Friday, November 09, 2018

Around the Tubes: 11/9/2018

I have gotten a plethora of cool press releases have been flooding my inbox recently that you may find interesting. This post will include blurbs on The Family Business: Trump and Taxes, Dollface, MythBusters Jr, John Mellencamp, Matt Nathanson, Anthony Hamilton, Hailee Steinfeld, Brooke Moriber, Hudson Thames, A Murder in Mansfield, and Catfish: The TV Show.

- Showtime is offering the documentary short film The Family Business: Trump and Taxes for free online and across multiple platforms. Directed by Emmy® nominee Jenny Carchman and produced by Oscar® nominees Liz Garbus and Justin Wilkes of The Fourth Estate, the film follows a team of New York Times investigative reporters through their diligent and intense efforts in uncovering the information that led to this exclusive report. The film is now available for online sampling on YouTube, Facebook and It is also rolling out across multiple television and streaming providers’ devices, websites, applications and authenticated online services and their free On Demand channels.

- Today Hulu announced a 10-episode series order for Dollface, a new comedy from ABC Signature Studios. The new Hulu Original Series will star actress Kat Dennings (2 Broke Girls), who is also set to executive produce the comedy alongside Creator and Writer Jordan Weiss (Harley Quinn) and Showrunner Ira Ungerleider. Additional executive producers include Margot Robbie, Brett Hedblom and Tom Ackerley for LuckyChap Entertainment; Bryan Unkeless and Scott Morgan for Clubhouse Pictures; Nicole King and Stephanie Laing (Vice Principals). Matt Spicer (Ingrid Goes West) will executive produce and direct the first episode.

- Adam Savage will return to television as host and executive producer of MythBusters Jr., when the new Science Channel series premieres on Wednesday, January 2 at 9:00. For the ten-episode series Savage has teamed-up with six of the nation’s leading young ‘makers’, robotics wizzes, builders, and inventors, all under the age of 16, who show off their amazing ingenuity and STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) skills.

- John Mellencamp announces the preorder for his 24th album, Other People’s Stuff [Republic Records], available everywhere on Friday, December 7th. Pre-order Other People’s Stuff HERE.

- Tune in Friday, November 9 at 9:00 to watch the broadcast premiere of the concert special “Matt Nathanson” on AT&T* AUDIENCE Network via DIRECTV Ch 239. The show will also be available streaming on-demand through DIRECTV NOW and WatchTV.

- Iconic GRAMMY® Award-winning multiplatinum-selling R&B singer, songwriter, and producer Anthony Hamilton is using his voice to speak out about the importance of the 2018 midterm elections and he’s doing so through a timely new song and music video via “Love Conquers All” tackles tough, uncomfortable subjects like gun control, criminal justice reform, and prioritizing education,” Hamilton tells ESSENCE. “An artist has two choices. Stay quiet, or use your voice.”

- Academy Award®-nominated actress and multiplatinum recording artist Hailee Steinfeld releases Back To Life, from the upcoming motion picture Bumblebee. Get it HERE via Republic Records.

- Songwriter and ex-Broadway singer Brooke Moriber has released the title track of her upcoming Cry Like A Girl LP, recorded in Nashville, Tennessee, with legendary producer Fred Mollin (Sheryl Crow, Vince Gill, Shawn Colvin) at the helm. The song is a powerful country-pop cut that showcases Brooke's powerhouse vocal delivery and lyrics that challenge what it means to "cry like a girl". Watch The Last Goodbye.

- Singer, songwriter, and modern renaissance man Hudson Thames drops the video for his brand new single “Last Call” today via Republic Records. Watch HERE.

- Two-time Oscar®-winning director Barbara Kopple has partnered with America’s leading true-crime network, Investigation Discovery (ID) to explore the legacy of the notorious 1989 murder of Noreen Boyle in Mansfield, Ohio in the new documentary, A Murder in Mansfield. The film chronicles Noreen’s son Collier’s journey for answers and peace in the aftermath of his mother’s death nearly three decades ago. A A Murder in Mansfield will have its national television debut exclusively on Investigation Discovery on November 17, 2018 at 9:00.

– MTV today announced that new episodes of Catfish: The TV Show will premiere on Wednesday, November 28th at 9:00. “Catfish’s” next chapter will attempt the impossible: finding someone to replace longtime co-host Max Joseph. The explosive eight new episodes will feature Nev Schulman as he auditions actors, athletes and influencers to help him track down online daters and bring them face-to-face for the first time.

Sunday, November 04, 2018

57 Channels and Only This Is On: 11/4/2018

Supergirl: Ugg, they are really laying on the evil old white guy who hates alien immigrants really thick this season. It is becoming a harder and harder watch. They really need to bring back Saturn Girl to make it watchable.
Supergirl on iTunes.

The Walking Dead: So this is how Rick dies, impaled on a rail with two hordes converging on him? Kind of anti-poetic. Sacrificing himself for Daryl to get out of that pit would have been a better way to go. Granted he is not dead yet so maybe he makes it out of that situation only to go out in a more poetic fashion.
You can download The Walking Dead on iTunes.

The Last Ship: We have said goodbye to a few sailors early this season and I thought we were going to actually get through the siege without any casualties, at least to the people we know. But just like a horror movie, there is always one last death. Although, haven’t all the long standing characters that have died this season, all been minorities? Maybe they are setting up the big sacrifice of Tom Chandler. A captain does always go down with his ship.
You can download The Last Ship on iTunes.

You: So Joe and Beck broke up for three months. Yawn. Can we fast forward to the end of the season where Joe kills Beck, it is going to happen eventual. If not now, maybe the series finale. Or Beck becomes a killer. Oh crap, are they going to kill John Stamos together?
You can download You on iTunes.

The Challenge: Final Reckoning: Stacking cards up high? Someone has been watching Survivor. Here is hoping Bananas does not pull the Double Cross.
You can download The Challenge: Final Reckoning on iTunes.

Survivor: David vs. Goliath: I thought for sure that Mike White was going to turn on a Goliath once again (actually I got very I am going to sacrifice myself vibe from Mike White right after the challenge) even though Lyrsa was the smarter vote. You cannot assume you are going to merge and with Lyrsa, you are not winning any more Immunity Idols. Of course right after voting out Lyrsa, there was a promo that there is a merge next week. Oops, maybe they should have voted out the more strategic threat than the way to beat Lyrsa.
You can download Survivor: David vs. Goliath on iTunes.

The Good Place: Wait, so Eleanor’s mom and Tahani’s sister do not even need any help getting into the Good Place? Kind of a filler episode if nothing that did helped their family member. At least Pill Boi was (presumably) put on the right track.
The Good Place on iTunes.