Sunday, December 18, 2022

57 Channels and Only This Is On: December 18, 2022


The White Lotus:  I predicted the "rich" gays (I feel like I get half credit), but I was not expecting it to go down like that.  So did Ethan and Daphne hook up? I was expecting him to confess since he never lies but in never came, so maybe not.  My prediction for season three is that either Craig or Portia (if Craig is is in prison) will be taking Tonya’s ashes to her favorite White Lotus in Southeast Asia to spread them like Tonya did her mother in the first season.


Let the Right One In:  From the start, I wondered how do you do a show about a young vampire who does not age for multiple seasons when the actress is definitely going to noticeably age every year.  Well, you take away her immortality.  So what now?  Are vampire Naomi and Isiah going to go on the run with Mark and Eleonore?  Is she going to star in New York, get a job on the graveyard shift and work with Claire on a cure?  What does she tell her partner who knows a killer’s print was found in her trash?  I may actually be more interested in a second season that I have about the first.


His Dark Materials:  How exactly does the greatest blacksmith in all the land not have opposable thumbs?  Kind of seems important to the profession.  But it did lead to a pretty unintentionally funny montage.  But when Lyra comes back to the land of the living, will she be able to join back up with her Deamon?  That trip just seems a little too risky.  I do wonder just who will she bring back with her because there will be a few familiar faces across the river.


Leverage: Redemption:  Why was the Christmas episode this week and not the one just days before the holiday? 


Survivor:  This is the problem with the Big Movez era of Survivor; the moment you make a game winning move, like Jesse taking out Cody, everyone else sees this and they will do everything they can do to get you out before Final 3. But Jesse and Karla seems like they were from the Bitter Jury era because it really looked like she lived up to her promise to taint the jury against Cassidy after she voted her out. And Jesse wanted all the credit for taking out his closest ally but did not respect Kassidy for taking out hers and then executed the best plan at taking Jesse out.  So if you are going to make a Big Move on Survivor these days, you better be able to make fire.


The Challenge: Ride or Dies:  I complain that they let the peanut gallery help people during the eliminations, but it was really absurd that it was positioned that everyone could see into Kacey’s brother’s end to help him.  This really needs to stop.  And just as I finished cheering that Kacey’s boring brother was finally gone, TJ has the latest dumb twist and he is still around until Kacey is out.  So with the Ride or Dies be able to run TJ’s final together as long as one makes to the end?


Doom Patrol:  The emotional vampire is really infringing on What We Do in the Shadows’ energy empire’s domain.