanne, does not even get the satisfaction of throwing Jonna in out of spite.


Survivor:  Carson seemed like he was in one of the better positions in the game, but what a boneheaded move to tell someone they were the target.  He just became extremely untrustworthy and just gained the support of one dude for it.


Grease: Rise of the Pink Ladies:  I have the same issue with this show that I had with Up Here in that the songs just are not that good.  They just take the steam out of the episode for three straight minutes.  Other than the Theme to Grease, the songs just did not add anything to this show.  I wonder if they will try to repurpose any of the original song because these new songs are not working.  But unlike Up Here where Jason Street is the only good character, I actually kind of like most of the characters on this show.


Yellowjackets:   I was a little off with Tai’s wife dying, though, give it another episode and it may still happen.  But the biggest takeaway this week with Tai is that she might not actually be sleepwalking.  It certainly made it seem like she has a split personality.  So who exactly is the other personality and what does she have to do with the Man with No Eyes?


Speaking of seeing things, Lottie is having visions again.  What exactly is that blood and dead bees (or yellowjackets) portend?  When the lady came up to talk to her, from behind, I thought that was young Nat for a second.  Speaking of Nat, when she was startled at the plane, I thought that was going to be Javi.  Thankfully it was not, because has he just been living there for the past two months and no one bothered to look there, that would have been silly.  But any ending where Javi shows up alive after all this time would be a little silly since Jackie froze to death… unless they are not alone.


Then Misty is gonna be Misty, in both timeline.  Of course she is going to give a very inappropriate gift at the baby shower (and what are we to make of Shanna getting a nosebleed at the very same time a bunch of birds died?)  Then getting the other Citizen Detective ordering to rough up Randy was hilarious.  But is he really going to buy that story about Adam?  And I was a little disappointed that Misty would need credit card records to identify the purple people (eaters).  Does she not already have a file on Lottie and knows her cult wears purple and was able to put two and two together?


I got serious Lost vibes with Coach Ben’s flashback, you know, the kind of flashbacks where you just knew that character was going to die at the end of the episode.  Except he did make it out of the episode alive.  But it hard to see he will survive the season.  The better quest may be just how will he die?  Does he get killed for meat?  Is it an accident like Jackie?  I kind of got suicide vibes from him.


Around the Tubes: April 8, 2023


I have gotten a plethora of cool press releases have been flooding my inbox recently that you may find interesting. This post includes blurbs on Saint X, Catching Lightning Greta Van FleetTaste the Nation with Padma Lakshmiand Vice.

Check out the trailer for Hulu Original drama series "Saint X" based on Alexis Schaitkin's novel starring Alycia Debnam-Carey, Josh Bonzie, Jayden Elijah, West Duchovny, Betsy Brandt, and Michael Park. "Saint X" will premiere on Hulu on April 26 with 3 episodes and new episodes weekly.  The series, which is told via multiple timelines, explores and upends the girl-gone-missing genre as it explores how a young woman’s mysterious death during an idyllic Caribbean vacation creates a traumatic ripple effect that eventually pulls her surviving sister into a dangerous pursuit of the truth. 

SHOWTIME has released a sneak peek of its upcoming four-part documentary series CATCHING LIGHTNING in which the infamous mixed martial arts fighter “Lightning” Lee Murray’s voice is heard for the first time since the 2006 Securitas Depot cash heist, in which nearly £53 million in cash (more than $92 million USD at the time) was stolen. The series premieres on Friday, April 7 on all streaming and on-demand platforms for SHOWTIME subscribers before making its on-air debut on Sunday, April 9 at 8 p.m. ET/PT.  To watch and share the first look clip from CATCHING LIGHTNING, go to:

SHOWTIME announced it will air GHOSTS OF BEIRUT, a four-part spy drama based on one of the greatest espionage stories of modern times: the manhunt for Imad Mughniyeh, the elusive Lebanese terrorist who outwitted his adversaries in the CIA and Mossad for over two decades. The limited series, which features an innovative narrative approach augmented by deep journalistic research and documentary elements, will debut on streaming and on demand on Friday, May 19 for all SHOWTIME subscribers, before making its on-air debut on Sunday, May 21 at 10 p.m. ET/PT. GHOSTS OF BEIRUT stars an international cast including Dina Shihabi (Jack Ryan, Archive 81), Dermot Mulroney (My Best Friend’s Wedding), Garret Dillahunt (12 Years a Slave), Iddo Goldberg (Snowpiercer), Hisham Suleiman (Munich, Fauda)Amir Khoury (Image of Victory) and Rafi Gavron (A Star is Born). The series comes from Fauda creators Avi Issacharoff and Lior Raz, and is also executive produced by Emmy® winner Greg Barker (Manhunt: The Inside Story of the Hunt for Bin Laden), who directs all four episodes, and Daniel Dreifuss (All Quiet on the Western Front).  GHOSTS OF BEIRUT reveals the origins of 21-year old Mughniyeh (also known as “The Ghost”) who emerged from obscurity and was responsible for more American deaths than any other individual prior to 9/11. Told from the American, Israeli and Lebanese perspectives, the series traces Mughniyeh’s origins from the Shiite slums of South Beirut to his masterminding of the concept of suicide bombers, a deadly tactic that led to his swift rise as the world’s most dangerous terrorist. Based on extensive research of still-classified events, the drama spans decades and weaves in first-hand, real-life interviews with prominent officials from the CIA and Mossad, connecting the turmoil of 1980s Beirut with the spy games of the modern Middle East.  

Grammy-winning rock band Greta Van Fleet’s much anticipated third studio album Starcatcher is set for release July 21 on Lava/Republic Records; pre-save/pre-order HERE.  The album’s first single “Meeting The Master” debuts today; listen/share HERE.  The bands notes, “‘Meeting The Master’ peers into an esoteric world heeded by the word of a wise teacher. Sung in the voice of a devout believer, and eventual group exclamation, the song details the love these fervent followers have for their teacher and their firm belief in his vision. It’s an exotic spiritual journey. A dark comedy that inevitably ends in chaos.”

 Platinum-selling Phoenix-raised and Los Angeles-based artist Kiana Ledé returns with her catchy and confessional new single “Jealous” feat. Ella Mai today via The Heavy Group/Republic Records.  Listen to “Jealous”HERE  The track’s delicate acoustic guitar melody matches the intimacy of Kiana’s delivery. She openly reflects on her insecurities on the song, which notably arrives on Kiana’s birthday today, before admitting, “I’ve never been jealous, but fuck it, I’m jealous. Meanwhile, GRAMMY® Award-winning multiplatinum fellow 21st century R&B force of nature Ella Mai pulls up with a quotable cameo of her own as their voices melt into a hypnotic harmony.

Check out the trailer and key art for the new upcoming season of Hulu’s  "Taste the Nation with Padma Lakshmi."  Season two premieres Friday, May 5 on Hulu with 10 all-new episodes.  TRAILER: HERE In season two of “Taste the Nation,” award-winning cookbook author, host and executive producer Padma Lakshmi, takes viewers on a culinary adventure across American soil, exploring the rich and diverse communities who have so heavily shaped what American food is today. Over borscht, cornbread, pasteles and more, Padma uncovers the roots and relationship between our food, our humanity and our history — ultimately uncovering stories that challenge notions of identity, belonging, and what it means to be American.

SHOWTIME announced that season four of VICE, the award-winning documentary series known for delivering immersive reporting from the frontlines of global conflict, civil uprisings and more, will premiere Sunday, May 7 on streaming and on demand for all SHOWTIME subscribers and on-air that evening at 8 p.m. ET/PT. The new season will consist of 16 episodes, the first eight of which will debut weekly on Sundays leading to a midseason finale on Sunday, June 25. The remaining eight episodes will debut at a later date. The Emmy® nominated series returns with a new slate of groundbreaking stories from its team of global correspondents, including: Paola Ramos investigates the newest form of methamphetamine called P2P, or “super meth,” and its devastating effect on the country’s homelessness and mental health crises; Hind Hassan reports on-the-ground from embattled Idlib, where this year's devastating earthquake left this Syrian city reeling; and Krishna Andavolu explores the recent groundbreaking advancements in artificial intelligence, including highly convincing chatbots, to breakdown the revolutionary advantages and potential pitfalls of the technology.    

Sunday, April 02, 2023

57 Channels and Only This Is On: April 2, 2023


The Blacklist:  I am willing to bet that Red sent his buddy in to the evil dude’s crew to keep tabs on him and he is not really turning on Red.


Quantum Leap:  So that was what Ben was up to, he was trying to go to the future to stop some sort of nuclear fallout.  Did he go too far because it looks like it already happened.  This has gotten too confusing.  And just how exactly did Ben know something lie that was going down in the future?


The Mandalorian:  Holy Zeb sighting?  But the problem with all these Star Wars shows is I keep forgetting where they fall in the timeline.  I actually had to spend a minute thinking if this happened before or after Rebels.  We also got a tie in to the Pershing storyline with the evil chick trying to keep Tim Meadows from helping Greef.  I only also have to assume she also helped Moth Gideon escape too.


Wu-Tang: An American Saga:  Wait, did Ghostface really do a drive-by with the Del


The Challenge: World Championship:  Yet another cliffhanger this season?  But you gotta love the hubris of Wes who likes to pretend he is the smartest person on the room but really messed up by not drinking.  But I just do not under why Wes only lost five points when neither he nor his partner even tried but amber lost seven points even though her partner did finish.  But rules on this show rarely makes sense.


Survivor:  If this guy was hurt, why did they wait this long to pull him?  I feel bad for everyone who got voted out and they just waited until now to pull him.  But I was looking forward to losing two annoying people because that whole tribe was annoying except stupid Jeff had to cancel Tribal.  Meh.


Yellowjackets:   Um… so what happened to Jackie’s clothes?   Did they just burn off and leave a surprisingly great flavoring?  Then with Coach hightailing it out of there, you have got put him number one on who they kill first for food power rankings.  But there have been a lot of debate as to if there is something supernatural going on here, and that snow falling during sex scene really leaned into the supernatural.  And was Lottie just there watching or was Travis having vision her.