Friday, August 03, 2018

Around the Tubes: 8/3/2018

I have gotten a plethora of cool press releases have been flooding my inbox recently that you may find interesting. This post will include blurbs on The Last Ship, Showtime, U2, Fall Out Boy, Noah Kahan, Ella Fitzgerald,JP Cooper, Sophie Sanders, A Murder in Mansfield and Queen Fur.

- TNT's epic drama The Last Ship will complete its final mission when the show returns for its fifth and final season on Sunday, Sept. 9, at 9 p.m. (ET/PT). Eric Dane (Grey's Anatomy), Bridget Regan (Agent Carter) and Adam Baldwin (Firefly, Chuck) star in this action-packed series chronicling the aftermath of a global catastrophe that nearly decimated the world's population.

- SHOWTIME is offering first-time customers of the SHOWTIME streaming service the opportunity to sign up at an introductory price of $4.99 per month for the first three months of their subscription, starting today through September 3. New customers who subscribe on or through the SHOWTIME app on Android, LG Smart TVs, Oculus Go, Samsung Smart TVs or Xbox One or download from the App Store for iPhone, iPad and Apple TV will pay the initial promotional price for three months and then roll to $10.99 per month. A seven-day free trial is also available on most platforms.

- Island Records, Interscope and UMC announced the vinyl reissue of The Best of 1990-2000 from U2, remastered and pressed on 180g double LP black vinyl and available on September 28th. The release will follow that of Achtung Baby (1991), Zooropa (1993) and The Best of 1980-1990 (1998) – all also remastered and pressed on 180g double LP black vinyl – out now.

- Following their electrifying early morning performance of their hits “The Last of The Real Ones,” “Uma Thurman” and “My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark (Light Em Up)” in NYC’s Central Park for Good Morning America’s “Summer Concert Series” today (watch the full set here, including online exclusives “Champion” and “Centuries”), multiplatinum modern alt-rock pioneers Fall Out Boy have announced they will release all seven of their studio albums on vinyl as a lavish box set titled The Complete Studio Albums on September 28 via Island/DCD2/UMe. Spanning the band’s storied and wildly successful 15-years-and-counting recording career, the comprehensive collection contains all of Fall Out Boy’s best-selling studio albums, starting with the band’s 2003 pop-punk debut, Take This To Your Grave, including 2005’s career-defining double-platinum hit platter, From Under The Cork Tree, and capping off with their most recent album M A N I A which earned the band their fourth No. 1 record upon release this past January. This must-have on-wax collection also includes 2013’s combo Save Rock And Roll (PAX•AM Edition) for the first time ever on 12-inch vinyl. The Complete Studio Albums will be made available in two versions — a standard edition on 180-gram black vinyl, and as a limited-edition, 180-gram clear vinyl collection. View the unboxing video here.

- Vermont singer and songwriter Noah Kahan debuts the acoustic version of his latest single, “Come Down”—listen here. Tickets are currently on-sale for Kahan’s first-ever North American and European headlining tour taking place this fall, and several shows have already sold out including Boston, Chicago and Toronto. See the full list of tour dates below. Tickets are available now at

- Following the limited-edition Record Store Day release of Ella Fitzgerald’s unreleased 1956 album Ella At Zardi’s on pink and blue vinyl, which earned Fitzgerald her first No. 1 on the 24-year-old Jazz Albums Chart and her second No. 1 on the Traditional Jazz Albums chart, the acclaimed live album will receive a wide release as a double LP on black vinyl on August 17 via Verve/UMe. Preorder Ella At Zardi’s on vinyl now

- Critically acclaimed UK singer and songwriter JP Cooper releases “All This Love” [feat. Mali Koa] today via Republic Records. Get it HERE. The music video also brings the story to life in vivid animated form. Drawing inspiration from Tim Burton classics and Disney’s Coco, this Day of the Dead-inspired parable unfolds with epic energy.

- Rising Nashville songwriter Sophie Sanders has unveiled the first single from her forthcoming record, Steep and Shining Spaces. “Still Waters” featuring Amy Grant premiered Wednesday on Billboard. Last fall, Sanders traveled to Amy Grant and husband Vince Gill’s home studio to record the track with the help of Grammy-nominated producer Felix McTeigue. Born and raised in Nashville’s music community, Sanders grew up with a deeply ingrained love for writing, but never took interest in songwriting until after college; she wrote some of her first songs while in the Peace Corps and has been writing ever since. Steep and Shining Spaces is a collection of those songs and an intimate look at her life over the past half decade. “Still Waters” is available today via Spotify and iTunes.

- Two-time Oscar®-winning director Barbara Kopple has partnered with America’s leading true-crime network, Investigation Discovery (ID) to explore the legacy of the notorious 1989 murder of Noreen Boyle in Mansfield, Ohio in the new documentary, A Murder in Mansfield. The film chronicles Noreen’s son Collier’s journey for answers and peace in the aftermath of his mother’s death nearly three decades ago. A Murder in Mansfield will have its national television debut exclusively on Investigation Discovery on November 17, 2018 at 9 :00.

- Showtime has announced the pilot order for the hour-long drama series Queen Fur, created, written and executive produced by Eileen Myers (MASTERS OF SEX) and starring Lily Mae Harrington (Some Freaks). Sian Heder (Orange Is the New Black) will direct the pilot. Deb Spera (Army Wives) will also serve as an executive producer. The announcement was made today by Gary Levine, President of Programming, Showtime Networks Inc. A co-production between Showtime and Sony Pictures Television, Queen Fur is set in a small town in Central Florida – a place where beauty pageants, gun culture, Cuban revolutionaries and Southern hospitality co-exist and collide. And at the center of it all is Macy Dunleavy (Harrington) – a curvy, sexy, unapologetic high school dropout who is finding her womanhood and is ready to seize a big opportunity

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Previewing Casual: Season Four

Last year Hulu the biggest prize at the Emmys and since then it seems like the streaming is going for pure prestige in the wake of the big win. All four of their dramas that were on the air before that Emmy were canceled after their latest seasons aired with only one getting a final season to wrap things up. And it seems pretty clear; Hulu wants big splashy names at least in the new future (Blumhouse anthology! Anne Rice!! Stephen King!!! Sean Penn!!!! George Clooney!!!!! Reese Witherspoon!!!!!!) Even their two comedies got canceled with only Casual getting a final season to wrap things up. Although instead of the weekly release schedule that Hulu usually employs, all episodes of the fourth season are available to stream today.

For a show that gets its name from a not very committal relationship status, the last season ended with a couple of characters getting pretty serious. Leon got engaged to the receptionist. And then Alex knocked up his weird Asian Air B and B client. Well at least Val and her daughter were still pretty messed up in the dating department.

Season four starts up five years later (presumably five years from now and there is a weird presumably future Scott Pruitt reference) with Alex co-parenting with his baby mama in his house. The bigger news is that Alex finally shaved the goatee off (he is not the only one to lose hair over the past five years). Leon and his wife are now debating children. Lauren returns from abroad with a girlfriend and may be ready to change her relationship status from casual. But hey, Val is still going through an extended midlife crisis with few options in the dating department.

There is still plenty of the usual sly Casual humor. This season there is an automated voice response that annoys Val. Alex goes on a virtual reality dating that goes horribly wrong. The three main cast members get in one last road trip that naturally goes all wrong.  There is a weed/puzzle bar which inspires probably a horrible idea. And of course, much like the way the show started, it also ends with a funeral. Though you will have to find out on your own if this one is real or not.

All episodes of Casual season four are available on Hulu today.

Sunday, July 29, 2018

57 Channels and Only This Is On: 7/29/2018

Claws: Didn’t they just pull the surprise arrested by cops in the final scene just two episodes ago? Not only was that shocking and left us guessing what happened next, it seems pretty obvious to me all that will happen with Desna is the cops will try to get her to turn on the Russians which she will be eager to do. The only question is where will the show go in season three with the Russians (presumably) out of the picture and the cops aware of Desna illegal activities?
You can download Claws on iTunes.

The Affair: Is this is how Anton gets to the east coast in the future? On a college visit? And what happened to those future scenes, they just gone forever? And a little disappointing that we did not get a Helen segment so we can see what prompted that tweener rant by the son. Maybe the next episode. But that had to be the shortest segment ever. The Noah segment only lasted twenty minutes. Then Alison is stuck in another estranged father who wants a kidney storyline. There have been way too many of those on television. But if Cole was on his walkabout and Alison fled to California, just who was watching Joanie?

Sharp Objects: The biggest thing to stick out this week, well other than how the girlfriend weirdly is eager to play house while wearing her cheerleader outfit in out of season, was how drunkenly adamant Amma was about how her friends would do anything for her. “Anything!!!!” Would they kill for her? These dead girls are Amma’s peers and the one kid did say a woman in white abducted one of the girls, although the yanking of teeth seemed a bit much for teenaged girls. Then there is Camille’s roommate who I have now watch die tragically twice in the span of the month, the first being the ritualistic drowning on The Handmaid’s Tale. Is that actress now officially the teenage girl version of Sean Bean who is just brought in to die tragically?

The Challenge: Final Reckoning: I like the new voting system as much as I hate it. I also wished the Challenge would go with the Survivor hidden votes because the votes do seem very bandwagon at times. But then I do not like that the people who get votes in have to choose between the people who voted for them. You might as well just pencil in Bananas/Tony and Brad/chin implant dude to the finals because teams will only vote foe other teams they think they can beat (I.e. weak teams) and those voted in will avoid strong teams unless there is some anomaly in the voting thanks to the weekly winners getting two votes and cannot be chosen.
You can download The Challenge: Final Reckoning on iTunes.

Harlots: I think that was the first times the Wells ladies spoke this season not pretending they had a major falling out. I was beginning to wonder if Margaret was still in on the plan to bring down Quigley. But Emily Lacey, shunned by both houses is actually picking a side. But the big plot twist is the little harlot is turning on Emily Lacey to help Quigley. But will she tell her of Charlotte’s plan?
You can stream Harlots on Hulu.

Marvel’s Cloak and Dagger: Finally the voodoo family is back. Only in New Orleans can someone go around town spitting liquor and no one give them a second look. Then the younger one can block Dagger’s new skill of stealing someone’s hope and even got in a great dig: calling her a strangely aggressive tiny girl. Which begs the question, can Cloak steal someone’s fears?
You can download Marvel's Cloak and Dagger on iTunes.