Saturday, May 01, 2021

Around the Tubes: May 1, 2021


I have gotten a plethora of cool press releases have been flooding my inbox recently that you may find interesting:

Based on The New York Times bestselling book by author Liane Moriarty, Nine Perfect Strangers takes place at a boutique health-and-wellness resort that promises healing and transformation as nine stressed city dwellers try to get on a path to a better way of living. Watching over them during this ten-day retreat is the resort's director Masha (Nicole Kidman), a woman on a mission to reinvigorate their tired minds and bodies. However, these nine “perfect” strangers have no idea what is about to hit them.  The series stars Nicole Kidman, Melissa McCarthy, Michael Shannon, Luke Evans, Bobby Cannavale, Regina Hall, Samara Weaving, Melvin Gregg, Asher Keddie, Grace Van Patten, Tiffany Boone and Manny Jacinto.

New Zealand’s platinum sensation BENEE drops the music video for her song “Happen To Me”—watch it HERE. “Happen To Me” stands out as the fan-favorite track from her critically adored full-length debut album, Hey u x.  The gothic visual finds BENEE at the center of the table during a surreal The Last Supper-style royal feast. She sits on a throne alone as guests enjoy medieval delicacies. As she flips through tarot cards, she turns over the death card only to be greeted by a man on a pale horse before finally disappearing from the table. As the song grapples with her own fear of death, the video personifies this existential struggle. Over a soundtrack of hummable guitar and lithe synths, she confesses, “I think about these things too much. My mind likes to wind itself up. And I don’t get a lot of sleep. ‘Cause what if they happen to me?” Ultimately, BENEE upholds what has become a tradition of captivating and cinematic videos with “Happen To Me.”

Welcoming friends into the mysterious embrace of Whispering Pines Studios today, Lord Huron uncover a new single entitled “I Lied” [feat. Allison Ponthier]. It’s the latest tune to be shared from their anxiously awaited fourth full-length album, LONG LOST, out May 21st via Whispering Pines Studios Inc./Republic Records.  Pre-order Long Lost HERE, listen to “I Lied” HERE, and watch the official music video HERE.

19 year old Molly Burman made a striking first impression with her debut single proper, "Fool Me With Flattery", arriving as she did a fully formed prospect last month. Today, she follows up that significant promise with a further slice of empowering, woozy slacker-pop in "everytime". Listen and watch its accompanying video HERE.

Unconventional pop star Ali Barter has released her new EP Chocolate Cake. Following on from singles "Twisted Up" and "You Get In My Way", the 4-track EP is out now on Inertia Music / [PIAS]. Alongside its release is a lyric video for the title track, made with the same creative team for her previous singles, We Made That. Watch and listen HERE.  The Chocolate Cake EP was written across both hemispheres. Barter engaged in writing sessions in Los Angeles and Nashville before the crushing reality of COVID-19 jeopardized her first US tour and forced her back home to isolate in Melbourne. The EP was rounded out remotely with the help of creative minds Harlan SilvermanLost BoyK-Flay, who co-wrote the EP title track, Brandon James and lockdown buddy/ husband Oscar Dawson.

SERGIO MENDES & FRIENDS: A CELEBRATION, a joyfully tuneful salute to the pioneering Brazilian musical artist – producer, composer, keyboardist, vocalist – and Oscar®-nominated songwriter will make its world premiere as part of special programming on PBS stations in June 2021 (check local listings). This program, presented by WNED PBS, was created especially for PBS and is derived from the forthcoming feature documentary Sergio Mendes: In The Key of Joy by acclaimed filmmaker John Scheinfeld (The U.S. vs John LennonChasing Trane: The John Coltrane Documentary, and The Happy Days of Garry Marshall). The deal was negotiated by WNED PBS and the film's distributor Brainstorm Media.

Sunday, April 25, 2021

57 Channels and Only This Is On: April 25, 2021


Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist:  The show was on a string of great episodes since I came back from hiatus but this felt like one of those pre-hiatus episodes.  My problem with those episodes is there seemed too much screen time without Zoey.  I did not care about Maggie’s business and I do not care about what seems to be a new gambling problem.  Just fast forward to where Zoey helps her.  Though Zoey seems to be having a problem with helping lately, this week I just kept getting annoyed with her trying to get Emily to talk when clearly Emily just wanted to blow off some steam.  Let get get her dance on, then talk it out later.


The Nevers:  Why exactly are most of the Touched ladies?  So all we met is the doctor and the three eyed raven?  Maybe the singer will expose more.  But if the three eyed raven followed the electricity lady, did he just let her get captured? Then his mother is evil?  And just what did she do to the Italian chick?


Fear the Walking Dead:  So last week John is ready to die but decides he wants to live only to be shot.  Then this week, Ginny is ready to die, get a reprieve, only to be shot.  Way to recycle plot.  But why didn’t Ginny get in the car with her hostages?  Did she want to stay in the middle of v shootout where people wanted to kill her?  And where did those mask people come from and how were they able to find Morgan?  And how did Morgan escape on foot.  And how did everyone find his hidden compound so easily?  They had the entire pandemic to write these episodes and yet they seem sloppier than usual.


Good Girls:  Getting caught robbing a jewelry store so the Secret Service will pay you seems like a really bad plan.  But is grandma the real boss or was that just a term of endearment?  Or both?


Mare of Eastown:  This was one of the first times I remember they actually gave an episode to a victim on one of these dead girl shows.  That actually got me to care that she is now dead.  But it seems almost obvious that Guy Peirce did it.  Not that anyone I assume did it after one episode ever turns out to be correct.


City on a Hill:   I wonder Siobhan knows her client is very guilty.  I guess it helps us as the viewer tthat we know for sure.  But sometimes lawyers do not care either way.  If only Decourcy could get a confession.  But he could not even get the chick that killed Jimmy to turn informant when she was the one that actually pulled the trigger.


Cruel Summer:  From the trailer I thought this show was going to be a mystery show about who adducted Kate but then they answered that question by the end of this first episode.  So then I thought the mystery was going to be who was lying, Kate or Jeanette.  But then Kate admits she was lying about something in the chatroom.  Now I guess the mystery is just what exactly is Kate lying about, and if she is lying about Jeanette, just how did she get the necklace?  I do have a sinking suspicious the old friend is involved somehow.


But man, did this show move at a breakneck speed.  Those two closing shots to each of the episodes were just epic.  I just hope they do not move too fast and just run out of plot like the first season of Homeland.  Or turn into The Affair and constantly give us multiple points of view of the same scenes.  But after two episodes I am definitely hooked.  This show is also doing a very good job scratching that nineties nostalgia itch.


Debris:  Um, what happened to the chick from the beginning?  They just found her and then were back to look for daddy.  But I do not sure happened to the dude that was helping them, he was clearly shot point blank in the check, but when they got to the car, he was bleeding from the neck.


Supergirl:  What a shameless rip-off of Ghostbusters.  I am deeply offended by that.


Big Sky:  What is wrong with family, first the mother bites her daughter over drugs.  Then one brother goes all Cain over the other one.  But at the show did not make us wait to figure up what the now dead son and his father were cryptically talking about.


The Challenge: Double Agents:  I cannot remember a time when a musical supervisor buried someone like they buried Fessy this episode.  First they play Boys Don’t Cry while he pouting on a rock.  TJ guilts him to help his partner then disqualifies them after he eats more bull testicles. Then the music supervisor twists the knife by playing Karma Chameleon for the guy who kept dragging his female partners all season only to lose because he was pouting like a little boy, refusing to complete a checkpoint.  I do not know how Fessy comes back from that (though, unfortunately he is rumored to be on the next season).  CT wearing Johnny like a backpack is still the greatest Challenge moment of all time, but this montage may make it into the top five.  Oh yeah, and speaking of CT, he won again.  Meh.  And what was with that end credits scene?  What challenge was TJ activating twenty-four hours later?  Was that supposed to be a teaser for the Senior Tour?  Does that mean they are continuing the spy theme into the next challenge?  It was just confusing.


The Challenge: All-Stars:  When the trailer came up with TJ telling someone, “Hope to see you never” I thought for sure that he was talking to Beth.  Well, I was close; Beth was in the Crater when Arissa decided to go off on everyone.   But another pretty entertaining daily challenge, even the elimination looked interesting, why do all the ones on the original show look so boring or overdone?


Manifest:  I always wondered how the doctor was able to cover up a murder.  I think this was the first time they mentioned he knew.  I guess he was the one that got the garbage truck to pick the body up.


The Falcon and the Winter Soldier:  People have been saying Sharon was the power Broker since she showed up but I never bought into that theory because it never really made much sense.  She was so strong in her convictions she was willing to become a traitor in her country’s eyes just to do the right thing but now she is funding actual terrorist?  Well that turned out to be the case and everything she did makes no sense.  Unless another popular theory is true: who we are seeing is not the real Sharon but a Skrull and this is setting up the upcoming Secret Invasion show.  Maybe her pulling off the face was a huge Easter Egg.


The Blacklist:  So Lizzie rams Red’s girlfriend’s car and all of the sudden they are share a cabin close?  And why not set her up in the cabin and lure Red there?  And why is Red’s girlfriend fighting an armed assailant? Considering Lizzie has been gone for so long, I was expecting more in her return.  But there she is with Red an easy target, and I am sure they will figure some stupid reason why she does not kill him.