Sunday, December 24, 2023

57 Channels and Only This Is On: January 24, 2023


A Murder at the End of the World:  Yep, I called it, the ending sucked big time.


Fargo:  Wild we got an entire episode without Dot.  But somehow the cop’s husband seems almost as bad as Don Draper.  Can either possibly make it to the end of the season?


Survivor:  Yep, I called it, Dee won.  But what I would never had guessed was the clusterfork at the last vote where everyone eligible got one vote and for some reason, someone changed their vote from Dee. Why change?  If you think you are getting votes, flipping was not going to change anything.  What stupid ending to a other mediocre at best season.  Hopefully they did a better job casting next one. 


The Challenge: Battle for a New Champion:  Okay, that was a cool elimination.


Monarch: Legacy of Monsters:  So the evil cooperation found the hacker and just let her go scot free just because Monarch showed up?  What a waste of a storyline.  And when did Kurt Russell get an army?